10 February, 2010

Germany: No Hitler Dolls Allowed

Posted by Socrates in Bolsheviks, communism, double standards, Germany, Hitler, Marx, Marxism, Socrates at 2:00 pm | Permanent Link

But you can have a Karl Marx or Leon Trotsky (or other Jewish commie icon) doll; and forget the fact that Hitler, via his actions, probably saved Western Europe from communism. “Thanks,” anyone?


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  7. 30 Responses to “Germany: No Hitler Dolls Allowed”

    1. Faszysta Says:

      Whenever I visit Warsaw (in Poland) I always see various street merchants selling Nazi memorabilia, porn, pirated dvd’s and computer games.
      I’d wager Germany is the same way today too,.. except without the Nazi memorabilia for sale.

    2. Pat Says:

      This is no different than attempting to outlaw the Confederate Flag.

      There is certainly no “freedom of speech” in Europe. The US is perhaps one of the only places left that Jewish Extremists have not quite been able to remake to their liking.

      The people of Europe need to step up to the plate and put an end to this crap.

      If they don’t, they will only get more…

    3. Tim McGreen Says:

      That’s a pretty crude looking Hilter figure. It could pass for Stalin or Pinochet.

      Will Germany ever be free again?

    4. Tim McGreen Says:

      I’ve never seen a Trotsky or Marx action figure for sale. You’d have to be a pretty strange kid to play with toys like that!

    5. steven clark Says:

      When I was in germany in the 70’s, I remember seeing an antique shop with tin SS troops marching on parade.

      It was a crude Hitler. The Fuehrer wouldn’t wear that kind of uniform. Another example of how communized and Jewed Germany is. It reminds me of what Orwell said: ‘when children play, they do so with tin soldiers. Tin pacifists somehow wouldn’t do.’

    6. Justin Huber Says:

      It is a pretty lame looking Hitler. I can’t believe they have their panties in such a bunch about it.

      “Mommy! Mommy! Can I get a Hitler doll?”

    7. Nordlander Says:

      Jewish hatred never ends. Europe is still held in a post-war period, even after 65 years. This must be a world record. The extraordinary occupation laws are still in place, enforced by locals loyal to the occupation, but it is done in a less crude manner than in the old days, so that the people don’t see the machinery behind it.

      On a related note: 115,000 U.S. soldiers still in Europe, when fascist Italy, the Third Reich, their allies, and the Soviet Union are long gone. Amazing, isn’t it? Wouldn’t you say American taxpayers’ money could be used better? Those troops are in place to prevent future uprisings, make no mistake about it.

    8. JOHN Says:

      To: Steven Clark

      I was in Germany from Mar. ’74 to Nov. ’76 stationed in Giessen. Where were you?

    9. nom de guerre Says:

      115,000 U.S. soldiers still in Europe. Yeah I was there, and the calibre of those days in the 70’s was pretty bad, still had them housed in German kasernes, in fact at the hospital I served , it was the same one they brought Patton to after the “accident’, and the barracks for the enlisted, was a converted Wehrmacht motor pool building.
      Zogs military machine would fall to any third rate army if they had the sophisticated weapons, and I still see a debacle for Zog in the middle East, not from banditos but from an organized military structure which will sever zogs head

    10. nom de guerre Says:

      I’ll have to say that the German built hospital, was heluva lot more aesthetically appealing than amerikwan versions where you are crammed into a 4X4 stall with iv poles and Tv sets . Hell it was a vacation compared to the shit holes back in de world.

    11. nom de guerre Says:

      What a world, you can’t even die with dignity in the shit hole called the kwa

    12. nom de guerre Says:

      On a related note: 115,000 U.S. soldiers still in Europe, when fascist Italy, the Third Reich, their allies, and the Soviet Union are long gone. Amazing, isn’t it? Wouldn’t you say American taxpayers’ money could be used better? Those troops are in place to prevent future uprisings, make no mistake about it.
      Everyones gone to the moon, and only the Zog left on stage for the final curtain call
      Yes itz the end the year is one!

    13. nom de guerre Says:

      Doll or no doll, as long as a jew lives, there will be an Adolf Hitler, it still frightens them, scares them shitless.. Hitler represents an archetype, you can’t kill an archetype, you can defame him, but deep down the jews know

    14. nom de guerre Says:

      With out an Adolf Hitler, the world is a vaccuum filled only with jewish propaganda which can’t sustain a viable world, the jews the lil shitz that they are can’t make a world, can’t build a civilization, can’t hold their babylon together, without the shabbaz goyim a freemasons constructing the props and holding the jeboo religion together

    15. nom de guerre Says:

      “rock a bye , your rock a bye Fuehrer with a Dixie melody”

    16. steven clark Says:

      To John: I was there from Jan 74-July 76. I was stationed in Offenbach, outside of Frankfurt. Germany then seems almost a cradle of liberty compared to the current repression.
      I am writing a novel about that time, a sort of Bildungsroman using the Venusberg myth to examine Germany.

      As I’ve noted before, I think by the seventies, the world was getting over WWII and Nazis, but when the TV series HOLOCAUST began, immediately I noticed the Jewish press keep harping on Nazis.

    17. whodareswings Says:

      The best Nazi toy soldiers I’ve seen are made by a company called King and Country. Their HQ is in Hong Kong, but my brother brought me an exqusitely detailed hand painted Himmler back from Italy where he met the artist-shopkeeper who was painted it. Check these out. They’re so much better crafted than what was banned from the German toy show.
      Unfortunately, they haven’t done Oskar “The pits quaked for a week” Dirlewanger yet.

    18. abc Says:

      “Saved Western Europe from communism”?

      What matters is not ideology, “Communism, Nazism,” but our race. I would prefer a white communist Europe to a non-white Europe saved from communism.

    19. Tim McGreen Says:

      abc, you are absolutely right! East Germany, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Yugosalvia, the Ukaraine….They were all White countries under so-called Communism (actually more like Socialism with a twist of Nationalism). But try telling that to all of the closet Limbaugh fanboys here!

    20. Nordlander Says:

      abc, ideology matters a whole lot. Ideology is how you process information: either by lying (left) or by accepting reality (right). You would prefer a white communist Europe – how about saying, you would prefer a white ZOG-controlled West? Same relevance. Communism is what brought mass immigration. Communism says that whoever has more money must have stolen it, with the underlying freak assumptions being that (1) all are equal so no one can have a superior ability, (2) wealth is not created but exists in a fixed amount. So therefore, wealth must be stolen from those who have more and given to the footsoldiers of the Left as payment. This is the basic argument for all non-White immigration, simply moved over from how they used workers against business creators in the past.

    21. Tim McGreen Says:

      All those so-called Communist states in eastern Europe were very White, as far as I can tell.

    22. Justin Huber Says:

      Good link from whodareswings earlier. I enjoyed looking at the Nazi toy soldiers. I’d buy a few if I had more money. I’d be interested in seeing who has the higher sales on that web site. The Nazis or the Allies?

    23. abc Says:

      “how about saying, you would prefer a white ZOG-controlled West? ”

      As opposed to a non-white “free” West? Sure! Not you? “Control” is not forever, destruction of your race is.

    24. Blackshirt Says:

      “abc, ideology matters a whole lot. Ideology is how you process information: either by lying (left) or by accepting reality (right).”

      So what you are saying “Nordlander” is that being “right” wing is what matters over race?

      “You would prefer a white communist Europe – how about saying, you would prefer a white ZOG-controlled West?”

      I can’t speak for abc, but I can speak for myself and I would rather have a Communist White Europe than a Capitalist “free” Europe filled with mud people miscegenation with our race.

      Have you ever been to Eastern Europe, Nordlander? I doubt you have since you consider Slavs to be untermenschen. Regardless, Eastern Europe is far more “Aryan” than even Germany. I know. I’ve been there and traveled through Poland, Russia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia, and the Baltic states. Besides the gypsies that you see rarely, there are hardly any non-whites in those areas. Ironic, isn’t it? Communism kept out the predatory Capitalism that brings with it mass immigration.

      Nordlander says: “Communism is what brought mass immigration.”

      Soviet Communism didn’t do that. If you are referring to the ideology of Cultural/Social Marxism that is pervasive in the modern West, you would be correct. But notice how Cultural/Social Marxism has no problem coexisting with it’s Jewish brother, Capitalism.

    25. Truthteller Says:

      PZG has some interesting stuff!

    26. Justin Huber Says:

      Yeah I’ve ordered some stuff from there (PzG). I’ve also bought a few original Third Reich pins. My copies of Mein Kampf, Hitler’s War, Hitler’s Second Book and Hitler’s Table Talk have all been autographed by David Irving. Not that anybody cares but I think it’s kind of cool.

    27. nom de guerre Says:

      give me an XXXlarge Leon Trotsky and 2 ice picks please!

    28. Tim McGreen Says:

      I recently saw a real cool Waffen SS figure about 9″ tall, complete with snarling German Shepherd and 9mm Luger.

    29. JOHN Says:

      To: Steven Clark:

      Thanks for your reply. Sorry it took so long to answer, but have been very busy lately.

      When I said I was in Germany from Mar. ’74 to Nov. ’76 that was my first tour. I was there again from Jun. ’88 to Feb. ’91, ironically stationed both times in Giessen, but in different MOS’s.
      I really loved my time in Germany. I never felt like some conquerer/occupier of the German people, although they may have negatively thought that of me. (Who could blame them)?? I had nothing but respect and admiration for the German people then, and that grew as time past. I made many good German friends during my nearly six years there. In particular I met two members of the Waffen SS who had fought on the Eastern Front. We met during a REFORGER exercise in ’89 in southwest Germany, close to the French border. I was in a gasthaus having a beer and they were there having dinner with their wives and some younger people. I over-heard them talking about the war and I heard them talking about the SS and my curiosity peaked. They saw I was looking at them and they grew quiet and somewhat apprehensive. I smiled and bid them good evening in German. I told them my name and that my unit was doing a field training exercise in the area. They asked what my rank was and I told
      them “Unterscharfuerher” (hope I spelled that right), which means sergeant. They smiled at me seeming to understand what I really was meaning by saying that: that I was not their enemy, but a friend. They bought me a drink and I bought them a drink and we had a wonderful time. As I was leaving to get back to my unit, they very graciously invited me and my family to come back and visit them at their home, which we did a few weeks later. My only regret was I wished my German was better and their English was a little better, however, that in no way diminished the warmth and friendship we forged that night and it is still with me to this day.
      As my family and I were leaving I told them in my best German that I wished I could have been with them fighting side by side against the common enemy. They smiled and nodded at me and we shook hands and said goodbye.


    30. Irma Grese Says:

      Poor Germania. How long will thou allow thyself to be SPIT-ROASTED by the jew?? Once a warrior woman & the TRUE HOPE of Aryans everywhere thou has been bound chained and mindwashed for lo these past 60 odd years, thanks to Uncle Shmuel and his cum drinking BITCH WHORE Britannia!! RISE UP, Germania! Again take up thy sword and SMITE THE KIKE, for thou can yet be the future of all Aryans on Earth!!