13 May, 2010

Greece and the Accidental Criminals

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by Arch Stanton.

As the Jew rapes you, he cries out that it’s all just a big mistake – he doesn’t even know what he’s doing! He’s humping you like a bunny? Really?

Ok, gang, it’s time to put on our thinking caps. First read the accompanying article. Now let’s examine what this article is asking us to believe, i.e. that the fate of the world’s economy rests on Greece’s economic recovery. Ok, first question: how is it that the global economy came to rest on Greece’s economic well-being? Second question: why is it that a country that had the manufacturing and economic might to support a global war some seventy years ago now falls to its knees because it’s facing a depression? Next question: we all know how the money-guys on Wall Street are about, well, money, so can we really believe that this crash could be due to an oversight of mechanical trading? Like, golly Mr. Bill, the machines just took over and began selling while we were at lunch, and we couldn’t stop them even though we were all wearing our power ties that day! “There were reports that the sudden drop was caused by a trader who mistyped an order to sell a large block of stock. The drop in that stock’s price was enough to trigger ‘sell’ orders across the market.” Really? Hundreds of thousands of trades made per day and yet how often has this happened? One might think it would be ever-so-easy to mistype an order, so this type of thing should happen all the time. And what – they aren’t using a Microsoft Windows platform?: “WARNING! You are about to sell eleventy trillion shares of Global Jew Parasiticals (Market Tick: GYP), do you really want to do this? (Click). Are you sure? (Click). Are you really sure? (Click). We’re sorry, you’ll have to have Rothschild administrator rights to perform this action.”

Now almost everyone reading this knows jews are the leading factor behind Wall Street’s machinations. Likewise they know that when it comes to money, jews are tighter than a tzfardiah’s tuchas; so how can anyone possibly believe these same jews would leave billions of dollars at the mercy of a typo, or a stupid machine?

Hollywood invariably asks us to suspend our beliefs when watching its productions. You know, like those car-chase scenes that go on for miles on the freeway while the characters shoot it out on full-auto and there’s never a cop in sight. Well, let’s not extend that suspension of reality to the world of economics. Let us instead face facts. America has long had more than sufficient resources to stand alone in manufacturing and agricultural production so there must be some other reason why it goes into convulsions when a second-world country like Greece cuts an economic fart into the economic winds. How about…jew-built global finance is, in reality, so shaky that Big Hebe is worried that it could all fall apart in an instant if the gentiles panic? Or…the jews want to create an artificial panic for their own reasons? Whatever the answer, it wouldn’t be happening in a world of traditional nation-states; it could only happen in an international world run by “accidental” criminals.

US Stocks Plunge on Concerns About Greece

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  7. 15 Responses to “Greece and the Accidental Criminals”

    1. Tim McGreen Says:

      Awww, what cute little bunnies! But the light-colored one should stick to his own kind. What they’re doing is what millions of healthy, normal White couples ought to be doing right now in order to save our Race from extinction.

      Did I already mention they were cute little bunnies?

    2. jay bee Says:

      You’re supposed to suspend “disbelief.”

    3. Waldo Starr Says:

      This financial meltdown is no accident just like the mestizo invasion is no accident. While the goyim are fighting the muds and mestizos for the last loaf of bread, the Jewish financial wizards will be heading out the back door to infest their next country. They keep telling us it’s because of those loans to unqualified dark peopleand it seems to be working so far. Remember, all you have to do to get to heaven is believe anything a jew tells you and support I$rahell no matter who they kill. Let’s see how all that will work out in the not so distant future.

    4. th Says:

      The jew is the master of distractions. As the masses stand in lines to watch the latest sport event, see nigger adopting starlets or sign up for jew inspired wars, the jew is rubbing his hands in glee while engineering his next move. While it’s illegal for you to rob one bank, which are by the way insured, the jew can rob the world with his usury practices and not a word is uttered. The jew will continue to enslave, rob, destroy, pander, rape and exploit until the world has had enough and the world obviously hasn’t had enough. Slaves don’t usually free themselves, they wait for someone else to do it and the filty hooked nose fucked up hair jew bastard kike knows it.

    5. Mark Midgard Says:

      Was suspicious of the Greece situation almost from the get go; but the truth came home to me, in full, when the S&P folks downgraded Greece’s international credit status to “junk” — and at the same time did this to Portugal too. Will explain more in a follow-up comment.

    6. Ein Says:

      Please do. I’m very curious about this.

      And when will it be our turn?

    7. Tim McGreen Says:

      The fact is that Greece, Spain and Portugal are economically marginal, second-rate countries that are an albatross around the EU’s neck. The EU has always been centered around Germany, France, Holland and Belgium. All the other member states are just along for the ride. Hopefully, this attempt to unify Europe, like the Holy Roman Empire and all those other crazy attempts, will soon fall flat on its face.

    8. BuzzardBreath Says:

      I’m no expert on Greece, but here is what I see. The people were trying to storm the banks. Seem like they know whose who and whose a jew. However, the police were all decked out in their riot gear. Who were they protecting and why? They were protecting what they care about most…..their paycheck, and their jew masters. Gee that’s funny, because all of the rioters want the same thing…..minus the jewish tyranny. It seems they have the same problem we do…..THE FUCKING POLICE!!!!!!!! It’s not for fear of jews and niggers that we are paralized….it’s any stinking white man with a badge and a gun. Ex: f.b.i., c.i.a., a.t.f., dark ops., special ops., swat teams, state troopers, national guard, the military, or should I say the mercenaries. Any white man carrying a badge today, is your worst enemy. You don’t think so? Try and go to the southern border with your gun. Anyone of the afore mentioned pig groups will be there with high powered rifles aimed at your head white man….NOT THE FILTHY NIGGER, NO, YOU WHITE MAN. If the police won’t join us folks, we have no chance. BuzzardBreath

    9. ajiarcher Says:

      There are so many ways to screw us financially that you would have to be really knowledgeable in the ways of the maket and banking system to figure half of these scams out. The one thing I have figured out though is that the well spring of jewish power is contol of the money supply and more importantly debt.
      The interest that is generated from the estimated 60 trillion in u.s. debt alone is fantastic, now add in the world bank and imf and transactions that are made between rich and poor countries and the total is hard to comprehend.
      When Germany in the pre ww2 era traded with South America, they used the tried and true barter syste m, there was no debt incurred by either side and both countries got what they needed, whether it was raw materials or finished goods.
      Jewish money equals jewish power, that’s why they contribute an estimated 50 million to both parties during election years, without this money to throw around they would be just another group of whiners, albeit smart whiners.

    10. Henry Says:

      Yes, their power is based on control of the money supply. But that’s reinforced by control of the media, entertainment, the schools, courts, and the intellectual establishment. An attack on any one of the above will cause all the others to circle the wagons and rush to their mutual defense. Thus, they’ve got it sewed up all around.

      And this doesn’t even have to be all done by Jews — not Jews personally. They have so many gentiles so well trained as their disciples, protectors, representatives, and shabbas goys that these gentiles will rush to defend Jewish interests, thinking they’re doing the honorable and virtuous thing. “Righteous gentiles” as they’re now being called — (a new Jew-ism for our vocabulary).

    11. Henry Says:

      “You seriously believe “the people” know who’s a Jew? The PEOPLE never know anything. They are greedy, too lazy to study anything, and they always blame someone else.”

      Very good post, Carpenter! Including everything else you said too. Yes, the people rarely know anything. They don’t read; they don’t study; they don’t think. But they are easily led by whoever gets in front of a microphone and shouts the loudest.

      The people, most people, DON’T know who’s a Jew — and THAT’S the problem! In fact, they’re just as likely to defend the Jews and blame somebody else. And most wouldn’t recognize a Jew if they bumped into one. (That is just the way the Jews like it. They want to keep it that way.)

      And so it is with Greece, just as here. Is there any reason to think the Greeks are smarter than the rest of us? I see no evidence of it.

    12. Tim McGreen Says:

      “The people, most people, DON’T know who’s a Jew — and THAT’S the problem! In fact, they’re just as likely to defend the Jews and blame somebody else.”

      As I’ve already stated in another post, there apparently are many WNs and Patriotards who don’t think the “real” Jews are guilty of anything! According to them, it’s a group of “make believe” Jews named Khazars who are causing the trouble. No wonder the White Struggle hasn’t got anywhere.

    13. Mark Midgard Says:

      Finally have time to write my follow-up comment about Greece — and the S&P lowering their international credit rating to “junk” status.

      What’s actually happening is this:

      Arch Stanton was absolutely right in characterizing this whole situation as phony; i.e. that the EU and our planet is somehow in trouble because of the Greek national debt, etc. This isn’t just false, it’s ludicrous. As this “crisis” began to unfold I was skeptical too — to say the least.

      Over the past several years, the Jews in the European Central Bank, in the IMF, inside the World Bank; and also within the financial institutions on Wall Street (Bear-Stearns, Goldman-Sachs, JP Morgan-Chase, Lehman Brothers, etc.) have been monitoring the economies of all the EU members, and having been purchasing credit-default swaps AGAINST the Greek debt.

      These Jewish predators have been purchasing these CDS’s — because they are “betting” that Greece will default on it’s debt and its economy will fail.

      They began doing this first with Greece and now with Portugal and several other EU member States.

      So — the Jews have been watching and waiting for the opportunity to make money based on the financial misfortune not only of individuals and other companies, but now they are preying on NATIONS too!! This is exactly what they were doing to the United States, which led directly to our own meltdown in the fall of 2008.

      To ensure that their financial speculation (predation on Greece) paid off — they’ve been working with their Jewish friends around the globe.

      They had their Jewish friends inside Standard & Poor’s (the S&P) downgrade Greece’s international credit rating to “junk”; and you know why?

      So, if Greece were to be given loans from the European Central Bank, the IMF, or other member States — they would have to pay a massively higher rate of interest — which means the Jews would make even more money from the interest — plus it would also make it impossible for Greece ever to pay back the loans and get out of debt.

      Same is true of Portugal.

      Tim McGreen has already pointed out the EU members who are favored. Germany and France, for instance, can borrow untold billions at very low rates of interest. But these governments (controlled by the Jews) always vote to ensure the interest rates for Greece, Spain, Portugal, and others are much higher.

      Application for us? The USA has, for decades, been under Jewish control; we are bound hand and foot by these people.

      William Gayley Simpson wrote about this long ago — and it’s even more true today. (If you haven’t read “Which Way Western Man?” — please do so immediately if not sooner)

      The Jews have engineered it so that we are in such massive debt that we will never be free of it. They are working 24/7 so that other nations around the world are indebted — and can never be free again.

      In the meantime they are harvesting our national treasure and placing it in their already swollen bank accounts. Those 7 Jews from Goldman-Sachs said as much during their recent testimony on Capitol Hill.

      They work to make us, our loved ones, and our counties lose — so they can gain.

      It’s a very old story; and it will not end until we decide we will be slaves to them no longer — and we remove, once and for all, their hands from around our throats.

    14. Jim Says:

      Mark, I have read “Which Way Western Man” and have found it to be the best book I have ever studied next to “Mein Kampf”. You seem extremely knowlegeable in the area of Economics. Do you think it would be possible for any country in the world to adopt Hitler’s jew free economic system today and make it viable? (Assumiing the country was a nation of genetically valuable people of course).

    15. Mark Midgard Says:

      Very good question, Jim. What is amazing is the way the Ayran countries of Western Europe rose up against Hitler — not because of National Socialism or his foreign policy — but precisely because of the NS economic system that was set-up in Germany. It was, in fact, free of the Jews and their enslaving usury — so they worked to turn the world against Hitler. We bought into their lies and went to war against the one person and country who had the courage to stand up against the Jews.
      It will take a miracle — a massive awakening of our people — and a massive unification to us to become free again. Don’t know if it’s possible — but that’s what I’m working for. It’s the most important thing in my life — and is what is making my life worth living.