5 January, 2010

AZ: Mexican Invaders Face Tougher Times Under New Law

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Those bad White people, preventing illegal Mexicans from scamming their system. How dare they! One thing about Mexicans: they’re like Jews. They have chutzpah. They feel entitled to money, food, whatever Whitey has that they want. If Whitey refuses to give them something, then Whitey’s the bad guy:


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  7. 14 Responses to “AZ: Mexican Invaders Face Tougher Times Under New Law”

    1. virgil Says:

      mexico must be “liberated”; all illegal aliens must be deported. all chicano gangs must be exterminated. mexico will be a white colony.

    2. Lutjens Says:

      Kinda like what the kikes are doing in Palestine? LOL I believe we have enough living space here in the US. Installing and keeping a US-friendly regime in Mejico D.F. is a better solution.

      “The boy and girl, ages 7 and 3, respectively, are U.S. citizens and entitled to the benefits. But Cristina, who spoke on condition her last name not be used, was fearful. She’d heard of a new state law requiring public workers to alert Immigration and Customs Enforcement when illegal immigrants apply for benefits they are not legally entitled to.”

      Wrong. Time to repeal the fuckin anchor baby laws. Time to collect back taxes, fines, and penalties for all the fuckers that have leeched us for decades. Time to become very scared, you yellow fuckin parasitic niggers and spics.

    3. virgil Says:

      the ” liberation” of mexico will forever prevent the reconquista of the southwest. we need lebensraum.

    4. virgil Says:

      the government must seal the border and deport all the mexicans. if it cannot or will not, it will be CW2!

    5. Igor Alexander Says:

      “mexico will be a white colony.”

      Seriously though, why not? They have their Reconquista; I think Americans should start a movement to expand U.S. borders into Mexico and push all the Mexcrement into the sea. It just doesn’t seem right that all that land should be in the hands of these subhumans.

      Bring the troops back from the Middle East and use them to take out the drug gangs that run Mexico! Then it’s easy sailing. There’s not a country in the world that would try to stop it.

    6. virgil Says:

      it will be great to have mexico controlled by whites. it will be a paradise. what will be left of the mexican populace will have the status of helot. we will be as the spartans and thus train in warfare. the revival of the best of our ancient ways is the key to white survival and eventual victory. life is all about territoriality and competition. mexicans are not worthy. let paradise be governed by whites!

    7. th Says:

      I am always amuzed by the way theses media writers make it seem like such a plight for anyone, except of course whitey. oh this poor lady had to flee and cannot get treatment for her daughter’s ailments. shut the fuck up! I went to see my doctor about 2 years ago and the waiting room was full of brown skin bastards, hacking and spitting. I couldn’t take it. Went to Walgreens and then home. What about me? I can’t get treatment, because these TB infected shitheads are every fucking where. If you not white then get out of my aryan land! This country is an aryan idea, aryan conquered and settled, so pack your shit and get out.

    8. Waldo Starr Says:

      Igor says – “Bring the troops back from the Middle East and use them to take out the drug gangs that run Mexico!”

      Do we really think that drugs in Mexico, bound for the USA starving market, are allowed to cross the border without US government (legalized mafia) approval and payoffs. It would have been shut down long ago without this graft.

    9. Annie Oakley Says:

      These shitskin invaders are in every free clinic and ER room. I have zero sympathy for them whatsoever.

      I’m more mad at the self-hating Christian whites who empathise with the muds and help them with free food and medical care. These same “Christians” wouldn’t lift a finger for their own white brothers and sisters.

    10. Igor Alexander Says:

      “what will be left of the mexican populace will have the status of helot.”

      I say we go for total elimination. History (including that of the Spartans) shows that showing mercy or keeping slaves always comes back to bite us in the ass.

    11. Igor Alexander Says:

      “These same ‘Christians’ wouldn’t lift a finger for their own white brothers and sisters.”

      I hear you. The hypocrisy of such people is mind-boggling. They make excuses for shitskins that they would never accept were they being used to justify the behavior of white people.

      Economics explains all the differences in behavior and intelligence between the races; except that whites are inherently evil and poverty is never an excuse for white “racism.”

      I’d love to believe that these whites are just thoroughly brainwashed, but it’s not just that; they’re hypocrites who hold whites to a double standard. They treat shitskins like lost pets or something.

    12. ED! Says:

      When Christians start that poor people who just want to work routine with me I have an answer; stop lying, all you want is cheep labor so do not give me that do good crap, you are a liar! Money is your god!


    13. Noshirt Says:

      I think we are taking Baja California back with our retirees. Can they own the land?

    14. Rick James Says:

      Lets not forget that some Mexicans have ancestors that came from Spain, Germany, France and other parts of Europe. Most of the Mexican aliens that mooch of American Welfare systems are the ones that are more closely related to Indian tribes in Mexico. Some Mexicans are actually White.