29 January, 2010

The Multi-Cultural Left’s Broad Definitions of ‘Racism’ — and Aggressive Tactics

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by Dr. Kevin MacDonald: [Here].

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  7. 6 Responses to “The Multi-Cultural Left’s Broad Definitions of ‘Racism’ — and Aggressive Tactics”

    1. virgil Says:

      time to decorate many a lamppost! kevin needs at least a half-dozen bodyguards. the antifas are vicious and dangerous and protected by the state. the nsdp initially formed the ss in order to protect their speakers from attacks by the reds. it is useless to pursue a political strategy, and we all know why, but if kevin and others fancy such a conceit, they must understand that they too must create( very informaly and discreetely at first) their very own”protective shield”. otherwise, they will end like george wallace.

    2. old dutch Says:


      Virgil you are a tard. Does your mother know you are using her computer?

    3. virgil Says:

      my honor is my loyalty!

    4. virgil Says:

      @ old dutch vous n’etre rien d’autre qu’un sombre cretin et un parfait abruti!

    5. Z.O.G. Says:

      I do think it will come to the point that Professor MacDonald and others like him will need body guards. That’s not far fetched at all.

    6. virgil Says:

      fiercely loyal and highly skilled bodyguards are a necessity for anyone who dares to name and confront zog.