11 February, 2010

Yeah, Yeah, That Really-Evil Joe McCarthy…

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Newbies, here’s an interesting historical detail: did you know that Sen. Joseph McCarthy’s 1953/1954 congressional committee didn’t just “haul people in front of it” to testify? The witnesses – almost all of them hostile, Marxist Jews who refused to answer questions – were always given a chance to testify in private first, behind closed doors – an important fact never mentioned in media accounts of the McCarthy hearings. Sadly, Tail-Gunner Joe was derailed by his two Jewish sidekicks, Roy Cohn and G. David Schine:


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    1. th Says:

      These liberal educators are always looking for something to ban. I believe it to be true, that most cases where a hakenkruez, kkk or any other sign or symbol is painted on a wall is usually done by a nigger, fag or jew themselves. These so called educators don’t even know it’s called a roman salute and not a hitler salute. No wonder everything is so jewed up.

    2. Aealo Says:

      Yesterday I set my radio dial for a little talk-radio during a short drive. My wife and I always have a chuckle when we’re listening to these “neo-cohn” radio kikes like Savage, Levin, Medved and their open hostilities toward Iran and Ahmedinejad… yesterday on the Weenie Nation, “Savage” was pounding the table with his fist screaming for Euro-American Goyim to work together and attack Iran.
      I’ve really enjoy how “Savage” always says that he’s an immigrant’s son and then doesn’t go into much detail after that.

    3. Gerald E. P. Morris Says:

      Sen McCarthy’s sad career and betrayal, like that of Pres kennedy later, (He was Joe McCarthy’s bro-in-law by the way. Joseph Kennedy at least had some idea of WHO the enemy was!) merely underscores one of my theses, namely, that Aryans must NOT WASTE THEIR ENERGY ON PARTICIPATING IN THE JEW- MASONIC PIG REGIME! At all. period.

      The ENTIRE “American” paradigm is jew, from beginning to the horrible present. Christobal Colon, alias “Christopher Columbus” and his navigator, Amerigo Vespucci both were sephardic pigs looking for the land-masses they knew good and well were out there, in order to initiate a long-term project of rebuilding a Carthaginian-model jew plutocracy, with which they could they could use to assault Europe and exterminate the Aryan race. How much of this full strategy any single jew like Colon knew is immaterial, the rabbis like Maimonaides certainly DID formulate such a long-term strategy, which the judaizing puritan-protomasonic FILTH greedily expedited, saving their kike masters a couple centuries of labor. Thus was “America” conceived, and so it now IS!

      So, first, Aryan INMATES of the American-gulag need to start with thoroughly de-americanizing their Weltanschaaung, and then washing the minds of their closest associates. Until THIS REMEDIAL, primary step is taken, all. efforts will be WASTED at BEST, and too often will actually wind up SERVING the kikes!

      We need allies! And when they present willing, helping hands, we must NOT repeat Hitler and gauleiter Koch’s suicidally STUPID mistake of spitting on these eager helping hands!

      Likewise, we must NOT ACCEPT ALLIANCE with the STATUS QUO PIGS! ALL of the filthy conservatives merit death, preferably by sexual torture, for their betrayal of Race, Species, Life and God by their satanic alliances with jews for their own personal comfort. (CIA fags heed this little warning!) The German Volk were betrayed to their perdition by Hitler’s stupid opportunism. Same goes for McCarthy and Clan MacKennedy.

      LEARN from History Aryans, and try WINNING, not whining!

      Gerald E. P. Morris

    4. Socrates Says:

      Christopher Columbus’ financial backers were Jews. As for Columbus himself being a Jew: not that I know of. Still, it’s disturbing…

    5. CW-2 Says:

      The reason McCarthy is still hated and vilified to this day is not for his exposure of jew commies in Hymiewood and the State Department but because he was about to investigate commie penetration at high ranking military levels.
      I recall reading somewhere, it may have been in TBR, that McCarthy was likely murdered in hospital by placing drycleaning fluid inside his oxygen tent. It seems like a wild unsubstantiated allegation, and impossible to confirm anyway, but it may contain some truth as the official cause of death was liver failure.

    6. Tim McGreen Says:

      Why is it whenever there was an investigation of Red activity in government or Hollywood it was called a “witch hunt”, ie, a terrible and immoral thing, but “Nazi hunting” is OK?

    7. Tim McGreen Says:

      And besides, is there anything wrong with “hunting” witches? Aren’t they supposed to be evil creatures? Funny how the Jews come up with such curious terminology. Other examples are “canard” and “forgery”, which is used whenever they are referring to the authenticity of “The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion”.

      Jews are really, really crazy.

    8. th Says:

      Thats exactly what the jew did with the pagan religion. They decided to refer to pagans as witches, which turned pagans into criminals. It worked just as they planned, because it showed them how to turn a race against each other. This evil scheme that made a large number of aryans turn christian and with years of mind twisting made them turn upon the pagans. Its a really strange and evil thing that the jew was able to do. The term pagan actually means ” one who lives in the country or country dweller”, but even modern day pagans have played into the jews kike hook nose bastards plan and even call themselves witched. The jew has learned the power or name calling and word twisting. As we see here in this shit hole of a country, communism, faggotry and being a nigger are good things. Man, i want to slap the shit out of a jew!

    9. William Says:

      Take a look at all the Soviet JEW spies who were active in America after WWII. Some were caught and imprisoned. The Rosenbergs were executed. McCarthy was correct in his efforts. The reason most now associate his name with something bad, or unfair, is because the JEWS have again distorted and hidden the FACTS. Even now in 2010, I’ll bet that over 90% of all Americans believe that the Ashkenazi Khazars of Israel are somehow connected to the Israelites of the Bible. Well, they are NOT. The Khazars of Israel are mostly from the Pale of Settlement in Russia. Yes, the Khazars of Israel are the decendents of the Russian Communist Chekists who slaughtered so many millions of Orthodox Christians.

    10. Tim McGreen Says:

      It doesn’t matter if the Jews are Khazars or Sephardim, they ALL look and act like Jews to me.

    11. whodareswings Says:

      McCarthy and the Kennedys:



      “Sen McCarthy’s sad career and betrayal, like that of Pres kennedy later, (He was Joe McCarthy’s bro-in-law by the way. Joseph Kennedy at least had some idea of WHO the enemy was!)”

      Mccarthy and the Kennedys were, indeed, sympatico, but there’s no substantiation of him being related to that family by marriage. Robert Kennedy worked for McCarthy as an investigator, but fell out with him over the two gay Jews who eventually brought the senator down, Roy Cohn and David Schine.

    12. Ein Says:

      Tim asks: Why is it whenever there was an investigation of Red activity in government or Hollywood it was called a “witch hunt”, ie, a terrible and immoral thing, but “Nazi hunting” is OK?

      Because those who shape the opinions dictate the terminology. I suppose that’s why.

      Interesting comment about the over-use of canard, forgery, etc.
      Are Jews the ONLY ones who use the word “canard”? Seems that way. Every truth they don’t like becomes a canard. Ergo, I guess a canard is just a truth that Jews don’t like.
      Ditto forgery, stereotypes, etc.

    13. sean gruber Says:

      Ein, your rambling screed is full of canards. A forgery and a conspiracy theory, itz! (joking)

      My attention was drawn to these jew misuses of language by Linder.

    14. Tim McGreen Says:

      Another thing Jews do is to identify themselves as White, EXCEPT if you complain about them…Then they start in with their predictable whining about “anti Semitism”! Jews, either you consider yourselves to be White or you think of yourselves as Semites…You CANNOT be both, Jews!

    15. sean gruber Says:

      The only thing to do with jews is to send them to heaven. They don’t listen to reason; to them, words are only weapons in an ethnic war. If poisonous snakes could talk, would you debate them?

    16. Nogkiller Says:

      McCarthy a “tailgunner”? As in, homo?

    17. Nogkiller Says:


      DON’T send jews to heaven, who knows what they’ll do with my 72 virgins!

      Just by their presence, I think they’d literally stink up the place. Aim them for somewhere else … whether it’s lower or higher than valhalla/heaven … the sun!