4 December, 2009

Former NA Leader Shaun Walker Released from Prison

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Good. He can use his horrible, unfair prison stay to highlight the injustices of the AmeriKwan “legal” system:

[Federal DOJ Webpage].

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    1. Tim McGreen Says:

      Walker’s unjust prison term may have traumatized him into never having anything to do with pro-White activisim again.

    2. Adam Says:

      If he’s like most released inmates, he has been released with a few strings attached. In a case like this one, he probably has been forbidden to associate with white causes as a condition of release. These conditions may eventually expire, years from now, after he has shown he has been “reformed” — and long after his usefulness to any such cause has expired. A more effective technique of silencing political dissidents has yet to be devised.

      Legal tyranny has become institutional in America. This tyranny has been in place for decades now, and one would have to be very old indeed to remember a time in which it was not in full force. It’s a system that makes a mockery of the freedoms supposedly guaranteed by the Constitution, a document which has been destroyed in all but name. The extent to which prosecutorial abuses such as those which resulted in Walker’s incarceration have crushed out of existence any sort of freedom in America is a good example of how the evolution of technique can change culture. It should be realized that it is no exaggeration to state that the entire trend of refinements in modern legal techniques has been to restrict freedom, to make the state totalitarian in effect, if not design. Since this is done in the name of reforming individual behavior, in order to make it more acceptable to the state, it is seen as necessary and good. It’s seen as an improvement over the old methods. It’s “progress”, and “humanitarian”, so the public cannot reasonably object. Even if they did, their objections would merely be discarded as uninformed. The technicians controlling the system are merely doing their job, and the public, uneducated and untrained in methods of reform or legalities, is seen as being without legitimate standing to complain, even if they understood the issues involved. But because they are not experts, by default, they have become peons, subjects, slaves — not citizens.

      And how finely the invisible strings which control the people have been wrought! Those dissidents who somehow escape the clutches of the criminal “justice” system are contained by the threat of civil lawsuits. To have to defend oneself in civil court can be financially ruinous, especially if one’s accuser is a government agency or one of the regime’s nominally independent enforcers, such as the SPLC or ADL. Dissidents who are not set up and framed by the criminal law can be effectively nullified in civil court. I haven’t heard that a civil suit is pending against the National Alliance as a result of Walker’s conviction, but such a suit could probably be filed, if it hasn’t been already. Perhaps a deal of some kind was cut with the authorities. It’s happened before, and that in itself is still another technique with a profoundly chilling effect on dissent. Thus does the system pile tyranny upon tyranny.

    3. Ein Says:

      “the Federal tax exemption for religious organizations applies ONLY to those organizations that do not speak out against the Government.”

      How interesting! Fascinating.

      But how about those angry black churches, having anti-everything preachers such as the hate-filled Rev. Wright? All they do is gripe, criticize, and complain. Well, I guess blacks have special exemptions, as always.

    4. Tim McGreen Says:

      Ein, the reason that Black churches are generally exempt from Federal intervention is probably because ZOG knows those Blacks are all talk and no action, whereas Whites who publicly complain about Government tyranny may actually DO something about it.

    5. exalted grand-master oberführer double diamond jim! Says:

      If he’s like most released inmates, he has been released with a few strings attached…..

      depends if he’s been released “on parole” or not….although, in 0zz, for instance, the ZOG-botz here have a tendency to not release inmates even after they’ve fully completed their sentence(s)…..especially if they’ve been “set up” by ZOG on bogus child molestation charges and/or child (i/net) porn’ charges….a favourite methodology for 0zz ZOG to neatly “dispose” of/”intimidate” white, hetero-sexual males….especially those who demonstrate some sort of white racial awareness and do not fully ascribe to the 0zz ZOG “faggot, feminist, Jew World Order/gun-grabbing” agenda!

    6. exalted grand-master oberführer double diamond jim! Says:

      in 0zz, if you’ve got any sort of criminal conviction, then, it is “an offence” for you to regularly associate with children, yr own excepted….

      those white men “set up” on these bogus child abuse allegations are, usually, placed on a “sexual offenders register” for LIFE!…which severley restricts where they can live, who they can or can not associate with and who can or can not employ them….

      0zz ZOG also likes “tagging” ex-prison inmates (especially white ones!) with “electronic monitoring” paraphenalia….

      sure, youse’v got the same sorta crap in the jewSA….BUT, the US is much bigger, population-wise, “law enforcement” is more fragmented and, because of the large multi-cultural component, much more incompetent plus youse have yr Constitution/”Bill of Rights” to protect you…..as such: it’s significantly easier to “disappear off the radar” & live a reasonable life than it is for us Aussie ex-cons!

    7. Ein Says:

      Well then, if looks like you will have to avoid any children like they’re poison, except your own. Sad. I wouldn’t have thought Australia would be like that. But I should have known. So the USA isn’t the worst.

      It’s easy to see that, failing all else, it would be easy to set up virtually anyone on such charges as kiddie porn, which they could easily plant or send to you and then you’re stuck with it. You may not even kinow. It shows how low and unprincipled they can be if they really want to pin you. And if you have someone in your life who’s out to “get” you by collaborating with them — let’s say by planting something incriminating in your computer — then you’ll all the more vulnerable. In fact, you’re all but helpless. It’s not hard to imagine that scenario. I’m sure it happens. What’s the solution?

    8. Harold Glass-Covington aka H1G1C1 strain Says:

      The Orwellian NW Republik is financed by and federally mandated also – when they get around to paying us that is (and when I say US I mean ME and when I say me I mean my beard, rashes and I) – so Comrade Walker could become a Special Adjutant Political Kommisar in the Utopian Orwellian NW Republik and not violate his parole for association since we’re “connected”. I’ve had long associations with the old COINTELPRO and even with the new one. He has absolutely nothing to worry about.

      Hail the original H1G1C1 strain in WN politics,
      Harold Glass-Covington of the utopian Orwellian NW Republik!

      Ps. Any donations for a new walker (hell, even a cane) would be appreciated. I’m tired of being laughed at by Bob and Rick of Fed COINTELPRO when they come over for progress reports and see me in my old walker held together with duct tape and gorilla glue. Its shameful to say the least. A Fuhrer like myself stricken with my glandular obesity and having to use a physical assist depending upon fed gov snitch handouts; ridiculous! And they still won’t do anything about that $250K Will Williams nuisance libel lawsuit on my fat ass using it as leverage over me. Bastards!

    9. exalted grand-master oberführer double diamond jim! Says:

      It’s easy to see that, failing all else, it would be easy to set up virtually anyone on such charges as kiddie porn, which they could easily plant or send to you and then you’re stuck with it. You may not even kinow

      lots of people/white men have been “set up” like that here…..so much so, that, if any-one admits to spending a lot of time on the i/net, they usually get some funny looks…..the 0zz ZOG is scared fckn SHITeLESS of the i/net….that’s why it has:

      i/”cooked up” all this “i/net child porn” bull-shite and

      ii/desperately attempted to censor it by imposing mandatory i/net filtering….like China, Nrth Korea & Iran!

      (despite the fact that child porn is only available to those “in the know” thereby placing it in “a black market” like guns & drugs…how-ever, the average Aussie is pretty fckn stoopid, there-fore, they think that you can access unlimited quantities of child porn just by “clilcking” on yr browser or sumthin’!)

      the difference between the jewSA & 0zz is that, in 0zz, if you are “set up” on such bogus charges, there’s very little you can do abt it…..@ least, in the US, you can go down fighting and take a dozen or so of the maggots with you!

    10. Ian Says:

      I doubt Shaun Walker was troubled too much in prison. He did a full four year term in the US Marines, and was a semi-professional boxer, to my knowledge.

    11. Tim McGreen Says:

      Federal prisons aren’t as bad as the state-run prisons. But I doubt Mr. Walker will ever be involved with the White Struggle again.

    12. jackumup Says:

      I believe Mr Walker to be a great man of character and a true American to boot

      I wish him well and hope we hear fom him again.

    13. th Says:

      I remember when this all happened. It was really fucked up. How many other defendants in this shit hole are found guilty by streaming evidence of being a nazi? There is no way to win in any case, when the jury is presented with flags, music, tattoos, etc. to show that what you believe in is what makes you guilty. Same as the case with Matt Hale, the jury was there in total shock that he could believe such thoughts. Matt and Shawn could have been charged with not paying parking tickets and got the same results. Shawn is out and hopefully one day Matt will see the outside again. Maybe Shawn can pick up the pieces of the NA and perhaps bring it back to its former glory.

    14. Tim McGreen Says:

      Juries are usually comprised of retired cops, military and Civil Service types, in other words people with stong ties to The Iron Heel who will decide cases the way The Iron Heel wants them decided. Our so-called justice system is a travesty that has destroyed countless millions of lives.