5 January, 2010

More Transbaloney

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In a way, the “transgender” movement is a bigger scam than the “civil rights” or “human rights” movements, since it rejects biology, i.e., it involves calling a male a “female,” or vice-versa.

Newbies, consider a few facts:

1. “Gender” refers only to words/grammar, e.g., “his” (masculine) and “her” (feminine); it doesn’t apply to humans – at least, it didn’t until the feminist and transbaloney movements co-opted it.

2. A person can’t change his/her chromosomes, meaning that if you’re born a male, you’re a male, period. Your skull is bigger than a woman’s, your hips are different, your brain is “wired” differently, etc.

3. Based upon #1 and #2 above, “gender identity” is just a silly invention. If you’re a male but you feel like a female, you’re a queer.

4. The pro-homosexual movement (which the “transgender” movement springs from) is almost entirely Jewish.


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  7. 22 Responses to “More Transbaloney”

    1. Honkey Tonk Mam Says:

      “There is a fine line between the sublime and the ridiculous”

      ….. Napoleon Bonaparte

      …and the freak show called America goes on and on and on…..where will it end?

      A man with plastic tits and a cock dressed up as a women is a freak!! ….a fucking freak!

      When your Jew controled government has completely lost it and has totally gone insane what do you do?
      When your government has sentenced your race ,your bloodline to GENOCIDE what do you do?


      “When all is lost, and all hope is gone, attack, ..attack….attack!

    2. Howdy Doody Says:

      Why itz so disgusting it makes you want to spit like a snake.


      German speaking Hindu’s ?

      Look out for that snake !


    3. virgil Says:


    4. Howdy Doody Says:

      Bull Dykes and Dung Miners have been empowered to spread their evil on every victim they can seduce. These smiling un-happy misfits are the ones that hate, they are at war with healthy folks at large !

      They are distruptive on the market place and have been hired in government agencies across the board. Dealing with demento’s on business is not funny.

    5. Doug Says:

      This will only make Obama’s administration look even more ridiculous. It’s only too bad that more of his selections haven’t been gay/trans/bulldyke. The communist green jobs czar was a good move in that direction. Though unfortunately most people think the alternative of that absurdity is voting Republican.

    6. half soldier Says:

      The herd will buy it all, their like the proverbial frog being slow boilded, they just don’t have morals as Dr. Pierce noted about Lemmings, they just want to fit in. First Niggers, than Messican invaders, and now Faggots, what ever the jews command them to accept, we jes gotsa embrace divershitty. Revolt hah, hah! As long as the jew tube and radio and press continue to promote it, the masseswill slurp it up.

    7. half soldier Says:

      Long as she duz her job, thats the reaction of the tards, and the Jebuites well, they’ll just say Jesus luvs everybody.

    8. Tim McGreen Says:

      Still looks like a dude to me.

    9. half soldier Says:


    10. half soldier Says:

      mo and mo, how mo can ya go! It all goes back to the jews, the worlds first, firster, and fister freaks, there’s never been anything first that they didn’t doo-doo…. take the ultimate child book freak author Dr. Seuss with his megahippolamusses, and tri humped camels, and draw a straight line back to the freaky mold testament, with Ezekiels beast with 45,000 ,000 eyeballs, and the story is the same, something that don’t work in the mamal kingdom, but perhaps in the insect world.

    11. th Says:

      The situation is that whites must accept this crap. It is whites that are not asked, but forced to accept the unnatural, if there is non-compliance then the worse it gets. Its not niggers, mexcrements, or faggots that are force to comply, its us. With every victory something is taken from aryan people. The saddest of the situation is the scum that run the country, that appear to be white are the actual peddlers of the perverse. When you see politicians surrounded by applauding niggers, fags etc., then you know the situation and that means he or she is not on our side. I fully expect niggers to be niggers and fags to be fags, but when white people do the unthinkable and pick the other side instead of us, well it a crime against their nature. Its a sick sick situation is all it is. The country that white men began with blood and bullets will be taken down by the filthy and the sooner the better, because there is no repair. It must be dismantled and balkanized if we are ever to prosper as people.

    12. Tim McGreen Says:

      For some reason, there are a lot of transexuals in Brazil, which, as Olde Dutch would point out, is a heavily Roman Catholic country, not one that is ruled by Jews.

    13. whodareswings Says:

      Those old enough to remember the birth of the industrial music genre might be interested in pansexual Genesis Breyer P-Orridge’s video interview with video art superstar Tony Orsler here: http://genesisp-orridge.com/homepage.html

      Throbbing Gristle and Thee Temple of Psychick Youth were a seminal British faux fascist band and performance art collective. The last time I was in the same room with Genesis he looked like a white Rasta in matted dreadlocks. Some of Rammstein’s new CD promotional graphics feature them as naked transgenders. It’s some kind of new fad like being intemperately tattooed. Come on….all the cool kids are into it!

    14. Igor Alexander Says:

      I remember an old Throbbing Gristle live video where GPO was making out with a guy in the audience. I’ve watched a couple of interviews with him and it’s safe to say that he is ideologically on the opposite end of the spectrum from white nationalists. He’s basically pushing the same philosophy as the 60’s drug subculture was.

      Personally, I’ve always thought that TG and Psychic TV sucked. Some of Psychic TV’s videos were interesting, though; one in particular that sticks out in my mind was directed by Derek Jarman, a militant queer who died of of AIDS in the 90’s.

    15. Syd Spada Says:

      “I believe that so long as the Austrian has his brown beer and sausages he will not revolt.”
      -Ludwig van Beethoven, 1794

    16. Igor Alexander Says:

      I believe Beethoven had it figured out.

    17. Igor Alexander Says:

      While we’re on the topic, another icon of the post-punk underground whom I absolutely despise is Lydia Lunch. That repulsive cunt has to be a jewess.

    18. half soldier Says:


    19. David Baker Says:

      The funny thing about these tailored rights is that the same people scream “Equal Justice Under the Law”. So, what’s “Equal” about protecting homosexuals with so-called “Hate Crime” laws? As far as I’m concerned, the gay movement is self-eliminating. First, many of them die from diseases. Second, they obviously can’t reproduce, so eventually they’ll die out. To take a straight boy or girl and transform them into a gay or gay advocate is, at least to me, something that should considered criminal. Supposedly, the gays are “Born that way”, so they have no right to coerce, cajole, or otherwise influence psychologically healthy children to be hedonists, and pederasts.

    20. Noshirt Says:

      I like feeding young children and the elderly to lions I have on my ranch. It’s their hangup if they don’t feel the joy of being eaten.

      If you don’t like my personal preferences from afar sitting in your “normal” homes and disgusting happy lives I hope you are punished for your extreme and bigoted reaction.

    21. David Baker Says:

      Noshirt, the trouble with your “personal preference” is that society rejects the homosexual lifestyle, and rightly so, as weird, disease ridden, and culminating from repeatable environmental factors. No one is “Born Gay”. Much of the impetus to cram this issue down the throats of the majority stems from NAMBLA’s ongoing effort to lower the age of consent. That sick fraternity believes buggering little boys should be their “Right”. (Of course, the little boy is someone’s kid, and I’m sure they wouldn’t appreciate sexually deviant weirdos fulfilling their desires with their offspring). Jews are behind all societally destructive movements, and they are quite visible in the gay rights advocacy. Just one of many reasons why they have been kicked out of every nation they’ve managed to gain power in.

    22. David Baker Says:

      Noshirt, we have a Bay Area radio station that features a show hosted by some flaming faggot, who is “In your face” about his homosexuality. When he’s not lathering over the mayor of San Francisco, he’s whining about his mother’s death, along with his pending litigation against a hospital for his friend’s death, ostensibly at the hands of poor physicians. (By the way, the parent company declared bankruptcy. Not many people want to be ‘entertained’ with some homo’s relentless diatribe). His duplicity was displayed one night when he described a video he had seen on You Tube which showed a woman being hit by a train. He was apparently amused by this tragic event, as he described the woman’s head “Exploding”. I don’t know if the woman had children, but if she was HIS mother, do you think his sick humor would be piqued watching such a video? The man is mentally skewed, and shouldn’t be allowed to discuss his weird views on life.