4 May, 2010

Italy Adoption Proposal: So Far Out You Can’t Go Any Farther

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“Earth to Italian government, come in, Italian government. Are you there? Hello? Hello?”


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  7. 18 Responses to “Italy Adoption Proposal: So Far Out You Can’t Go Any Farther”

    1. tbow002 Says:

      Yep, And soon to come they will tell you you cant marry a fellow European white. They will tell you that you were racist in choosing your partner…
      Its a comin. The extinction or the revival.

    2. Ein Says:

      You can’t even decide whom you bring into your home to be part of your family? You must accept “a pig in a poke” and take whatever you get?

      Incredible! Twenty years ago, stories like this, even as fiction, would have been considered too extravagant to take seriously. Just too utterly silly.

      I hate to think about twenty years from now.

    3. Blackshirt Says:

      From what I gather from the articles the couple in question specifically requested a white child, which shouldn’t raise any eyebrows in sane people. But I think there is an easy way to get around this by not mentioning race to the agencies and just turn down any non-white kids if they show up on the doorstep. This might not be possible if the prospective parents have to sign papers to raise a child before seeing it. I doubt you can force anyone to adopt a child they don’t want, even in Italy.

    4. The Warlord Says:

      I predicted years ago in VNN that someday in the future a woman will go into a hospital to have a child and will take home one which was randomly assigned to her. One would think that even liberals would consider that sending a black child to a racist household (klansmen?) may not be in the best interest of the child. But it appears that they really don’t care about the child, just their ideology and hatred towards Whites.

      The Warlord

    5. Henry Says:

      “I doubt you can force anyone to adopt a child they don’t want, even in Italy.”

      No, and it certainly wouldn’t be in the interest of the child.
      But from what I gather from the article, revealing themselves as (horrors!) “racists” automatically disqualifies them from adopting ANY other child in the future.

      Oh, and I also agree with Warlord that they really don’t care about the child, just their ideology. That is VERY true.
      I was in a (sort of) similar situation in my last job where they (Jewish management) were implementing a radical new program, and they were ONLY concerned with the success of the program, regardless how destructive it was to the people whose lifes it affected. It made daily life hell and the stress of it broke up marrages; it made people alcoholics; it may have led to suicide or early deaths. No matter! They simply didn’t care a bit about YOU, only the program. For them, it’s all a matter of ideology, people be damned!

      I have met Marxists (all Jews) — and probably we all have — who are so full of love for “Humanity” that they can’t stand people. They have no patience at all with people.

    6. Henry Says:

      These Humanity Lovers are the very same people who … if they had the power… would be sending you to gulags if yoiu didn’t cooperate with their social schemes. The Program always comes first, before the people. People are expendable. Ideology is sacred.

    7. Tim McGreen Says:

      What Italian couples need to do is start giving birth to their OWN children! Italy has a dangerously low birth rate. In a few more decades, that country will be overflowing with millions of dirty, noisy Muslim savages. The only Italians left will be the ones being wheeled around by jet-black African orderlies in rest homes.

      PS….I hope that Italian prosecutor in the Court of Cassation, the one who doesn’t want couples to choose the race of their adopted kids, finds out that his wife has given birth to a light-skinned, wooly-headed nigglet. Who da daddy be? Well it sure isn’t you, is it, you miserable guinea prick.

    8. Tim McGreen Says:

      Like Derrick McThomas used to say, inside of every liberal beats the heart of a Stalinist. They don’t give a shit about compassion or humanity, they just want power and control over YOU.

    9. Antagonistes Says:

      Don’t worry.

      The Holy Father in Rome is burning with holy fury about this.

      He will set them straight.

      Just wait and see.

    10. Henry Says:

      “inside of every liberal beats the heart of a Stalinist. They don’t give a shit about compassion or humanity, they just want power and control over YOU.”

      Exactly. I once knew a “neighborhood activist” who was like that. This bossy, extreme leftist, anti-racist, white woman was involved in simply everything in the neighborhood — all of which she tended to take over and run her way. Besides “fighting racism”, she was extremely committed to “talking things over” and “doing things democratically” (which meant taking a vote). But after taking a vote, then she woud INSIST on doing things her way, no matter how the vote went. So much for democracy! Sometimes she would try to overrule everybody. I got to see that the “democratic” pose was just a sham, but she was really a would-be dictator at heart. A little Chairwoman Mao. Everything had to be done her way, and she would argue and argue, and insist, until she wore people down and finally got what she wanted. There was no compromising. It was her way or no way.

      The only way to deal with her was to expel her from each organization (which eventually happened). She had been a schoolteacher, but because of her radical activism there, she had even been fired by the Board of Ed. In other words, she was a leftist even among leftists! A real commie, I’m sure.

      This woman was unmarried, had no kids, and had nothing else in her life except to be meddlesome. It was what gave meaning to her life. Unfulfilled women like that, who are also converts to some Marxist ideology, are a real problem to society. It’s all they have to live for. And everyone else suffers.

      These zealous Marxist disciples ought to take up raising cats. Or flowers. Or embroidery. Anything but remaking society along anti-racist lines.

    11. Tim McGreen Says:

      If you’ve ever had a liberal or “feminist” teacher or professor, then you’ll understand just how totalitarian those lefties really are.

    12. Brigantes Says:

      There is already a shortage of adoptive parents in the western world,this will make things worse.
      More institutionalised children is what this will lead to but institutions is where certain people want them. Need I say more?

    13. CW-2 Says:

      No doubt Italian bishops will be running around telling White couples that by adopting nigglets they can gain a room upgrade in the celestial hotel.

    14. Antagonistes Says:

      The Italian Bishops have just issued this decree:

      Not only is choosing the race and sex of an adoptee wrong, it is also wrong to choose the race and sex of someone you want to marry.

      Love, they say, sees neither Jew nor Greek, male nor female, rich nor poor, black nor white.

      (Just kidding. I hope.)

    15. Pu Nainen Says:

      It’s about time to detach from governments, form underground economy and societies. It’s sheer stupidity to register your kids to these kinds of governments. White communities would take care of their children together and without legal intervention or ideological meddling.

      Regural whites take astonishing amount of spitting in their face and open loathing before they get it on their own. And when they get it theres another as long road to even stop supporting anti-white organizations. They need your help. It’s not good tactic to start yelling about the jew the first time you meet people. Niggers and gypsyes can be used as icebreakers because they are easily percieved streetlevel problem. People are already talking about immigrants but are shortsighted. As more wiser you should guide them moving on from juvenile and non-productive niggermaniaism to looking at their own race. Racial slurs etc. can be used to break the mindcontrol but one shouldn’t dwell on that level.

      I just read following essay which is good approach to take.

    16. CW-2 Says:

      That link to Andrei Kievsky is really good. White people want help and guidance but instead we lecture and give them ear ache. The ‘radical thrift’ concept has the potential to overturn the passive ‘been-there-done-that, didn’t work’ attitude to one of active mutual self-help.

    17. Dave Says:

      _cause it takes diff’rent strokes cause it takes diff’rent strokes to rule the world mmmm-

      whatchu talkin bout mista D!

    18. Dave Says:

      @ Pu Nainen

      you’re right that is a tactic i try to use. I need to ramp up my efforts. I think I will pick an extra hard target this time.