2 May, 2010

Christianity. Judaism. What’s the Diff?

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Mary and her Jewish roots, Moses, the Jew Saul becoming St. Paul, this guy Scofield and his Jew-sponsored Bible – it’s hard to tell where Judaism ends and Christianity begins:

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  7. 70 Responses to “Christianity. Judaism. What’s the Diff?”

    1. nom de guerre Says:

      ARMINIUS SAYS :Its final break-through of business with religion was achieved by Saul the pharisee, who had such a vision, then (typically) changed his name and most successfully peddled the story of Jesus on the Cross to the gentile proletaria.
      The final culmination of the Wizard of Bizness was the storefront churches of Mo-Town Amerikwa, where you can contribute your tithes with Mastercard or Visa to Jeboo Inc.

    2. nom de guerre Says:

      One of the most revealing or reviling episodes in the account of St. Paul alias Saul, was the circus performance in the city where they wanted to worship him as Mercury.. No doubt the miracles were all staged managed just like todays hucksters, but then Saul never left anytown without either being thrown out or leaving behind faithful contributors.

    3. Moron impaler Says:

      “Christianity is simply the export version of Judaism. It was the Jews’ first attempt at exerting control over the gentile masses. I believe that Christianity was originally a subversive Jewish plot to undermine the authority of the Roman Gods and Emperors. ”

      Yeah genius . . . and the destruction of the Temple, Jerusalem and driving the Jews into exile was what . . . a big jew plot to return to shitty little Israel in the 20th Century?

      Get a grip. Christ rejected jews. Christianity rejected jews. Christians persecuted, tortured and killed jews over the centuries.

      What we’re seeing today is simply the jews corrupting Christianity the way they do the financial system, Hollywood, gub-mint, the educational system, politics, etc, etc.

      Pope Pius XII supported the Nazis. The current Pope was Hitler Youth. George Lincoln Rockwell promoted Christian identity.

      So it’s not that Christians and Christianity is “bad” for WNs . . . it’s that the current flavor of Christianity has been corrupted with jewish (and thereby marxist) excrement and resembles rotten gefilte fish.

      Christians are the STRONGEST allies of WN . . . as long as they shrug off jew/marxists influence and return to racial identity Christianity.

    4. nom de guerre Says:

      Was it possible that 1500 years had to lapse between St. Pauls aka Sauls whirlwind tours of the Roman empire, and then the mass conversion among muds in the New World and Afreeka? It didn’t seem that too much trouble was made in the Medieval period to convert among the muds, but only torching White Pagans and fringe sects. Xianity was pretty much confined to Central and Western Europe, and the White World was shrinking as Islam and Mongols invasions gobbled up the Balkan regions and swaths of Eastern Europe.. It certainly wasn’t Christianity that breathed new life into Whites bottled up into Europe with Turks and Mongols , and Mudslims knockin’ on the door. We’re in the same predicament now, only we don’t even have the advantage of continent or nation as miniscule as Europe to call our own.

    5. Impaler Says:

      IF the Irish missionary monks had not lied and portrayed Christ and his disciples as a warrior band, would the Germanics have accepted Christianity? I doubt it, by the very fact that the monks had to repackage the gospel in the wrappings of manly virtue. ………………………………………………………………………………..

      Again . . . a gross misinterpretation of history.

      Were Germanic tribes full of vapid retards who could be easily conned by any wandering mystic?

      No. European and/or Germanic tribesmen adapted Christianity because their LEADERS did. And their leaders adopted it because 1) Christ and the cross symbol brought success in battle and 2) They saw the power, wealth and splendor of Rome and later the Roman Church and believed the Christ was the most powerful God . . . more powerful than their own.

      Do not allow today’s gefilte-socialist –Christianity fool you. The Spanish Catholic’s 700-year war against Muslims, the Crusades, the Spanish conquest of South and Central America, the conquest of the American west, the conquest of Asia, India and Africa . . . these were all RACIAL wars with Christ at the forefront. European soldiers and missionaries were racial warriors – which is why Marxists have tried to destroy Christianity by turning it into a wimpy, pacifist, diversity-loving perversion of its former self.

    6. nom de guerre Says:

      The mudz in this strip of the bible thumpin’ belt, don’t give much a shit for the ole time religion, they literally litter and shit on it. Sundays are car wash day, and build up barricades, and beer and bean parties.. I sure miss Minnesota where no idiot would put up a fence around the house, the only jollies the mexishits had there was going to the laundromat or stealing grave markers and hood ornaments. Yeah, their is something about the bible thumpin’ areas that just makes mudz thrive, first off they use the Churches to sponsor mudz, then mudz pretend to be converted, but eventually go back to mud ways.. The Christards than try to bring them in with offering them karate lessons, or having bi-lingual servicios. Gawd its a fukkin laff

    7. Wilton Says:

      Christianity is an unsophisticated stupid mans religion. There aren’t even any rules to follow, all you have to do is go to church once a week and say you’re sorry. Compare it to Islam, a religion that speaks about every aspects of a persons life, it even has its own legal system. That’s why Islam has been non existent in Muslim countries, while it is common practice amongst Christians today. The Muslim women still act like women for the most part, while the Christian women fuck everything in sight. The Muslims have jihad, the Christians have turn the other cheek. The list goes on and on. From a personal and socieital stand point I don’t see any good Christianity brings to people.

    8. mikhail1965 Says:

      Comrades, I did not want to tell anything.
      But recently I followed Greek Gospels.
      Both Russian and English Gospels full of lies.
      It is creation of 19th century.
      Sentences, witch are often quoted, imagined and invented.
      It has nothing to do with Greek original.
      And many phrases invented and are true lies.

    9. Wilton Says:

      In my post I was talking about usury being rare in Muslim countries while common in Christian countries. Both Islam and Christianity were to do away with usury which the Jews allow, but the Christians being very Jew friendly eventually accepted the practice of usury.

    10. Tim McGreen Says:

      Hey Christards, if you had any brains you’d realize that Muslims have far more respect for your Christian religion than the Jews do. Yet you always side with Hymie against Ahab the A-rab. Dickheads.

    11. Tim McGreen Says:

      “Wilton Says:

      4 May, 2010 at 6:29 pm

      Christianity is an unsophisticated stupid mans religion. There aren’t even any rules to follow, all you have to do is go to church once a week and say you’re sorry. ”


      Very well said, sir. If you’re healthy, White and horny, you ought to be ashamed of yourself. You’re not being a good Christian! What a sick religion Christianity is. It celebrates the weak, the stupid and the useless, while vilifying the healthy, the normal and the productive as “sinners”. Go peddle that bullshit to the Africans and the Chinks. They love anything that has to do with submission to imaginary spooks in the sky.

    12. Jim Says:

      The basis of the jew’s religion might be a model for a future Aryan spiritual philosophy. Instead of the kikes, in our religion, Aryans would be the Chosen People who are destined to rule the earth. Jews, who are the antithesis of Aryans will have the function of Satan; the negative force and adversary of the Light. The mud races, with the possible exception of the Northeast Asians, would have a part to play in the scheme of things, but would always be subservient to the rule of the Master Race. The jews would be isolated in Madagascar, and would at all times held in subjection by Aryans. Today, the jew dominates the world through lies; tomorrow the Aryan will domiinate the world with TRUTH. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UUwpLyIDIJw&feature=related

    13. Pu Nainen Says:

      Early Christianity forbid usury and tried to fought against it. Remember the expulsions??

      What’s bad are the numerous ‘biblical’ versions, which pull christians towards Old Testament and therefore enslaves them to jews. There you might find that ‘jewish brainwashing’.

      I was just awestruck when I first learned the kind of biblinsanity you have in USA and it’s popularity. Tens of millions whites are eager to send their sons to be mutilated or killed and are worshipping the Armageddon to become true. They are a Death Cult. Like someone said earlier; you have to aim the younger generations while their minds are still open to see inconsistencies, recent fabrication and its deadly effect to their own race.

      Have anyone read book called Jews and Modern Capitalism by Werner Sombart? It’s theory is that modern capitalism comes from Talmud. Interaction between groups led to soft whites adapting to jews who exerciced intensively and relentlessly their talmudic economics. Compromising whites accepted subservient role and reduced themselves for mere economic units, while jews kept their identity. Calvinism and similar biblicanities are just progamming to form a suitable worker herd for jews to exploit.

      I’ve read that churches are automatically exempt from taxes and that 503(c) is just trick to fool ignorants under federal control. There’s a term free church.

    14. Sgt. Skull Says:

      Actually, the differences are many:

      * Judaism is tribal while Christianity is universal.
      * With Jews you have never forgive, never forget; with Christianity you must turn the other cheek and have little to no self respect.
      * Judaism serves only the Jewish people; they are the only religion that doesn’t actively seek converts whereas Christianity seeks converts all over the third world and is utterly without a racial basis.
      * The Old Testament is filled with violence, hate, revenge and murder towards gentiles whereas the New Testament is concerned with unconditional love and tolerance towards all.
      * Most Jews hold Christianity and Christians in utter disdain while Christians fervently believe Jews are God’s chosen people and worship and serve both they and the state of Israel.

      I must dissent from the thesis that Judaism and Christianity are somehow identical.

    15. Ein Says:

      Excellent observations, Sgt. Skull. Those are worth copying and saving.

    16. Tim McGreen Says:

      Sgt., Christianity is the EXPORT version of Judaism…..You know how the Jews operate! They inflict nonsensical concepts like Civil Rights, Equality, Tolerance, Diversity, Brotherhood and Democracy on us goyim as a means of decieving, controlling and enslaving us. But the Jews who foist such insane ideas on us don’t believe a word of them.

      Just read an edition of “Teaching Tolerance”, the SPLC’s monthly propaganda magazine for schoolteachers. Do you really think the Jews at the SPLC believe all that bullshit about holding hands and rainbows? Come on, already.

      And what makes you think Christians are more tolerant than Jews? What did the Catholic Church do after they came to power in Rome? They destroyed all the pagan temples and forced all the pagans to convert or else! They also permanently cancelled the pagan Olympics and destroyed the pagan Library of Alexandria.

      Our pagan ancestors always tolerated the religions of those whom they conquered. Unfortunately, the scheming Jews and their Gentile accomplices took advantage of that Aryan sense of tolerance and used it against us.

    17. Dave Says:

      Unfortunately,no matter how hard I try to convince them otherwise, my parents think israel is great! So does their church.

      Have any of you noticed just how many christian pastors/leaders sport jewish surnames? That is really bizarre. Well, maybe it’s not.

    18. Sgt. Skull Says:

      I’m well aware of trail of blood left by Christianity and the Catholic church. You’re probably aware that Charlemagne ruthlessly murdered 30,000 pagan Saxons for refusing to convert to Christianity. But that was then. As much as I disagree with the atrocities committed at least that religion used to stand for something (other than Jew and nigger worship) and was hostile to Jewry from the middle ages through the early 20th century.

      Nowadays, the only people Christians can righteously hate are people like you and I. They can’t even work up the nerve to eject the Muslims from Europe or the mestizo slime from the U.S. since that would be intolerant and racist. On second thought the US evangelicals wish to commit mass murder against Iran since that’s what Izzy wants. Izzy’s wish is Sarah Palin’s command.

      As I’ve said before Christianity was the faith of the dying Roman empire and is the faith of the dying white race and Western civilization. It’s time for whites to find another faith that we can believe in and that serves only us.

    19. Tim McGreen Says:

      “As I’ve said before Christianity was the faith of the dying Roman empire and is the faith of the dying white race and Western civilization. It’s time for whites to find another faith that we can believe in and that serves only us.”

      Very well said Sgt! You’ve articulated the situation perfectly.

    20. mh Says:

      True Christianity is extremely racial. Christianity came from the white race, not jews. It’s the jews who have changed that fact in mainstream Christianity through their constant brainwashing and changing of words.
      Look up the meaning of the word “Gentile” from a dictionary. It’s derived from Latin, “Gentilis”, look up the meaning of Gentilis in Latin. It means “related by blood”, “common ancestry”, “kinsmen”. Gentile does NOT mean non-jew, it means fellow Israelite, esp. the other tribes of Israel, all related by common ancestry. (read: descendent of Jacob; or Adam).

      Christian Identity is the only religion or political ideology that makes any sense, and explains why jews are the way they are, they are the lineage of satan, where we whites are the lineage of Adam, created by Yahweh, our God. It explains why whites are “SUPREME”, and why all the other races and mixtures are an abomination, and why Jews behave in a consistently antagonistic way towards whites, and often use the other races to control us.

      You guys here obviously see that jews are evil, but can you explain WHY?

      read more: