6 March, 2010

The Steady Jewing of Mankind

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Not that Whites should care about Mexico per se, but the worldwide sickness of egalitarianism is spreading into the “macho” Spanish-speaking countries [1]. You can blame “Western” popular culture – which now reaches around the globe – for much of the spreading [2]:


[1] egalitarianism

[2] that popular culture includes, of course, heavily-Jewish Hollywood/the music business/the media

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  7. 5 Responses to “The Steady Jewing of Mankind”

    1. Coup D'Etat Says:

      Is it so much the “Western” idea or more of the “Democracy” idea that is proving to be a shambles? “Western” is more of a location than a political movement being shrouded with a ficticous name with an agenda favoring the very few and not for the majority.

      I’ll vote for the latter because it is an interesting word and idea that has been misplaced in the minds of the many. Many think it is an innocent word full of freedoms, etc., etc. Far from the truth. If we have such a democracy entailed with freedoms, etc., etc., then why are we having such rogue individuals as presidents of the U.S.? Why is our voting actions trampled upon? Why are we finding more and more each day that we are being heavily taxed and without representation? Why is the U.S. a corporate state than a constitutional state? Why are U.S. citizens unwantingly being invaded, in neighborhoods and political seats, with 3rd world immigrants – legal or illegal and their rights matter more than a legally born U.S. citizen or Whites?

      Is this a “Western” ideology or is this a democracy for the ellite and for the Zionists who wear sheeps clothing?

      Iraq – the newly Democratic society. A society and country that is in shambles. There is no guessing why.

    2. A. Says:

      To form the concept of horse you must abstract out many attributes of real horses – color, size, ect… To form the concept of man, you must also abstract out many attributes of individual men. The ideal then becomes to be that ‘man’, only when you have repressed or denied that which makes you you are you worthy of the rights of man. Rights given you by the state. So men are sacrificed for man. And if you do not deny yourself then you are an un-man, a criminal, just as once you were condemned a sinner. The alien are easier to abstract thus the alien are more man than those like you who remind you of you criminality. The aliens’ sins are more easy to forgive.

    3. Tim McGreen Says:

      I never had any use for Greasers, but at least I thought they had enough sense not to tolerate all that fag nonsense. Who knew there were so many maricons in Meh-ico?

      Thank the Aryan Gods for the Russian and Ukranian people. They’ll never cave in to those Jew/fag pressure groups.

    4. Johnny Says:

      You’d be surprised where you can find faggots.


    5. Costeau Says:

      Sorry OOT, I am sick with the star symbol above.