21 April, 2010

Jewish-Hand-Puppet Croaks; Ready, Set, Cry!

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“Civil rights” = Jewish tyranny in blackface:


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  7. 8 Responses to “Jewish-Hand-Puppet Croaks; Ready, Set, Cry!”

    1. Blackshirt Says:

      I’ve noticed even more “civil rights” documentaries recently on the Jew-tube. Beyond the usual White guilt mongering, I wonder if this is a new push to promote negro victim-hood in the vein of Jew victim-hood. In other words, are we going to see more sympathetic movies and TV series devoted to the poor nigger “suffering” in the South before the 1960s?

      I doubt hymie is going to ever let the colored folks equate their “suffering” to the holocau$t.

    2. Tim McGreen Says:

      I don’t know what that old colored woman was so unhappy about. She lived to be 98 years old, for god’s sake. That never would have happened if she had been living in some African country. If she lived in Uganda, for example, she probably would have been gang-raped by Black soldiers at age 12 and then set on fire.

      And then this uppity babooness recieved a scholarship to go to college in the 1920s? That was at a time when even most White folks couldn’t send their kids to college! My guess is that Ms. Height had a pretty easy, comfortable life in this horribly unjust, racist country of ours.

    3. S.U.N. Says:


      The link above further shows how the civil rights baloney has been killing white America. Who could ever have imagined towelheads issuing death threats in U.S. soil? Then there’s the spic community angry over their fiesta of illegal entrance being cut short very soon.

      Now back to Ms Height, she must have been pissed at not so many chimp/white woman couples back then making the headlines.

    4. Fuzzball Says:

      Blackshirt has a point: Black-pain CAN”T equal what Jews suffered. That would never be allowed! Yet lawyers (and many are Jews) can make piles of money pushing (and forever administering) cash-flow of guilt “reparations.” (They smell it like the “holocaust Industry” but bigger.)

      However by that time the whole system will be terminal!

      Like S Africa & Zimbabwe – open race war, shortages of food/fuel, collapsing money, and “law enforcement” so corrupted that folks form their own (ethnic) self-defense cadres in regions. The Poo-bahs at the top already live in guarded communities. “Security” bunkers are being built as they know a war is coming. But bunker-life will end… likely by being invaded and incinerated by our irate folks who finally understand what has been done, by whom!

    5. Jim Says:

      In his Autobiography, Albert Schweitzer who spent many years of his life tryng to help the niggers in Africa, stated that the negro race is a “child race”, and that if the White man treats the negro as his “equal”, the negro will destroy him. The more the White man has given to the niggers since the so called “Civil Rights revolution” of the 1960’s, the more contemptable he has become in the eyes of the nigger, and the more he despises him. The nigger respects only one thing, and that is STRENGTH. Glenn Miller is right that the White man has lost his nuts, and has become a coward when it comes to niggers. By the way, Tim McGreen and Blackshirt; thank you for your excellent comments. No hard feelings.

    6. Randy Barns Says:

      I missed the death of another filthy hook nosed jew. I must take a few seconds every week to watch the Jew Tube and catch up on the Kike obits.

    7. Sean Gruber Says:

      I’ve been around, but I never heard of this privileged bitch. Out of nowhere she came, like BO did. Then suddenly: flags at half-mast here in Knoxville, TN. Huge funeral ceremony, resembling a presidential funeral. The President of the United States weeping on TV. WTF? They sent her off like Rosa Parks – at least everyone had heard of Parks, who actually did something (a small and commie-contrived thing, but something). It’s frightening how some never-heard-of non-entity goes from zero to more-important-than-George-Washington with no preparation given to the public expected to worship her. That’s screwing without lube.

      Ameriqwa is insane and getting worse by the day. Can’t wait for the big smash-up of this crazy train.

    8. Captain Slappy Says:


      “Civil Rights” never existed until “Honest” Abe did his end-run around the Constitution, during Martial Law….that everyone called the “Civil War”…..

      All Amendments since the ORIGINAL 13th Amendment (not the NEW one) are, and have been, illegal. Illegally passed “Amendments” without TRUE State Ratification (not enough States) DURING enforced Martial Law……DO NOT COUNT LEGALLY. And NO, we have NEVER been released from Martial Law….Lincoln never stopped it!
      (Hence….the “Reconstruction” era……)

      Read the 14th Amendment VERY closely….

      The 13th “freed the slaves”…..
      The 14th enslaved EVERYONE. (Take note the 14th says NOTHING of “voluntary servitude”….such as a contract…or a Driver’s License…or a Social Security card….all things “voluntary”….unless you sign them….then it is not so “voluntary” anymore is it?).

      “Civil Rights”, and the “war for”….equals complete bullshit.
      You see….PRIOR to “Honest Abe the Lawyer” you had ACTUAL GOD-GIVEN Rights….and the Constitution of the Republic.
      EVERYONE had them…..except for PROPERTY. Slaves were PROPERTY………and Property Rights are STILL a Right, not a CHOICE, not a “Civil Right”. They are inviolate to this bullshit “contract law” we have now.

      The fight was over taxing….and controlling, all the States.
      Then it became about “equal Civil Rights”…..but the blacks were stupid enough to never catch on. You see, the Feds simply let them be workers….with “civil rights”….which never existed before, but magically, are given BY THE FEDS TO HUMANS. They even got the “CIVIL right to VOTE”…..which doesn’t EXIST in a Republic! In a Republic….THERE IS NO DEMOCRACY. You do not VOTE, you DELEGATE……and there is no “majority”…it is either 100% for OR AGAINST. So let them have the “civil right to vote” in a “democracy”.

      It is worth……NOTHING. It is USELESS. THEY control it.
      I like my Republic much better. In a Republic…..I run it. Not them.
      (Yes people, the Republic is still here. But like a rusted up garden rake, it has been set aside…..and everyone forgot to pick it back up to use it. So go pick it up.)

      Guess what, kids? My Rights come from God…and the Republic and the Constitution of, and Common Law. They do NOT come from States or Feds.

      But black people’s do. They are called “Civil Rights”….and can be, and are, “privileges” granted by the Government(s). MY Rights are automatically SUPERIOR. Because unlike everyone else..I claim them, publicly. If you don’t claim, and you are quiet….you automatically get “civil rights” that everyone can regulate and take away….THAT was the ENTIRE point of “civil rights”….the conversion of one to the other. IF I volunteer for it and allow it….

      Oh the wicked web these retards weave.

      So, you see, it doesn’t bother me when morons who cannot read, and who do not understand, get “civil rights” in a shit-sandwich system. That is because I have God and Constitution given Rights in a free Republic, that are automatically superior.

      Let the apes have whatever they want when it comes to “civil rights”….they are worthless, just like they are…….