25 December, 2009

Online Book

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“One Sheaf, One Vine: Racially Conscious White Americans Talk About Race” by Robert S. Griffin (2004). Note: Alex is featured in this book:

(a .pdf file): [Book].

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  7. 6 Responses to “Online Book”

    1. Joe Says:

      Hey alex. govnn.com has expired. Reregister it before someone else does!

    2. Bret Ludwig Says:

      This is quite a good book, except the .pdf has lost all the formatting and book design.

      I like Prof. Griffin and his writing a lot. On his web site there are many excellent articles and essays, from the tart to the touching-in an Aryan way. He writes about his father, a barber, superbly, conveying the essence of the man’s (quintessentially White) life in perhaps two pages.

      He writes on such unlikely topics as the late Gorgeous George, the late Faron Young, and much else. By all means visit his excellent site. I commend it highly.

    3. exalted grand-master oberf├╝hrer double diamond jim! Says:

      what the HELL happened to his hearing?

      he says in the intro’ that i suddenly lost all my hearing!

    4. Igor Alexander Says:

      Just read the Alex Linder section. Boy, Alex isn’t lying when he says he’s been repeating himself the last 10 years.

    5. Ivan Says:

      There is a very impressive Rob Freeman section in the book. If I am not mistaken Kievsky signed off as Rob Freeman in his recent farewell to VNN. If Kievsky=Rob Freeman from the book, why this name changing circus: Freeman -> Kievsky -> Freeman? Not implying anything, just curious, lest sensitive Kievsky/Freeman should interpret this as slander.

    6. Antagonistes Says:

      This is much appreciated.

      I read one chapter a day.

      My yearly offering is forthcoming. I usually send it during the sacred season of Samhain, but it has been a rough year.