22 January, 2010

An All-White Basketball League?

Posted by Socrates in Socrates, sports, White plans, White solutions, White thought at 11:08 pm | Permanent Link

Sounds great, but in this age of racial-diversity worship, it’ll face tough sledding. But White Reference is right: even if this league fails, a message has been sent:


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  7. 14 Responses to “An All-White Basketball League?”

    1. Honkey Tonk Man Says:

      ..Sign me up for season tickets! …..how about an all white football leauge?
      The NFL has been Jewed and niggerized.

      …I watch the NHL hockey because it’s 95% white.

    2. Howdy Doody Says:


      Hey, who ever put the blog, I will NOT give out to friends UNLESS you start deleting the the TROLL SHIT and Dung Miner filth. You want to be like VNN go ahead.

    3. Howdy Doody Says:

      A PA Supermarket Cashier Wonders Where She Can Go To Escape Handout Requests For Haiti
      From: Beverly Tyler (e-mail her)

      Re: Athena Kerry’s Column: Not Supposed To Say It, But…Had It With Haiti?

      I’m 100 percent with Kerry on Haitian overhype.

      My question is where can anyone go to escape it? I’ve stopped watching the news channels but that’s as much as I can do.

      The major retail market that I work for has asked cashiers to inquire of patrons at the checkout line if they would like to donate to Haitian relief.

      When my husband wants to relax by watching a college or professional basketball game, the networks swamp viewers with donation pleas. [Calipari, UK Score With Hoops for Haiti, by Dan Wetzel, Yahoo Sports, January 21, 2010]

      This weekend, the two NFL playoff games will intersperse commercial breaks with urgent requests to send funds to Haiti. (Watch here.)

      The harder they push, the more resistant I become.

      Tyler wrote previously about welfare fraud and Nancy Pelosi’s delusions of grandeur here and here.

    4. Tim McGreen Says:

      Once they start in with that “But I’m not a racist” shit, it’s over.

    5. Waldo Starr Says:

      I am not a basketball fan for obvious reasons. Every time my TV stops on a basketball game all I ever see is some heavily tattooed yard ape hanging from the rim with all the chimps in attendance, mostly white and some dark negroid types, whooping and hollering as if this savage had just somehow cured cancer. This white b’ball thing might be a good idea, but even good ideas need money to survive and since almost all professional sports teams, mass media outlets, and advertisers are juden owned or controlled, they have little chance to succeed. Plus, every patron will be classified as “rassist” and no shabbos goy wants anything to do with that label.

    6. CW-2 Says:

      We need to concentrate on sports in which raw physical stength is not a factor but skill and stamina, white attributes, determine success. Swimming is one.

    7. Cowboy Zeke Says:

      This is what we need, put the arena in a small white town, give all the arena contracts to the townsfolk, and grow the town. People want to watch their own people compete.

    8. Zoroastro Says:

      Great idea. Niggers have actually destroyed this once wonderful game both by making it unwatchable and by virtue of their monkeyshines in any rec center where white and other non-black people want to play and relax with some pick-up games.

    9. Antagonistes Says:

      Don’t stop at basketball.

      Get the niggers out of everything!

      The things that they CAN compete in, they degrade with their antics and “look-at-me” clownish antics, and threats of violence.

      The things that they CANNOT compete in, they mock and try to degrade! If this doesn’t work, they threaten violence.

      Get their black asses to Haiti or Nigeria, where they can devolve in the classic nigger-style, with everything falling to pieces everywhere (even without earthquakes) and human life worth just a little bit more than the life of a cockroach. As long as they can have sex, and engage in the latest “look-at-me” nigger fad, they will be alright.

    10. virgil Says:

      it is a waste of time. martial arts and weapons training is an infinitely wiser use of time. studying military history is also time well spent.

    11. Tim McGreen Says:

      How about some good old-fashioned Affirmative Action for White NBA players? After all, Whites are an under-represented minority in that game…’Cept for the cheerleaders, that is.

    12. J.E.D. Says:

      Lewis also takes exception to the simian “phi slamma jamma” style of ghetto ball that Blacks have brought to professional basketball, wanting to return to the more fundamental set-piece strategic basketball employed by the NBA back in the ’50s and ’60s.

      I always liked set-piece strategy over what I see today, for the life of me, i can never understand who in their right mind would watch any pro event anymore, mental addiction i guess, putting the same uniform on different uniforms doesn’t fool me. Lewis has the right idea but how much fluff and entertainment do we need?

    13. Sun, Moon, Myung? Says:

      I’ve heard tell that the rules of basketball were substantially modified to accomodate the abilities of black players. In other words, it was a whole new ball game. But who cares.? Frankly, I detest all manner of spectator sports and see any of them as pandering to the worst qualities in the most boorish and bullying segments of society. When I was in public school in the 70’s, I noted that the white jocks were the first to pick up black jargon and take blacks on as friends-often ganging up together on less
      hormone-addled white kids who preferred other activities like music or school politics. Kids who read actual books rather than periodicals about sports. My own interests centered around electronics & hi-fi equipment-those were almost cult hobbies back then, and off the jock radar. That, and being over 6ft tall and beefy by the age of fifteen kept the ball twiddlers off my case.

      My point is..let the spectator sports go ALL congo, or mestizo. It’s helping to put forward to clear-thinking whites the idea of embracing the athletic activities that OUR race excels at, and cannot be pushed out of. The broadcast networks of course mostly ignore any sport in which knuckle-dragging isn’t a large part of the equation, but as tastes shift the money will follow-however resentfully. As with all things these days, worse is better, for now.

    14. Tim McGreen Says:

      Jesus Christ, when are those dumb White sports fans going to get tired of watching chimp-ball? Don’t they realize that in a typical 175 minute NFL broadcast, only 11 minutes are actually spent playing football? The rest is haltime stuff, commercials, huddles and intstant replays. Yep, sports brings out the most rudimentary caveman boorishness in the Goyim. The Jews know us and our faults only too well.