1 March, 2010

Oregon: More White Dispossession as Far-Left Mexican Gets Own Street

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Never mind “Si se puede.” How do you say “stupid White people” in Shitskin?


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    1. Tim McGreen Says:

      Ask any business owner unlucky enough to have his store located on a Martin Luther King or Malcolm X Boulevard. Naming some major thoroughfare after a non-White troublemaker is a recipe for economic disaster.

    2. old dutch Says:

      Just another street named after a Roman Catholic politician. LOL.

    3. Tim McGreen Says:

      Caesar Chavez was a Mestizo activist, not a politican. I say if you’re going to name a street after a Roman Catholic politician, how about Tom Hayden? LOL.

    4. old dutch Says:

      Either way you got a street named after a Roman Catholic activist.

      Hayden, or Moonbeam Brown, just a couple of Irish Roman Catholics who are helping sell out California to their Mexican co-religionists. Of course a Roman Catholic California is in their poltical interest. The same with greasy Nancy Pelosi. LOL.

    5. th Says:

      Yet another victory for the muds. How about a street named Nathan Bedford Forrest, the greatest calvary officer and first imperial wizard of the KKK. Now that would be remarkable.

    6. Justin Huber Says:

      Another one for the things that make me want to barf file. Tim, you never answered my question from a couple days ago on another thread. Did you make a Soylent Green reference in one of your posts? If so, I enjoyed it.

    7. M. Kraus Says:

      Oh, I see…they renamed the street to honor a “labor leader”. Sure. It’s all about solidarity with the working class. Nothing racial here.

      Lying social-marxist pieces of shit. If Portland wants to honor a labor leader, they can rename a street Jimmy Hoffa Boulevard.

    8. Bret Ludwig Says:

      We ought to lobby the good burghers of Urbana, Illinois to rename some street Revilo Oliver Way, and/or put up a statue to the man.

    9. .308 Says:

      r i p roy.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AXoA7JjDU9g
      beaten to death by a negro and spic in a cell
      covewred up by 1 nog cousin and 2 white cops one in the cell was a rapist
      book coming out this yr about the hidden facts

      AERHJSRXTJRSDTJHSRH Bwen sdsdtb$W Ya35tj

    10. Andrea Dworkin Says:

      I urge my fellow whites to get their own ‘ICE’ t shirts to wear around your towns and at the gym like I do. Let’s turn up the heat on these rotten, theiving foreigners.

      Additionally, if other white people see others against Immigration they might see the normalcy in the cause and join in.

    11. Mel Brooks Says:

      Dutch, you really need an infommercial to flog your “CatholicBeGone” Mother Mary Oxy Cleaner. I hear that Billy Mays has vacated his slot.

      Your insistence that one JesuCult is better than the others
      out there madness notwithstanding, you do occasionally write something lucid and rather intelligent. I guess the preachers
      got to you early, eh? Some folks are better off retaining the Jesus Bathwater then, lest you go kugel-head like Sam Shepard did in the film “Resurrection”. Filling The God Hole, I think it’s called.

      And FYI, Moonbeam is German/Irish.

      It all brings up an unintentionally hilarious doomsday scenario-shotgun-wielding crusaders blasting the “heathen”, regardless of race-while the bunnies wait for deliverance in their cars & trucks , praying to the plastic Jesus (or for the Catlicks, Mary) on the dashboard.

      “Riding with Mary, protection to pass..”

    12. old dutch Says:

      I guess you noticed that Holy Mary boy Moonbeam Brown has thrown his hat into the ring for Governor of California.

      Can he kiss more Mexifornian Roman Catholic ass than he already has kissed? LOL. Does Moonbeam do those Holy Mary chants while puckered up to kiss brown ass including his own.

      Voting for a Roman Catholic politician “is” voting for open borders!

    13. Howdy Doody Says:

      1970 Oregon had less than 8,000 mixed blood indio’s from Messyco!

      Arrogant savages have enemy alien attorney’s who make money and smash US IMO.

    14. Howdy Doody Says:

      The regime is more interested in monitoring we read and post on the net, say on the phones than any criminal open border invasion.

      Believe it.

    15. .308 Says:

      TIME for us to get knawwledgable here some sacred neeg0 wisdom of the ancient poop http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UxN_nG1vnsY

      learn and be wise brothas

    16. Irma Grese Says:

      Fits with what I saw when I was up there years back – spics everywhere!! It can only be worse NOW. Isn’t OREGON one of those states where Tubby wants us all to move to set up his Northwest Republic?? Place don’t sound very pro-white to ME! Not that where I’m at is any better, but unless your neighborhood is 50 percent nog and rising it’s best to work where you are!

    17. Howdy Doody Says:

      Rural N.W. is White, and with leftists NPR types and enemy aliens from the large cities of the Empire.

      The Lower savages are in the cities and their rep’s run the state capital and get the money.

      Mhongs, messycans, Central American savaages and Congoids from the so called colleges are like every other place.

      Thinking Whites are also burdened and enjoy working, and are for the most part just plain old ignoring the commissars completely or as much as possible.

      In the 80’s and 90’s scum state top thugs hired alot of filth that have hired since alot of POS to ride herd on US..

    18. Andrei's Ghost Says:

      Fostering Island-Negro young bucks

      White Highland family seeks to take in young Negro bucks from Haiti

      By Andrei Yustschinsky, Lake County ***Star*** Press Correspondent | Posted: Monday, March 8, 2010 12:05 am

      Michelle O’Day and her husband, “Chuckmeat”, are taking in two young negro bucks from Haiti. Michelle and her son met the young negroes 18 months ago on a “personal mission” to an orphanage outside Port-au-Prince. She hopes Claudens Michaud, 22, and Leon Laurent, 18, will be in the United States soon on temporary visas. They will stay at the Highland crib with the O’Days, who have four sons that will soon be put up for adoption to make room the the colored newcummers..

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      HIGHLAND, INDIANA | If all the red tape can be unsnarled, Michelle and “Chuckmeat” O’Day will welcome two young negro bucks from Haiti into their home later this month. It’s a journey that began 18 months ago.

      Michelle O’Day and her then-13-year-old and soon former son Oakley traveled to Haiti in August 2008 to help a friend at an orphanage he started in Source Matelas, about 20 minutes from Port-au-Prince. Outside the orphanage gates, the O’Days befriended two young negroes who were too old to be “cared” for in the facility.

      Leon Laurent, then about 16, and Claudens Michaud, about 20, were living on the streets, selling their bodies to American homosexual Republican senator and congressmen tourists.

      “They told me ‘We prayed for a pretty mama or even a pretty grandma and here you are,’ ” she recalled. “That’s what they call me, ‘mama.’ ”

      Leaving the two young men behind was difficult, Michelle said, so she bought them cell phones to enable texting and photos. Those text messages and photos arrived every day and were slightly disturbing, she said. Sometimes Leon and Claudens sent me cell phone photos of them butt naked and asked if “do we look better then are new daddy being butt naked”, Michelle said.

      The family sent money through friends to help the two young negroes.

      When the 7.0-magnitude earthquake struck Haiti on Jan. 12, the O’Days lost all contact with the coal black pair.

      “We knew they hadn’t eaten in 3 hours since lunch,” Michelle said. “We finally got a text on Friday after the earthquake. They only had left about 20 pounds of corned beef, Folgers® Coffee, Ben & Jerry’s® Ice cream and a few “bricks” of Richard’s Wild Irish Rose® Wine (clear) to consume.”

      It was 13 days after the earthquake that aid finally arrived in Source Matelas.

      “We felt helpless,” she said. “We had to get them out of there.”

      Adoption wasn’t possible because the young men are older than 16.

      The family was offered a number of illegal means for bringing Leon and Claudens to the United States, but declined to participate, Michelle said.

      “Everything we tried through legal means went nowhere,” she said.

      “Out of the blue, we received a text message from a man named Bebe Dorsainval, who is a missionary in Haiti. He said he could get the boys passports in the Dominican Republic.”

      Those passports should be ready to pick up in the neighboring Dominican Republic on Friday, Michelle said. “Now the problem is getting a visa attached to the passports.”

      The island-negroes Leon, 18, and Claudens, 22, will need to take their new passports to the American Embassy in Port-au-Prince to apply for visas, she said. How long those visas will be valid is not clear, she said.

      “We’ve heard they can stay only 30 days. “Some people” say the visas are good for 30 years,” she said. “We’ve also heard the only way they can stay is to get married. We’re putting that in Jesus’s black hands, too.”

      Whatever the outcome, the O’Day family is already prepared for Leon and Claudens to join them, Michelle said.

      “We have four biological boys ages 5 to 15 who we will be putting for adoption as soon as Leon and Claudens arrive in our home and our biological boys hopefully will be soon taken in by some nice god-fearing African-American families some where out there. We moved into this house in Highland three years ago and the older boys finally got their own bedrooms. But they’ve given up their rooms, home and mom and dad to welcome our newcummers,” she said.

      “In our hearts, Leon and Claudens are already our sons.”

      Andrei Yustschinsky reporting from Highland, Indiana for the Lake County ***Star*** Press…..