9 January, 2010

Play Nice and What Happens?

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Even when you play it safe and allow Jews into your White organization in order to avoid criticism, like the BNP did, the “conservatives” still portray you as sinister Hitler-lovers. So you might wonder: why bother being nice in the first place? (Speaking of Jews, notice that the author of the article has Jewish roots):


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    1. sean gruber Says:

      But how will we get soccer moms on “our” side, unless “we” embrace the multicult, and dress up in blue blazers, and eschew cursing? How will “we” trick people into thinking “we” aren’t radical, if “we” state the truth?

      Hm…tis a puzzlement! Probably best to soft pedal everything, never state the truth directly (or at all), invite a few clever Jews to run things (they are so smart!!!), and then the money will roll in. “We” will use the money to… to do what? Hm…tis a puzzlement!

      The time has come to get rid of the jews.

    2. sean gruber Says:

      I know what “we” will use the money for! Fancy offices and more blue blazers, and a regular newsletter tsk-tsk’ing liberals!!

    3. Ein Says:

      “the British National Party, a sordid and disreputable group with its origins in racial obsessions and Holocaust denial…. faked reasonableness and slick PR … is just one step away from Hitlerism, steeped in prejudice and loutish stupidity. “

      Almost funny! In the very first paragraph — indeed in the first two sentences! — Mr. Hitchens (partly Jewish, as has been noted) establishes his very clear bias and lack of the slightest pretense to objectivity.

      In those first two sentences, Hitchens inadvertently makes me sympathetic to the victim of his irrational attack.

      When you look at it more closely, what has he said of any substance? Nothing. He goes on to rant about John Tyndall’s alleged stormtrooper outfits and celebrations of Hitler’s birthday. Oh, and even picnics in the woods! Horrors! They must be Nazis for sure. I can practically hear the jackboots coming and smell those belching chimneys right now, just reading about it. (By the say, what are jackboots anyway? I’ve been reading about them for years, but still don’t know what they are. They do sound scary though.)

      Even aside from having to take Hitchins’ word on all this, I don’t care what Tyndall wears or what birthdays he celebrates. SO WHAT? I only care about his policies and ideas, his political platform. Such things as that, in such articles as this, are never discussed. There’s always much ranting about peripherals but we never get to the central point — his program. Why can’t we discuss ISSUES? There’s always the attempt to smear him by association or by tainting him with irrelevant nonsense, while they dodge the real issues that should be at the heart of the discussion.

      He complains about them having the new leader of the party investigated for possible Jewish origins (a background check that Hitchens could never pass). That’s a sensible precaution, not a contemptible one. Jews are well known for their tendency to infiltrate and control organizations that they cannot destroy otherwise. It’s one of their most common strategies.

      Sorry, Hitchens. You might as well tell me what barber he goes to, or the name of his cat — as if I care. Haven’t you anything better to write about?

      This article demonstrates very well how futile it is to try to suck up to these people. There’s no appeasing them. You’re condemned no matter what you do. As Socrates asks, why bother being nice in the first place?

    4. V. Says:

      I believe “being nice” has a place. Why not operate on multiple levels? That’s how the joos operate, and with much success. Let there be Linders, and let there be Griffins. After all, if the BNP is hurting anyone by being nice, it’s not the Cause, it’s not Alex Linder, but only itself, if at all.

      Fight and let fight! (c)

    5. virgil Says:

      the bnp will win several seats in the next election. the situation is already such a tinderbox in the u.k., that full scale civil war and/or revolution will happen before the succeeding election. all of europe will be affected and, hopefully, eventually “liberated”. the eu will then be extinguished. the events in italy are a foreboding. the increasing polarization will ultimately cause the spark. the cross must be replaced by thor’s hammer, otherwise, the west will surely perish.

    6. Nordlander Says:

      V, there is a place for anti-immigrant parties that don’t name the Jew and speak of genetic racial differences or the truth about WWII, etc. Yes. These parties definitely help in creating an atmosphere, however small, where more people can be reached by real all-the-way nationalism.

      But there is a difference between not naming the Jew and actively courting him. A problem with many nationalist parties is that when they grow in size, you get new members who actively seek to corrupt the party. They exploit the fact that the party founders don’t want to name Jews and race. They stand up at meetings and talk about how “racism” must not be allowed. And how can anyone stand up to them? If you outmaneuver them – if they are not elected to the party’s local board of directors in a town, and if you make sure they are not elected as representatives to the annual party meeting where the party leader and BoD are elected, then they often quit and loudly proclaim that the party is “racist”. They list party members, local and in the BoD, who they say are “Nazis.” This way they get back at their hated enemies. The media blow it up to immense proportions.

      How did it come to this? Because the party put these people in high positions. Let them be members of the local party board. Let them have titles. This gives them weight when they later turn traitor and go to the media.

      That’s the first mistake an anti-immigrant party often does. The “anti-racists” are allowed, and they are given high positions when they do a lot of work. A lot of these anti-racists are childless middle-aged men with no life, stuck in their own feverish ideological brooding and gripes, and they have a LOT of time to spend on party activity, so they easily get high positions.

      Second mistake: allow them to take in more of their kind. Soon they form a faction in the party. A faction determined to take over.

      Third mistake: allow the anti-racist faction to bring in Jews and other non-Whites. How can you stop them? They will turn on you, go to the media and proclaim you Nazis. They are so many by now that it would be a big loss for the party.

      Fourth mistake: this goes on all the time. Because you didn’t want to throw out the anti-racists from the beginning, because you needed all the help you could get, you have now alienated a lot of good racialists. The local intrigues are bitter and devastating. A constant threat to any small party. A lot of good racialists have quit in frustration. They refuse to be part of a party where such anti-racist scum are allowed in high positions. So you become more dependent on the anti-racists, you discover, because others have been driven off.

      Fifth mistake: you keep doing nothing while the anti-racist faction and the non-Whites they have brough in actively target not only local “racist” members, but the leadership as well. They want themselves elected as the leaders. At the annual national meeting, they suddenly have enough votes to overthrow the founders who worked so hard to grow the party. How? Not only their own votes. But also votes by the stupid lemmings who have joined, who know nothing about ideology and history, and just “want the immigrants out.” They listen to the anti-racists who proclaim that the party will never get anywhere unless the “Nazis” are weeded out. They will always have examples to show up: “Look, this guy was driven out, and where did he go? To that Nazi organization! He is a member there now! There are plenty more like him in our party, we must find them all! The party leaders are doing nothing – they actually cover for the Nazis. Many of them are Nazis themselves, just look at what the newspapers write about their early comments ten years ago. Out with them!”

      The lemmings follow the anti-racist faction. They vote away the original leaders, nationally and locally, to get a “new” party that “has a chance to get into parliament.”

      And so you have something like the BNP.

      And meanwhile Americans who know nothing about what is going on keep repeating over and over in online forums that “There is a place for a party that doesn’t talk about Jews all the time! Get over it already!” as if that was the issue.

    7. gremlin Says:

      the BNP will never amount to any-thing because the whole ‘org’ is a red-herring….any political group that refuses to “call-out-the-kike” is doomed…..if it wasn’t planned that way from the “get-GO”!

      the jewK has been under tight judæo-masonic, kike control now for several hundred years……

      it, there-fore, comes as no surprise that most Brit adults still think they fought on the right side in WWII….for that reason alone, the whole frickin’ cuntry deserves to sink in a sea of mud!

      only British children under the age of, say, fifteen or sixteen are worth a damn!…..OTW: most Brits deserve their fate!

    8. CW-2 Says:

      Being ‘nice’ doesn’t generate respect and won’t get results. Support for the BNP appears to be ebbing away after Griffin’s piss poor performance on the Question Time program. Voting is an exercise in futility, but I hope the BNP does well in the May General Election, if only to have the pleasure of seeing the beautiful talking heads go apoplexic with rage.

    9. gremlin Says:

      i’m “outing” the following two VNNf posters (“Jonoleth Stilskin” nee ShitSkin & “Karl Radl”) as fags & kikes…..the former is, in fact, a “sock puppet” for Friedrich von…..wotz-his-face…..you know!…..the prick who wants to invite kikes into the ranks of WN!….a bum-buddy of that OD fag…..the one that Jim Giles went ballistic over a while back…….”Hunter Wallace”….or some such!

      why are these two rats allowed to post in the main Forum when other, proven WNs like Mishko, Dietrich & Stan Sikorski have been given the flick?

      no wonder old “Brutus” has gone AWOL….VNNf seems to have gone to the fckn dogs……uhh……IMHO, all comes of not having a “rep” system……equalitarian bull-shite…..where every scum-sucking kike masquerading as a VNN poster seemingly has as much “cred” as a T Garrett or an A Linder!

    10. V. Says:

      Well, Nordlander, doesn’t it always come back to the deciding influence of the media? Ergo, if we wanted to strike at the root of the problem, we would be doing everything to launch alternative media for the masses. Following which logic, the best that the BNP can do, instead of trying to spend all their meager money on fruitless attempts to get a majority in Parliament, would be to found something like a free daily commuter newspaper (similar to the ubiquitous “Metro”), along with a respectable-quality online version thereof. Indeed, the real battlefield lies in the info-sphere. What happens in the politicking-sphere is just a reflection of whose opinions manage to dominate the info sphere.

      If you’re in the BNP, Nordlander, and have a chance to have a word with Griffin, please do suggest to him this idea of launching a full-blown mass nationalist newspaper. Something to rival the Guardian and such. These days it doesn’t cost a lot to pull things like that off.

    11. Henry Says:

      “the best that the BNP can do …would be to found something like a free daily commuter newspaper (similar to the ubiquitous “Metro”), along with a respectable-quality online version … the real battlefield lies in the info-sphere. What happens in the politicking-sphere is just a reflection of whose opinions manage to dominate the info sphere.”

      Absolutely. Now THERE’s what I consider a sensible, constructive suggestion. We need more like that.

    12. Betty Says:

      Isn’t this what Jared Taylor also did? Allow the Jews in and there will never be any more talk about the jews…Here is the 2006 Amren COMMENTS from the “Jewish Question” article at Amren in 2006… A friend just sent it to me and I don’t know how he got it to come up because all the archive article comment sections are gone…


    13. Coup D'Etat Says:

      Is neo-Communist Peter Hitchens a bit constipated? Maybe he would like some Typhus infected lice to remember about the holocaust a little better.

    14. Tim McGreen Says:

      Is Peter Hitchens related to that arrogant neo-clown blowhard Christopher Hitchens? I thought I’d ask rather than search around online and come up with a lot of bs.

    15. Tom McReen Says:

      Peter and Christopher are brothers who play both sides of the political spectrum.

      “Peter Jonathan Hitchens (born 28 October 1951) is a British columnist and author, noted for his traditionalist conservative stance. The author of four books, including The Abolition of Britain and more recently The Broken Compass: How British Politics Lost its Way, Hitchens writes for Britain’s Mail on Sunday newspaper. A former resident correspondent in Moscow and Washington, Hitchens continues to work as an occasional foreign reporter, and appears frequently in the British broadcast media. He is the younger brother of the writer Christopher Hitchens.”


    16. Igor Alexander Says:

      “I believe ‘being nice’ has a place. Why not operate on multiple levels?”

      I think “being nice” here meant “being nice to conservatives” like Pat Buchkake. It wasn’t a slam on the BNP.

    17. Igor Alexander Says:

      “you keep doing nothing while the anti-racist faction and the non-Whites they have brough in actively target not only local “racist” members, but the leadership as well.”

      Thing is, in most (all?) Western countries, these parties have no choice but to allow minorities in. It would be illegal for them not to, even in the U.S, which has comparatively more individual freedom than the UK. In most places, whites lost their freedom of association a long time ago.

    18. Igor Alexander Says:

      This was just posted to the forum:

      Parliament to set quotas for women and minority MPs

      By James Chapman
      Last updated at 12:18 AM on 11th January 2010

      Political parties are to be forced to increase dramatically the number of women and ethnic minority MPs under controversial plans published today.


    19. sean gruber Says:

      Wow. So all-White parties are forbidden BY LAW now in Britain.

      The jews have it sewed up. They’re supermen. I wonder if they share with Superman an immunity to harmful lead projectiles through the skull. Just asking.

    20. Krystian Kowalczyk Says:

      I have to agree with Gremlin aka Jimbo, Radl and Stiltskin are apologists for the jews. As for being sockpuppets of Friedrich Braun, I dunno, but they are definitely not our friends. Look at their thread debate with Hadding and Celt Patriot if you want to see nauseating and pedantic judeo-apologia.

    21. virgil Says:

      waiting for the spark!

    22. Sgt. Skull Says:

      The BNP has obviously inflamed the passions of mischling Peter Hitchens. This reminds me of a passage I read in several of Revilo Oliver’s books and articles by Jewish doctor Alfred Nossig in which he proclaimed that even a drop of Jewish blood will poison and deform the Aryan mentality. Hitchens has erased all doubt and vindicated Nossig.

      Oliver believed the British aristocracy co-mingled their blood with Jews to the point where they couldn’t even be considered British any longer. He wrote an article titled (I believe) “How British are the British” which is virtually impossible to find but which may explain the phenomenon of creatures like Hitchens.

      If there’s any lesson here it’s that being ultra respectable and soft pedaling the Jewish question isn’t the secret sauce to mainstream acceptance that some white nationalist bloggers have made it out to be.

    23. Nordlander Says:

      Igor Alexander: Thing is, in most (all?) Western countries, these parties have no choice but to allow minorities in. It would be illegal for them not to,

      No, no, no. But this is a perfect example of how internet nationalists think of parties: they see only what is printed on paper. The country’s laws, and the party’s printed platform.

      In real life, you don’t have to accept non-Whites as members at all. You simply don’t invite them, first of all – that takes care of almost all of them. If they send you an email asking to visit your next local meeting, you simply don’t reply. No contact with the local party members = they won’t join.

      That takes care of 99 percent of the few non-Whites who would want to join a “racist” party. On the off chance that someone still wants to join, you simply don’t accept his check. Don’t take the money, and don’t send him a membership card. What’s he gonna do? Go to the police about it? Of course not. And if he would – which he won’t – you just say you’re a small party and it got lost in the archive.

    24. Nordlander Says:

      …And then, even if a non-White would join somehow – perhaps he has a White-sounding name and sent in an application and it got approved – you simply don’t take his check next year when he renews membership. On the off chance that he would make a fuss about it, you say that the party has the right to exclude members who behave badly, which it does. Any party can exclude any member. It is only if you are dumb enough to make a communiqué about it being an exclusion on racial grounds that the law can touch you.

      No, for a nationalist party to have non-Whites as members, it must have a traitor faction that plans to dominate the board of directors by using the “moderates” against the “Nazis” as a voting bloc in the annual national meeting.

    25. virgil Says:

      there is no political solution. the body politic is beyond redemption.