23 February, 2010

Open Thread

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Post whatever you want…

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    1. Henry Says:

      “dworkin you have more guts than 20 ghost wolfs”

      More guts than a ghost? I guess that means no guts at all!
      Well, I’m not arguing.

    2. Andrei's ghost Says:

      Want all non-kosher products from seasoned salt to laundry detergent at low prices, then be sure to shop at ALDI!!!

      incredible value every day
      the ALDI way!

      The ALDI way of shopping has been continuously honed and refined since our first store opened in Southeastern Iowa in 1976. Committed to bringing food to customers at the lowest prices possible, our early stores set up shop in small spaces and introduced shoppers to the select-assortment concept, carrying only 500 select brand products. Compared with other supermarkets, our stores seemed tiny. But ALDI found a niche with Americans hungry for real value, and the chain grew rapidly.

      Over time, more products were added, including more refrigerated and frozen foods. ALDI also began experimenting with Special Buy items, to great success. More recently, Sunday hours were instituted, and ALDI began accepting debit cards.

      Today, there are over 1,000 ALDI stores in 29 states, from Kansas to the East Coast. And today’s ALDI store carries about 1,400 regularly-stocked items, including fresh meat, and, in certain locations, beer and wine. Though the original ALDI concept has been modified somewhat to accommodate our ever-changing tastes and preferences, the core concept remains: “Incredible Value Every Day.”

      Check for an ALDI near you below!


    3. Andrei's ghost Says:

      Kosher: Another Religious Rip-Off!

      by Robert L. Johnson

      Organized religions rip people off. For example, they don’t have to pay property taxes yet they enjoy all the benefits of police and fire protection. Even the “faith-healers” can call 911 for a paramedic!

      One big religious rip off that is taking place, in addition to the above travesty of justice, is the kosher rip off. This scam is paid for by unaware consumers who haven’t been warned about the rabbinical rip off!

      The way the kosher scam works is a group of rabbis sell the “right” to a company to display their particular kosher marking. (The two primary kosher symbols are shown below. Check your kitchen for these labels on your food products to see if you’ve been taken. The symbols are usually small and sometimes hard to locate. I bet everyone will find more than one food product in their kitchen that is part of this religious scam. Even some non-food items are certified kosher by these greedy charlatans! For example, check your Reynolds Wrap if you have it. Also, some dish soap is also “kosher”!)

      Each item you buy that has a kosher mark on it cost you additional money. The individual amounts are usually small, but the big take is truly BIG! And more important, it’s the principle that matters. Why should someone who doesn’t believe in the Jewish and Islamic superstition of “kosher” pay into the pocket of a revealed religionist???

      The total dollars these rabbis rake in has to be an enormous amount based on the fact that in just one year, 1999, over $130 BILLION was spent on kosher products!!! And as anyone with common sense knows, the corporations who pay these ridiculous fees don’t eat the cost themselves! They pass it on to you and me!

      I’ve searched for exact figures of exactly how much the take is that these revealed religionists are enjoying, but it appears the rabbis aren’t in favor of transparency when it comes to this superstition based scam. I did, however, learn that having just one full-time mashgiach, or kashrut supervisor, would run between $40,000 and $50,000 per year! And the cost of making wine kosher is evident by this revelation: “For some small wineries the production of kosher wines can become prohibitively expensive; it means additional staff (rabbinical supervisors, for example) as well as fees to the rabbinical authorities, which can significantly affect the eventual retail price of the wine.” And there is even a further expensive step to take to make sure the wine remains kosher even if the wine is handled by an inferior non-Jew as the above link reveals!


      “Revealed religion” leaders are not bound by God-given reason. They have their various “holy” books that they interpret for their own benefit. The inhumane manner in which cattle are killed to satisfy the Jewish superstition of “kosher” brings out this fact.

      According to the Jewish “holy” books, their god wants them to withhold any form of anesthetic from the unfortunate animal. The Jewish “holy” men have the gall to expect us to believe them when they say the kosher method of slaughter, in which the animal, usually strung up by it hind feet and in extreme terror as pictured below, has its throat sliced open and bleeds to death, is the most humane way to slaughter an animal because the blade the Jewish “holy” men use is very sharp!!! Only a moron or a religious fundamentalist would believe that lie!!! Free thinking people refuse to take garbage like that “on faith”!

      In a weak effort to appease criticism, some kosher slaughterhouses use a device that envelops, holds and turns the animal upside down while the rabbi slits its throat, as if this will somehow make this barbaric ignorant religious practice acceptable. Here is a link to demonstrate without question that this in no way alleviates the UNNECESSARY suffering the animal is forced to endure. WARNING: This video is very graphic, watch it only if you have a very strong stomach! However, there is a good example of how the rabbis attempt to twist the truth in defense of their indefensible cruel and superstitious practice in text that is on the same page as the link to the video. It is worth the read even if you don’t watch the video.

      kosher slaughter

      What YOU Can DO!

      When you examine the food in your kitchen cabinets and find products that have any of the below “U”‘s or “K”‘s on them (which means they’re certified kosher) call the company that is so certified and voice your complaint. The “U”‘s and “K”‘s don’t have to be enclosed in a circle. Sometimes they stand alone and sometimes they’re in a triangle.

      Also, search for other products that aren’t part of this inhumane scam. It’s usually difficult to find companies that aren’t certified kosher, but it’s well worth the effort!

      Remember to shop at ALDI for non-kosher products!

    4. Tyr Says:

      Unless grafted upon an already masculine culture like early Germanicism with case-in-point Charles “the Hammer” Martel who would have hammered his way on Mohammedian skulls anyway with or without Christardianism. Christardianism gave him the “holy reasoning” though. The assent from “gawwwd”.

      Now the Rus Vikings and other Scandinavian traders who encountered Christards refused to deal with them and warned others about their slimeball business practices (hmmmm……that tradition seems to be alive and well in Amerikwan today, the business of Christardianism) and strictly dealt with Muslims who when shaking your hand a deal was a deal. That is why silver and gold coins were found everywhere where Vikings were buried of a Islamic nature.

      “I wonder if this guy is even worth responding to? Well, I’ll just remind him that Christianity has always been a magnet for homos and dykes. It’s a very fruity, effeminate religion, unlike Islam.”

    5. Andrei's ghost Says:

      British Police Arrive in Israel and will accomplish nothing to an”Investigation” of a Mossad Hit while world Jewry giggles at the Goyim

      By Andrei Yustschinsky, Jerusalem 27 February 2010

      An international “investigation” into the assassination of a senior Palestinian militant in the Persian Gulf region has taken British police to Israel.

      A “special” British police investigator has arrived in Israel to probe the use of false British passports in the assassination of a senior Hamas operative in Dubai last month. The investigator will meet with dual Israeli-British citizens whose passports were used by the kosher-hit team and who claim they were “victims of identity theft” by American mestizoes who may look some what like sheenies..

      Dubai police blame Israel’s Mossad spy agency for the killing of Hamas arms dealer Mahmoud al-Mabhouh in his hotel room. Using closed circuit video, police have identified a 26-member hit team which entered Dubai on false passports. At least 16 of those identified bear the names of Israeli-kikes who immigrated to Israel from abroad and hold foreign passports, including six from Britain.

      Britain, Ireland, France and Australia have protested to Israel over the use of fake passports belonging to their citizens. But Israel, which refuses to comment on Mossad operations, has remained silent. To put it bluntly, the yids don’t give a goddamn what the Gentile world thinks.

      Former Israeli “diplomat” Avi Pazner said, “Nobody can accuse Israel of any wrongdoing because the world knows we are god’s chosen people and can never do any wrong, ever.”

      Despite the diplomatic fallout abroad, the story is getting positive reviews at home in Israel and job applications to the Mossad have surged. Pazner says it is all about intrigue. “It’s a very sexy story, of course; you know all those cloak-and-dagger stories are extremely sexy,” he said.

      Israel is celebrating the biblical holiday of Purim, when it is customary to dress up in costumes, over eat like a pig, get drunk and fuck each others’ spouses (biblical swinging) The most popular costume this year is that of a Mossad spy. Purim is a Jew holiday where the Ashkenazi and Sephardic sheenies celebrate the holocaust of 75,000 Persians, as derived from the Book of Esther in the Hebrew Bible.

      Andrei Yustschinsky reporting from the UK….

    6. Andrei's ghost Says:

      CORRECTION!…Just came back from an ALDI Supermarket & now found some kosher markings on some items. The folks at ALDI must of caved in to Jew pressure some what..

    7. Dave Says:

      Andrei, were the items ALDI brand,and which items were they?

    8. Andrei's Ghost Says:

      ALDI brand cake mixes, puddings, etc., ALDI seasoned salt (best seasoned salt around) & all seasonings has no markings & ALDI clothing detergent has no markings. ALDI corp. is in Batavia, Illinois…

    9. nom de guerre Says:

      Wondered how they could undercut the competition, yeah Hymie’ll want to see about that. Heh I purchased some Apple filling the other day , “made in China” stuff was damn good, through the can away though, but next time I’ll check it out for the Hechser…….

    10. Ein Says:

      I’ve shopped in Aldi’s in Germany. I didn’t know they were also here. The prices are amazingly low for Europe.

    11. nom de guerre Says:

      They had Aldis in Indiana when I was up there in 97, and they’ve been around here in Oklahoma for about 5 years

    12. Tim McGreen Says:

      Thank the Gods, the douchy 2010 Winter Olympics are over at friggin’ last. A bunch of spoiled, tempramental pussies and pansies frolicking in the snow and on the ice ifor two weeks in hopes of getting some commercial endorsement offers. The so-called “Olympics” exist mainly to promote globalization, race-mixing and corporate tyranny. I really despise the so-called Olympics.

    13. Annie Oakley Says:

      White bread for white people – that’s my theme of the month.

      In the last week I’ve recovered tons of food that would otherwise go to the trash bin or the dogs.

      I parked my truck at several parking lots and had a sign that said “Free Food”. I made sure I did it in white areas as we have a lot of homeless white men in my city. I’ve also found 2 sober living homes in my neighborhood (mostly occupied by young white men) to give stuff to. I gave the sober living shelter quite a bit of produce and other toiletries.

      The mestizos are 16 to a house OR their chubby Orc wives/girlfriends are getting paid by the white man to reproduce.

      It’s eventually going to implode in CA and I cannot wait.

      This week I gave out tons of bread (still good), energy bars and candy. I know candy is not nutritious but for those who are living on the edge, it’s a cheap treat.

      In my effort to save and help the white race, I’ll feed them and do their taxes for free.

      OK I’m off to the beach, got some more free stuff to hand out.

    14. Tim McGreen Says:

      I only wish there were a few thousand more “Annie Oakleys” who want to help out their White neighbors. Miss Oakley must be a blue-collar, working class Proletarian, because I sure as hell cannot imagine someone from the upper classes lifting so much as a finger to help out a poor White family in need. But they’ll be the first to attend some fancy-schmancy charity ball to raise money for starving Haitian nigglets, won’t they?

    15. etienne Says:

      As a starving Haitian nigglet I take exception to that remark.

    16. David Baker Says:

      Wilton poses an interesting question: Why should we believe in supernatural, omipotent beings? One can dwell for extended lengths of time postulating on this subject, as many do in theological studies, The Vatican, and other places of divine culture. The bottom line is that we are living on a planet which has everything we need to exist, and any scientific examination as to WHY all this is so falls well short of explaining human existence. The earth is unlike any planet in our solar system. Mankind cannot survive anywhere but on our globe, except where portable devices can create similar atmospheric conditions. If you take time to study geology, you’ll come to realize that each facet of our earth’s environmental fertility is either extremely coincidental, or in some way designed to sustain human, plant and animal life.

      Why does the earth rotate at such a rate as to provide exacting amounts of heat, cool, light and darkness? How did ANY lifeform emerge from the cauldron of volcanic lava, oppressive heat, poisonous vapors, and violent weather which is said to have occurred during the initial creation of our planet? How did dinosaurs come into being, then disappear prior to man’s appearance? How did food sources, water, oxygen, nitrogen, seeds, germination of plants, waste as fertilizer, human birth, animals as food, land masses, and water filtrating ocean ecosystems develop?

      Scientists can endeavor to explain, in esoteric terms, what these objects consist of, and how possibly they may have altered their molecular structure over time, but those scientists are just as baffled as we are on the question of how humans arrived to dominate the earth, and to create beings to explain the creation of our world. Religion can be part history, part superstition, part hope, part scam and part baloney. However, it’s all we have to provide a viable explanation for mankind’s incredible existence.

    17. destroy the Khazars Says:


      Were the Croatian Catholic Aryan Ustashi, who were invented by the Jew Josip Frank, preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ; thou shalt not kill, love thy neighbor, etc, or were they preaching the Talmud as they tortured and kosher slaughtered people, especially children, at the camp in Jasenovac, and all over Croatia and Bosnia Hercegovina, during WW2? What Gospel?

    18. destroy the Khazars Says:

      Did Madeline Korbel Albright, Richard Cohen Holbrooke and the rest of Jew occupied Washington support the Croatian Jew Franjo Tudjman, and create the new Democratic Croatia, and support the Croats and Muslims against the Serbs, because the Croatian Catholic Clerical Aryan Fascist Ustashi were created by Madeline Albright’s tribal brothers, the Jews, such as Josip Frank?

    19. destroy the Khazars Says:

      Who is Anita Linder?


    20. Ashkenazi or Khazar? Says:

      Aleister Crowley and the occult


    21. asheNAZIS Khazars Rothschilds suck Says:

      Boudicca, Celtic Warrior Queen


      This is how husbands and wives should function…they go into battle together to defend their families, their tribes, their people…screw the Romans and the Ashkenazis

    22. asheNAZIS Khazars Rothschilds suck Says:

      Queen Elizabeth II, Jubilee 2012-the House of ROTHSCHILD


    23. asheNAZIS Khazars Rothschilds suck Says:

      What is a Golem?


    24. asheNAZIS Khazars Rothschilds suck Says:

      Who were the Amazons?


    25. asheNAZIS Khazars Rothschilds suck Says:

      George Soros (Scwartz) the Golem


    26. asheNAZIS Khazars Rothschilds suck Says:

      They tried to make the world forget his name…..vechnaja pamjat Mr. Tesla


    27. asheNAZIS Khazars Rothschilds suck Says:

      The Rothschilds and the three city states that rule their empire.


    28. asheNAZIS Khazars Rothschilds suck Says:

      The ROTHSCHILDS must be stopped!!! It’s do or die.


    29. asheNAZIS Khazars Rothschilds suck Says:


      The Serbian people, whether they live in the Jewnited states of Americunt land, Canadastan or anywhere else in the world, will NEVER, EVER forget or forgive this. Anybody who stands in the way of returning the land that was stolen from the Serbian people should be impaled on a wooden stake. Amen.

    30. asheNAZIS Khazars Rothschilds suck Says:

      Destroy the Jewish Golem!



    31. asheNAZIS Khazars Rothschilds suck Says:


      Jewish satanists

    32. asheNAZIS Khazars Rothschilds suck Says:

      Sabbatean Frankists


    33. asheNAZIS Khazars Rothschilds suck Says: