16 January, 2010

The Simple Template for Radicalism

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The Simple Template for Radicalism

Remedial Training for the Intellectuals of the Occidentals


John Allington

The other morning I woke up—all stiff and sore–on the floor of my home office.  I was on my side on the hard plastic carpet mat, next to my chair’s legs, below my computer.  The chair was overturned.  There was drool pooled up on the plastic mat next to my mouth.  Yuck.  What the hell happened?  Well, all I remember is that I had been reading the Occidental Dissent the night before.  Apparently, I had passed out from extreme boredom halfway through an article on—well I don’t remember.

It turns out that the Occidental Dissent is a more effective sleeping aid than a whole box of over-the-countersleeping pills.  I swear it was the best sleep I have experienced in months–except for the sore back.

What is missing from all of the Occidental Dissent’s pages and pages of bland, pointless and thoroughly middle class essays and commentary is the basic template for how radicals in general, and Jews in particular, attack our culture–and how we can pay back the favor.  Instead we get a narcissistic story http://www.occidentaldissent.com/2009/12/05/my-awakening/ about how the site’s owner arrived at his anti-Semitism through something called “the cumulative weight of moments,” in which we are told that “Anti-Semitism is like tuning a radio.”  This sounds dangerously close to postmodern gibberish to me.  This guy didn’t get his ass kicked by Jim Giles because it was his first interview or because Jim was mean to him.  This guy got his ass kicked because he is not very bright.

Now, since the various aspiring Occidental Brainiacs™ have failed to explain in simple language how Jewish radicals attack our culture, I have been forced out of retirement to set the record straight.

Since I already have a job in a field where the measure of performance is objective, I have little tolerance for eight thousand word essays that make three small, totally obvious points.  If you’re getting the impression that I’m losing my patience with these Occidentals, sprouting up sequentially, each less substantive and more mediocre than the one that came before, then you’d be right.  It’s now time to start educating these pretentious lickspittles.

The simple template for Jewish radicalism has been known for many decades and was articulated in plain language at length in Roots of Radicalism:  Jews, Christians, and the New Left(1) by Stanley Rothman & S. Robert Lichter.  Their book was published in 1982.  I paraphrase and significantly expand upon Rothman and Lichter’s ideas below:

Every society contains injustice of one type or another.  Can you think of one which does not?  No mater how fair and free a society is, it is the radical’s job to identify injustice or inequality and to call attention to it.  Calling attention to injustice is called criticism. Criticism is at the core of the Frankfurt School’s Critical Theory and is the foundation on which all minority group radical movements are based.

Criticism has taken, and can take, many forms.  It includes protests, sit-ins, speeches, essay writing, books, forming opposition organizations and even in extreme cases, includes calls for violence.  Criticism is important because of the effect it has on human psychology.  It tends to cause psychological alienation.  It is probably most effective on members of the middle class, who often possess the greatest status anxiety.  But this process is scalable.  It applies to individuals, institutions and society at large.

When people become alienated enough from their family, church, clubs, employers, universities or media, they tend to withdraw their support from those structures.  This process, repeated over and over again by many different individuals, has a multiplier effect, weakening the family, church, club, employer, university, media, etc.  Eventually, the millions of connections that form the organic “glue” that holds society together become weakened by sustained, radical critique.

Why would the radical want to weaken society or its institutions?  Because once you weaken something sufficiently, it is easier to either take it over or to completely destroy it.  This strategy is particularly effective for minority groups who lack the numbers to simply flood some organization with their activists.

The Jews attacked the universities and now they control them.  Not only do they select their curricula, but they also decide who obtains entry.  Harvard University’s student body is now what, 1/3 Jewish?

Jews attacked the Catholic Church such that almost the only men who sought to become priests during the last few decades in the U.S. have been homosexuals.  Jews first criticized the media and then as they extracted a sufficient amount of our wealth, purchased that very same media.  Now that they own the media, do they permit us to criticize them?  That, more than any other clue, is empirical proof of the power of criticism.

Why is all of this important?  Well, regardless of who you are and how high your status and how vulnerable your job, you too can attack the Jews.  What wholesome fun!  You don’t need to be an academic with nineteen years of school under your belt who spends twelve hours per day footnoting journal articles read by six other people on the planet.  You can be a UPS driver who barely passed algebra in high school.

So how do you do it?

You identify businesses, industries, nonprofits, universities, governmental agencies, political parties, courts and professional societies top heavy with Jews and criticize the shit of them.  If you’ve got nothing to lose, you can and should, of course name the Jews explicitly.

If you’re not free to speak your mind as your First Amendment intended because you work for (directly or indirectly) ZOG, then you can criticize without naming the Jews.  Use phrases like “cosmopolitan elites” or “east coast liberals.”  The Jews will know exactly who you are talking about.

But criticize, criticize, criticize, no matter how you do it.  Identify inequality, unfairness, Jewish privilege, sloth, moral and physical decay everywhere you see it.  It’s not tough to find any of these in our rotting empire.  Draw attention to it.  Shame those involved.  Be incredulous.  Show your outrage.  Lower the status of those you criticize.  Rinse and repeat the process.  Over and over again!

You live in a target-rich environment.  Pound the final nail into the coffin of the traditional media through criticism of their incestuous group-think.  Lower the status of the country’s smarmy lawyers and judges.  Criticize the cops.  They have become militarized, jack-booted thugs, have they not?  Criticize loony intellectual movements.   All cultures are equal?  Nigga puh –leeze!  Giggle at them like they are silly little girls.  Complain about how Homeland Security likes doing whole body scans of pre-pubescent boys in airports.  Are they pedophiles?  Point out that the border patrol has been given orders to stand down.  How else could so many Mexicans stroll into our country when you and I have to bring three ring binders full of documents and have drug dogs sniff our crotches to do a border crossing?  Draw attention to the self-serving nature of nonprofits who supposedly serve the poor (as they mostly pay themselves to “write grants”).  These non-profits are often run by Jewish women who pay themselves and their friends large salaries skimmed off the top of grant money supposedly meant for the poor.

Your goal is simple:  wherever you can, create a sense of alienation relating to all entities dominated or influenced by Jews.  Don’t let up.  And encourage others to do so as well.

While the Jews may not give up, their Gentile facilitators, just like in the former Soviet Union, will gradually withdraw their support from these social institutions, weakening them from within.  This is already happening, but we can and should accelerate the process.  The Jews can crank out encyclopedia-length treatises about how talented and productive they are, but without Gentiles, they’d just be a bunch of goat herders in Judea, swatting flies and arguing around the camp fire every night about obscure passages from the Torah.

Now for the good part:  When those institutions are sufficiently weakened or destroyed through the alienation caused by radical criticism, guess who will be waiting to take control?

Payback is a bitch.


(1) Used copies of Roots of Radicalism:  Jews, Christians, and the New Left are available from Amazon for as little as $6.  The book is source material for MacDonald’s Culture of Critique.


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  7. 17 Responses to “The Simple Template for Radicalism”

    1. A. Says:

      If you want to destroy something, take a sledgehammer to it. Problem is those who want to preserve, so they can just wander in and take over the same apparatus when the jew waves his hand at them to step forward. We need creators/destroyers. The Occidental Preservation (Conservation) Society just aid the jew.

    2. ED! Says:

      So what have I said in so many posts. John Allington just sums it up! Law, law enforcement, and government local, state, and federal all corrupt. Religion is nothing but superstition and fear used to control minds. And John, I knock them in public all the time, each and every day!


    3. Tim McGreen Says:

      What a Milquetoast that Hunter Wallace must be. I guess he’s another Jared Taylor type? Those guys are so impressed with themselves and their faux eruditon. Fortunately, few others are.

      And books like Roots of Radicalism prove that the Jews are not carrying out any secret “conspiracy”. The Jews are always blabbing, bragging and boasting about what they are up to and what they plan to do! Jews are worse than women when it comes to keeping secrets.

    4. Tom McReen Says:

      The takeover phase is over, of course. Jews are in control of government now and so don’t wish to weaken that institution. That’s why we have body scanners at airports and hate crime laws.

    5. old dutch Says:

      “Draw attention to the self-serving nature of nonprofits who supposedly serve the poor (as they mostly pay themselves to “write grants”). These non-profits are often run by Jewish women who pay themselves and their friends large salaries skimmed off the top of grant money supposedly meant for the poor.”

      In Pennsylvania they are getting ready to put a quarter percent to a half percent property tax on non-profits—this is a first!

    6. daedalus Says:

      I dare anyone on reading above article to
      factually protest the ‘holocaust’ religion at
      the local public school.

      This will not happen.

      This article is chest thumping by those with caved in chests.

      only opposition is under ground way under.

    7. A. Says:

      How, prithee, do you “factually protest”?

      Fuck off daedalus, Hunter Wallace, Prozium, Fade, and whatever else. This article tells you what you can do while underground. I’m the beast in the basement punching the fucking foundation into dust.

      Give me hate, anger, disgust, the kindling to burn this fucker down.

      The attempted foppishness and clowning around with jew devotion at the Occidental Dissent is worthy only of derision and sneers.

    8. A. Says:

      Oh no, us dreadful “anti-semites”, how crude, how awful, oh, oh. Grab and his ever merry band in tights, ever get tired of sucking down jewish shit fresh from the be-pimpled arsch of juden? Are they going to keep on trying to serve it to us, warm and steamy?

      Yeah, us whites are the problem!

      “Yes indeed,” he laughed bitterly, “now the people will seek to Dr. Cuno, and Dr. Schweyer, and Dr. Heim, and whatever other charmers and wizards they have. When asked why Germany has become a pigsty these gentlemen will answer reproachfully, ‘You yourselves are to blame. You have no more good breeding, no faith, only selfishness and conceit. Now you will try to put the blame on the Jews. It’s always been like that when you have needed a scapegoat. Then everyone has jumped on the Jews and persecuted them unmercifully. And just because they had the money, and because they were defenseless. Is it any wonder that a few individual Jews are behaving in a reprehensible manner now? After all, one finds some black sheep in every group. As if there weren’t a good number of decent Jews! Look at their piety, their sense of family responsibility, their sober way of life, their readiness to make sacrifices, and, above all, their ability to stick together! And you? At one another like dogs and cats: sheer insanity!’

      Thus will the charmers and wizards prattle on and on, till one night the blood sign will appear on all the Jewish houses, and the infuriated masses, led by the Jews, will swarm forth to smite all the firstborn in the land again as in Egypt.”

    9. A. Says:

      Definition of Occidental Dissent: A collection of kikes, cowards, queers and bug eaters dedicated to the mutual admiration of their own inane scribblings, spiced with the occasional hint of involvement in dark conspiracies from the lead loony.

      I call hum-bug.

    10. Z.O.G. Says:

      Great essay. Yes, we are going to do to Jewish culture what the Jews did to Western culture: we are going to critique it to death.

      And as the essay points out, this is an activity that anyone can engage in, whether you’re blue collar working class or a white collar professional. It doesn’t matter. Everyone can contribute in their own way.

    11. Howdy Doody Says:

      In Pennsylvania they are getting ready to put a quarter percent to a half percent property tax on non-profits—this is a first!

      Whites are being provoked harder than the Japanese were from 1937 through Dec. 1941.

      Hmmm, why ?

    12. whodareswings Says:

      This kind of UPS driver critique works good on Muslims, too. How about tapping the shoulder and asking the next khat chewing Somali mouth jogger, whose taxi you’re riding in, to tell who ever he’s on his cell phone with that, “Allah is a pig and his prophet Mohammed is a little piglet.”

    13. New America Says:

      in reply:
      It’s always good to hear from – and read – John Allington, who wrote some of the best stuff on VNN 1.0, and who must wonder why our side has make nothing happen – to speak of – since Pierce passed on.

      Maybe Allington could rewrite some of his great pieces, and include a comment or two as to how they apply today.

      Alternatively, VNN could report them here.

      Good to have you back, John!

      The Purpose Of Judaism is The Genocide of the White Race.

      We Have A Duty To Our Racial Destiny.

      Covington’s Call – a White Homeland, for OUR Posterity, in a Northwest Republic – remains the Highest and Best Hope for OUR Posterity.

      Take Control Of The Destiny That Is Rightfully Yours.

    14. Igor Alexander Says:

      GREAT article!

    15. Igor Alexander Says:

      See, the WN conservatives (those whom Alex calls “ideological WNs but functional conservatives” and whom Pierce called “authoritarians”) don’t grasp any of this. Attacking cops, the military, professors, journalists, the church — all of this is anathema to them.

      Why is it people are afraid to speak honestly about race or to even utter the word “jew” when in “polite company”? It’s because they’re afraid. Afraid that some zealot is going to viciously lash out at them and call them a racist, an anti-Semite, etc.

      Well, we’re the ones who should be acting like zealots. We’re the ones that everyone should be afraid to offend. The mission of WNs shouldn’t be to be loved by the masses, but rather, to be feared by them.

      No one should be able to pronounce anti-white sentiments without fear of repercussion. There should be a stigma attached to loxist rhetoric. Being pro-white and anti-jew should be the new political correctness. We do this by confronting people when they spew jewish lies, making them understand that there’s a price to pay for such utterances.

      No, doing this won’t make you Mr. Popular; but this isn’t a popularity contest. Going along to get along is a conservative attitude, not a revolutionary one, and it will get us nowhere, just as conservatism has gotten us nowhere.

    16. Henry Says:

      “Being pro-white and anti-jew should be the new political correctness. We do this by confronting people when they spew jewish lies”

      You’re right. It should be. But we can only do this by controlling the media and academia — the opinion-making apparatus of society. Until then, confronting people, individually, won’t get you far, when the Jews ccontrol the mass-produced ideology that is fed to society in huge quantities… every time they go to school, or pick up a magazine, or flick on the TV.

      It’s like you’re manufacturing hand-carved widgets, turning out one per day…. while they have a mass-production assembly line that produces fifty thousand an hour.

      You’ve gotta get control of that assembly line! That’s the secret of their strength. And they’ll fight to the death to keep it.

    17. Igor Alexander Says:

      I am, of course, not unaware of the power of the mass media, but I think you’re grossly underestimating the effect that intimidating people in real-life can have. Are you afraid to say the word nigger in public, and if so, why? I’ll tell you why: it’s because you want to avoid a confrontation. That is how political correctness is enforced, not through television. If the revolution doesn’t start in our own neighborhoods, in our immediate families, among our friends and acquaintances, at our schools and workplaces, where is it supposed to start? You want to storm the TV studios? You and what army?

      Also bear in mind that “mass media” in the age of the Internet doesn’t mean the same thing that it did 20 years ago. The newspapers and television studios are losing power every day. What we’re seeing is the decentralization and democratization of information. This genie is never going to go back in the bottle, no matter how much the former gatekeepers would like it to.