15 May, 2010

Italy: Bones May Be Master Painter Caravaggio’s

Posted by Socrates in art, Italy, Socrates, Western culture, White art/architecture at 3:29 pm | Permanent Link

What an interesting thing if true:


Caravaggio’s artwork: [Here].

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  7. 6 Responses to “Italy: Bones May Be Master Painter Caravaggio’s”

    1. Kuda Bux Says:

      Bones of contention.

    2. Antagonistes Says:

      An artist-brawler?

      Far out!

    3. Tim McGreen Says:

      Could you imagine a Jew or a Negro ever painting such dramatic works of art? A Jew only looks at such paintings as commodities that can be bought and sold for a tremendous profit. A Negro would only be interested in spray painting his “tag” all over it.

    4. Bruce Says:

      An artist-brawler?

      Far out!

    5. sirrah Says:

      I’m something of an ‘expert’ on Caravaggio’s artwork’s-

      Mr. Merisi was probably the greatest ‘freehand’ painter of
      allegory that ever lived- he was a ‘born genius’ with only moderate training…

      Though he did not invent tennebrist painting- he extended it in a naturalistic way with genre and allegory paintings that had not been seen hitherto…and with supreme technical finesse.

      The famous ‘hack artist’ David Hockney ( a kike)- did some b*llsh*t analysis on Caravaggio- attempting to prove that Said artist was using various contrivances to create his paintings- such as a camera obscura….however, myself and other white people who are somewhat trained in traditional oil technique easily identitfy the
      anatomical ‘mistakes’ which come from freehand painting/drawing-and this disproves Kike-Hockney’s attempt to discredit this rare artistic genius…it’s difficult for talentless Kikes to believe that someone could possess sufficient natural talent to create such amazing images- but Mr Merisi was one of the ggreatest freehand artists that ever lived- even possibly greater than Michelangelo

      certainly this would be impossible for any Nigger to even approach-not having the requisite DNA. Chock up another ‘genius’ for the white Europeans – as they created the world’s greatest art.

      The Jews talk much about how Caravaggio was a ‘brawler’- but consider that with his level of rare talent there’d be many a person who’d want to harm him- this also happened to Michelangelo Buonarotti who’s studio was often burglarized by lessor ‘artists.’
      In light of this- I tend to believe that Mr. Merisi was actually provoked in many cases- and thus he was really defending himself-even possibly against Kikes that were still infesting Europe at that time. Thus, it’s entirely possible that Mr. Merisi just ‘dissappeared’ to Porto Ercole and possibly produced progeny.

    6. Tim McGreen Says:

      It took 11 days for that post of mine to appear? Where was it all that time? In another dimension?