1 May, 2010

Jewish Groups Oppose Arizona-type Laws…/Jews Embarrassed by Jews…

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by Dr. Kevin MacDonald:

[Here] and [Here].

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  7. 26 Responses to “Jewish Groups Oppose Arizona-type Laws…/Jews Embarrassed by Jews…”

    1. Tim McGreen Says:

      Of course, only Jews are permitted to openly criticize Israel or Jewish criminal behavior, as in the recent UN Goldstone Report, which was mildly critical of Zionist atrocities against the Palestinians.

      Jewish double standards and hypocrisy are indeed too numerous to mention. That’s why the Jews are so god damn neurotic. They constantly have to lie about everything, even to themselves. Their Bible stories, their Holohoax, their persecution fantasies, their reasons for establishing the Zionist State in Palestine, their imaginary love for “civil rights”……..All a bunch of lies designed to get the Jews what they want.

    2. tbow002 Says:

      Jewish people are actually split about the massive illegal alien invasion of this country…The communists love it of course and want open borders and amnesty…

    3. Jim Says:

      jews are the world’s foremost hypocrites. They are constantly preaching “love, peace, and brotherhood” yet they are the world’s foremost haters, warmongers, and separatists. Talk about Chutzpah!!!!

    4. Ein Says:

      If Gideon Aronoff and the Hebrew Immigrant Aid society (doing their usual moral posturing) are truly so concerned about the poor Mexicans who are only looking for a better life, they why doesn’t he/they offer them visas to Israel?

      Wouldn’t that be the moral thing to do, Mr. Aronoff?

      Why offer them a spot in someone else’s home when you could offer them a place in your own? Oh, YOUR home is reserved for YOUR OWN PEOPLE?

      Such an outrage! These pompous, morally posturing Jews are so damned brazen!


    5. Sean Gruber Says:

      You can’t judge jews by White standards. They are a different kind of animal. Would you be morally outraged that cockroaches behave like cockroaches instead of like Golden Retrievers? The thing to do with a jew is step on it, not get morally indignant over its “dishonesty.” (Linder has made this point for years. Lately I’ve been listening again to his Radio Istinas – check sidebar on this page for link to Radio Istina. Hours of amazing, blazing truths.)

    6. David Baker Says:

      Tim McGreen,

      You are absolutely accurate about Jewish racism. Their Talmud is clearly a manual of racial supremacy; a blueprint for subjugation of gentiles. Everywhere Jews have assembled in numbers, they become the counter-culture rabble-rousers, the proletariat protesters, and ‘Champions’ for the downtrodden races….EXCEPT where their rule is established, and their Anti-Free Speech, Anti-Hate Laws are rigidly enforced. In Russia, in Israel, and now in the U.S., this accursed tribe has revealed their penchant, and their tried and true methods for domination of their host society.

    7. David Baker Says:


      You may have a point there. PNAC, the Jewish doctrine which compels U.S. forces to place “Boots” in the Middle East has not played out as completely as the Jews would like. Iran, Syria and Saudi Arabia are still under ‘local’ control, and our population is becoming weary of body bags, bellicose talk radio personalities, and Israel’s constant mantra to have the U.S. continue prosecuting conflicts with their enemies. Perhaps, in a subtle way, these ‘citizens’ are being courted as cannon fodder for Jewish protocols. As Bugs Bunny says, “Eahhhhhhhhh, ‘could be”

    8. Andrei's ghost Says:

      Wasn’t Bugs Bunny a Jew (Mel Blanc)?

    9. David Baker Says:

      Andrei’s Ghost,


    10. David Baker Says:

      Tim McGreen,

      You mentioned Captain Beefheart in a another thread. His band was actually formed in our hometown of Lancaster, CA. In fact, they practiced down the street from our house, though we never met him. From what I could hear out of the garage, they needed alot more practice…

    11. Mel Brooks Says:

      I’m not that familiar with the Captain, but part of his legend, besides naming himself after a particular strain of tomato, was that he took on complete musical amateurs and taught them to play their instruments.
      That goes a long way towards forming your impression of what you heard, I’m sure. The Tubes used to practice in my old neighborhood. They were pretty professional-sounding even then, however (g).

      Now what were we discussing? That Foxman fellow who’s always talking about French ducks?

    12. Tim McGreen Says:

      David B., I’m glad you remembered my mentioning Captain Beefheart. His actual name was Don Van Vliet, if I remember. And he called himself Captain Beefheart not in honor of a tomato, but because he had a “beef in his heart against society”. I can relate to that.

      His band was discovered by Frank Zappa and put on Zappa’s ironically named “Straight” record label in the late 60s. Alice Cooper was also on that label at the start of their recording career. I used to listen to Beefheart’s 1969 LP “Trout Mask Replica” whenever I was in an especially strange mood.

      As far as living near famous rock bands goes, I once lived on Westheimer Blvd. in Houston, just a mile or two east of where ZZ Top got started. That was around the same time their most successful album, “Eliminator”, was released.

    13. Ein Says:

      “As far as living near famous rock bands goes, I once lived on Westheimer Blvd. in Houston.”

      Hey, so did I! Amazing. We were neighbors.
      But I recognize none of these people.

      (PS. I wouldn’t recognize Westheimer today. It’s so developed.)

    14. Tim McGreen Says:

      I lived in an apartment complex on Westheimer across the street from a Cirlce K store and a few miles west of the Galleria. If it weren’t for the Blacks, the heat, the humidity and the cockroaches, Houston would be a pretty good place to live.

      Ein, you never heard of Alice Cooper, ZZ Top or Captain Beefheart?

    15. ED! Says:

      I live in Houston, and I will put up with the heat and the humidity! I guess if I had a choice between the roaches, the blacks, the Mestizos, and the Jews I would choose the roaches, at least I can kill them at will with no fear of arrest…


    16. Ein Says:

      “If it weren’t for the Blacks, the heat, the humidity and the cockroaches, Houston would be a pretty good place to live.”

      How true. And the Baptists. That sums it up.

      First time I ever saw cockroaches. I didn’t know what they were. Ditto Southern Baptists.

      As for the Babtists …. Oh, God! Heaven spare us. I’d almost prefer the roaches.

    17. Ein Says:

      EVERYBODY wanted to invite me to their church, and it was an invitation to which the answer “no thanks” was not allowed. Those narrow-minded fanatics completely disregarded that I had religious views of my own, which I preferred to keep. Only their views were allowable. They saw me as an available soul, wandering in the wilderness, crying out to be “saved”. I was another point for them on their heavenly scoresheet! Chalk up one more soul for Jesus. When I continually declined, as politely as I could, their initial friendliness grew hostile and bitter. Then they turned mean. Such good Christians!

      I don’t know about now, but back then they were a population suffering from a mass psychosis. A good case for a psychiatrist’s study. It’s only natural that a G. Bush would come out of that boiling pot of wacky fundamentalists. And what a perfect bunch of sitting ducks waiting to serve Israel. Just made to order. Hallellula and praise Jesus!

    18. David Baker Says:

      It looks as if the illegal alien/PNAC cannon fodder angle of this administration is getting more obvious, as are the nauseating double-standards associated with the feminist movement. I listened to a PSA (Public Service Announcement, a government paid commercial) concerning draft registration. A young, smarmy-sounding girl admonished “Boys” to make sure they trot down to the nearest Post Offce, or Selective Service Center the minute they turn 18 so Jews can ‘count’ on their participation in yet another proxy war. What added the sensation of queeziness was this girl’s complete lack of how inequitable such a requirement is. I mean, haven’t we been steeped in the tenets of female equality for the last 40 years? Aren’t vwimmen…….sorry….women supposed to be top-notch soldiers, karate experts, premier fighter pilots, Navy SEALS, G.I Janes, etc, etc, etc? Didn’t the Chair…person.. of the Joint Chiefs of Staff state that women are NEEDED in the military, and their penchant for getting pregnant at critical moments would render them subject to the UCMJ? Jews are the most hypocritical bowel movements that ever crawled out of an unflushed toilet. They NEVER acknowledge the blatant hypocrisy of these social movements they endender. Once the formerly-illegal alien males are sent to march toward an enemy–the name of which they couldn’t spell yesterday–they’ll understand why they were so coddled by this jackass government we’ve been saddled with.

    19. Pu Nainen Says:

      Cerebral whites (souless conservatives etc.) and a lot of gunowning patriots worship rightwing jews – ’cause they got balls. Just one jew who uses their rhetoric and they’re sold. Many whites still identify with the games they play, the tools they use or their useless ideologies that haven’t worked this far, instead of their own people. I just cannot understand the cognitive dissonance need for these conservatives and patriots talking about America who want to fix things backtracking but at the same time are tolerant. How dumb you have to be to support multiracial society and call yourself conservative?

      You americans have old articles and books about immigration from early 1900s and 1960s. You could post them to those patriots who oppose immigration. Enlarging historical perspective to times when white men used the word negro instead of the tolerant replacement would open some eyes and probe them to right direction. The stance taken, tactics and fysical action used by whites opposing immigration in the olden days was clearly not enough, so logical solution would be to prop up the action. And now we also do have some deeper knowledge, but you can’t just throw it amongst the izzie-worshippers. It would do a good for regular white beerbellies to see how far they have distanced from their ancestors and how close to the tolerant and democrats they hate their rethoric and mindset has evolved/brainwashed.

      I’m sure you know some author I’m talking about, after all it’s your history. Gun- and truckboards is where these types recide.

    20. Tim McGreen Says:

      I am so ashamed of myself for ever having registered for Selective Service all those years ago. Imagine, risking my life for this Jew-controlled, darkie-infested Empire. But I was so dumb back then! Just how ZOG likes its victims to be.

    21. David Baker Says:

      Tim McGreen,

      I received my draft notice while I was in boot camp at Lackland AFB. The D.I. said I was lucky that the Air Force accepted me, and I wouldn’t be lugging a rifle around in the jungle. I replied that I was proud to serve my country, and that I would be glad to perform any task that I was assigned. The class all laughed at my naive display of patriotism! I realize now that they were recognizing even then that goyim were fighting wars for Jews, Big Oil, and mega-contractors to get–and stay–rich.

    22. Jon Says:

      F*ck those finger-pointing, uber-arrogant, Jewish WORMS! This country was founded by English speaking WHITE FOLKS! WE have the RIGHT to keep it WHITE–whatever is left of it, anyway. We have the RIGHT to enforce our immigration laws which these invaders absolutely sh*t upon!

      Just check out their absolutley VILE, DISGUSTING, typically-Jewish HYPOCRISY when it comes to immigration matters in their ill-gotten Zionist state!

      US Jewish groups denounce Arizona while ignoring aggressive right-wing anti-immigration laws in Israel.


      From the Webmaster’s Desk

      Illegal aliens from Africa attempting to enter Israel often shot and killed by Egyptian border patrol. The Egyptian government says it is under intense pressure from the Israeli government to stop illegals.

      Israeli is currently building a massive wall along their Egyptian border to keep African illegals out. Click Here.

      Those who make it to Israel, are immediately apprehended and deported by the Israeli authorities. After the failure of the original batch of Ethiopian immigrants to “assimilate” into society, Israeli has banned all African immigration. Ethiopian women on welfare are given free depo-provera injections. A low cost, highly effective birth control injection. The injection is designed to be given four times a year. It also generally takes 6-8 months for the women to become fertile again after injections stop. Al Jazeera, the far-left Quatar network run by ex-BBC employees, claims that Israeli doctors lie to Ethiopian welfare moms to get them to take the injects. This claim remains unproven. However, the birth control campaign is aggressive enough that Ethiopian birthrates in Israel have plummeted to in the past few years. Click Here.

      While Israel allows guest workers visas, these immigrants must sign a statement saying they will not attempt to have sexual relations with Israeli women! Even prostitutes! (Reported in the UK Guardian 2003) These guest workers are aggressively deported if they become unemployed or overstay their visa.

      Ayoub Kara, the deputy Prime Minister of Israel supports legislation to strip “disloyal Arabs” of their Israeli citizenship. The deputy Prime Minister! He has argued for this legislation of the floor of the Knesset!

      Yet, the JTA, the International Jewish news wire seemed to gleeful report that American Jewish organizations are lining up to denounce Arizona over it’s border enforcement law.

      The militant left-wing Jewish “Anti Defamation League” is among the groups attacking Arizona. At the same time the ADL is practically a full time lobbying group for Israel.

      Can anyone say Hypocrisy??? The same Jewish groups who praise and defend ultra-nationalist Israel are attacking border enforcement in the United States!



    23. Ein Says:

      Thanks for that post, Jon. Amazing.

      Despite Jon’s rage, I really have to say that Israel, perhaps alone among “western” countries has a realistic immigration policy and attitude towards aliens. Would that we did also!

      Of course, we WOULD have, if our hands weren’t tied and our people blinded by Jewish propaganda — something Israel doesn’t have to contend with.

      Yes, they’re hypocrites all right; but it’s an undeniably intelligent policy. That can’t be denied. They have it rigged to guarantee their survival. We don’t! Their government is looking out for their survival, while ours is collaborating in our demise.

    24. David Baker Says:

      Jon, this country was founded by God. Freedom isn’t a gift of man’s creation, it is a goal to fight for, and to affirm by the limiting of authority to perfunctory tasks. Our government, now under the firm hand of Jews, isn’t interested in promoting liberty. They are in fact proceeding along the path to tyranny. Anyone, white, black, asian or hispanic who does not conform to the “New” tenets of racial equality, gender equality, sexual orientation equality ad nauseum, is subject to harsh public ridicule, and enhanced penal statutes. What is so palpably Jewish about all of this–simply a replay of Russia’s demise–is how their tribe is exempted from these obligations (Marc Rich, Hollywood’s whore-mongers, Mr. Little girl sodomist in Switzerland, etc) I guess their “Holocaust” gives them special powers to operate outside their laws…

    25. Tim McGreen Says:

      Israel, China, Mexico, Japan, Korea….They all vigorously defend their borders from unwanted invaders. Only White countries do not have the right to do that.

    26. Nom de plume Says:

      Wow. I accidently ended up on this site after a Google image search. Wow. I heard that people like you existed on the news; people who hate everything and everyone just to hate. But this is ridiculously over the top, you need to get over yourselves and grow up.
      I honestly pity all of you, you’re missing out on so much. Our lives are too short and precious to be filled with such poisonous hate. Show some compassion, we all need it! Go ahead and attack me; I’m sure you all want to as this entire site consists solely of unfounded, malignant lies. I will not be coming back so I’ll never see it.

      Here, I’ll even give you some material to work with:
      3rd generation Californian
      UC student
      1/32 Native American and 1/16 German-Jewish (that should be enough to make a racist comment, right?)
      Friends are black, white, Jewish, gay, Latino, Pacific Islander and Asian
      And I wouldn’t change any of it.

      Go for it, but just ask yourselves this: Does it make you truly happy?