8 January, 2010

Heads Up

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Some notes…

1) Don’t send me articles on disks or on paper. I will not use them.

To submit an article, email it to me at [email protected] If it’s good quality, I will post it. Articles should have titles and bylines.  Paragraphs should be separated by blank lines.

2) Letters to the editor (LTEs): I do appreciate serious, substantial letters to the editor. As with articles, send them to [email protected] If they ask a question worth answering, I will post them with response.

3) I got the book “The Christ Files” – I will read this over the weekend and give some comments when I’m done.

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  7. 16 Responses to “Heads Up”

    1. Ivan Says:

      DISCLAIMER (is that the word?): I realize that if the size, the content, the language, or any other aspect of this comment is not appropriate for VNN forum or violates any of its rules it can and should be deleted immediately.

      I believed for some time that Jim Giles has been doing extremely valuable work. That being the case, I promoted him as much as I could with the modest means available to me. And I don’t regret that I did. However, my estimate of the usefulness of Giles’ genuine efforts to do what is right has steadily declined over time. His recent arrogant attack on Dr William Pierce was the proverbial last straw that broke the camel’s back. By now, it’s pretty obvious to me that the unintentional damage of what he is doing significantly outweighs its benefits.

      What follows is my second letter (with minor grammatical corrections) to Giles regarding his attack on Dr Pierce. Unlike the first one, Jim opted not to air it on his show.

      Subject: Gloves are off

      Ok, Jimbo, gloves are off. I didn’t ask for this, you did. I am going to hit your dumb ass where it hurts.

      First, I want to apologize for keeping you waiting for my response. You see, Jimbo, I have a work to do, and I have to do it good, otherwise I am out of job. My wife is not working and I don’t want her to work. I want her to stay home and take care of me and my kids. And that’s exactly what she’s doing. I have to work 12 hours a day sometimes to deliver what my kids and my wife need in order to live like human beings. And you want me to go to the court house and fetch some death scene photos for you so that you can have a material to work with on your show. Don’t you fucking know what does that entail for my family? You say it’s legal. I suppose it is, I am not a lawyer. Does that change a fucking thing as of the consequences that follow from it?

      Do you have any fucking idea what is going on in this country and around the world. You live in a bubble, man. You say that your family comes first before your race. Well, get a family first then, get a wife, have kids, then you can declare that your family comes first. I know this does hurt, and I wouldn’t hit on that if you not having a family of your own had anything to do with your fight against the system. How do I know that your family problems are not related to what you are doing today? Simple. You didn’t have a clue of what was going on in this country 10 years ago when you were 40. Why couldn’t you build and keep a family before you reached 40? Now, at age 50, you inform us in your show that you go to shopping malls to look up some pretty girls. That is fucking pathetic. At age 50, one supposed to have grand children for gods sake.

      I don’t have to fetch files for you from the court house, it’s not my job. It’s your job, it’s the job of others like you who want to be our leaders. There is no shortage of people out there who think they are brave and who think they have qualities required of a genuine leader. It’s your fucking job to be brave and to be open if you want to be a leader. I am not a leader, and I don’t want to be a leader. You do. So do the fucking foot work yourself, don’t ask people out there to put their families at risk of becoming jobless and homeless. I know, you did your part in this regard. And I respect that. Good for you.

      About audio DNA. I didn’t like your audio DNA this morning, brother. I didn’t like it at all, there was some shivering in your voice there at the start and I knew immediately that was about my letter. You see, Jimbo, I have blue tick nose of my own. And that harping about my previous letter’s subject “You broke my heart, Jimbo”. Have you ever watched Coppola’s “Godfather”, boy? “You broke my heart, Jimbo” was a play on “You broke my heart Fredo” – a line by your favorite actor Al Pacino, you, idiot. I thought you had at least some rudimentary sense of humor. A leader without a sense of humor? No, Jimbo, that’s not the kind of leader I want. And I am in charge here, not you. I decide who is going to be my leader, not some fucking idiot who wants to be my leader. My standards are very high, Jimbo, and you don’t come even close, boy. You could be a good leader for a dozen of “hard core” idiots, but I wouldn’t feel comfortable having you as commander of a battalion.

      Leader has to have a vision, Jimbo. A cry “Follow me” won’t do it, brother, in the battle against the slick Jew, especially when one doesn’t even recognize that the Jew IS THE PROBLEM. All you see is niggers. Alex tried to explain to you where the nigger problem is coming from, and you kind of understood it, but I can see it now clearly that there is no genuine understanding of the problem on your part and, most probably, never will be.

      Another harping about me being anonymous. Yes, I am anonymous and I intend to remain anonymous. In fact, I do recommend everybody out there to be anonymous except for those who think of themselves as future leaders and future elite. You, kids, out there keep your heads down and take care of your wives, your kids, and your families. Let the fucking “leaders” sort it out among themselves. And we, the ordinary and anonymous people, will decide who deserves to be our leaders and our elite. We have better things to do – we need to work, we need to take care of our kids and our families.

      About your blue tick nose you swagger so much about. You have asserted that I am an officer or a stakeholder at National Alliance. Is that what your blue tick nose told you? Well, you need to blow your nose every once in a while, dude, it’s obviously clogged.

      Back to General Schwarzkopf. General Schwarzkopf is out, he is done, finito, adios, forget about him, man. I doubt that he even has a genuine understanding of what the crux of the problem is. Assuming that he has, he would never dare to go against the Jew, not in America. The Jew got America by the balls, Jimbo. And nobody in America is contemplating a sure suicide by going against the Jew. That would take somebody with the combination of balls and brains of Hitler or Stalin.

      Whites in America are fucked up and cornered for good. Only a genuine societal crisis can bring truly revolutionary change in America. And every thinking person like General Schwarzkopf can’t fail to recognize that simple truth and, understandably, is not willing to put his neck on the line for nothing.

      Only two national leaders of today have the balls to take the Jew on – Putin of Russia and Ahmadinejad of Iran. Putin doesn’t dare do it openly though like Ahmadinejad does. But not in America, Jimbo, not in America. “Not now, John”

      You said that you believe in 90% chance of General Schwarzkopf accepting your invitation for an interview. No, you don’t. And I am going to prove it to you. If you believe your probability estimate is correct, you should be willing to bet 10 to 1. I offer you a bet: If General Schwarzkopf accepts your invitation I will give you $1000, if he doesn’t, you owe me $100, that’s 10 to 1 bet. That’s what the theory of subjective probability says. To avoid ambiguities, you have two months to arrange the interview, after two months no excuses that you couldn’t get hold of him. Do you accept my bet?

      Now, let me ask you this. How, in your fucking mind, good people like Dr Pierce and Alex Linder are supposed to raise money for a living. They cannot have jobs within the system. And Saint Jim Giles tells them it’s a sin to raise money by selling books, and audio, and video, and white nationalist music recordings etc, all of which, by the way, is serving exactly the purpose these good people devoted their lives to. Are they supposed to milk cows and goats and raise money by selling chicken eggs?

      Dr Pierce found the best fucking way of making money imaginable under his circumstances, a way that at the same time served best for the cause he devoted his life to. Absolutely legitimate way. That was one of the reasons the system hated him so much and he commanded a great respect from those mother fuckers for the same reason: they couldn’t ruin him financially and they couldn’t get him legally. He was strictly legal, Jimbo, and he was always clear about the importance of being legal for every member of his organization. He wasn’t stupid, but some members of his organization were stupid enough to get in trouble with the law. And nobody can blame Dr Pierce for that.

      I can’t stress it enough: listen to Dr Pierce, buddy. Every fucking week he’s been putting out half an hour radio broadcast for fucking 10 years in a row. And he never run out of material until the day he died. And every single broadcast was full of ideas, genuine emotions, and genuine pain for the tragic fate of his people he sensed so keenly. And all what you have to say about the man is that he was a money man! And you claim you have the proper perspective on what is going on in this country! Pathetic.

      Newton famously said “If I have seen farther it is because I have stood on the shoulders of giants”. Dr. Pierce was, is, and will remain a giant for generations to come. By the way, he was a physicist just like Newton was. What he accomplished as a thinker in the field he devoted his life to is no less significant than Newton’s in physics. That’s my personal humble opinion as a physicist.

      Listen to him, brother. Dr Pierce has been reporting black-on-white crime for years when you were in France experimenting with your sexuality (by the way, nothing wrong with that, we all did that in our college days) because he understood it to be one of the most potent ways to arose the emotions of ordinary white Americans and make them mad. I challenged you in my previous letter to come up with a single fucking idea that Dr Pierce haven’t thought about. You can’t. You simply can’t. By the way, you haven’t read that part in my letter for some reason. Most probably it wasn’t intentional, simple omission I guess.

      Now, listen to me closely, boy, because I’m going to give you a good advice for free. I’m through listening to your blabbering unless you get some good guests there. I don’t think I can learn anything new from you personally that I don’t know already. I’m not old enough to be your father, but I’m older than you are, so don’t feel indignant about me giving you an advice. I’m a simple man, Jimbo, just like you are, so no hard feelings, OK.

      I told you before that you are a wholesome and decent man. And I still believe that to be true. No, let me take it back, I know that you are a wholesome and decent man. I can hear that in your voice. My advice to you is: get married and have kids before it’s too late. You have missed the best thing this world has to offer to a wholesome and decent man – it’s to father a child from a caring wife. Forget all those fantasies about becoming a leader. Get a family of your own, man. I know this is brutal. I hope it’s not as brutal as to be beyond your endurance. But I intend it to be brutal for your own sake. Think of it as a shock therapy. This kind of brutality is the only thing that can shake your indecision at your age. It’s not too late. There is no hope for you to stay psychologically fit and stable for too long unless you follow my advice. You have to get rid of that fatal vulnerability. You must do it. And I know you can do it. Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, the guy who spent years in Gulag and was exiled from his beloved Russia, had three sons after he married his second wife at age 51 if I recall correctly. So it’s not too late for you either. As the old adage goes: Where there is a will there is a way.

      And when you find that white wholesome woman, invite me as your best man and I will come to your wedding. That’s a promise.

      I wish you well, brother, I truly do. With enemies like myself you don’t need friends.

      P. S. You do not have my permission to use this letter on your show unless you are willing to air it in its entirety. All or nothing. I have this little gambling problem, Jimbo, like Dr Duke you might say :-)


      I still believe in Jim’s good intentions; he undoubtedly could do a very useful work provided he overcomes his ego, drops his arrogance, and finds a way to get rid of his phenomenal ignorance. Easier said than done.

      In retrospect, I was in the right about Giles’ prospects of getting General Schwarzkopf on his show – he declined Jim’s invitation.

    2. Howdy Doody Says:

      Ivan. Salute !

    3. Howdy Doody Says:

      Ivan go to Original Dissent dot com

      Look under politics.

    4. Fred Says:

      IMO Jim Giles is the genuine article. I think he has a point when he criticizes the likes of Duke, Pearce etc. What have they really achieved, at the end of the day? It’s been downhill all the way for Whites in the USA (and the world) since they began their careers. Thirty years or so of writing and broadcasting hasn’t done a damn thing – we are 10 times worse off now than when they started. So I agree with Giles that a radical new approach is needed….

    5. Jim Says:

      Right on Ivan! Giles really had some interesting guests on his program, and he always treated them respectfully. Lately he seems to have gone off the deep end. He doesn’t seem to grasp the crux of our problem, that Alex has pointed out time and time again—–“The jew is the problem; the nigger is the symptom”.

    6. Tim McGreen Says:

      Good comments, Fred. No more speeches, weekly radio broadcasts, newsletters, meetings or protests outside the Israeli Embassy. It’s time for that radical new approach you mentioned.

    7. Henry Says:

      the crux of our problem that Alex has pointed out time and time again—–”The jew is the problem; the nigger is the symptom”.

      Well said! Indeed it is. I don’t think I have ever seen it stated better than that. That’s it in a nutshell.

    8. Z.O.G. Says:

      Boy, I tell you what. Jim Giles sure does have himself a pack of dogs. Boy howdy.

    9. Fred Says:

      “No more speeches, weekly radio broadcasts, newsletters, meetings or protests outside the Israeli Embassy.”

      Sadly, 30 years of the above has achieved sweet fuck all….

    10. Ivan Says:

      Thirty years or so of writing and broadcasting hasn’t done a damn thing – we are 10 times worse off now than when they started. So I agree with Giles that a radical new approach is needed. – Fred

      It’s like saying in 1878, after 30 years of “Communist Manifesto”, Karl Marx and Frederick Engels hasn’t done a damn thing.

      You agree with Giles’ strategy, but you don’t seem in a rush to join his “hard-core nucleus” or, at least, to fetch some death scene photos for Generalissimo Giles from court house. Why not? Are you one of those smart asses who would like to rake in embers with somebody’s hands? If you are, then you are not alone. That’s why Giles’ call to the military personnel to honor their pledge to defend the country from foreign and domestic enemies is a call in the wilderness. Everybody in America wants to rake in embers with other’s hands. And it will remain that way until the situation gets so bad that people start reaching for their guns.

      Dr Pierce had seen all that coming 30 years ago and he did everything he possibly could to prepare his people for the inevitable.

    11. Tim McGreen Says:

      Ivan Says:

      10 January, 2010 at 4:27 pm

      Thirty years or so of writing and broadcasting hasn’t done a damn thing – we are 10 times worse off now than when they started. So I agree with Giles that a radical new approach is needed. – Fred

      It’s like saying in 1878, after 30 years of “Communist Manifesto”, Karl Marx and Frederick Engels hasn’t done a damn thing.

      But Marx and Engels did not die in obscurity, nor did their movement die out with them. As early as 1871, the Jew communists tried to impose their revolutionary principles with The Paris Commune. Even the 1848 Revolutions in Europe were instigated by early Red Jew radicals, although neither Marx nor Engels had much influence over those events. In 1881, Jew communists succeeded in asassinating Czar Alexander II. All these events happened during Marx/Engels’ lifetimes as a direct or indirect result of their writings.

    12. Ivan Says:

      Tim McGreen, I do not know how much you are familiar with the work, ideas, forecasts, and goals Dr Pierce has set up for himself and worked tirelessly all his life towards those goals. If your familiarity with all of that is superficial, you and I will have hard time understanding each other. Give the same set of data to two individuals with largely different priors and they will arrive at opposite conclusions from the same set of data. That’s how common sense works.

      The purpose of my comment was to highlight as starkly as I could the logical fallacy of Fred’s argument. Dr Pierce didn’t fool himself and others with idle expectations. He new exactly what can be achieved in his lifetime with the means available to him. He laid the foundations, a theoretical framework if you will, an ideology of survival for the white people, just like Marx laid the foundations and ideology of Communism – an ideology for survival of Jewish race. As you know very well, Communism and the Jewish takeover of the western world did not take off until 1917 with the Bolshevik Revolution long after Marx died.

      The power of the communist doctrine of Marx was that it tapped successfully into the discontent of huge masses of people. Dr Pierce new very well that nothing could be done in America as long as the standard of living in America stayed as high as it was until very recently. But he knew also that standard of living in America will go south sooner or later. He said many times that he wished he knew how to bring a misery to white people in America in order to wake the white people up from this slow process of annihilation to which it is subjected by the slick Jew. His fear was that it will drag too long, all the way to the point of no return when the demographic, spiritual, moral, and physical degradation of white population of America would make it almost impossible to save the nation.

    13. Fred Says:


      It’s like saying in 1878, after 30 years of “Communist Manifesto”, Karl Marx and Frederick Engels hasn’t done a damn thing.

      Umm, ever heard of a thing called “the Russian Revolution”??


      You agree with Giles’ strategy, but you don’t seem in a rush to join his “hard-core nucleus” or, at least, to fetch some death scene photos for Generalissimo Giles from court house. Why not?

      Where did I say I agreed with Giles’ strategy? I said he’s genuine
      and that a new approach is needed, given that we’re going nowhere fast. And how the fuck do you know what I’m in a rush to do or not do? You don’t, so don’t make stupid statements.

    14. Antagonistes Says:

      “The Christ Files”–yes, I would like to read that review.

      Christianity has been in retreat for quite a while. It is interesting to see the lengths to which its adherents go to defend it.

      They have been called on so many issues. Most of them have not even read the manuscripts which they so ardently defend.

      I used to run circles around them, when they would put up their salvation booths at our local tri-state fair.

      I hope that the Christ Files secretaries at least put up a worthy fight.

      But they will probably get their dictation.

    15. Howdy Doody Says:

      They have been called on so many issues. Most of them have not even read the manuscripts which they so ardently defend.

      = cannon fodder+sheeple=fools

    16. Bret Ludwig Says:

      Pierce, for all his faults, will go down in history as a great White man. He did a lot, even though much of it is still beneath the radar. Hundreds of thousands of people read his two novels, listened to his superb ADV broadcasts. Most were not instantly transformed into white separatists, but a seed was planted, and that seed is growing. People for whom otherwise WN ideas would have been unthinkable, are now thinking about it. As our society and economy decline they will think more and more about it. At some point we will have a nucleus of several hundred thousand White men who will be receptive and sufficiently disenfranchised with the status quo that the tipping point may be reached-and if that happens, Jews, feminists, publicly visible queers, and other such societal deviants had better have their bags packed.