17 April, 2010

Letter to the Editor of the Daily Titan

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by Bradley R. Smith: [Here].

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  7. One Response to “Letter to the Editor of the Daily Titan”

    1. Tim McGreen Says:

      A brief look at the life of Bradley Smith…..

      HIS FIRST WORDS: Dadee, I tink I am a howocaust wevisionist. Someday I will wite a book cawed “Da Man Who Saw His Own Wiver”. Wassdat mean?

      HIS FIRST DAY IN SCHOOL: Miss Smith, I challenge you to an open debate on the Holocaust…After nap-time, that is.

      ON HIS FIRST DATE: Emma, I think you’re really special, so why don’t we go upstairs and read my collection of Holocaust revisionist literature together? Don’t worry, my parents will be gone all weekend!

      BRADLEY’S WEDDING VOWS: I promise I will always cherish her and provide her with information on the latest Holocaust revisionist conferences, in sickness and in health.

      ON THE DAY OF HIS FIRST CHILD’S BIRTH: Oh, I’m so proud! This is the most wonderful day of my life! I just learned that Fred Leuchter didn’t find any Zyklon B residue on the walls of Barracks C-19 at Buchenwald!!!!!!!!!

      ON THE DAY OF HIS DAUGHTER’S WEDDING: Now, don’t be like your mother was. She couldn’t stand listening to me lecture her all day about the fact that 251,467 inmates died of various causes in all the German camps during WWII, as opposed to the figure of 249, 216 that she used to nag me with. My future son-in-law Larry has a good head on his shoulders. He agrees with the 251,467 figure, which has been proven by all surviving camp records. Remember, all good wives agree with their husbands on that number.

      HIS LAST WORDS: Do I have any regrets in my life? No, except for the fact that I spent so much time obsessing on stupid things that don’t really matter, things that no one really cares about. Friends, family…They’re…they’re..

      I..I..I only wish I could have devoted more time to the only thing that ever really mattered to me…Holocaust Revision…ughhhghghgghaahahahkkkhghhhh