7 January, 2010

Von Brunn Dies

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Accused Holocaust museum gunman James von Brunn, 89, has died while awaiting trial. This will greatly anger the Jews, who live for revenge against gentiles:


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  7. 22 Responses to “Von Brunn Dies”

    1. Himmler Says:

      One day we shall build a statue for him. Straight arm salute!!!!!!!

    2. alex Says:

      I don’t know. I wanted to see it go to trial, to see what he had to say on the stand.

    3. half soldier Says:


    4. th Says:

      He may have escaped a trail, buy the hebs will find away to make some one pay. They are most skilled at such matters. They will probably file a suit against his family, the gun, the car he drove there in, the place where he ate breakfast that day, and more thought retraining.

    5. Tim McGreen Says:

      ZOG would have given that poor old bastard the same brutal treatment they gave to Khalid Sheik Mohammed and John Walker Lindh, ie, multiple water-boardings, sleep deprivation, no access to lawyers, sexual humiliation, beatings with a rubber hose, etc…..all personally supervised by a MOSSAD agent specially trained in the torture of elderly prisoners.

    6. Antagonistes Says:

      They will portray him as a stupid hick, but he was not.

      He was an artist, creative in thinking (as are so many of those who have seen the grand scheme), and he had quite a lot to say, and he said it well:


    7. Nordlander Says:

      I would have liked to hear what he had to say too. I remember reading about Timothy McVeigh’s trial:

      “All right,” Judge Matsch had said. “Mr. McVeigh, you have the right to make any statement you wish to make. Do you wish to make a statement?”

      “Yes, your honor,” McVeigh replied. “Briefly.”

      McVeigh rose from his seat and walked to a lectern in the center of the courtroom. He was dressed in the cream-colored uniform of a federal prisoner. As he spoke, his hands were clasped behind his back and twitched nervously.

      “If the court please,” McVeigh began, “I wish to use the words of [Supreme Court] Justice Brandeis dissenting in Olmstead to speak for me. He wrote, ‘Our government is the potent, omnipresent teacher. For good or ill, it teaches the whole people by its example.’ That is all I have.”

      Judge Matsch then sentenced McVeigh to die, and marshals took him out of the courtroom.

      He was talking about the government’s burning to death of the people in Waco, Texas, exactly two years before the Oklahoma City bombing. He focused on ideas, on an impersonal context, rather than feelings and the personal. Unusual for our age. It is a masculine focus, instead of a feminine focus. Whites are not supposed to talk like that, think like that. It is dangerous for the state if they do so.

    8. Nordlander Says:

      I don’t doubt that von Brunn died a natural death. He was 89 years old, and prison is tough on your health. But I am reminded of another nationalist who died in prison, Francis Parker Yockey, born in Chicago, Illinois 1917.

      Francis Yockey was a lawyer tasked with gathering evidence in the Nuremberg Trials in 1946, but he received letters from his boss back in the U.S., demanding that he rewrite his reports to “conform with the official viewpoint.” He had been too unbiased. Yockey quit after five months and instead started writing Imperium, a book where he criticizes the Jews for WWII. He also seeks to lay out a new philosophy.

      It is not a very good book. Far too much theory without facts, and he has his own definition for practically every word in politics. We have better books to read. Nevertheless, for criticizing the Jewish side of the war and being involved in politics his passport was revoked and the FBI followed him everywhere, and harrassed his friends and family with questions whenever they lost track of him.

      Francis Parker Yockey was arrested in California in 1960 with three fake passports. The judge in the case ordered a mental hearing, which circumvented a jury trial. His hearings were held by U.S. Commmissioner Rabbi Joseph Karesh.

      Seven days after his arrest, before the hearings were over, Francis Yockey was found dead in his cell. Cyanide poisoning. It was never explained how he got the cyanide. The court ruled it a suicide.

      A strange thing happened a few weeks later. The United States Attorney who had been in charge of railroading Yockey to the insane asylum suddenly resigned his job. He left his wife and children and joined a monastery.

      In the foreword to Imperium, Willis Carto comments on the Attorney, “Let us assume that at least one devoted servant of the Democracy has a conscience, even if displayed a little late.”

      (I read this in a pdf copy of Imperium at http://www.victoryforever.com. Fascinating reading.)

    9. half soldier Says:

      “men die ,cattle die, we to must die, but one thing never dies, the fame of a great mans deeds.”
      Von Brunn, McVeigh, will always remain enigmas. On thing that always struck me as odd about McVeigh was the similarities between that of the legendary Vercingetorix, taken into captivity by the Romans for 5 years imprisoned and than Executed(sacrificed some might say) and Tim McVeighs same length of incarceration and then execution, in the same facility where David Lane died a few years later, Terre Haute(High ground) Indiana… Vercingetiorix dragged through the streets, to the cheers of the howling mobs than strangled . Tim McVeign in for the first time in months able to see the sky! God damn the Zog

    10. gremlin Says:

      Yockey quit after five months and instead started writing Imperium, a book where he criticises the Jews for WWII. He also seeks to lay out a new philosophy.

      It is not a very good book. Far too much theory without facts, and he has his own definition for practically every word in politics

      uhhh….if it’s a philosophical ‘treatise’, then, it wouldn’t be chock-a-block with facts, would it?

      a better description of Imperium would be: “it’s not the sort of book to ‘delve into’ cold”….if you’re already well-versed in racial science & the “facts” about the jews, then, it IS a good book….”icing on the cake”, as it were!

      by the same ‘reasoning’, you could also say: Mein Kampf is not a good book…..too much theory, not enough “facts”

      wtf-ever……. Imperium is still light years ahead of any-thing, on a comparative level, spewed out by the jews through the printing presses of ZOG!

      We have better books to read
      the only fault with Imperium is that, now, it is a bit dated….but, once again, for those already having some white racial awareness, it is well worth the effort!….. the up-dated & revised version of Which Way Western Man? is, probably, the top of the list of “better” racial books!

    11. George Washington Says:

      The barbarians exceeded the gate and ravaged the city/state. The schemes of the moneychangers have destroyed the once sound economy built by hard work and its golden currency. Will the leaders emerge to exact revenge and rebuild? No. They will be bought by paper to dance to the puppeteer’s commands. Divided and conquered – a betrayed man seeks his portion of retribution for what has been stolen through fiction and the imposition of false guilt. There exists no loyalty.

    12. Doug Says:

      He was a great artist too, very realistic paintings. I don’t think he accomplished anything with that shooting though. It only drummed up sympathetic attention for jews again.

    13. Andrea Dworkin Says:

      Surely a Jewish Holocaust Museum has surveillance cameras everywhere, and yet no footage of the VB incident has ever been released to my knowledge. Hmmmm……….

    14. V. Says:

      There’s some theory that von Brunn was a patsy at the museum, and who can say that he wasn’t now helped to the other side by the same people who had framed him and now didn’t want him to live and speak at the trial?…

    15. CW-2 Says:

      Von Brunn saw the ‘big picture’ and was no doubt a sincere man, but he was a LOSER, unfortunately one of many that the movement seems to produce in times of frustration.
      We need WINNERS, men who can challenge the system, succeed in their task, and act as examplars.

    16. Heather Blue Says:

      One man cannot do anything alone. But Von Brunn certainly made a statement. All of us should resent supporting that holocaust hoax with our tax dollars.

      I doubt Von Brunn shot that Black guard. He was probably killed by another terrified guard shooting erradically. That bit of information won’t be known for a long time.

      Hail Von Brunn!

    17. DW-40 Says:

      CW-2, Von Brunn was by no means a loser. You obviously haven’t read any of his written works which will live on to educate and inspire countless other budding patriots in spite of the best efforts of Zionist censorship. He was also a man of action who’s acting out of extreme forceful will at that phony holo-hoax museum drew worldwide attention to our cause. He was in fact a winner in both regards.

      Losers are people who sit comfortably at home typing grossly inaccurate criticisms of genuine patriots who at very least still had the balls at 88 to take up arms and hit those perfidious loathsome Kikes where it hurt. That Jewseum which is barnicle on the ass of our nation’s capital is a major beacon of Zionist propaganda placed strategicaly there to remind ZOG officials at the highest levels of federal government who their masters are. Millions around the world have begun to examine the Holo-Hoax With more fervor and in more detail thanks to Von Brunn’s brave and sucessful assault on that evil bastion of deceit and mass manipulation.

      Why don’t you look into the many great achievements this man has made throughout his lifetime that were in service to his country
      and read his book “Kill The Best Gentiles” Then perhaps you won’t be so quick to call the man a “Loser”.

      What will you be doing for the survival of the white Christians when you are 88? And how many major scores against our enemies will you have chalked up by then? None I would venture to guess.

      Since you are so gung ho about getting the job done why don’t you buy yourself a gun and some bullets and then go out and put your own ass on the line in the interest of survival of the white race?

      What we truely need today are people with brass balls not cyber-critics who may or may not be anonymous Jew interlopers with cryptic nom de plumes.

    18. Coup D'Etat Says:

      “Child pornography found @ Von Brunn’s home.” Typical behavior of the neo-Communists who believe in the Talmud full of child killing and rape would try to diminish Von Brunn’s character who is dead and can’t defend himself. Why would they even in good faith reveal the security tapes to the public? And even if they did, the footages would be edited to make it look like Von Brunn was guilty.

      As far as we know, the neo-Communists are lying and are guilty as hell. To make the holocaust museum under the name, “U.S.”, without my permission/vote and to steal my tax dollars to build this crap of a museum with information known and documented to be false, says a lot about the jews and the jews who are protecting that museum.

    19. Tim McGreen Says:

      He was 89, so he probably figured he had nothing left to lose by going postal in that Jewseum. But shooting some Negro security guard? That was pointless and uncalled for. Weren’t there any better targets available?

    20. Coup D'Etat Says:


      Wow! Why didn’t you tell us you were there and saw it happen?

      Do we really know he shot anyone? How do we know? Do you think after all this time the media is finally telling the truth, especially with all the lying, psychotic jews we have floating about? All we know from the media is that they admitted shooting Von Brunn in the face.

    21. Tim McGreen Says:

      Your point is taken, Coup.

    22. Luke Says:

      There is one thing about this whole Von Brunn ‘shooting’ incident that has bothered me from the beginning. He was armed with a .22 caliber rife, and every story I’ve read about the incident has deliberately neglected to mention the caliber of bullet that was dug out of the guard who got shot.

      Supposedly, the guards were black and when Von Brunn arrived – armed with his .22 rifle, a series of shots were fired and there was a brief mention of the possibility that one of the guards had accidentally shot one of the other guards. TNB.

      Now, security guards would most likely be carrying .9mm semi-autos, perhaps the Beretta Model 92 or a less likely .45ACP of some kind in the 1911 variant category. So, this puts a clear spotlight on the importance of determining the caliber of the bullet that hit the guard, right?

      Yet, I have seen no mention of this all-important issue. Why? I have a feeling that Von Brunn didn’t shoot the guard and the jews wanted to conceal this piece of evidence in order to bolster their woe-is-us victim status and to demonize white nationalists.