30 December, 2009

The School Problem

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by Dr. William Pierce.

“The education of America’s children is a matter of continuing controversy and anguish for many Americans, including a majority of White parents with school-age children. Americans are unhappy about the level of violence in the schools, which keeps going up, and the educational standards, which keep going down. Parents are increasingly concerned that their children are not safe in public schools, and just about every responsible White adult is concerned about the failure of America’s schools to educate young Americans well enough to keep America technologically and economically competitive in an increasingly competitive world.”


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  7. 2 Responses to “The School Problem”

    1. alex Says:

      This isn’t precisely outdated, but it’s not really the right approach in 2009. The homeschooling movement has demonstrated where WN ought to look – abolish public schools, don’t try to reform them. Not only will this liberate kids’ minds, it will liberate parents’ wallets.


      – The most intelligent generation ever raised in North America knew know public schools.

      – The progressives long ago captured the public schools, and the education schools that warp their teachers, and turned their mission even further in the direction of producing system cogs and parrots of proper attitude. The point of public schools is to stifle the mind while inculcating the Correct (ie, communist) attitude toward jews, nigs, queers and other anti-White subsets of subhumanity.

      One of the more urgent tasks before White nationalists is, or would be if WN had a “we” there, developing a homeschooling curriculum for free or cheap sale. It would be intellectually rigorous and inculcate students with respect for and knowledge of the history of their race, and their glorious place in the chain and pattern.

    2. half soldier Says:

      Good points Alex, Public fools system is not the place to be for any sane White person to send their children. Oh they might be good for messicans, since the government pays to daycare their brats.

      That said we need to realize ed(jew)cation is all about dumb down whites, and guilt trips , and being terrorized and shook down by mudz.
      O.K. so they have nice graffitied facilities, and it leaves time to the parents to have an extra income, but it ain’t worth it for the Child you might as well get the vasectomy or tubal ligation.