26 February, 2010

Dr. Kevin MacDonald Defends Himself in Guest Column in Campus Newspaper

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Note the link to MacDonald’s book “The Culture of Critique”:


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  7. 42 Responses to “Dr. Kevin MacDonald Defends Himself in Guest Column in Campus Newspaper”

    1. Antagonistes Says:

      Short and to the point.

      I have, in the past, written several e-mails to Dr. MacDonald about the nature of Christianity. He always replied to me, with thought and consideration.

      I hope the best for him, but he must know that these wierdos will not stop. They get off on this stuff. They have not accomplished a damn thing in their lives, so they get their kicks from ruining, or trying to ruin others.

      This same type of behavior led to the formation of the brown shirts in Germany–it had to be done, because these wierdos will not let you speak; they will attempt to smear you with either literal or literary feces; they have no mercy or any kind of curiosity about your side of the issue.

      It is just the same as if a two-year old kid, having a tantrum, was suddenly given an adult body and somewhat more advanced means of “expressing” himself. It is supreme egomania.

      If I could personify this whole group as a single person, that person would be the black punk who harassed and attacked Epic Beard Man. This kind of behavior, by the black punk who got his ass kicked, and by the group of punks harassing MacDonald, must lead to the same kind of Epic results.

    2. Luke Says:

      I’ve read 2 of the 3 MacDonald books on the Jewish issue, plus his latest book, “Cultural Insurrections” – and nearly all of the articles that he has written for Vdare and TOQ online and elsewhere – but, this rebuttal piece has to be one of his absolute best efforts. The man is true scholar and perhaps one of our best pro-white spokesmen in the world today.

      But, despite the logic and appeal to what should be a normal, sane, reasonable human’s sense of fairness and sportsmanship in the area of ethnic competition – I noticed that there was a huge disconnect in a large percentage of the poster’s comments, and these people evidently ignored MacDonald’s bullet-proof arguments and still spewed their anti-white hatred at him.

      This was not an isolated aberration, either. This theme is a consistent one, whenever any pro-white points of view are expressed, either verbally or by the written word. The significance of this point should not be overlooked, fellow white nationalists.

      What it means is this: Whites are never going to be able to reach any sort of accommodation or compromise with non-whites, and in particular, with these egotistical, control-freak oriented Jewish Supremacist types. They show zero desire or inclination to allow our point of view to be expressed – and they work with a maniacal obsession to attempt to silence our voices. If possible, they will pass laws to make any effort on our part to ensure our survival as a distinct race a criminal offense. This means that we have only one option – that option is to work for an exclusive, white-only homeland.

      No other solution is realistic, and our enemies remind us of that on a daily basis.

    3. Kuda Bux Says:

      Our views as hated for being right, not wrong.

    4. Tim McGreen Says:

      “Note the link to MacDonald’s book “The Culture of Critique”:”

      It’s broken.

    5. Tim McGreen Says:

      I’m sure Dr. MacDonald is a good guy. I just wish he was a professor of something legitimate, like engineering or medicine. “Evolutionary Psychology”? Feh!

    6. Tim McGreen Says:

      Our views ARE hated for being right, not wrong.

    7. old dutch Says:

      Did the nuns let you graduate from Holy Mary high school? LOL. Tell the truth.

      In order to get a doctorate in psychology, you have to be good at math, particularly statistics, logic and symbolic logics—it is very rigorous training.

      A doctorate in psychology is as impressive as any engineering doctorate. A medical doctor, with psychology training is callled a psychiatrist.

    8. Antagonistes Says:

      Given that evolution is true, the psychological attributes that come from one’s ancestors evolving in the equatorial climates would be vastly different from those who evolved in the mileu of ever-changing seasons.

      This psychology would arise from our genetics, quite naturally, as it would be an acting-out of millions of years of evolutionary adaptations.

      I find your attitude toward evolutionary psychology perplexing, Tim McGreen.

    9. Tyr Says:


      I think we all feel what’s going to happen as it seems to be an inevitability: Civil War II. Not unlike in Franco Spain. Everything you mention + everyman-for-himself mentality + enthropy of western civilization + 5th columnists (all three mono-relgious nutjobs) + financial meltdown and other random factors will be the cause. Just prepare for it mentally and physically if can. Let the Rapture Bunnies, BMW Bolsheviks and other garbage feel the coming Iron Heel. Its going to be bad, real bad, civil wars are always the worse of the lot (think also the 30 years war 1600s Germany).

    10. Socrates Says:

      Tim McGreen Says: “It’s broken.”

      Nope, the link works:


    11. Tim McGreen Says:

      Maybe I’m being unkind to Dr. MacDonald. It just seems to me that psychology classes are for girls. Psychology is a girly thing to major in, like Drama and Art History. But yes, by all means the behavior of Whites and the behavior of the lower races should be scientifically studied.

    12. Antagonistes Says:

      I was accepted into the graduate school of psychology at my local nationally-known university, back in the mid-seventies. I did not stay long, for private reasons.

      But psychology grad school has the toughest entrance requirements of any of the grad schools. To even get in is an accomplishment.

      As far as being for girls, it was probably near even, with the males being a little over half.

      It is a shame that intellectual pursuits are identified with girlishness.

      Ditto for artistic pursuits.

    13. sean gruber Says:

      Shut up, McGreen. Not everyone smarter than you is a homosexual.

      This controversy and many similar ones lead to only one conclusion:

      Jews are not open to reason. The only effective way to deal with them is by force.

      Which is why The Linder Solution – total extermination – is the only effective position. It may not be technically doable in the nonce, but it is the endstate of this game. Coexistence with these incorrigibly irrational aggressors is obviously impossible, so either they die or we do. It’s war.

      You don’t argue with cockroaches. You spray pesticide on them. Even the cockroaches know that. Witness their Hollow Hoax fantasy nightmare: getting killed by the sprayings of a bug-killer – Zyklon B – is called “the greatest tragedy in human history.”

    14. Andrea Dworkin Says:

      Psychology is 99.999999% unprovable crap. If all psychiatrists, psychologists and psychology professors and students were suddenly gone, nothing much would change.

      If anything there would be less Jew flunkies paid by school boards, and insurance companies saving us money.

      Psychology was once referred to as ‘the Jew science.’

    15. Andrea Dworkin Says:

      Not to pick on Psychology alone, Sociology and Physics are also largely theoretical, unprovable ‘sciences’ which produce worthless unemployable flunkies as well. All they produce is more worthless teachers for the mostly worthless higher education industry.

    16. Tim McGreen Says:

      There is nothing wrong with the pursuit of intellectual or artistic study. Virtually all of the greatest artists, writers and composers were White men, for god’s sake. I just think there are way too many people in college these days, especially silly, spoiled White girls and Orientals. Only those who want to study medicine, science or engineering should be permitted to attend college. Everyone else…Get to work!

    17. Andrea Dworkin Says:

      Economics is pretty worthless too, I forgot. None of them saw the depression coming, now none of them have any ideas to get out of it. Most are naive/dishonest Fed Reserve cheerleaders as well.

      Our useful manufacturing sector was replaced by the worthless higher education industry…

    18. Tim McGreen Says:

      Andrea, you’re back on track. I absolutely agree with you. Well said. I would just point out that although psychiatry is a largely Jewish invention, there are a lot of crazy and disturbed people in the world who might benefit from seeing a shrink. But psychologists have never really helped anyone that I know of.

    19. Igor Alexander Says:

      “these people evidently ignored MacDonald’s bullet-proof arguments and still spewed their anti-white hatred at him.”

      What these loxist slimeballs need is to get their asses kicked, not be reasoned with.

    20. Igor Alexander Says:

      “Psychology is 99.999999% unprovable crap.”

      I think you’re mistaking a tiny subset of psychology (Freudian psychoanalysis) for the whole thing. Psychology is very much a real science. What do you consider unscientific about, say, Pavlov’s famous experiment with the dog?

      Unlike sociology departments, which are full of kikes and overt Marxists pushing their agendas, there’s a good mix of people in psych departments and it’s one of the last places where one can disinterestedly discuss things like racial differences in IQ and behavior.

      Freud is practically laughed at in psych departments today. In university, I learned more about Freud from being required to read him for an art history course than I did in my psychology courses.

    21. Andrea Dworkin Says:

      Psychology is all crap and/or the proving of simple common sense. I double majored at college. Sadly, one of them was Psychology. I can firmly say it is all crap!

      What type of person can’t see the self-evident differences in races anyway?

    22. Igor Alexander Says:

      “Sociology and Physics are also largely theoretical, unprovable ’sciences’ which produce worthless unemployable flunkies as well.”

      Sociology and even to some extent economics I can agree with, but physics? Physics provides the theoretical science that’s applied by engineers to build better airplanes, semiconductors, and nuclear reactors, no?

    23. Igor Alexander Says:

      “I double majored at college. Sadly, one of them was Psychology.”

      Psych major, uh? Did you drop out of college after 3 months?

      Your comments towards the subject are infantile, not those of someone who had a clue of what they were talking about.

    24. Igor Alexander Says:

      “What type of person can’t see the self-evident differences in races anyway?”

      You’ve got to be kidding. Are you a troll?

    25. Igor Alexander Says:

      “Given that evolution is true…”

      Is that really a given? You have concrete, incontrovertible proof that at some point our aquatic ancestors grew legs, crawled out of the water, and eventually morphed into us?

      They call it evolution theory for a reason, ya know.

    26. Igor Alexander Says:

      I should have phrased that “alleged aquatic ancestors.”

      And no, I’m not a Christian.

    27. Tim McGreen Says:

      Surely you don’t think all the animals and people in the world were simply zapped into existence a few thousand years ago by magic, do you?

      And surely you can’t deny that the whale and other marine mammals evolved from four-legged land-dwelling mammals that lived millions of years ago, or that birds evolved from feathered flying reptiles that lived in the Mesozoic? I should have thought the question of evolution was fairly settled by now.

    28. Andrea Dworkin Says:

      Physics is crap from the mind of plagiarist charlatan Einstein and the people who can’t figure out that he was pulling unprovable stuff out of his ass. Physics grads become worthless NASA unemployables at that welfare shop for engineers.

      Igor, give us some great nuggets from Psychology that aren’t unprovable theories or simply common sense.

      ‘Wow, when we took away the monkey’s mother it got sad! How about that Dr. Bowlby ‘

      ‘Wow we need food, shelter and self-esteem to work towards greater issues, thanks, Dr. Abe Maslow!

      ‘When we pretended some us were prisoners, and some of us were guards, things got interesting, Dr. Zimbardo’

      total crap!

    29. Antagonistes Says:

      Physics is crap? You’ve got to be kidding! All the great discoveries have built on the elementary work of Newton. Don’t identify physics with Einstein–there were many others who got no credit at all.

      Psychology is not crap, not all of it. Granted, there is some nonsense in it (as in EVERYTHING!) but basically, it is the philosophical methods of the Greeks applied to human nature and its motivations, or problems.

      Rational-emotive psychology helped me quite a bit, quite a bit.

      As far as jobs, you could also mention the myraids of accounting majors and “practical” students who cannot find jobs. They are all working at the welfare shop for worldly-wise, practical, no-nonsense, hard-headed people!

      And, yes, Igor, evolution seems to me to be a PHILOSOPHICAL VIEWPOINT based on science. It is not strict science since it cannot be observed, and variables changed. But it seems to me to fit.

    30. Andrea Dworkin Says:

      Anyone who wastes their life and our tax/insurance dollars doing/teaching the unprovable is worthless.

      Physicists, Economists, Sociologists and Psychologists should work on their ditch-digging and shoveling skills to contribute to the post-ZOG economy.

      I wish there were more useful Physics types but all I see as the layman is bullshitters with ‘string theories.’

    31. Tim McGreen Says:

      Andrea is batting a thousand on this thread. And as far as evolution being merely a “philosophical” pursuit, you can actually see the remains of hind leg bones on modern whale skeletons. When some whales are born, they will have two small stumps protruding from the backs of their bodies, a temporary evolutionary throwback to the time when ancient whales had small hind limbs. The bones inside the flippers of whales are closely related to the wrist bone structure of many land mammals. And bird embryos in the egg will temporarily grow teeth in their beaks, an evolutionary throwback to the time when birds more closely resembled their reptile ancestors.

      Yep, JewThink has infected the minds of millions of otherwise normal Goyim. It makes them believe in Semitic fairy tales rather than science and reason. JewThink is like a grape juice stain on your favorite white sportshirt. It won’t wash out that easily.

    32. Antagonistes Says:

      You can see the arm bones (and finger bones) in the flipper of a whale, but you cannot observe the arm of the previous land mammal evolving into an aquatic appendage, and you cannot perform double-blind experiments concerning the same process–all of which are the methods of science.

      That is why the creationists say that God just used the same basic plan on the flipper of a whale and the arm of other mammals.

      No, I am not a creationist. I think evolution fits, but it is not hard science, and I don’t think it can be.

    33. Antagonistes Says:

      Even Clive Staples Lewis (or, as some people call him, Cunt Stapler Lewis) believed in evolution.

      But the dilemma there, is that if God is an engineer, he is a bad engineer, because he wastes a lot of energy, with all the teeth and leg-stumps that disappear.

      And if God is an artist, he wastes a lot of strokes. In art, the best stroke is the minimal stroke, the definite stroke, the most direct stroke– whether by brush or by chisel. So God wastes a lot of strokes with all the vestigial organs, etc.

      And the human body–don’t even go there. It is left to human artists to make it desirable and artistic, to soothe out all the imperfections with a gentle brush.

    34. Tim McGreen Says:

      Mind, I’m not saying that we should replace Christianity with Darwinism. Nietchze made a good point when he questioned Darwin’s “survival of the fittest” argument. Nietchze thought that Nature favored the mediocre for survival, that the best and brightest members of a species were also the most vulnerable. Just look around and I think you’ll agree that the mediocre outnumber the fittest by about 20 to 1. So Evolution may actually work AGAINST survival of the fittest.

    35. nom de guerre Says:

      think we all feel what’s going to happen as it seems to be an inevitability: Civil War II. Not unlike in Franco Spain. Everything you mention + everyman-for-himself mentality + enthropy of western civilization + 5th columnists (all three mono-relgious nutjobs) + financial meltdown ****************************************

    36. nom de guerre Says:

      So Evolution may actually work AGAINST survival of the fittest.
      Everything contains within itself the seeds of it own destruction, thats why evolution is a theory with so many holes in it. The Bad, not the best survive, the problem that Whites are having I attribute to the fact that we’ve become jews spiritually, and socially we’ve done the same thing jews have done, we’ve lost our warrion and peasant classes… Nietzche was aware of this. Like the jews America has 2 classes, the Pirates(priests,lawyers politicians, bankstersmmanagement) and the Paupers(workers, ,mechanics,clerks), everything is business, not culture thats all kitsch. America like the jews is not an evolution its a mutate, a cancer with a great deal of growth

    37. Tim McGreen Says:

      Just look at all those wars the Jews and Internationalists have dragged us into, wars that killed off or maimed the best of our Race but let the dregs proliferate. Our love of war has been exploited by the Jew and used as a weapon against us.

    38. Howdy Doody Says:

      Germany and England

      by: Nesta Webster

      Prefatory comments by Jackie P.

      THIS is the little book that opened my eyes about the mass of massive lies we’ve all been told about Germany under National Socialism, and specifically it’s Chancellor, Adolf Hitler.

      To my mind the greatest lie was that “Adolf Hitler planned to conquer the world and enslave the inhabitants of all nations”. In reality the ones making those accusations are the ones who plan to conquer the world. The defeat of Germany was a defeat for all the inhabitants of the world, just as Adolf Hitler predicted.

      The group promulgating that big lie was successful in its efforts to instill a deep sense of both fear and hatred of the man who wanted only to restore some of the areas of land that had been sliced out of Germany by the Versailles Treaty after WWI, bring the German people back into the fold of their natural country borders, and protect western Europe from the Communist/Bolshevik tyranny threatening to wreak its havoc throughout the continent, and the world.

      In another small book titled, The Nameless War, Captain A. H. M. Ramsay gives convincing evidence of the above statement. For some of our readers this will be a turning point (as it was for me). The more lies you uncover, the more truth you desire. Those of you who would rather remain blissfully ignorant will leave now. Those of you who know the truth and hate the truth will be frothing at the mouth that the lies are being exposed.

      Captain Ramsay was a veteran of the first World War, a former member of His Majesty’s Guard, and — at the time of his arrest and imprisonment — a member of the British Parliament. He was arrested without formal charges and thrown into Brixton Prison for nearly three years because he discovered and attempted to reveal the culprits who were clamoring for, orchestrating and promulgating what became the Second World War.

      Nobody wanted war in England or Germany except Winston Churchill and the War Hawks who controlled him and the press (just like in the U.S. of A. then and today). When Prime Minister Chamberlain returned from a trip to Germany where he had entered into one-on-one conversations with Chancellor Hitler, he announced to the Parliament and the British people that “there will be no war”.

      Behind the exuberant celebrations of the people in both Germany and England, the planners went to work. Inside of one week, the controlled press was printing lies about the Prime Minister and began clamoring for his resignation. He was blamed for a military blunder that had actually been committed under Churchill’s orders as Admiral of the Navy. Instead of Churchill standing accused, it was Mr. Chamberlain.

    39. Dave Says:

      Psychology is not crap.Nor is anthropology or sociology. It has just been extremely corrupted! Corrupted to the point that you could actually say,History is crap,all of it and be making an equally valid point.However we know History is not crap,it too,has just been corrupted. You must not only get your information from college classes,but many many books both old and new(garage sales are gold mines)and do comparisons.Then ad some common sense and you can be a master of any field.

    40. Dave Says:

      Furthermore what my Father was taught in his college anthropology courses in no longer taught today,apparently. At least based on his accounts,and my more recent college books.They stray more off into P.C-dom.(recent college books also garage sale finds).

    41. Tim McGreen Says:

      Anthropology is an important field of study that has been thoroughly hijacked by Jewry. According to them, all the races in the world are all exactly the same and we all came from the same group of woolly-headed aboriginals who shuffled out of Africa 70,000 years ago. Typical Jewish horseshit.

    42. Irma Grese Says:

      WOW. The anti-science and anti-intellect posts on here are a WONDERFUL primer on why Whites are in the predicament we are in today! Not surprised to see much of it posted by the same JEW TWIT who believes that man never landed on the moon. Lots of luck taking down the kike from within a fog of IGNORANCE and bullshit SUPERSTITION. LOL!