20 February, 2010

U.S. Media in Frenzy as Tiger Woods Speaks on TV

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Jewish media boss Abe Ben-Poopshitz says: “Everything Tiger does will be urgent news. If he sneezes, you’ll report it immediately on all of our TV and radio stations. Our newspapers and magazines will talk about his every move for weeks, even months. He’s not just a golfer, he’s a god. Understand?”

Liberal reporters: “Yes, master!”


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  7. 17 Responses to “U.S. Media in Frenzy as Tiger Woods Speaks on TV”

    1. Antagonistes Says:

      Well, their coverage backfired on them, because now everyone sees that this guy’s image was manufactured.

      Or, maybe it doesn’t matter what he does, as long as he is constantly pictured on TV.

      But I am wondering if this is going to create a stampede by the masses to Buddhism, an Indo-Aryan religion/philosophy. Probably not–too cerebral. But maybe the usual people will commercialize it, and dumb it down for the dopes. Which they will, if there is money to be made.

      I did not see the TV spectacle but from this article, it is rather refreshing not to hear some meat-head athlete prattle on about being forgiven and “born-again” and how Jesus is his “main-man” or other vomit-stimuli.

    2. Stan Sikorski Says:

      Tigger who?

    3. Randy Barns Says:

      Only reason an infamous Nigger is in the Jew News is to cover up Joe Stacks deeds. RIP Joe.

    4. renfro Says:

      Tiger was promoted as the new human being. The premier multiracial super boy. An icon to represent earthlings in outer-space. But he collapsed into a heap of genetic garbage. It’s not nice to fool Mother Nature.

    5. Waldo Starr Says:

      Who gives a rats ass. Cheetah’s marriage fidelity is just TNB, typical nigger behavior, no surprises here. Elin is a bigger loser for spoiling her DNA.

    6. Tim McGreen Says:

      Could you imagine any White golf players like Jack Nicholas or Arnie Palmer behaving like Nigger Woods? You give a coon some money, some fame or some power and they ALWAYS go ape-shit.

    7. William Says:

      I thought it strange that the Tiger Woods lunacy took such prominence
      on TV. Here the US is, with unnecessary wars of choice, soon to be $14 TRILLION in debt with NO way to pay the debt, and shaky ability to pay the interest on the debt, Wall St JEWS laughing at how they shook down the taxpayers for hundreds of billions….a morally bankrupt and cowardly US Congress, and the JEWS who control the US media give us Tiger??? America is doomed. Too many just do not understand that the “news” is so slanted….by WHAT is chosen to be “the news”, and HOW it is presented. Watch the JEWS continue to beat the drums for an attack on Iran, FOR NO GOOD REASON. America is doomed.

    8. mrcrouton Says:

      This is all about mass psychology, denigrating white men with racial conciousness, and rubbing their faces into the dirt as their women breed with mongrel negroes. The press is overdoing this meme, to the point of interrupting your regular scheduled talmudvision with a higher priority race mixing story.

      Look what his wife has done to those children! Marrying a man who looks very similar to a lawn jockey? Have you seen the ugly mongrels that came from her womb? She might be having fun with the fame, but look at what she’s done to the unborn. If she married a Nowegian man, think how beautiful her children could have been. But she wanted fame and money.

      When the day comes, they should all be banished to Africa.

    9. Tim McGreen Says:

      “America is doomed.”


    10. festerbestertester Says:

      Buckwheat got caught!

    11. Antagonistes Says:

      mccrouton, if I had the wherewithall, I would indeed start manufacturing those statues of lantern-holding niggers–in the image of Tiger Woods!

      With, perhaps, a driver held at a suggestive angle!

      Excellent idea.

    12. Henry Says:

      “Look what his wife has done to those children! Marrying a man who looks very similar to a lawn jockey? ”

      That is really a very good analogy! Yes, it is true — he really does look like one of those lawn jockeys.

    13. Tim McGreen Says:

      Maybe I’ll ask that Klansman Daniel Carver to make me a Nigger Woods lawn jockey. I live in a White racist neighborhood, so I don’t see any problem with displaying something like that. The Jews next door might complain, but what can they do about it? Besides, their yard is a pigsty.

    14. Luke Says:

      Good comment, Mr. Crouton. I concur.

      However, a few years ago, after OJ did the pro-white movement a huge favor – for which I think Tom Metzger named him ‘White Nationalist of the Year’, and did a ‘two-fer’ (popped a Jew and a white slut race mixer at the same time), I remember feeling sort of elated – in a morbid sort of way. I just knew that this would send a very clear and very important message to white women about what is likely to happen to them, if they drop their panties for black males. I just knew that white women would be jarred into using their rusty brains, and understand that a black male with lots of green in his pocket is really no difference than the ghetto black male in ‘da hood’; genetics are genetics.

      But, I was wrong. I not only continued to see young, decent looking white girls hanging around the local malls with their negro boyfriends, but discovered that OJ had himself yet another white bimbo in his stable within year of his acquittal.

      White racial stupidity apparently has yet to hit bottom.

    15. th Says:

      TNB is correct. The one that should be apologizing is the race traiting whore, who married and had mongrels with this hyped up nigger. She is the one who should be begging for mercy and then thrown off a cliff along with her brood. After all the years of careful selection that her family had in creating aryans, along comes this stool sample who decides otherwise. She and that worthless shitbag heidi klum. Unforgiveable.

    16. oscar Says:

      Goddamn jews. They make the world crazy.

    17. Irma Grese Says:

      Oh for the days of the old south, when this THING would have been set on fire, lynched shot and then lynched AGAIN for even daring to LOOK at a white woman! As for it’s whores – and that includes the nigger-loving race traitor wife – well fuck THEM, allright? They need to be IMPALED, like Vlad used to do to the Turks, as a warning to all mudsharks to keep their legs CLOSED. That goes for those rotten mixed up genetic defects they call children! NO MERCY FOR RACE TRAITORS COME THE REVOLUTION.