16 December, 2009

Britain Issues Arrest Warrant for Top Jew Livni

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A ballsy move, considering the power that the Jews have in England:


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  7. 7 Responses to “Britain Issues Arrest Warrant for Top Jew Livni”

    1. Tom McReen Says:

      Consider the Livni warrant a blip in the era of BritZOG. Although it is quite amusing.

    2. Ein Says:

      “A ballsy move, considering the power that the Jews have in England.”

      Gentiles are generally kept completely in the dark as to that power. The move could only be explained on the assumption that they don’t have the sliightest idea what they’re messing with.

    3. Tim McGreen Says:

      I seriously doubt that UK authorities would have arrested that Jew bitch anyway. That warrant was probably more symbolic than anything else.

    4. Ian Says:

      To my knowledge, the warrant issued was an old-fashioned legal action by a local magistrate, after a local presented evidence of criminality. Perhaps like a posse in rural US states. It’s being kept quiet, but it could have been a magistrate in a muslim populated area. The warrant was not issued by the UK govt. Unelected PM Brown apologised to the Israeli politicians.

    5. Shyl0ck Says:

      Brand new Jim Traficant interview with Michael Collins Piper:

    6. Ian Says:

      Still interest in this. Al-jazeera makes comparison with Demanjuk in war criminal indicting…


    7. Coup D'Etat Says:

      “It is poignant to point out that Livni’s father and mother were regarded as “terrorists” by the British Mandate authorities in Palestine in the 1940s and were both captured and locked up. Under Article 146 of the Fourth Geneva Convention, Britain still has an obligation to “to search for persons alleged to have committed, or to have ordered to be committed, such grave breaches, and shall bring such persons, regardless of their nationality, before its own courts”.”

      Revenge is what the jews are after, and they have accomplished this through unending attacks in Gaza and elsewhere in the Middle East. Revenge is what the jews are all about. This is their norm and illicit way to wipe out everything non-jew regardless of the circumstance.

      The jew’s warning to the British government is not just the innocent “harmful relations” between the two countries. No, this is an illicit way of stating their hostile intent against the British government with some underground, planned terrorist attack. Listen carefully what the jews are really saying if the British government or any other government tries any jew with war crimes. These people think that their threats will make everyone cower. It worked for unelected Brown in his staged attempt to thwart any hostile intentions. Brown is a failure and is working hand-in-hand with the jewish terrorists in Israel. We don’t need people like this in any government. We don’t need little slimey, spineless snots who will kowtow to jews’ threats of any kind.

      We need people with valor and conviction to stand up to these people and shoot these sorry, sons of bitches BETWEEN THE EYES and rid of the parasites once and for all!