7 February, 2010

Australia: More Info About the Red Octopus Jewctopus

Posted by Socrates in Australia, communism, Jewish Tyranny, Marxism, Socrates at 4:36 pm | Octopus Jewctopus">Permanent Link

Is there any communist party not 1) founded by or 2) steered by Jews?


A photo of Laurence “Laurie” Aarons: [Here].

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  7. 7 Responses to “Australia: More Info About the Red Octopus Jewctopus”

    1. AEALO Says:

      Indeed a smirky-lookin’ Joo’ish.

      Off topic, I recently discovered that Obama’s mother was a kike from Seattle. Mercer Island to be specific. Has anyone else heard about this?

    2. joeglas Says:

      Indeed you are correct sir;on this very same day as your query the front page -headline of the Huffington Post (on line)reads:”Barrack Obama the First Jewish President.The article is written by chosenite Adam Hanft.

    3. AEALO Says:

      Well, don’t forget that Obama is NOT OUR PRESIDENT but the bastard son of a kike slut and an illiterate black savage from the grassy fields of the African Serengetti.

    4. Ein Says:

      Let’s be careful not to jump to hysterical speculations. Something all to common here. Would you care to give us a link on that Huffington story? I find nothing there under the name of “Adam Hanft”, nor “Jewish president”.

      That topic has been brought up here before, always without a shred of documentation. Yes, she apparently lived, or at least went to school, on Mercer Island. Yes, I understand a lot of Jews live on Mercer Island, and it’s well to do. But a lot of other people live on Mercer Island too. (Bill Gates among them.) But her family was not well to do (her father was a furniture salesman who couldn’t hold a job) so I don’t know how they managed to live there. Anyway, that alone proves nothing about being Jewish. I haven’t seen ANYTHING yet, at all, that gives any evidence that she was Jewish. In fact, her geneological background looks quite the reverse.

      It’s interesting to note, though, that Obama’s half brother by Pappa Obama’s second wife, Ruth, is black and Jewish and lives in China running a computer company. I have to conclude that wife Ruth must have been Jewish too. But Barack’s mother? I’ve seen no reason to think so. Could be … but show us the proof. I’m still waiting.

    5. Nogkiller Says:

      I don’t know about Obama’s Mama being Jewish … more interesting is the theory that his father was his “mentor,” black commie Frank Davis:


    6. th Says:

      I find it strange, Australia and Commies?? It seems like this guy and his family of commies should have received a few boots to their heads long ago.

    7. Tim McGreen Says:

      Obama’s momma looked kind of dark, like a Jewess. We know virtually nothing about her, other than that story about her father naming her Stanley-Ann because he wanted a son. And Obama’s father is believed to have been a White-hating, Black Marxist revolutionary from Kenya. Obama’s own background is no less mysterious or unsavory than that of his parents.

      Gosh, what a nice, wholesome, all-American family the Obamas are.