6 December, 2009

WWII Poster: ‘On God’s Side’

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In other words: on the Soviet, Jewish and negro side of things. What a God He is!


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  7. 16 Responses to “WWII Poster: ‘On God’s Side’”

    1. Bobby Bandanza Says:

      Joe Louis stadium should be renamed Rocky Marciano stadium since Rocky knocked Negro Joe out.

    2. CW-2 Says:

      Ah, so that’s why we are having such difficulties! It sure is great to know we were making the world safe for jew criminality.

    3. scottie t00 hottie Says:







    4. ein Says:

      “In other words: on the Soviet, Jewish and negro side of things.”

      In other words, on God’s side — where they’ve been on every issue since then, right up to the present. When they regard themselves as God’s representatives doing God’s work, it’s difficult for the devout to disagree or go against them, and doubtless causes severe pangs of conscience among believers. What a clever strategy to employ!

      This militant, utter certainty of the righteous of their cause has fortified them in all their campaigns over the past half-century and longer. I suppose (reluctant as I am to say) it has been a great help to them. It has given them strength and removed all doubt from their various “causes”. There is simply no room for the slightest whiff of uncertainty or self-questioning. They WILL win! They CANNOT lose!

      This smugness, this utter certainty, also makes them intolerable people to deal with. That general attitude passes into everything else as well. I have known, professionally, some black people (especially women, for some reason) who embody this unconscious attitude in every matter they touch. Everything they say is RIGHT! They are always right, and absolutely right! They brook no disagreement and won’t even consider an opposing view. There is a strong “religious” quality to all of their rigid opinions that is disturbing to a rational person. Anyone who disagrees (with anything whatever) is a heretic and is dismissed with contempt. I knew one such woman, a light mulatto in an executive position, who was in fact highly intelligent but rigid as a chunk of granite. I imagine she picked up this attitude in church after singing hymns and praising The Lord all her life. It just came automatically. In all matters, she was on the side of the Good and the Righteous, always knew best, and anyone who disagreed with her (on anything) was the moral equivalent of the Devil — not worthy of hearing. Such people are insufferable to deal with. They are tenacious, one-minded, and determined to have their way. There is no reasoning with them, and compromise is out of the question.

      But, as I said, it does give them a certain ferocious inner strength, which has served them well. While whites may entertain nervious self-doubts and we tend to question our own values and attitudes, the blacks, filled (by God’s Chosen) with utter certainty about the righteous of all their causes, just march on, eyes straight ahead, without glancing to either side.

      When you are doing God’s work, you KNOW you are right! And how do you know it? Because God’s Chosen and the bible have told you so.

    5. Howdy Doody Says:

      Yes I have seen this attitude too, but I have seen it in Evangelicals who are naves and dolts plus enablers for White genocide.

    6. ein Says:

      I might add (now that many of them are switching to Islam) that it doesn’t change anything at all. It’s still the same rigid, one-sided point of view which is just as intense, narrow, and doesn’t consider any options. If anything, it’s even worse. I wonder how the Jews plan to control THEM? Well, if nothing else, it certainly does provide more chaos and social division (i.e.”Diversity”) that they, the Jews, can hide in!

      (And please forgive all the typos! We don’t seem to have ZOG or Shabbos anymore to do our proof-reading.)

    7. ein Says:

      “I have seen it in Evangelicals [too]”

      Right you are, Howdy. They are also doing “God’s work”, obedient servants of The Chosen who tell them what God’s work should be.

    8. Tim McGreen Says:

      Gott Mit Uns.

    9. steven clark Says:

      The poster reminds me of one Fascist Italy had in WWII. A smiling negro soldier in tin hat, grinning as he had his arm around a classical Greek woman statue, with ’50 cents’ chalked on her stomach.

    10. Tim McGreen Says:

      That Joe Louis poster ought to have a White woman stuck at the end of his bayonnet, because that is exactly what the Jew-controlled Allies intended to do with German women.

    11. Antagonistes Says:

      Well, it took a few years for the bayonet thing.

      Tiger Woods has stuck his bayonet into several White women.

    12. Irma Grese Says:

      It’s still the same rigid, one-sided point of view which is just as intense, narrow, and doesn’t consider any options. If anything, it’s even worse. I wonder how the Jews plan to control THEM?

      Through their lack of intelligence – how else?

    13. Karen Says:

      This “one god” belief is a powerful drug. Judaism, Christianity and Islam have the same god. I think it was Orwell who pointed that Catholic and Hindu beliefs were one and the same. Simply the worship of death without being aware of it all. Death to nature and your own racial kin.

    14. Dagon Says:

      How can you conflate Catholic beliefs and Hindu beliefs? Sure, Hindusim acknowledges decline, decay, and death. It even has Shiva the destroyer God, but it also celebrates life and regeneration. More broadly, Hinduism celebrates the cycle of life and a non-dualistic morality in which evil coexists with good and that both are part of this world. Lastly, Hinduism is predicated on the individual finding their salvation through their own efforts as opposed to the Christian idea of finding trascendence only through putting oneself in thrall to a single, jealous, and arbitrary God.

    15. Tim McGreen Says:

      Doug, there are some similarites between Catholicism and Hindooism. They both have a Holy Trinity, for example, and Krishna is a somwhat similar figure to Christ. Their names even sound alike. Hindooism and its offshoot Buddhism did have missionaries who took their repective gospels west to Persia and Babylonia. From there, ideas about those two religions could have easily influenced the Semitic and Levantine religions of the region.

    16. Ein Says:

      “and Krishna is a somewhat similar figure to Christ. Their names even sound alike. ” – Tim

      Yes, that is a remarkable coincidence (if it is a coincidence). I had never noticed that before. Now that you mention it, it is so obvious!