8 March, 2010

University of Wisconsin: Continuing Controversy Re: ‘Holocaust Denial’ Ad in Student Newspaper

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To allow speech that Jews don’t like, or not? Oy, what a dilemma!

[Article], [Video] and [Video/Article].

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  7. 9 Responses to “University of Wisconsin: Continuing Controversy Re: ‘Holocaust Denial’ Ad in Student Newspaper”

    1. Greg Gerdes Says:

      Bradley Smith is a mealy-mouthed, hypocritical coward.

      He refuses to condemn censorship on his own codoh forum, then cries like a baby when he gets censored himself.

      The codoh forum will censor / delete any mention of the “holocaust” as being a literal jewish conspiracy, or anything else that goes beyond the milquetoast “revisionism” that Smith and his codoh censors practice. The bottom line is they don’t have the balls to call a spade a spade.

      Here is a recent email I sent to Brad and his “response.”

      email #1 – GG – …do you condemn the censorship of posts that stay within the codoh forum guidelines?

      BS’s “answer.” – “Who decides?”

      email #2 – GG – It’s just a simple question Bradley:

      Do you condemn the censorship of posts that stay within the codoh forum guidelines?

      BS’s “answer. – “Mine was simpler.”

      And so on it went, with the hypocritical coward refusing to condemn the blatant censorship that goes on at his own forum. His evasive, mealy-mouthed responses would have made the greasiest jew proud.

      Bradley Smith only cares about censorship when it affects him and his own agenda. His refusal to condemn the blatant censorship on his own codoh forum proves he is not a man of integrity. And his standing by and letting his cowardly codoh censors keep information from “the market place of ideas” further proves that his anti-censorship stance isn’t based on principle.

      I would be more than happy to share all the recent emails I’ve just exchanged with the coward so you can see for yourself how unpricipled his anti-censorship stance really is.

    2. Greg Gerdes Says:

      Here is a concrete example of the censorship that’s going on at the codoh forum. The following was contained within a forum thread that the codoh censors deleted.

      ** A poster called -holographic:

      “I stay WELL within the CODOH guidelines yet I’m censored.”

      * Greg Gerdes:

      “I know how you feel holographic, and so do many other posters here. It’s getting to be a joke… Does the word – hypocrisy – pop into anyone else’s mind?”

      # The result of my expressing my learned opinion that the censorship on codoh is hypocritical? Not only was my post deleted (censored), the entire thread got disappeared (It was a thread that was already started by another poster who was fed up with codoh’s censorship.) And to add insult to injury, the codoh censors banned me for two weeks for daring to ask Bradley Smith two simple question that exposed his hypocrisy.

      Apparently, Bradley Smith thinks he’s the only one who has the right to a “free exchange of ideas” and to ask other people simple questions. What would you call Bradley Smith’s actions / inactions?

    3. Igor Alexander Says:

      Beautiful! I love seeing jews pushed between a rock and a hard place; if they ignore it, it might give people the impression that revisionism is socially approved, but if they attack it, they’re giving it publicity that it wouldn’t receive otherwise. Whites need to be doing more of this “getting in the jews’ face” stuff.

    4. Igor Alexander Says:

      “Journalistic ethics” is just a code phrase for saying that papers should always reject ads from people and organizations jews don’t like.

    5. Kuda Bux Says:

      They believe in ethical relativism- the needs of relatives come first. And only their relatives are ethical.

    6. Tim McGreen Says:

      Why is it OK for college newspapers to run ads for phone sex prostitution, leather bars, off-campus bars that are known to serve alcohol to underage students, Friends of Israel Committees, pro-abortion groups, pro-dyke organizations, pro-African movements, the Communist Party USA and other such unsavory nonsense but not an ad questioning the historical accuracy of the ‘Hoax? That would seem be the least offensive ad to run in a newspaper, objectively speaking.

    7. -JC Says:

      The vocabulary word of the day, boys & girls, simply a high-sounding, college-level term for “lie,” and apparently an essential part of the craft known as journalism, is:

      Pronunciation: \i-?kwi-v?-?k?t\
      Function: intransitive verb
      Inflected Form(s): equiv·o·cat·ed; equiv·o·cat·ing
      Date: 1590
      1 : to use equivocal language especially with intent to deceive
      2 : to avoid committing oneself in what one says

      synonyms see lie

      — equiv·o·ca·tion \-?kwi-v?-?k?-sh?n\ noun

      — equiv·o·ca·tor \-?kwi-v?-?k?-t?r\ noun

      from: http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/equivocate

    8. Dagon Says:

      The excessive obsfuscation and sheer weight of the verbage was headache-inducing after awhile. I couldn’t watch the video all the way through.

      Seems these kids are forgetting a little something called the First Amendment.

      Of course, in this brave new world with its accompanying Cultural Marxist Newspeak, the idea of people having the right to dissent – no matter what protected group that dissent might ‘offend’- never enters the conversation.

    9. Coup D'Etat Says:

      These kids think the First Amendement is a one-sided story and that a lie is the truth. They have been brainwashed, same as their parents, to believe the one-sided stories from jews. History of all the murders the jews have committed have been suppressed and altered to where the jews are only the victims. It’s easy to do when you have control of all forms of media which the kids don’t understand. They don’t realize their country has been invaded by bunch of Asiatic murderers, but instead have been told that Whites are the only murderers — Germans, the 1800’s slavery of the negroes, not to mention the label “barbarians” placed on Whites in history books. You will find that the Mongols were/are not named as “barbarians” or Ghengis Khan as a “barbarian” in world history books or the jews as murderers, but instead as sacrificers hidden as a religious duty.