3 December, 2009

Germany to Cough Up Last JewPayment Soon

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But why? Germany didn’t start WWI. In fact, Germany mobilized for war 3rd, behind the others. Nonetheless, your history teacher, Mr. Goldberg, had some clever excuses for German reparations, huh? Of course he did. He could recite them instantly, like most yids. Newbies, the Versailles Treaty conference was molded and shaped by the Jewish advisers who whispered into the ears of the bigshot leaders [1]. In other words, the Treaty – like most major events of the 20th century – was a Jewish production [2]:


[1] for example, at the conference, the Jew Phil Sassoon advised British leader Lloyd George, the Jew Bernard Baruch advised U.S. president Wilson, and French leader Clemenceau was advised by the Jew Georges Mandel, whose real name was Rothschild. (Baruch was one of the Horsejews of the Apocalypse and White people should have nightmares about him)

[2] the Versailles Treaty was so bogus that the U.S. Senate refused to ratify it, and Lloyd George later called the treaty a big mistake

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    1. Andrea Dworkin Says:

      Who exactly are they paying the money to? What formal entity is that check made out to?

    2. tbow Says:


    3. Ein Says:

      “Who exactly are they paying the money to?”

      Good question. I see that it is for World War ONE (which many people may not imediately realize)! I suppose it’s to the other governments with whom Germany was at war.

      Years ago, I worked at a bank where we processed Holocaust restitution checks for WW2. I forget if these came through monthly or quarterly, but there were stacks, and stacks, and stacks of them. And these were only for recipients in the local area! They were made out to individuals.

      In Germany, on a Rhine cruise recently, I saw a mountain near Rudesheim that is being taken down, bit by bit, and the gravel or whatever it is, is being shipped northward in barges to Holland to reinforce the dykes there. A whole mountain! We were told that this is being done at Germany’s expense as part of war reparations. I assumed that it was for WW Two, but now I have to wonder if it was for One. Germany will be paying and paying for a long, long time.

    4. Tim McGreen Says:

      Ein, you’re killing me….Where do you get these anecdotes????

    5. Dagon Says:

      Holland was neutral in WW1 so the mountain removal may have been WWII reperations.

      You don’t even have to subscribe to the WN worldview to see that the time has come when responsible people in the world must say “enough is enough” on the subject of German “war guilt.” I meet many young people in their ’20’s who think guilt-tripping the present day Germans or the Japanese for offenses over sixty years gone is ridiculous.

      Despite the German=Nazi chorus in the lame-stream media I beleive that once the self-proclaimed “Greatest Generation” and their Boomer kids go the way of the Dodo, the cracks will finally start to appear in the popular negative image of Germany in the rest of the West, at least among Whites. Yes, unfortunately such a shift in image won’t see a much needed fairer reappraisal of German conduct and identity during WWII but so much time will have gone by that the ‘heroes’ and ‘villians’ in the “good war” won’t matter to anyone eventually.

    6. Z.O.G. Says:

      Collective white guilt is derived from collective German guilt for the Hollowhoax.

      Expose the Hollowhoax fraud and both collective German guilt AND collective white guilt will crumble.

    7. Ein Says:

      “Holland was neutral in WW1 so the mountain removal may have been WWII reparations. ” — Dagon

      Yes, you’re right. I should have thought of that. It must be WW2. Also mentioned was the enormous debt that they’re still paying … and will be paying for a long time. I can’t remember specifically how much it was. I sensed resentment on the part of Germans toward Holland, that the Dutch were taking advantage of them for all they could get. Surprising. At least to me. I would have thought there would be some sympathy between kindred peoples. But I sensed no sympathy at all or feeling of kinship on either side of the border. When I pronounced Dutch street names with German pronunciation, I noticed that the Dutch plainly didn’t like it! Better to mangle them in English than try to sound local.

    8. ED! Says:

      OK Tim, after reading that are you ready to say that the German People were so stupid that they did not know it was the JEWS behind the Versailles Treaty and the post war government that followed.

      I have an older friend who was a child in Germany during that time and he has told me that his parents knew full-well as most Germans did that Jews were behind the problems affecting Germany in that time frame.

      Tim, there was more freedom in the press back then, people did read and as a result were informed!

      My first lecture from a populist happened in 1965, I was 13 at the time. The man was 85, and was born in 1880. The old man was on my paper rout, and the subject was the 1965 immigration act and many other issues. That old man knew his stuff. My Grandmother was 14 when the Tzar and his family were murdered, she could tell you all about it!

      Tim, do you know or do you just think you know?

      Herr ED!

    9. Kurt Says:

      One thing to remember is that extortion-especially when combined with a long term propaganda campaign-is a lot like riding a tiger. Getting on a tiger isn’t that hard-just wait till he’s taking a nap,jump on,grab his ears and hang on for dear life.

      The problem arises when it’s time to get off. What do you do then?

      The only way to live through the dismounting process is to make sure that the tiger is so exhausted and bedraggled that all he wants to do is to go get some rest,and won’t bother to think about what caused the whole issue in the first place.

      The riders seem to know this. The question then would seem to be whether or not the ridden know the same thing.

    10. Hans Schneider Says:

      Versailles Treaty ? Let us call it Versailles Dictate or the jewing of Germany.