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31 January, 2010

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You don’t have a problem with the school district spending $1 billion of your tax dollars on racial con-games like desegregation, do you? Because if you do, that’s racism. Ask any rabbi. [Article].

31 January, 2010

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“Queen Victoria at the Spinning Wheel” by Sir Joseph Edgar Boehm, Bart., R.A. (1834-90); 1869, Silver: [Here]. “Psyche” by Edward Hodges Baily (1788-1867); 1842, White marble: [Here]. “Naval Warrior with Justice on Marble Arch” by Edward Hodges Baily, 1828: [Here].

31 January, 2010

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A video by Bradley R. Smith (future video-makers, notice the good lighting in this one): [Video].

30 January, 2010

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How many times must America rebuild Haiti? Jerry Abbott comments: [Article].

30 January, 2010

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What’s the difference between “late-term abortion” and “murder”? There’s no real difference in the physical sense, because those abortions are performed “post-viability,” meaning that the fetus is an actual baby when it’s aborted, i.e., it can survive outside of the womb: [Article]. A mention of Jews and the abortion industry (scroll down to “The Abortion […]

30 January, 2010

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“Naming the jew means writing about your subject like a cat digging catnip. Snuffling in it. Rolling in it. Half mad with desire to eat it and mate with it and enanimate it. It does not mean dipping a tiny toe-y in the darkness before dawn, it means belly flopping into the truth pool mid-afternoon […]

30 January, 2010

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“I was astonished when Germany declared war on the United States.” Why? America and Britain issued a de facto declaration of war on Germany four months earlier, in the Atlantic Charter [1]. Worse, they mentioned not just defeating but “destroying” Germany. Hitler’s declaration of war on America, while tragic for all White people, was merely […]

29 January, 2010

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Post whatever you want…

29 January, 2010

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by Dr. Kevin MacDonald: [Here].

28 January, 2010

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Here’s a good example: the word “gay” as a euphemism for “homosexual”: [Article]. More about “Miss Furr and Miss Skeene” and “gay”: [Here].