3 February, 2010


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by Dr. William Pierce.

“Let’s talk about democracy: about democracy as a system of government and its implications for our future. Democracy is a system where a country’s legislators and its top executives are chosen by a direct vote of the citizenry, more or less; I’m not concerned at the moment with such details as the electoral college. The basic fact is that nearly every citizen over 18 years of age has an equal vote, and the politician with the most votes is elected to office.”


For the audio version of this article, go [Here] and scroll down to 06-20-1998.

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  7. 20 Responses to “Democracy”

    1. Devils advocate Says:

      The two principal reasons that democracy has turned against our people are, first, that the results a people obtains from a democracy depend on the quality of the electorate; and second, that the influence of the mass media on the democratic process has been overwhelming.
      12 years later, has anything changed? But I’ll bet a dollar to a donut that the masses won’t stop believin’ the lie that good government depends on good laws and constitutions, and that any monkey can be a good voter if he only he is educated.
      I don’t care if you restricted the ballot to only White heterosexual males, it won’t do anything but slow the process down, it will keep heading in the same direction. Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war

    2. Devils advocate Says:

      You know, if the modern world has become such that real democracy no longer is feasible
      I hate to disagree with the good Dr. Pierce, but we know that democracy is a just a propaganda ploy never indended to be feasible or workable in any real life situation

    3. Tim McGreen Says:

      The Jews have most goyim thinking that Democracy means everyone is “equal” to everyone else and that everyone is “entitled” to the same “rights”. But that’s not how it was in ancient Athens, the world’s first and last true Democracy.

      No wonder the Jews are always chirping about the joys of modern Democracy…It’s the weakest, most corruptable form of govt there is and therefore the easiest for them to control.

    4. Waldo Starr Says:

      Two guys and a dog are out hunting and become hopelessly lost. They began to get hungry and decided to take a vote on what body part, from what party member to eat. The votes were cast and it was close, but the dog lost by a margin of 2 to 1. So they cut off his tail and cook it. Hey, that’s Democracy in action, whether the dog agreed or not. However, they gave the dog some, so that’s revenue sharing. Neat huh? Get enough people to vote in favor of it and just about anything is OK. We already have been desensitized to sodomizers, how about bestiality next? Too bad the Army doesn’t have horses anymore, darn,just when rump rangers are gonna get preferred status in the Army. It not who you know, it’s who you blow, will be the rule of day.

    5. Ein Says:

      “the influence of the mass media on the democratic process has been overwhelming.”

      Whoever controls what the public thinks, controls how the public votes.

      Thus, the manipulators of the media are the real masters.

    6. Devils advocate Says:

      The United States has gone to war and slaughtered millions of people in order to impose this religion on them.
      And in the process sacrificed millions of its finest racial specimens, so a class of superparasites called jews can rule the world, and a more dangerous than worthless nigger population can be exhalted over the Whites, and a menace of Mexican and third world invaders can flaunt all our immigration laws… Yeah it’s religion all right, that needs a Jim Jones to lead them all to a shangri-la and serve them double doses of orange koolaid. Ya can’t win these dunces over, We’re better off with out them and I specifically single out the snow birds and WW2 finest generation, as an albatross around our neck.. The drunken KGB Colonel in the “European surrender” said it “America is a conspiracy of silence bigger than anything the Soviet Union ever had!”

    7. Andrei's ghost Says:

      Eustace Mullins

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      Eustace Mullins (born 1923; died February 2, 2010) [1] was an American political writer, author, biographer. From 2005, Eustace Mullins was a member of the Southeast Bureau editorial staff of Willis Carto’s American Free Press and a contributing editor to the Barnes Review.

      * 1 Biography
      * 2 Writings
      * 3 Antisemitism: evidence and allegations
      * 4 Death
      * 5 Works
      o 5.1 Books
      o 5.2 Pamphlets and other works
      * 6 Resources
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      [edit] Biography

      Eustace Clarence Mullins, Jr. was born in Roanoke, Virginia, the third child of Eustace Clarence Mullins (1899-1961) and his wife Jane Katherine Muse (1897-1971). His father was a salesman in a retail clothing store.

      Eustace Mullins was educated at Washington and Lee University, New York University, the University of North Dakota and the Institute of Contemporary Arts (Washington, D.C.)

      In December 1942, at Charlottesville, Virginia he enlisted in the military as a Warrant Officer. He is also a veteran of the United States Air Force, with thirty-eight months active service during World War II.

      Mullins was a student of the poet and political activist Ezra Pound. He states that he frequently visited Pound during his period of incarceration in St. Elizabeth’s Hospital for the Mentally Ill in Washington, D.C. between 1946 and 1959. Mullins claimed that Pound was, in fact, being held as a political prisoner on the behest of President Franklin D. Roosevelt.
      [edit] Writings

      Mullins claims that at the time he was writing his first book, he was on the staff of the Library of Congress, but that shortly after it came out in 1952, he was fired. This is repeated by Boller and George (They Never Said It: A Book of Fake Quotes, Misquotes, and Misleading Attributions, by Paul F. Boller, Jr. and John George, published by Oxford University Press (1989), p. 15. The word “discharged” is used, rather than fired.)

      By 1995, Eustace was writing for Criminal Politics. “A good example of these other paths is Criminal Politics, where Lawrence Patterson and his cohorts, including Eustace Mullins and Fletcher Prouty, scour the world for evidence of conspiracies within the world’s power structure.” (Danky, Jim, and John Cherney. “An outpouring of right-wing publications cover all social issues”. St. Louis Journalism Review 25.n179 (Sept 1995): 27(1). InfoTrac OneFile. Thomson Gale.)

      “Eustace Mullins, who was a researcher at the Library of Congress in 1950 when McCarthy asked him to look into who was financing the Communist Party, was the keynote speaker at a dinner Sunday evening sponsored by the Sen. Joseph McCarthy Educational Foundation. I’ve come to believe in recent years that he started to turn the tide against world communism, said Mullins.” (The Capital Times, Madison, WI, May 21, 2001, p. 3A. Full Text Newspapers. Thomson Gale)[2]

      In Secrets of the Federal Reserve (1952), Mullins highlighted a purported conspiracy among Paul Warburg, Edward Mandell House, Woodrow Wilson, J.P. Morgan, Charles Norris, Benjamin Strong, Otto Kahn, the Rockefeller family, the Rothschild family, and other European and American bankers which resulted in the founding of a privately owned, US central bank.

      He argues that the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 defies Article 1, Section 8, Paragraph 5 of the US Constitution by creating a “central bank of issue” for the United States. Mullins goes on to claim that World War I, the Agricultural Depression of 1920, the Great Depression of 1929, and Adolf Hitler’s rise to power were brought about by international banking interests in order to profit from conflict and economic instability. Mullins also cites Thomas Jefferson’s staunch opposition to the establishment of a central bank in the United States.

      The following is a quote from the book’s introduction by Ezra Pound: “Here are the simple facts of the great betrayal. Wilson and House knew that they were doing something momentous. One cannot fathom men’s motive’s and this pair probably believed in what they were up to. What they did not believe in was representative government. They believed in government by an uncontrolled oligarchy whose acts would only become apparent after an interval so long that the electorate would be forever incapable of doing anything efficient to remedy depredations.”

      In 1987, Mullins authored The Curse of Canaan: A Demonology of History, in which he set forth the theory that an occult conspiracy founded in ancient Babylon controls the world monetary system, evidence of which he sees in Talmudic and Kabbalistic literature. [3] [4]
      [edit] Antisemitism: evidence and allegations

      Mullins has been accused of antisemitism by the Anti-Defamation League. In 1968, Mullins authored a tract entitled The Biological Jew (Staunton, Va., Faith and Service Books, Aryan League of America, 1968). The tract includes the following statement about Nazi antisemitism: “Nazism is simply this — a proposal that the German people rid themselves of the parasitic Jews. The gentile host dared to protest against the continued presence of the parasite, and attempted to throw it off.” The book also claims that Jews “drink the blood of an innocent gentile child” in religious ceremonies, and that this practice represents the essence of Judaism. [5]

      He has also been featured as a guest on The Political Cesspool, a radio show.
      [edit] Death

      While on a speaking tour in Columbus, Ohio in January 2010, Mullins suffered a stroke. He passed away on February 2 while under the supervision of his caretaker in Texas, a month before he would have turned 87.
      [edit] Works
      [edit] Books

      * The Curse of Canaan: A Demonology Of History, Revelation Books, Staunton, VA, 1987, 242 pages, ISBN 0978651715 (2007)
      * The Federal Reserve Conspiracy, Common Sense, Union, New Jersey, 1954, 144 pages
      * Mullins’ New History of the Jews, The International Institute of Jewish Studies, Staunton, Virginia, 1978, reprint of 1968 edition. Quoting from the introduction: “throughout the history of civilization, one particular problem of mankind has remained constant. In all of the vast records of peace and warsand rumors of wars, one great empire after another has had to come to grips with the same dilemma..the Jews.”
      * Murder by Injection: The Medical Conspiracy Against America, The National Council for Medical Research, Staunton, Virginia, ISBN 0-88060-694-0
      * My Life in Christ, Faith and Service Books, Aryan League of America Staunton, Va., 1968, 90 pages
      * The Rape of Justice: America’s Tribunals Exposed, Staunton, VA: National Commission for Judicial Reform, 1989
      * The Secret History of the Atomic Bomb
      * Secrets Of The Federal Reserve Secrets of the Federal Reserve, 1952. Reprinted John McLaughlin, 1983, 208 pages, ISBN 0-9656492-1-0
      * The Sedition Case, Sons Of Liberty, 1985, Metairie, LA, 1985, Trade Paperback
      * This Difficult Individual Ezra Pound, Fleet Publishing Corporation, (1961) reprint, Noontide Press, ISBN 0-317-53248-0
      * This Difficult Individual:Ezra Pound, Angriff Press:Hollywood, CA, 1961. Useful reference, with B&W photos by Mr. Pound taken while incarcerated, 388 pages, cloth reprint (exactly as Fleet Press edition; may even be bootlegged)
      * War! War! War!, Sons of Liberty, 1984, ISBN 0-89562-100-2
      * A Writ for Martyrs, OTU Christ Church, 1985, Soft Cover, 223 pages
      * The World Order, A Study in the Hegemony of Parasitism, Staunton, Virginia: Ezra Pound Institute, 1985, 217 pages

      [edit] Pamphlets and other works

      * 27 Billion Dollar Rip Off; The Power Brokers
      * America’s New Robber Barons: Exclusive Report, Pamphlet. 8 pages
      * American Patriotism Means Loyalty to Israel, Says Jack, Pamphlet. Reprint. 2 pages
      * Boycott: The Jewish Weapon
      * Canada: A Financial Report For 1992
      * The Celebration Of Rosh Hashanah
      * The Coup That Never Was
      * Criminals On Capitol Hill
      * The Danger Of International Merger Mania
      * The Day Is Here
      * Death To The Peacemakers
      * Easter
      * Education For Death
      * Education for Slavery
      * Every Man A King
      * FDR
      * Federal Reserve Notes: Shackles Of Slavery
      * General MacArthur The Man Who Refused to Lose
      * Genocide In America
      * George Sylvester Viereck: Roosevelt’s Victim, Pamphlet. 3 pages
      * The Glorious Revolution, Corner Stapled Report. 4 pages
      * The Hidden Hand Behind Televangelism
      * The Holocaust Explained
      * How The Media Is Manipulated
      * How To Become A United States Senator
      * Is There A New World Order?
      * Jesse Jackson And The Jews”, Corner Stapled Report. 7 pages
      * Jewish TV: Sick, Sick, Sick
      * Jewish War Against The Western World
      * Judges or Criminals?, Pamphlet. 3 pages
      * Khatyn Or Katyn?, Pamphlet. 2 pages
      * The Lindbergh Murders: Hauptman Was Innocent
      * Marching through Georgia, Pamphlet
      * Murder
      * Murder by Injection: The Great Swine Flu Massacre
      * Murder On The Supreme Court
      * New Israel
      * New Look at Herzl, 2 pages. corner stapled photocopied report. Reveals that Herzl’s grandiose plans for Zionism resulted from VD.
      * The New World Order
      * None Dare Call Him Traitor: Larry Abraham The Israeli Connect, Pamphlet. 8 pages
      * Operation Desert Shield, Pamphlet. Corner Stapled Report. 4 pages
      * Our Identity
      * The Plagues Of Pharaoh
      * The Power Brokers Of Canada’
      * Reagan’s Final Surrender, Corner Stapled Report. 2 pages.
      * The Scandal Unveiled
      * The Secret Holocaust, CPA Book Publishers, Boring, Or., A small 34 page phamplet
      * Sigmund Freud: Anti-Christ Devil
      * Supreme Court Burns Us Again
      * The Trilaterals Are Back In The White House
      * The Vietnam Wall
      * The War Against Christianity
      * There’s A Gulag In Your Future
      * Trotsky: Where Are You Now?
      * The War Against Vietnam Veterans
      * War Is The Only Way Out
      * The Warburgs, An American Success Story, Corner Stapled Catalog. 7 pages.
      * Warning: The Department Of Justice Is Dangerous To Americans
      * Washington DC: City Of Fear
      * What Are We Fighting To Preserve?
      * What Made Sammy Run?: How Racial Hatred Creates Billion Dollar Fortunes, Pamphlet. 10 pages.
      * Who Owns the TV Networks ?
      * Why General Patton was Murdered, Pamphlet. 4 pages
      * You Can Stop the Threatened Depression!, USA: Liberty Free Press, USA. Leaflet.

      [edit] Resources

      * 1900-1930 U.S. Federal Census
      * WWI Draft Registration Card of his father
      * WWII Military Enlistment Index

      [edit] See also

      * Nesta Webster, whose own works express precursor ideas about how Jews control the economy
      * Pat Robertson, whose book The New World Order borrows from both Mullins and Webster, sometimes without credit (New world order, old world anti-Semitism. (A review of Pat Robertson’s book) Ephraim Radner. The Christian Century v112.n26 (Sept 13, 1995): pp844(6))

      [edit] References

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      [edit] External links

      * Wayback Machine archive copy of Eustace Mullins
      * Video clip of a Eustace Mullins interview
      * The Barnes Review
      * Secrets of the Federal Reserve
      * A Recent Visit with Eustace Mullins
      * Curse of Canaan: A Case Study in Hate Propaganda
      * Anti-vivisectionists extract part of his work Murder by Injection
      * Interview with Eustace Mullins

    8. Devils advocate Says:

      Certainly a great shadow has fallen across the land , with the Passing of Eustace Mullins… How strange , how synchronistic that it should have been on the day we look for the end of winter

    9. virgil Says:

      democracy is a sucker’s game. it is the rule of the stupid over the smart.

    10. Howdy Doody Says:


      When France was invaded by Germany, the war ended very shortly, as all the high ranking officers understood perfectly what scum had completely taken over France and this was the way to be rid of them for once and all IMO.

      May the West survice the supreme haters of all humanity!

    11. Howdy Doody Says:

      May the West survive the supreme haters of all humanity!


    12. Nordlander Says:

      A lot of theory can be written about democracy and what kind of rule we live in. But the best description is the different treatment of news in the Jewish-controlled media, as Dr. Pierce describes in this broadcast. This is what controls the elections. Luckily, the internet is bringing the truth to more and more people, and the Jews find that Whites can’t be kept in the dark any longer.


      Take, for example, the media and government hullabaloo about the lynching of a Black ex-convict in Texas by three boozed-up White ex-convicts in June. Lynching, of course, is a nasty business, and one can’t tolerate that sort of lawless, undisciplined behavior in a civilized society, even when it’s only a Black ex-convict who gets lynched. But watching the Clinton government and the controlled news media carry on about this particular lynching, one could not help but wonder, when was the last time the government or the media made such a fuss about a Black-on-White crime?

      I remember something which happened just seven months ago in New Jersey. A pretty, little, ten-year-old White girl, Lauren Relyea, was dragged into a vacant lot near her home in Piscataway, raped repeatedly, and then beaten and stabbed to death and her body mutilated: a truly horrible crime. The rapist and killer was a 24-year-old Black, and the affair was in the papers in New Jersey and New York for a day. Of course, national television ignored it, and so did Mr. Clinton, because the victim was only a little White girl, not a Black ex-convict.

      Another crime which is in the news in Hawaii but nowhere else is the rape and murder of a White tourist in Hawaii by three native Hawaiians. The tourist was 23-year-old Dana Ireland, a lovely blonde girl, who was vacationing after graduating from college. The three Hawaiians were driving in a rural area near Kapoho, on the eastern edge of the island of Hawaii, when they saw Dana riding a bicycle. They swung their car around and deliberately struck her with it, knocking her off her bicycle and breaking her pelvis. They stuffed the badly injured girl into the trunk of their car, drove around for several hours smoking cocaine, then pulled off the road, dragged the girl out of the trunk, gang-raped her, and sexually tortured her. Finally, they beat her in the head with a tire-iron and left her to slowly bleed to death. An ambulance, called by a White neighbor, but manned by native Hawaiians took nearly an hour to reach her. Police found deep bite marks on her body, as well as numerous other injuries. One of the most shocking aspects of this atrocity is that it happened nearly seven years ago, on Christmas Eve 1991. The Hawaiians who raped and killed Dana were only arrested by the Hawaiian police and charged, after years of procrastination, as a result of the insistence by Dana’s parents that something be done. The trials of the Hawaiian killers are still being delayed. Prosecuting native Hawaiians for crimes against Whites is not politically popular in Hawaii. And it’s not politically popular in the White House either. In any event, Mr. Clinton has not been on television about the horrible crime against Dana Ireland the way he was about the recent lynching of a black ex-convict in Texas.

    13. Nordlander Says:

      The result of democracy in South Africa, where a Jewish TV mogul made Whites feel ashamed of the country they had built and made them turn it over to the Black animals they had invited as labor:


      I’ll tell you about another benefit of democracy in South Africa. It’s a popular sport among the Blacks of South Africa called “jack rolling.” A Black gang will cordon off a whole block in a suburb of Johannesburg, so that no one can go either in or out, and then they will systematically gang-rape every woman and girl inside the cordon. They do this sort of thing in the Black townships all the time, but now that the situation is much more democratic they’ve extended their sport to White areas. Since 1994 the rape of White women by Blacks in South Africa has soared from almost nothing to the point where no White woman feels safe. A woman is raped by Blacks in South Africa every 83 seconds on the average — the highest per capita rate in the world — and the proportion of White women among those raped is continuing to increase.

      All too typical is what happened in the home of Leon and Gina Erasmus in early June. While they were sitting at dinner, armed Blacks burst into the house. They tied up Leon and made him watch while they gang-raped 18-year-old Gina, who was nine months pregnant. Also watching was Gina’s three-year-old niece. One of the Black rapists shouted to his friends, “Look, every time we do this it gets easier. These Whites are too scared to move.” The police in newly democratic South Africa have for all practical purposes given up trying to stop these rapes or catch the rapists. Sometimes Black policemen themselves are rapists.

    14. Mikhail1965 Says:

      Howdy Doody Says:

      4 February, 2010 at 1:55 am

      “May the West survive the supreme haters of all humanity!”

      You are wrong.

      There is no “humanity”.
      For you national minorities are humanity?
      For you majority of americans (metiso – mulatto – negro) humanity?
      Swearing alligance to star and stripes – West India Co – humanity?
      If your part in desperate needs of “humanity” you better go to Rodesia and reconsile them.

    15. CW-2 Says:

      A representative form of government seems to be natural for Aryans. The British parliament at Westminster likes to describe itself as “the mother of [jew] Parliaments”. Well, that is probably true in the world of fake democracies, but true representative government existed far earlier on the Isle of Mann and in Iceland.

    16. Devils advocate Says:

      Democracy is nothing more than 2 wolves and a sheep deciding whats for dinner.

    17. Devils advocate Says:

      if we must be ruled by oligarchs, then let us do whatever we must do to insure, first, that those oligarchs are of our own people and not of an alien race; and second, that they are moral, responsible, and racially conscious men whose primary concern is the destiny of our race. We can have that.
      No. 1 the oligarch is always right and White and if he isn’t see rule no.1.
      Lets face it folks havin’ a choice is not always good or beneficial, the Man will never appeal to the masses until things have reached critical mass

    18. Devils advocate Says:

      No democrats on the battlefield at Buena Vista

      The Mississipi rifles the heroes of the day, under the command of Colonel Jefferson Davis, they formed a V into which the lance carrying Mexican cavalrymen charged “Steady boys !” Gen’l Taylor shouted, “steady for the honour of ole Mississipi!” The Mississipians then opened fire and did great damage. Then “profiting” from the confusion caused by their terrible fire they threw down their rifles.. Catching the horse by their bits, they backed them onto their haunches. and knifed the stupified riders..

    19. Howdy Doody Says:

      What have here is a failure to communicate.

      Devils Advocate !


    20. Howdy Doody Says:

      Rhodesia, was never defeated any any military or subverives.

      Rhodesian was done in by NYC London, and the S.A. regime stabbing Rhodesia in the Back.