3 January, 2010

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“Communism in Germany” by Adolf Ehrt (1933). The Jews were raping Germany before Hitler took power. See for yourself. Among the Jews leading the assault was Karl Radek, who was sent from the Soviet Union to bag Germany for the communists. But Radek failed and he was later purged by Stalin:

(a .pdf file. Note: the photos in this book can be turned, if needed, by using the tools at the top of the file):


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    1. Al Bundy Says:

      Two Reviews……….. Why did National Socialism arise in Germany after WW1?, July 3, 2005
      By Tom Blair “dancer” (Perkiomenville, PA USA) – See all my reviews

      Have you ever asked this question? Well Communism In Germany by Adolph Ehrt provides the answer.

      From the betrayal of Germany’s working-class soldiers in WW1, to the rise of the communist Spartakus League under Rosa Luxemburg and her Rote Fahne (Red Banner), to the formation of “little Soviet” republics inside Germany, the fomenting of labor unrest by communist agitators, the destruction of German culture and art by communists and their racist hate-mongering allies; Germany was under attack from within – the same forces that fomented the Soviet revolution in Russia were next targeting the strongest nation in Europe – Germany.

      The holocaust that killed millions of indigenous Latvians, Lithuanians, and Russians fostered by communists a decade earlier in Russia was boiling up in Germany.

      Germany had every right to fear it – and every right to fight back. The National Socialists fought the communists in the streets of Berlin and in the union halls – eventually they won.

      This book details that struggle. What I enjoyed about this book was its thorough footnoting, and illustrating of the events it chronicles.

      Ever ask yourself – Why did the National Socialist German Workers Party win in 1933? Look for once at a view from the streets of Germany in the post-WW1 years and you will see why.

      Are you tired of history always written by the winners? Question authority; commit heresy; challenge received wisdom; and read this book.

      Revisionist Review, October 2, 2005
      By Hans Dieter Wulf – See all my reviews

      Communism in Germany by Adolf Ehrt tells in clear and graphic detail why and how the Red revolution orgainized and financed by Moscow very nearly succeeded in taking over the Weimar Republic and Germany proper from Hamburg to Munich. It names names, gives dates, provides photographs, some of which are in gruesome detail. Had this conservative author not written about the communists as he did, two major points of history would have been lost: That there were a large portion of the revolution leaders that were criminal Bolshivek Jews who advocated any means was acceptable to include murder, arson and torture to achieve their political goals and that the National Socialist German Workers movement of the time was the only political party of size and strength to not only face the violent communist revolutionaries but in the end, to defeat them until FDR the Red, intoxicated Churchill and evil Stalin came along to change the course of history and promote the Soviet Union while spreading communism not only in Germany & Europe but throughout the postwar world. Communism in Germany is the kind of book that scares the hell out of those good folks at Camp Hill PA, New York and other places who are afraid of the truth about 1933 history in Germany particularly the communist conspiracy of the time.

    2. Fly on the Wall Says:

      Holocaust Guilt Tripping on MTV

      The Holocaust could have happened to people of other ethnic groups if outrageously disproportionate numbers of people belonging to such ethnic groups were

      * engaging in massive worldwide financial fraud and white slaving as well as
      * committing targeted assassinations, sabotage, terrorism, mass murder, ethnic cleansing and genocide on epic scale

      throughout the Czarist and Soviet empires or in historic Palestine while they were simultaneously

      * subverting or
      * spying on

      governments throughout Central Europe, Western Europe and the Americas.

      In reality the false narratization of the Holocaust corresponds almost exactly to the Jewish-Zionist-incited treatment of Arab and Muslim immigrants to the West over the last decade.

      The videoclips also embody to some extent to Pastor Niemöller’s superficial and decontextualized sound-bite analysis of German Nazi policy.

      The idea that the Holocaust happened to people just like us was an implicit theme of The Holocaust series in which Meryl Streep starred. This trite Hollywood TV production had a ridiculously large impact on German pop culture.

      Without such constant ongoing Jewish Zionist propagandization, decent human beings would certainly sympathize entirely with the native population of Palestine and with those non-Jews, whom Jews have historically abused and exploited since the beginning of the Middle Ages.

      The entire human race should scorn racist murderous genocidal Jewish Zionists, who have no problems with support, participation, or benefit from the conquest, the ethnic cleansing, and the plundering of Palestine.


    3. virgil Says:

      18 millions for real!