24 May, 2010

Internationalism to Create Another Conflict for U.S.?

Posted by Socrates in globalization, international Jewry, internationalism, Korea, New World Order, Socrates at 10:33 pm | Permanent Link

The mental sickness known as “globalism” could push America into another Asian fight:


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  7. 51 Responses to “Internationalism to Create Another Conflict for U.S.?”

    1. David Baker Says:

      One comical aspect of a possible resumption of hostilities between the U.S. and Korea will be the necessity of a military draft. The reason why that eventuality has an element of humor is that we will witness, in a full and unabashed manner, the absolute hypocrisy of feminists. You see, when the Vietnam war ended, women flooded into the military. They knew a major conflict ending meant their duties would not include serving in a combat status. Jews relentlessly ballyhoo the capabilities of these women in today’s military (Naturally, their male counterparts are closely monitored and zealously admonished to not express their true opinion of their fellow ‘Soldiers’. Somehow, the truth about female combatants, like Ms. Lynch, becomes known to the trusting, indoctrinated population who pays their salaries.)

      With the advent of a draft, however, young women in their full bloom of life will be confronted with the ugly reality that some fanatic in a country they’ve never heard of will be trying to kill them. That type of inconvenience will not fit comfortably in the rubric of modern feminism, particularly when they notice Jewish feminists are magically exempted from such obligations. (You know, their ‘Holocaust’ is a carte blanche excuse for their non-participation in shooting wars.) Actually, I will welcome a draft in this country in conjunction with the spectre of imminent conflict with a major opponent. I was nearly drafted during the Vietnam War (I was in Boot Camp at Lackland AFB, Texas when I received my “Greeting”.) Perhaps the stark reality of compulsory military service will finally unravel the feminist mess that Jews have wrought on our society since the ‘Revolutionary’ 60s.