4 February, 2010

Zionism = Jewish Imperialism Funded by White Taxpayers

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Yep, Zionism is not benign but aggressive and malignant. Jewish territory constantly expands. The Jews now control 78% of Palestine, way up from the 56% that the 1947 UN Partition Plan gave them even though they were only 40% of the population then (granted, the UN plan wasn’t officially ratified, and how could it have been? The Jews had started a war against the Arabs). That’s why Israel can’t have peace in the Middle East. Zionism can’t exist in a peaceful setting. Indeed, peace is the very last thing that the Jews want, because as soon as it (and political equality) is achieved there, Zionism will be doomed. (Also note: the Balfour Declaration, we now know, was written by a Jew, Leopold Amery):


  • 2 Responses to “Zionism = Jewish Imperialism Funded by White Taxpayers”

    1. Rick James Says:

      Speaking of Jewish Imperalism founded by White and/or Gentile taxpayers, let’s not forget that all the top executives at all top financial institutions are Jews. Same with Bernie Madoff, he stolen 50 billion dollars from hard working Gentile Americans and it has been a big challenge to figure out where all of Madoff’s money went. I’m sure that the majority of those 50 billion dollars ran away to Israel. That is how all Jewish financiers and Jewish ran financial institutions work, all the money goes off to Israel and while all European, American, Asian and Mid Eastern economies dwindle, Israel’s economy never dwindles because as you know, Jews control all the international banks. Many top execs at Goldman Sachs, Lazard, Merill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, Citigroup, Bank Of America and so on are Jews. But I am happy that Madoff is now in jail, they should have done the same with the founder of the Rothschilds empire in the 18th century, so that the Jew World Order wouldn’t have formed by now.

    2. joe flaherty Says:

      Forcing American taxpayers to fund militant Zionism should be considered a violation of the 1st Amendment. How can the American government legally uphold one particular religion above all others, even when we consider the Supreme Court’s 1962 OPINION of church-state separation?
      By allowing a small group of religious zealots to control American policy both foreign, and domestic, is it any wonder why America is fiscally and morally bankrupt?