29 April, 2010

White Actresses These Days

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Spooky coincidence! In the based-on-a-true-story, 2009 movie “The Blind Side,” actress Sandra Bullock played a rich, White woman who adopts a negro teenager. In real life, Bullock is a rich, White woman who has just adopted a negro baby. Oh, what an eerie similarity there!


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    1. Ein Says:

      (The Hebrew letters didn’t come out above.)

    2. Ein Says:

      Oh no, wait. BOTH of her parents must be Jewish after all.
      Here’s Wikipedia:
      “Portman’s parents met at a Jewish student center at Ohio State University where her mother was selling tickets. Her father returned to Israel, and the two corresponded and were married when her mother visited Israel a few years later.”

    3. Pu Nainen Says:

      Who gives a fuck if she’s jewish or not? She’s close enough to pass as white rolemodel and that’s the main point. Pedantic research about rank and file soldier is total waste of resources, when we know the HQ’s plans. Ownership of all those medias, which report this in positive way should be researched. In any case she’s a worthless tool.

      Use this to get white men. Every white man should atleast send emails to respective editors and order them to stop publishing racemixing in positive light and stop financing these firms. I can’t believe the shit regular joes can take.

      “Have White ‘wimmen’ lost all contact with their reasoning faculties.”

      Womens reasoning faculties are called men. It’s mens duty to guide and command their own women.

      Insulting on the internet does not really produce results. Of course popular opinion should ridicule and loath tolerant niggerwhores, but if you don’t have command over your women in real life then you’re just driving them further away from you. You should literally take them by the hair and command them to stop tolerating. It should be done at the onset of puberty and continue regurally.

      “Incidents like this demonstrate just how easy it is to control immature White girls, and some older women too, by manipulation of what is deemed ‘fashionable’.”

      That controlling would be mens job. Part of it can be done on the sites women frequent, but principally it should be done in real life and command women not to spend time in multiculti environments.

      It’s stupidity to try to influence women with logical arguments and facts. Women follow mens lead. It’s just biology.

      “I bet if shit sandwiches were promoted by Madison Avenue as a tasty and lo-cal alternative to a BLT, pre-anorexic girls would be scrambling to pay top dollar for this ‘gourmet treat’.”

      Isn’t it already an all-family entertainment for bikini-clad sluts to eat horses assholes and cheese with maggots?

      “The jew media bosses are masters of this sort of deceit and deception.”

      It really does not require a lot of expertise. Most people imitate what they think is popular and with massmedia it’s very easy to give apperance of immense popularity. It’s a basic human trait, which worked in the stoneage societies when the only known person were actually achieving ones with good genes. Most people are at the level of cavemen and ironically have been programmed to deny their healthy biological instincts

      What makes song a hit?

      “They are the cutting edge of the genocidal attacks, we need to make their lives more ‘interesting’.”

      It would be a lot more productive to concentrate on the other end of the equation ie. women and other whites. It’s more important to uphold ones own than to attack others.

    4. Tim McGreen Says:

      Natalie Portman is a Jewess. In fact, she is one of the easier ones to spot. The name Port, Portman?…Totally Jewish. She also has Asiatic eyes and the uncouth mannerisms of a Jewess.

      OK, so who’s next up on “Name that Jewess”?

    5. -JC Says:

      This has been a remarkably long, meandering thread. One notices that Ms. Bullock remains on the covers of magazines sold almost exclusively to women at checkout stands everywhere in America.

      We’re reminded in Griffin’s book, The Fame of Dead Man’s Deeds, that Dr. Pierce worked with a light heart, didn’t dwell on how the Jews are and simply accepted it as reality and didn’t take it personally.

      Pu Nainen (above) wrote: “… It would be a lot more productive to concentrate on the other end of the equation, i.e., women and other whites. It’s more important to uphold ones own than to attack others… Insulting on the internet does not really produce results. Of course popular opinion should ridicule and loath tolerant niggerwhores, but if you don’t have command over your women in real life then you’re just driving them further away from you… ”

      On this approach toward becoming more effective, “Responding, Not Reacting,” by Erich Gliebe (American Dissident Voices broadcast, May 1, 2010, at http://www.natvan.com), is quite good.

      I’m curious if anyone knows who is writing this material or whether Mr. Gliebe writes it himself.

    6. -JC Says:

      # -JC Says:
      3 May, 2010 at 11:44 am

      You simply cannot rely upon surnames. Increasingly, you cannot rely on appearance. Observe behavior instead. That’s how one spots the trolls here.

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    7. Howdy Doody Says:

      Heart Land companies have enemy aliens in them, because the fact that children of the founders of these business’s children then married female aliens after 1945 and their children traveled to NYC and other cities in the 1960’s and today they are 100% anti White and support enemy aliens completely who have their DNA.

      They have no respect for their White grand fathers who spent a life time caring for family and caring for employee’s as family IMO.

    8. Tim McGreen Says:

      “Tim McGreen Says:

      2 May, 2010 at 4:12 pm”


      That was the last good post on this thread. It all went downhill after that.

    9. -JC Says:

      # Tim McGreen Says:

      2 May, 2010 at 4:12 pm

      I’ve never seen any film with Bullock in it that I liked. She’s a terrible actress. My guess is that if she was a full-blooded shiksa, her career as an actress would have ended years ago and she would be a cocktail waitress in Vegas now, or hosting boat and RV shows around the country. But The Tribe always looks after its own.

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    10. Howdy Doody Says:


      I don’t have a TV There are a few dozen White made movies over the last few decades and fewer joo movies that were and are worthy to viewing the story, but IMO 90% of Hollywood movie’s are depraved, and are full of projection that has been very negative for Whites.

      It appears that even White Nationalist’s do not understand that either.

      A 1960 movie
      The Magnificiant 7, has the first ten minutes devoting making Whites looks hateful, stupid, arrogant, and foolish.

      That hatred in that movie for US was subversive, but blantant in 1960

    11. Dave Says:

      I hear you Howdy, I just cannot take it. My wife and her sister love movies. Shit everyone I know loves movies. I go to work and people are quoting movies all day. Sometimes I’ll try to watch one with them but I can’t finish it. I just start laughing.

      My movie collection consists of westerns. Nazi films. A couple of family shows from different time periods that I found to be decent, and some low budget films made with real hard work. Like Phantasm! 1,2,3 and 4. They all reside in the basement while the music collection lives upstairs!

    12. Howdy Doody Says:

      Director:William Wyler
      Writers:Donald Hamilton (novel)
      Jessamyn West (adaptation) …
      See more » Contact:View company contact information for The Big Country on IMDbPro. Release Date:1 October 1958 (USA) See more » Genre:Drama | Romance | Western See more » Tagline:Big they fought! Big they loved! Big their story!

      Your right about that Dave.

      There are no decent White women in movies today whats so ever IMO

      I do believe many White women who refused to co-operate with their filth in the 1930’s and 1940’s s were knocked off in various ways IMO.


      Most of the big movies of the last 30 years are rip offs of previous stories already made IMO.

      John Boormans, Excaliber was paid for by himself and two actors in 1981, as he knew working in hollywood and what was coming that IMO he tried to reach young who no longer read, but were held prisoner by media and worse.