7 February, 2010

The Camp of the Holy Ghosts

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by Tom Sunic.


“A hundred years ago, a famous scholar and political psychologist, Vilfredo Pareto, described in his thick volumes the non-logical actions of liberal political actors and their desperate methods of rationalizing their aberrant political decisions. His analyses could well fit into the study of the mindset of prominent White advocates and their neurotic attitudes toward Jews. Servility never disarms the tormentor; it only makes the servile victim look more despicable in the tormentor’s eyes.”


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  7. 15 Responses to “The Camp of the Holy Ghosts”

    1. Jan L Says:

      Sunic is getting better and better!

    2. A. Says:

      “In a similar vein many recent German converts to Islam, let alone millions of Bosnian Muslims are very European and White. ”

      What the hell is “very European”? Yeah, I forgot, Sunic is a Croatian. Ad Hominums are the only arguments in town now days ladies and gentlemen. Let’s not forget it.

      “probing into the causes of the non-White immigration is far more delicate. The suicidal role of churches, especially the Catholic Church in the USA and in Europe needs to be critically examined, as does the opportunistic role toward Islam and Judaism of many White nationalists.”

      No it doesn’t. White nationalists have no power either way, and the Catholic Church will kiss the biggest ass it can find. You pretending that the BNP et. al. are White Nationalist is all well and good but reality spits in your face. They like some “pepper in their soup”.

      “All of these three religions originated in the Near East — not in Europe. If one were, therefore, to follow this logic then one must dispense with Judaism and Christianity too, since these two religions are also non-White by birth.”

      That is to narrow the concept sphere and throw out tradition and established usage. The only plums I like to eat are black doris plums. But if we follow Sunic’s logic, if I don’t like green gages I shouldn’t like any type of plum at all.

      “Race cannot be the synonym for religion.” It should be since world feeling comes from the one to inform the other.

      But I’m getting tired of attacking this dropsy dribble. When are we going to get real commentators who don’t use faulty logic, false premises and fictional worlds?

    3. A. Says:

      You know what is truly pathetic? I mean maximal wimpage, dude? It is guys like Sunic going on and on about people as if they are on our side when those same people are vocivorous in saying they are not. It is like you are at a party and this guy keeps on nudging you in the waist and saying, “See her over there? She is my wife.” Meanwhile that woman is coming and going with different men into a bedroom, each time coming out less dressed than when she went in. Then she comes out and comes over to you. Leaning to her ‘husband’, she says, “Piss off you little twirp.” To which the man replies, “Yes darling. Whatever you say.” “Nice way to talk to your husband.” you tell her in a sarcastic tone. She howls in laughter. “That queer little turd. You have got to be joking…”

    4. CW-2 Says:

      If the views of the ‘renegade’ Bishop Jacques Gaillot are representative of current Christianity then the globalist elites couldn’t wish for a better vehicle to encourage White altruism and national suicide, as prophetically described in Jean Raspail’s ‘Camp of the Saints’.
      It is slightly amusing that Gaillot after being dismissed from the bishopric of Evreux was made titular bishop of a long extinct diocese in Algeria dating from the time when North Africa was Christian. The irony was probably not lost on officials in the Vatican who cooly observe, without a peep of protest, a similar displacement of White Christians occurring in France.

    5. Justin Huber Says:

      Sunic’s article is pretty good for the most part. I do think he should go a littler further though and just say that Christianity and White nationalism are not compatible.

    6. americafirst Says:

      On the great cynic Pareto, in discussing the spineless bourgeoisie in democratic governments he wrote, “He who plays the sheep will find the butcher.”

    7. Tim McGreen Says:

      The Xian churches in eastern Europe don’t have that much influence in their respective countries anymore. For example, traditionally Catholic Poland and Bohemia/the Czech Republic are very secular. But I guess the Slavs have had enough of being invaded by other peoples for hundreds of years, so they are more resistant to the Mud Flood than western Euros are.

    8. joeglas Says:

      Talmudic Judaism is the mortal enemy of Christianity.The Catholic Church has been and is being infiltrated by Crypto-Jews for decades.The biggest non-Jewish supporters of Jewish supremacism and domination home and abroad are Christian evangelicals primarily from Protestant denominations.

    9. Nordlander Says:

      A., talk about selective reading from you there. Sunic is NOT pretending that the BNP is White Nationalist, he is criticizing them for taking in Jews and adopting the “anti-islamofascist” agenda.

    10. Nordlander Says:

      Good notes in the article on the nationalist parties that think the Jewish media will suddenly accept them if only they bash “islamofascism” real hard, and avoid criticizing Middle Eastern immigration because it is Middle Eastern.

      Like Sunic says, what about Latin American immigrants? They are Christian; so is that “Christian immigration” or simply non-White immigration? I wonder also, what about the Blacks in the U.S., should we call them a Christian menace? Furthermore, about Middle Eastern immigration in Europe:

      1. A substantial minority of M.E. immigrants are Christians. They behave EXACTLY the same as the Muslims.

      2. Immigrant gangs have adopted the MTV hiphop culture, which comes from American Black ghettos, which are Christian. The gang culture has nothing to do with Christianity though, and not Islam – the gangs consume alcohol, strictly forbidden in Islam, and the women in the gangs don’t wear veils. Those who harp on about religion are lying about the real problem.

      3. Once you start talking about “Muslims” instead of non-Whites, you get people in your party who actually BELIEVE in the religion-only angle. They will slowly take over, because as the party grows it will get more and more members who are ordinary people, who are too lazy and stupid to read up on nationalism. Even the word “nationalism” scares them. They will follow anyone who promises to throw out the “extremists” (the founders) from the party so that it can “get somewhere.” They are stupid enough to think that entering parliament is a goal in itself, that the democratic process will lead to change. They dump the nationalist message for that purpose. When parliament seats should only be a more public platform to deliver your nationalism from – that is the only thing parliament seats are good for.

      To sum it up: it is false to talk of immigrants as a “Muslim” problem, when Christian immigrants behave the same way, and the gangs are not motivated by religion. The religious angle never gives you any favors from the media, they keep hating you. And it fills your party with pro-Jewish, anti-nationalist members who will eventually take over.

      Pretty soon your party is not anti-immigration and pro-separation, but instead “pro-integration,” to wash away Islam from the immigrants so they can become good Englishmen. Who cares if they have a little darker skin, as long as they speak English and marry English women, eh? Integration is the way to go. Anything else would be racist.

      Don’t laugh, this is what nationalist parties in Denmark, Sweden and Norway are saying, among others.

    11. CW-2 Says:

      It’s true that nationalist parties, such as the BNP, take the jew ‘geld’ and convince themselves the path to success is to water-down the truth eventually reach a dead end.
      The British People’s Party, bpp.org.uk, looks interesting, they appear to be an unrepentent, hard-core militant White Nationalist party.

    12. Nordlander Says:

      From the essay:

      Almost without exception the French higher and lower clergy is known for its left-leaning, pro-immigration politics. Given that less than 10 per cent of White French attend Sunday mass, the French Catholic Church must search for new sheep among non-White immigrants. It is common to observe the French clergy break the law by providing safe havens on the church premises for non-European immigrants, including Muslims from North Africa.


      Last year in May, Italy passed strict laws against illegal immigrants making it a felony to work and reside in Italy without proper documents. The Pope, however, could not wait to slam the right-wing Silvio Berlusconi government as “racist and xenophobic.” In January this year, after race riots had broken out in Calabria, in southern Italy, the Catholic clergy promptly sided with the African immigrants.

      But what else can one expect from the Catholic Church whose doctrine is based on the dysgenic idea of “love thy neighbor”? The Pope’s spokesman reiterated recently that “the Church had always sought to defend the dignity of immigrants, particularly the weak and the feeble, around the world.“

    13. Igor Alexander Says:

      “Don’t laugh, this is what nationalist parties in Denmark, Sweden and Norway are saying, among others.”

      That’s what every (ethnic) nationalist party stands for; assimilation of non-whites, rather than exclusion. That’s why I reject any form of nationalism that doesn’t recognize race.

      Assimilation is for whites from other cultures. Exclusion is the only thing that will do for non-whites.

    14. Igor Alexander Says:

      “Given that less than 10 per cent of White French attend Sunday mass, the French Catholic Church must search for new sheep among non-White immigrants.”

      The Catholic Church is reminding me of the Republican Party; kissing brown ass when the bulk of its supporters are white.

    15. Tim McGreen Says:

      {Igor Alexander Says:

      16 February, 2010 at 7:29 am

      “Don’t laugh, this is what nationalist parties in Denmark, Sweden and Norway are saying, among others.”

      That’s what every (ethnic) nationalist party stands for; assimilation of non-whites, rather than exclusion. That’s why I reject any form of nationalism that doesn’t recognize race.

      Assimilation is for whites from other cultures. Exclusion is the only thing that will do for non-whites.}


      Igor, clueless establishment types like Neo-conlander will never understand that “nationalist” parties are a waste of time. Like you say, most of those parties are more concerned with the problem of assimilating non-White invaders than they are with getting rid of the fuckers.

      The political system is thoroughly under Jewish control now…Jewish campaign money, Jewish press coverage, Jewish votes, Jewish pressure groups. You’d have to be a damn fool to think you can defeat the Jews by forming a “nationalist” political party. But there are apparently a lot of other Neo-conlanders out there who think they’ll somehow manage to do it anyway.