17 March, 2010

The Lesson of Amy Biehl

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by Dr. William Pierce.

“People have told me that I talk too much about the Jews. They have told me that I should focus more on America’s race problem, that I should talk more about how Black crime and Black welfare and Black — may I call it ‘culture’? — are degrading our civilization. White people don’t have their homes burglarized by Jews, these critics tell me. Jews don’t sell heroin to our children on school playgrounds. It’s the Blacks and Mexicans who are the problem. And Jews don’t throw their trash in their yards and get on welfare. So get off the Jews’ case and tell us how we can solve the race problem before it destroys America.”


For the audio version of this article, go [Here] and scroll down to 08-08-1998.

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  7. 16 Responses to “The Lesson of Amy Biehl”

    1. Charles Martel Says:

      Okay, I dunno where to post this, but check this out. A retired US Army War College instructor talks about the Jews here:

      The Ugly Truth: Alan Sabrosky
      (start at the twenty minute mark)

    2. Rafaelowe Says:

      I read the article to a sibling and expanded on a few points to give her young mind a little more insight into the issues. Which was followed by a two hour discussion on how things are . Some interesting questions and points came up. Like the mere fact that she called a Nigger “black” was grounds for a PC reprimand from her peers and the fact that their behavior was entirely irrational from her POV. With genuine concern she also ask’d why are the Jews doing this to us, why are they being so evil. I gave her a number of answers as there are a number of “reasons” , delving into EVO psych, historical references and cultural ones as to why they are doing this.
      Then she asked “what are we gonna do”? And that was a hard question to answer.
      I pointed to the fact that finer minds and deeper pockets than mine had failed to achieve anything. And that neither did anythign look like it was going to change anywhere in the near future as even now whites in South Africa still shun the AWB as their numbers dwindle even lower.
      Even though radical nationalism(which the AWB fondly enough is not but is close enough) is their absolute and only last hope to throw off the Nigger/Jew yoke.

      As all kids say would say, “why not fight these bad people?”. To which the reply was, who’re we gonna be fighting against other than White people. Jews and niggers are the minority, its the white majority that we’d end up fighting against.

      Our people are sick, they’re suicidal and self destructive.
      The best answer i could give was to simply stay safe, stay as safe as possible and be ready to leave in the future when things are truly unsafe to the point of being more hostile than they are now by a good margin. Head back to the Balkans or move to Asia.

      There really is nothing else that can be done. Our people are sick, terminally and this article is a perfect example of that. They need to die, for their own good and ours. And they’ll do it all on their own as well, we need not do anything. We just need to stay safe and look after ourselves. When there’s no whitey around the muds will die off. And we can find allies or at least enclaves in Asia should Europe completely capitulate to the Jew.

      It all looks really hopeless from this end. I think this article really pointed that fact out well, 12 years ago ._.

    3. -JC Says:

      The Old West (series)
      The Frontiersmen (volume)
      “3|A ritual of death by fire”
      Page 72 & 73

      In the summer of 1782, General George Washington told his army that “no person should, at this Time, suffer himself to fall alive into the Hands of the Indians.” The suggestion was prompted by news fo the horrifying fate that had befallen Colonel William Crawford, captured by Delaware Indians thirsting for revenge after the massacre of a number of their people.

      As the scene at right (reconstructed years later) shows, Crawford wound up tethered to a stake [naked,] inside a ring of fire, pelted with embers and jabbed with red-hot poles by tormentors who had already torn off his ears and scorched every part of his body with gunpowder fired at point-blank range [from their firearms]. A second captive, Dr. John Knight (lower right corner), was also marked for death—with charcoal-blackened face—but escaped to recount the awful tale.

      Crawford could at least be thankful that the Delawares despised him. The more the woodland Indians respected an enemy, the more mercilessly they tortured him. A great warrior put to the stake would die only after enduring agonies more terrible than Crawford’s suffering it all with apparent relish, even asking for more.

      Death by torture was a ritual contest in which the victim’s manhood was the prize. He would keep it—win the game—by proving, as one scholar wrote, that “his courage was equal to any trial, and above the power of death itself.” Adversaries tood these roles so seriously that Indians who shaved their heads left on tuft of hair for the scalping convenience of a victorious foe.

      Small wonder that the [W]hites who encountered these fierce frontier tribal groups, considered them unspeakably barbarous and viewed their philosophies as utterly beyond comprehension.

      [Under the adjacent illustration, apparently a painting: “Delaware tribesmen burn a Revolutionary officer—Colonel William Crawfor—in Ohio in 1782. to the Indians an execution was a festive event, and the fire [a “ring of fire”] was arranged so as to keep the victim alive as long as possible.”]

    4. nom de guerre Says:

      So much for the noble red savages. I once read the account of Commanches bringing some captive Caddo indian children to Santa Fe, to sell to the Spaniards.. When the Spaniards declined to purchase them, the Commanches proceeded to slit their throats, then the Spaniards bought them. No good injuns , and I’m not sure even the dead ones are good.

    5. nom de guerre Says:

      I have the complete series of the Old West, left to me by a deceased Uncle, and they don’t give a pretty picture of Injuns, one account was of a raid conducted in the 1830 by an Osage war party against the Kiowas, who at the same time had sent a raiding party off to do the same.. All of the ones that couldn’t escape the war clubs , were decapitated and the heads thrown in a cooking pot, as a calling card. Apparently some totem a skunks hide, was later returned to the tribe by none less than the US Army

    6. nom de guerre Says:

      I’m sure the injuns couldn’t have done the whitewash of making Whites feel guilty without the jews religion of guilt cult called Christianity.

    7. bojangles gizzards Says:

      You mean MAD demons are suggesting the “TRAIL OF TEARS” IS A JEEBUS BLATHER SWIDLE?!?

    8. Tim McGreen Says:

      We should not feel sorry for spoiled liberal White girls like Amy Biehl, clueless dingbats who feel the need to come to the aid of their colored brothers and sisters, even if the coloreds didn’t ask for their friggin’ help. Who’s been leading the drive to help the niggers in Haiti? Suzie and Sally Creamcheese of Suburbanville, USA, that’s who. There are millions of White families in this country who could really use a helping hand from their fellow Whites right now, but the stupid niggers come first, right?

      When is Whitey going to stop minding every other race’s business and take care of his own???

    9. -jc Says:


      A journey of forgiveness for Amy Biehl’s killersThe spirit of the Santa Fe High gradudate who died in South Africa 15 years ago, lives on through the good works of the men who took her life
      Scott Kraft | Los Angeles Times

      Posted: Saturday, October 25, 2008 –

      GUGULETU, South Africa — Easy Nofemela remembers the evening Amy Biehl died. Coal stoves from township shacks had painted the twilight a sooty gray, signaling a cold winter’s night. Guguletu’s main road throbbed with cars. And a mob of angry young men was looking for symbols of white rule to destroy.

      Then the men spotted Biehl, blond and blue-eyed, as she drove through the township in her yellow Mazda.

      “Rocks were being thrown at Amy’s car. She got out and ran, and she was stabbed right over there,” Nofemela says, pointing to a patch of grass next to a service station, now planted with a small cross.

      Nofemela remembers, 15 years later, because he was part of the mob that killed Amy Biehl.

      What he didn’t know then was that Biehl, a 1985 graduate of Santa Fe High School, was hardly a symbol of apartheid. She was a Fulbright scholar studying the lives of women in South Africa, a 26-year-old Stanford graduate with a plane ticket for home the next day, from an airport 10 minutes away.

      Nofemela was one of four men convicted of murder for their actions that day. They spent nearly five years in prison before being granted amnesty in 1998 by the country’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

      Today, Nofemela, a compact 37-year-old with a shaved head and a quick wit, is himself the father of a young girl. And, in an improbable tale of forgiveness and redemption, he and Ntobeko Peni, another of the men convicted of the murder, now work for the charity Biehl’s parents founded here after she was killed.

      It’s a paradox that Linda Biehl, Amy’s mother, prefers not to examine too closely. “I don’t know how it happened,” she says, sipping coffee at a cafe near her home in Newport Beach, Calif. “I’m not going to begin to try to analyze it.”

      An engaging woman of 65 with a blond bob and a warm smile, she has grown exceptionally close to her daughter’s killers. “Easy and Ntobeko are fascinating, and I really do love them,” she says. “They have given me so much.”

      Former Santa Fe residents Linda Biehl and her late husband, Peter, launched the Amy Biehl Foundation in 1994 with donations that arrived, unsolicited, from strangers moved by the news of their daughter’s death. Today, it runs after-school programs for youngsters in Guguletu and other sprawling townships and squatter camps that took root during the apartheid era on the Cape flats, about 10 miles east of Cape Town.

      “Our mission is to develop hope for children in the township and give them a future,” says Kevin Chaplin, the foundation’s managing director. “Our focus is to keep them away from violence and give them healthy activities that tap into the creative side of the brain.”

      The foundation operates out of donated office space in downtown Cape Town at the foot of Table Mountain, the picture-postcard city’s most recognizable landmark. Tributes to Amy Biehl and the foundation’s work paint the walls. A small television set loudly plays old news show clips of the Amy Biehl story — her brutal death, her killers’ convictions and amnesty, and the foundation’s work — for newly arrived volunteers.

      Chaplin, 45, left a successful career with a South African bank two years ago to oversee the charity, which runs township classes in music, dance, drama, crafts and sports. “It’s been the most satisfying time in my life,” he says.

      But it is the Biehl family’s story, he says, that resonates here and abroad.

      “A lot of people can’t even forgive the little things,” he says. “If the Biehls can forgive four young men for the death of their daughter, then there’s no excuse for the rest of us. So we try to teach Amy Biehl’s story — that good can come out of tragedy. We’re really teaching people about the power of forgiveness.”

      Amy Biehl had been in South Africa for nearly a year on that August evening in 1993, and she had amassed a wide circle of friends that included some of the nation’s leading human rights lawyers and politicians as well as township dwellers.

      The country was nearing a historic moment. Nelson Mandela was free after 27 years in prison, and his liberation organization, the African National Congress, was poised to take control of the country in the first free elections, scheduled for April 1994. Blacks, who outnumbered whites 5 to 1, would be allowed to vote, ending four decades of white minority rule.

      Biehl had been researching constitutions and bills of rights around the world for ANC leaders writing a new constitution, and she also was involved in voter education efforts. She had just completed her Fulbright paper, “Women in a Democratic South Africa: from Transition to Transformation.”

      But it was a bloody, restive period. Right-wing whites were engaged in a desperate effort to retain power. Four months before Biehl’s death, a white supremacist had killed Chris Hani, the leader of the ANC’s armed wing, in the driveway of his home. Radical black groups, such as the Pan Africanist Congress, or PAC, were waging their own violent war against symbols of white rule, unconvinced the government truly intended to give up power and suspicious of the ANC’s plan for a multiracial democracy.

      Biehl was driving three friends to their homes in Guguletu that day when a mob numbering about 80 spilled out of a PAC rally chanting the group’s battle cry: “One settler, one bullet.” In the group’s argot, settlers were white people, specifically the white Afrikaners who had settled in South Africa 350 years earlier and, in 1948, had imposed the system of racial separation known as apartheid.

      Witnesses later identified three members of the mob, including Nofemela, 22 at the time, and they were charged and convicted of murder. The prosecution asked for the death penalty, but the judge sentenced them to 18 years in prison, saying he thought they had a chance to become useful citizens “despite the fact that they have shown no remorse.” A few months later, Peni, 20 at the time of the attack, was arrested, convicted and also sentenced to 18 years.

      The Biehls thought the matter had been put to rest. But in 1997, four years after their daughter’s death, the killers applied for a pardon before the nation’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission. The Biehls asked Archbishop Desmond Tutu, head of the commission, what they should do. “Just come and speak from your heart and talk about Amy,” he said.

      At the hearing, the men admitted their role in the killing and said they believed they had to kill whites to make South Africa “ungovernable” and force the government to relinquish power.

      The Biehls read from their daughter’s high-school valedictory address and spoke of her commitment to helping South Africa. But they extended an olive branch too. “We come to South Africa as Amy came, in a spirit of committed friendship,” Peter Biehl said. “And make no mistake about it, extending a hand of friendship in a society which has been systematically polarized for decades is hard work at times.”

      Outside the hearing, in a hallway, the four men approached the Biehls and shook their hands. “They asked our forgiveness,” Linda Biehl recalls. “Ntobeko told us that when we forgave him, he didn’t care if he got amnesty because he had just been freed.”

      All four men won pardons in 1998, and a year later, the Biehls went to see Nofemela and Peni in Guguletu. “It was like an adoption,” Linda Biehl recalls. “That kind of broke the barrier. These were just children who didn’t have a chance to have a childhood.”

      She’s never asked them what role they played in Amy’s death; she assumes they did little more than throw rocks, as they acknowledged during their amnesty hearings. (Another of the four men had confessed to stabbing Amy. He wound up back in prison on an unrelated charge.)

      After prison, Peni had started an organization to help former anti-apartheid activists acquire skills such as bricklaying and plumbing. He persuaded the Biehl Foundation to help support his organization and, three years ago, he went to work there. He was recently promoted to program director and supervises a core staff of 16, including Nofemela.

      Nofemela emerged from prison to become a community leader in Guguletu, where he battled for government money to replace shacks and bring plumbing and electricity to the township. A one-time soccer star, he now coordinates the foundation’s instruction in soccer, cricket, field hockey and other sports — some at his old school, a few dozen yards from where Biehl died.

      Surrounded daily by tributes to Biehl, the two men wrestle with conflicting feelings about their role in her death. There is remorse over the loss of an innocent life, but there also is an abiding sense that their motives were pure.

      “Deep down, it was very difficult for me to accept my own actions,” Peni recalls, sitting in his small office at the foundation. A baby-faced man of 35, Peni now has two daughters, ages 1 and 5.

      “I felt I had contributed to a new South Africa and that what I did was done for a political reason,” Peni says. “But when I thought of Amy …” He pauses. “One has to find peace within in order to live. It’s odd, but sometimes people who offer forgiveness are so disappointed when the people they forgive cannot forgive themselves. This foundation helped me forgive myself.”

      Nofemela is a charismatic quipster who is hugely popular with the youngsters. He doesn’t see his role in Biehl’s death and now her legacy as a contradiction. She was, like him, a victim of a political war.

      “I will never run away from the fact that the oppression in South Africa was done by white people,” he says. “The white man was prepared to kill. I also was prepared to kill.

      “But now, I’m working to spread the spirit of Amy.”

    10. Ein Says:

      Checking Amy Biehl’s story, I see there is now an Amy Biehl High School in Albuquerque, “perpetuating her work in south Africa”.
      “She gave her life to ending apartheid in South Africa”.

      Some people never learn!

      Oh, and I see also that she comes from Newport Beach, Calif. (not Albuquerque). On further checking, I see that Newport Beach is “one of the wealthiest communities in California, and in United States overall. As of February 2010 Portfolio.com ranked Newport Beach, California the richest U.S. city. … more than a quarter households have an income greater than $200,000, and the median value for homes exceeds $1 million.

      I see also that Newport Beach has a population which is overwhelmingly white and only half of one percent black!!! Sounds like a pretty nice place!

      My question: Why wasn’t Amy Biehl at home trying to end apartheid in Newport Beach, instead of making trouble for others half way around the world?

      And she wasn’t even Jewish! (so far as I know).

    11. torrence Says:

      The genius of Dr. Pierce is sadly missed. But he left behind a life’s work that continues to be a well-spring of understanding and information. It is indeed a legacy for all like-minded folk. I am pleased that VNN taps into this resource and recalls his contribution through such weekly posts. It also introduces his body of work to those who may not be aware of such treasures.

      The National Alliance, well intentioned though it may be, continues to feed off this legacy. But inheritances eventually do run out. Need to build your own self-supporting foundation, NA. Take note.

    12. Tim McGreen Says:

      Funny how all those Black-loving White liberals come from nice comfy all-White communities. However, Whites who live in racially mixed areas, such as those near military bases, poor areas of the South, border towns or in the older suburbs of major cities, know better than to get all teary-eyed over the plight of the Negro.

    13. -JC Says:

      It is not just private and expensive Stanford University that cranks-out left-liberals. Government schools, starting with preschool and ending with State University graduate departments have exactly the same agenda. Community colleges are probably the worst.

      Furthermore, if any of you have ever visited Newport Beach, and I’m sure Alex Linder has been there, you would notice that it is continuous with Costa Mesa and that both communities have their share of minorities, predominately mestizos, which makes the average income even more remarkable. If anything is wrong with property values in Newport Beach it is the hoards of mestizos that crowd the otherwise relatively clean, pleasant beaches but do not actually live there.

      Last night, I heard a story about a County welfare office from a disgusted, relatively low-paid, former employee who moved-on to a more palatable job with another agency because she couldn’t stand it any longer. She recounted stories to seeing members of the same families, a multi-generational phenomena, if you will, who have been trained by the system to capture resources for 15+ years a “pop.” She said that office gave away approximately $1 million in $50 gift cards for TARGET and minority employees virtually threw them by the handfuls at fellow-minority recipients when the program was winding-down.

    14. CW-2 Says:

      It is always tempting to praise the clarity of Dr Pierce’s insight, but that is unnecessary, his broadcasts and articles speak for themselves. Our most urgent task is to get uncommitted Whites to listen to the good doctor.

    15. John Says:

      Tim McGreen Says:

      18 March, 2010 at 6:05 pm

      “I see also that Newport Beach has a population which is overwhelmingly white and only half of one percent black!!! Sounds like a pretty nice place!”

      No suprise here. Liberals are “closet racists” of the most hypocritical sort. They have NO IDEA of the collective suffering and disruption of a normal lifestyle that lower incomes who can’t afford to move to “Whitelandia” have to endure. NONE!! That being the case, these deracinated white liberals have NO morality authority or real-life experience to critique, denounce and preach to us about the so-called ‘evils’ of racism!!

      These well-insulated liberal snobs are nothing than a cog in Big Jew’s anti-white displacement, replacement and eradication machine! Stupid-ass DUPES!

      Whether this is a conscious Jewish conspiracy or a simply a subconscious, neurotic hatred for the gentile White race, I can’t answer. All I can do is observe and painfully acknowledge that the end result is the SAME!


    16. John Says:

      I said:

      “They have NO IDEA of the collective suffering and disruption of a normal lifestyle that lower incomes who can’t afford to move to “Whitelandia” have to endure.”

      Excuse the typo; I meant to say:

      They have NO IDEA of the collective suffering and disruption of a normal lifestyle that lower income whites, who can’t afford to move to “Whitelandia,” have to endure.