15 January, 2010

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day: Monday, January 18

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Built by the Jewish media; managed by a Jewish communist; a liar and a cheater; nonetheless, Martin Luther King, Jr. becomes more godlike with each passing year:


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    1. Tim McGreen Says:

      That sickening MLK website has a comments section; Use it.

    2. virgil Says:

      after the liberation of the west, martin lootin coon day will be abolished with extreme prejudice!

    3. Walso Starr Says:

      Every time Michael King’s birthday comes around I feel ever so proud to be a member of the white race. When I look back at the great men and women of our race I cannot think of just one person that stands out as the most important person because each one contributed so much. Here are just a few of my hero’s, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Daniel Boone, Generals Doolittle, George Patton and Robert E. Lee, Amelia Earhart, Chuck Yeager, Thomas Edison, Walt Disney, and the list could go on to infinitum. Now what shinning example of niggerdom do we have thrust in our faces on 18 January 2010, as the best blacks have to offer? Why, it’s Martin Luther King. The night before this communist died the FBI had his room bugged, and while he was having sex with some trashy white whores he was heard to say, “ I’m not a Negro tonight” and “I’m fu*king for Jesus.” Of course that was before he was reported to have beat one of those bitches half senseless, which served her right. So, that’s the best and brightest they had to offer and really, it’s been down hill from there. I would imagine their next in line for stardom would have to be George Washington Carver the inventor and founder of the peanut butter recipe. Oh yeah, we can’t forget about Snoop Dog a musical genius if ever there was one.

      I sure am proud of my heritage and what our people have accomplished. We just need to find our way again and that will happen when true statesmen come forward to lead us out of this darkness.

    4. confederate Says:

      once again may i wish everyone a happy James Earl Ray appreciation day.

    5. CW-2 Says:

      It seems that many western cities have a MLK street, avenue or boulevard named in honor of Michael Coon. There is even a MLK Weg near the Olympic stadium in Munich!

      That will have to change. In future all street, place, and geographic names will have to reflect the great men and women of Aryan history. All names and statues of commies, jews and race traitors will be removed. That task should keeps us busy in Paris removing the plethora of offensive street signage.

    6. Tim McGreen Says:

      Uh-oh, here comes Black History Month again….Time to celebreate the “achievements” of a half-dozen Negroes who could run fast, throw a ball into a basket or play the trumpet.

    7. th Says:

      Back in my army days long ago, I was stationed in Germany, where it seemed we had an a larger amount of niggers than other duty stations around the world. That ofcourse was planned out so as to take more german women away from german men, but thats another subject. In reference to MLK and it’s niggerdom. There were military housing areas, where military families lived. It came a time when some General decided that these once named areas, that used to be called Pattonville, Kelly and others, would be better called MLK Village. So in keeping with the name the niglets in these areas formed gangs, that terrorized anyone that came into the them. It was a many many years ago, but I remember the nigger soldiers bragging about how bad ass their chilrens were, being krips or bloods There is no redeming value in the nigger, it’s nigger day or its nigger month.

    8. Ein Says:

      “I would imagine their next in line for stardom would have to be George Washington Carver the inventor and founder of the peanut butter recipe. ”

      I remember studying about him when I was in high school — and that was before any such thing as MLK Day of Black History Month.
      Well, you can cross that name off your list. It turns out that peanut butter was invented by a dentist in St. Louis. Another false black claim!

    9. Dave Says:

      The practice of mashing peanuts predates not only the city of St. louis but the formation of this country as well. What a worthless claim. The list of inventions they claim is so rediculous that it really starts to become amusing. It’s down right hilarious! I really wonder if those lefty school teachers really even believe those bogus claims.

      The elevator,the stop light,air conditioning,the rotary engine,the lawn mower,flight,jazz,the blues,rock and roll oh yeah!

    10. Dave Says:

      Oh the best one of all. I was meeting with these weird christian fundamentalists and having weekly arguments with them,it was fun to watch them completely abandon logic at every turn.

      Here is their claim for black invention,which came up during an argument on race. Anesthesia! That”s right,invented by a black man in Georgia!

    11. Nogkiller Says:

      Black “Anesthesia”: where they punch the white ho’ in the face before raping her.

    12. Tim McGreen Says:

      Wait, don’t forgit all dem Peero-mids an’ Leon Spinxes an’ shit…All dat Egypshun stuff be made by da bruthuhs too, you stupid honkie-ass muthafukkaz!

    13. Ein Says:

      A black woman I once worked with brought in a list of black inventions — furnished to her by her Black Studies daughter in college. It was incredible and several pages long! You’d think that without them civilization would never have been able to exist. I remember one of the items claimed was the comb or the hair brush. You mean to tell me the Greeks and Romans didn’t know how to comb their hair? And how did the Japanese and Chinese ever manage, without any blacks to teach them? Even the American Indians made hairbrushes, out of porcupine bristles.

      (Oh, and it’s worth mentioning too, that he daughter was in college, specializing in Black Studies on a scholarship provided by Hadassah, the Jewish women’s organization. Surprised? )

    14. whodareswings Says:

      Seattle is in King County and King County was named after the 13th Vice President William Rufus King http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/William_R._King
      A couple of years ago they changed the county logo, which had been a crown forever, to a high contrast b/w face of Martin Luther King. Now, all the county business and signage bears the MLK logo. Of course, no one got to vote on this. A waggish friend has further reworked the King County logo to resemble the face of King Kong. He sports a Kong County T-shirt. He also sports a Glock in his sock in case of a possible T-shirt emergency.

    15. Tim McGreen Says:

      Are there any Blacks in Seattle? If so, then I guess it’s true that they follow Whites around, hoping to feed off of White prosperity and cause as much trouble as possible in the process.
      They’re always bitching about how unfairly they’re being treated by the Whites, yet they will not stop following us around. Just leave us White folks alone, you god damn niggers! And I’d like to get a Kong Kounty T-shirt, please. Size Large.

    16. Henry Says:

      “Are there any Blacks in Seattle?”

      I’ve seen blacks in Seattle, and not a few. Out by the airport has a lot of them. They seem to be very cocky and self-assured. (And why shouldn’t they be — when everyone bows to them?) But it’s not just blacks who are there. Seattle seems to be full of racial hodgepodge that defies any precise description. The multicultists dream!

    17. Henry Says:

      PS. Seattle seems to have its share of Somalis and Ethiopians too. As if the American variety of blacks weren’t enough!

    18. Tim McGreen Says:

      Now that I think about it, Jimi Hendrix, who was part Black and part Cherokee, was from Seattle. And I think he lived in a neighborhood close to the airport!