29 January, 2010

Open Thread

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Post whatever you want…

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  7. 60 Responses to “Open Thread”

    1. Tim McGreen Says:

      Virgil, don’t you mean Stormfart?

    2. Ink Says:

      “Seven Huge Flaws in the Way Liberals Think”


      Damn I’m getting sick of these CONservative Capitalist Status Quo-ist blow-hards.

      The retards on Stormfront link to these “Town Hall” Zionist CONservative articles and say, “yeah, how right they are?”

      They are such dumbasses; they don’t recognise that the United States itself, its Constitution and institutions, are liberal to the core.

      Take this bit by Zionist “Town Hall”:

      “4) Liberalism is a fundamentally immoral political philosophy.”

      Doesn’t that mean the United States is immoral? Doesn’t that mean all Western Governments are immoral?

      CONservativism: Politics for retards, written by Jews. Politics to retain the corrupt Capitalist, wayward order.

      CONservatism has always been about vacuous soundbytes, simplistic views of things (“liberals” and their beliefs in “big government” vs us who are for “liberty and the persuit of happiness”). It has always been about the defense of Capitalism and Capitalists, who are revolutionary in a negative, destructive way.

      “Liberals believe we can talk everything out with our enemies.”

      Who defines “our enemies”? Kikes do.

      “Dose guys at Town Hall sure know the score” – Stormfront retard.

      There are so many things wrong with that article, from a common-sense and factual point of view, yet that is the only level the CONservative voter ever reads or is capable of understanding. The relationship between the CONservative opinion writer and CONservative reader is very much a Jew to Goyim relationship.

      Town Hall Magazine: Fresh. Intelligent. Conservative.

      Town Hall Magazine: Deceptive. CONservative. Keepin’ Ya Dumb.

      is more accurate.

    3. Ink Says:

      Classical Liberalism (“Jeffersonian” “US Constitutionalist”) and Modern Liberalism (Cultural Marxism, “Social Democracy”, “Social Liberalism”) etc. actually BOTH HAVE THE SAME THEORETICAL AND STATED END GOALS.

      The only difference is in how each believe they should achieve their liberalised, deconstructed, anti-traditional, modern order.

    4. Ink Says:

      “I fear, however, that many will eventually believe Obama’s blather about cutting expenditures. Even Radio Moscow — uh, NPR …”

      These neo-con kikes on “Town Hall” are still living in the 1980s. Their soundbyte-based vacuous propaganda is three decades out of date.

      I suspect alot of the posters on there are the same person.

    5. Tim McGreen Says:

      I never liked the Japs and I never liked their cars. This ongoing fiasco with TOYOTA makes me feel vindicated for having never bought a Jap piece of junk. White Americans who own Jap cars should be ashamed of themselves for having helped put their fellow White Americans in the auto industry out of work. Not that I have any great love for the management of GM, Ford and Chrysler, mind you.

    6. Larson Says:

      Hey Alex any Radio Istinas in the works? They are my favorite good stuff.

    7. Dave Says:

      I was wondering how you are all armed? for now all i posses firearm wise is a WWI Mauser. It is beautiful! made in Berlin,Argentine model,7.65 mm. shoots like new!

    8. J.E.D. Says:

      Stormfronts big lie technique.

      Who at first would believe SF is using a judeo-bolshevik tactic to cover for their now massive donations and staining memberships where don’t ask, don’t even think about asking policy, regarding “how much loot we collect”…at one time prostitution was the oldest trick in the book but reality states clearly that women are the oldest trick, a magic trick some will say… take the example how media trickery magically use mud women as expert “doctors” on the endless morning news/talk/gossip/ entertainment/ torture shows.

      Miss special muddy just happens to be an “expert” on autism and how the sillies just put out the wrong info about the vaccine link, [not to mention that vaccines are never needed and is the biggest laugh going] but miss muddy has all the answers you see.

      Now how does this relate to SF? well, lets take women in general, speak harshly to them and… “HEY! don’t you talk to a lady like that!” which instantly puts a temptation into the mind of a politico ” if i just get them into office i can have the world”.

      Everyday SF posters are full of glee with the idea of donations ” lets keep SF alive” says the manfag with his chest pumped into the air not ever taking into consideration how much loot will add up and how that will affect Don Juan Nero and his inner circle of barking mad moderators who scare the daylights out of fagmen, hurling threats and warnings of being banned until they retreat and cower.

      I can never say i would make a good detective, after two years of not seeing the ladies forum as an age old divisive and distraction technique, used as a cover for fleecing the stupid flock. And, unlike robbing a bank it does not require a bomb to be set off on the other side of town, all they need is a few volunteer feminists to set off false alarms braying “misogynist! misogynist! a perfect cover word for feminism which is a perfect cover for looting the innocent and careless who proclaim out of their own willful ignorance that “the ladies deserve their own forum! What a fucking mess!

      If there is really a jesus then he surely has a habit of coming on the scene late…for now i see the entire scam, is it a mere coincidence that SF is plugged by the talmudic media ? or are they just trying to “warn the pubic to stay away? it seems like the dividers have successfully planted their agentuers on SF as they run wild about the board as niggers at high noon during one of their many cultural events… want to talk about HAARP? then you’re a tin-foil wearer, try opening a rational discussion about a men’s only forum and the manfags and hags will immediately ask for the thread to be shut down while Don Shy Nero will hide like a little mousey fearing lose of donations and staining membership.

      Its really amuses me that we are going into the beginning of a civilization collapse but yet “wn’s” make threats to Don Juan Mousey to withhold the loot if they can’t gangbang you directly in the rumpous.

      So what’s the point of white nationalism? and what exactly is white nationalism anyway ? does it exist? does a white town or even a white neighbor who is part of the greater whole of this fantastical nation exist? why do big bad SFer’s refuse to publicly meet, could they be mental victims of constant fear mongering through the talmudvision? is there really that much to risk? after all, hasn’t just about everything been lost? jobs went overseas, our women are under such a deep illusion that they believe they can go to college, party, get laid whenever they want, [thanks to the pill] get a job in corporate amerikwanza pay off the usurious loan from a private unregulated banking cartel, wait seven to eight years and then start looking for a husband to “someday have a child, only to find out that her egg count is extremely low, but no worries when doctor superstein comes to the rescue magically throwing his cape on and…voila! special pills to give her back what the other pills took away, how nice…

      SF’s age old trick will continue to work as long as big lie is around as it always is more than willing to do favors for big old goyim, especially when big old goyim provides a service for “the last bastion of free-speech”

    9. Larson Says:

      I have a glock 36. it’s a .45 cal and small so it’s good for concealment.

    10. J.E.D. Says:

      SF update…

      As predicted girlie-man’s thread in the forbidden zone is deleted, gone, permanently banished by the she-wolf.

      By their very nature women are incapable of decision making, fairness, and impartial judgment regarding free-speech, giving a special forum to them to exaggerate their frustrations is no different than handing a home burglar a knife in the middle of the night…


      I’m not a female but I need your advice.


      Another girlie-man genuflects to stormfront’s feminist agenda…


      how can a so-called white man at this point not see with clarity? did he not have an awakening? it seems jesus has taken a long vacation as SF girlie-men continue to allow misandrous ‘wn’ women to redefine nature, nationalism, and their masculinity which fag-man poster has none…. “our women should be treated with respect!” says the cuckold who then pays a rouge website to be spat upon by the sourpusses.

      Women can become very dangerous to a civilization when they are outside of their nature, that’s what men protect them from, protecting a woman’s nature is a great honor as it was from the beginning. Let’s see how long his post lasts in that section as it is forbidden.

      Maybe he should read this…



      A new awakening for girlie-man? will he question himself as to why he gives financial support to a so-called “wn” site when that site harbors the same bias against white men as the united states government.


      However all is not lost.


      Q: Hey Don. Guess why I don’t piss money away on this site as an SM?