18 May, 2010

Jewish Media: Who Cares About Jewish Communism?

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There’s nothing to see except accounts of wholesale mass murder and oppression, so just forget about Soviet history, White man! Jewish communism is one big yawner! (*Yawn*) See?


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  7. 31 Responses to “Jewish Media: Who Cares About Jewish Communism?”

    1. George Lenz Says:

      Excellent article, thank you.

      And the reason nobody in the media cares is of course because communism is a completely jewish thing. Also there are many influencial policy-makers in EU who were or are communists in their youth. Also the fsb/kgb system still has elaborate spy networks in Europe. For example, in Austria there is an elaborate network of fsb spies, of which an elite unit of killers is a part.

    2. TheMassMediaisJewish Says:

      Pay No Attention to the Jews Behind the Curtain… the Iron Curtain


    3. Jim Says:

      I am suspicious as to the authenticity of the article. Especially one written by “anti nazis”. The fact is the Soviet Union in its latter days was growing increasingly anti-jew and pro nationalist (particularly the Russian component). The jews saw a far greater potential to further their sinister ends through Western style cultural bolshevism and super capitalism; hence the collapse of the Marxist paradign. The jew simply withdrew their support and the whole communist house of cards came crashing down.

    4. Blackshirt Says:

      Of course, the article is absolutely correct in it’s assessment. The Jews have no vested interest in making the lemmings aware of the Communist crimes. To point out the millions killed by Stalin, you immediately come under suspicion of being anti-Jew, because everyone knows the Jewish suffering is so much more important! It is amazing to watch the blank stares and silence you get during a discussion of 20th century atrocities when you talk about the Holodomor (the Ukrainian famine). I make it a point to bring it up whenever I can, though. Even though the lemmings are heavily programmed, it is good to plant seeds of doubt and inspiration to investigate further.

    5. Blackshirt Says:

      George Lenz Says:

      “Also the fsb/kgb system still has elaborate spy networks in Europe. For example, in Austria there is an elaborate network of fsb spies, of which an elite unit of killers is a part.”

      In the case of Russia, things are very complicated. I believe you cannot say that the current Russian government is Jew controlled… I just don’t buy it. As far as the FSB being some current tool of underground Communists, I don’t buy that either.

    6. William Says:

      The problem is that few in America know the truth. If one speaks the TRUTH, some whining, racist, bigoted evil JEW starts throwing around false charges of “antisemite”. I’ll wager that fully 95% of American citizens do NOT know the FACT that Soviet Communism sprang from JEW minds. The RED TERROR that slaughtered tens of millions of Russian Orthodox Christians was operated by JEWS. The Gulag camps and the Cheka were JEWISH. It was SO BAD that many in the Soviet Union married JEW women as insurance for their safety. The worst part is that those JEWS in the Soviet Union who murdered so many and were lucky enough to escape the purges of the late 1930’s ran to Israel, where they escaped punishment for the horror they created. It was only after the USSR collapsed in the early 90s that JEW Lazar Kaganovich committed suicide, as he knew the TRUTH about him was about to come out.

    7. Wilson Says:

      We are quite removed from those terrifying times. They were indeed TERRIFYING. No, we do not want communism. The legacy of communism is a legacy of terror, blood, tyranny and want. It is purely empirical to say this.

      Also, why can’t people just blurt out the goddamn truth. Most of the wars in the western hemisphere were caused – not fought by, mind you – by Jews.

    8. Tim McGreen Says:

      I like how the Jews have gotten so many sheeple to believe that British PM Chamberlain “appeased” Hitler at the 1938 Munich conference, yet there is NEVER any mention of how Stalin was appeased by FDR at Yalta!!! Arrogant Jews. Do they think they own the rights to History?

    9. Mark Midgard Says:

      Really appreciate these 6 comments. All were thoughtful and well-written — and I especially like the truth being told about the Jews and their role in the creation and spread of communism; and the number of human beings that have died as a direct result.

      From the beginning, a good estimate is that over 100 million have died, world-wide, as a direct result of communism; more than 60 million died under Stalin.

      So — we have the holohoax on the one hand where the politically approved mantra is 6 million Jews being eliminated; when the actual total (in reality) was in the hundreds of thousands; very likely less than 1 million total — and none in the proverbial gas chambers or ovens.

      Who have been the historic destroyers and exterminators? The Jews.

      One of the best quotes I’ve ever seen about the Jews is by the great German composer, Richard Wagner:

      “I hold the Jewish race to be the born enemy of pure humanity and everything noble in man.”

    10. The Red Skull Says:

      Exellent article.Hmmmm,i Wonder WHY the media(jews) aren’t too concerned about examining the political system that has led to the outright or partially responsible deaths of millions and millions and millions of humans.Over 150 million??We’ll never know.Somehow,Stalin,Mao,Pol Pot,Ho Chi Minh,Idi Amin,or any of the other notable but faceless killers ALL stacked up and the untold millions they murdered don’t hold a candle to the hated,feared,and forever crucified Adolf Hitler.

      What!!???!Millions and millions of Goyim murdered by a jewish created,led,and inspired system???!!Move along—nothing to see here!!!—Now move along like a good compliant goy and go back to your Holocaust Studies!

      Or visit any one of the 16!!!(count ’em) holocaust memorials/education centers we have in this country alone.

      This is great verbal ammo against the jews,but as usual,the FACTS will not deter them and pointing out that jews led the bolshevik revolution,communism is a jewish idea(Marx-Das Capital) or that the Supreme Court is 33% jewish of course automatically makes you an “anti-semite”.

      As someone noted–presentation of any of these FACTS to the zombies usually results in blank stares of “Does not compute with my Jew Programming”They literally dont know what to say most of the time.The next question then—if their the THINKING type is—“then why is Hitler made out to be so Bad??”Presto—-POOF!!—A lost soul starts on the road to AWARENESS.

    11. Jim Says:

      Blackshiirt, I agree with you that the current government in Russia is not jew controlled, but it certainly is heavily jew influenced. How else would you explaiin the current regime’s banning of the sale of “Mein Kampf”?

    12. Blackshirt Says:

      @ Jim:

      Like I said at the top of the thread, the situation in Russia is very complicated. You have a situation where millions of ordinary Russians died fighting against the Germans during WWII, and a large portion of those were innocent civilians. Many of those who died on the Russian side did so because they felt that they were defending their Motherland, and not because they were Communist. Like it or not, a very large population of Russians view Hitler as the man responsible for this carnage. And a majority of these people aren’t Communist, but they recognize the deeper ethnic struggle that occurred between the Teuton and the Slav, a struggle that happened several times over the centuries.

      It makes perfect sense to me that the Russian government would ban the sale of Mein Kampf. After all, it was in MK that Hitler put forth his doctrine of Lebensraum, which was a plan to turn Russia into a German colony. Hitler also asserted that Russians were untermenschen in MK. Honestly I don’t understand it when Russian skinheads idolize Hitler, since he would have thought they were inferior. Russians have plenty to be proud of in their own history, and they also have a long history of fighting Jew domination… I don’t think they need to bring in a German nationalist as an example or inspiration.

    13. Jim Says:

      Blackshirt, I agree with you on every point, but what we need today is a Slavic equalivant of Hitler, who will not only be a Russian Nationalist but a White Nationalist as well, who will create in Russia a new homeland for the entire White race.

    14. Tim McGreen Says:

      I believe the Jews pretty much abandoned their control of the USSR after WWII. With the Czar and his family dead, with millions of Soviets dead, with the Russian Orthodox Church no longer a threat to Jewry, and with Hilter and his Reich destroyed, what more could they possibly get out of their Bolshevik revolution? No, after the War, the Jews turned their attention towards the conquest of Palestine and towards expanding their control of the West, especially the USA. They pretty much bled the USSR dry by 1950 and had nothing left to annihilate.

      Too bad the Nazis didn’t make more of an effort to try and win over the Ukrainian and Russian people. Those two groups, along with the Czechs and Poles, have some of the best-looking White girls anywhere! What a wonderful Aryan super-race we could have had as a result of those German soldiers mating with those beautiful Slav girls. So I will unselfishly volunteer my services instead.

    15. nom de guerre Says:

      yep, the jews beat the soviet mule to death, nothing left to extract except perhaps the trade in White women.
      We’ll never get the real scoop on what brought down the Soviets empire, but I suspect Ronnie Reagan and neo-cons had a hand in selling them booby trapped computer systems that caused alot of natural gas explosions in the Soviet Far East, along with suckering the Soviet military into a quagmire in Afghanistan, while the Kwa was financing ( oh whats his name?) Osama , and the Taliban.
      What do you think, was the Deep Horizon explosion an accident, or maybe a retribution for past services

    16. nom de guerre Says:

      Communism is a jewish plot to seperate a nation into conflicting classes, Chirst insanity is to divide the nation along family lines, pitting brother against brother, son agin mom and pop. Both factions of jew screws , operate on a good ole boy network, freemasonry

    17. Stronza Says:

      Well, it might not be much, but Eric Margolis stated in one (or two) of his columns that the commies killed more people than the Nazis ever did.

    18. Z.O.G. Says:

      Claire Berlinski, the author of the article, is a Jewess.

    19. Z.O.G. Says:


    20. Tim McGreen Says:

      Claire Berlinsky is an “American” journalist who lives in Istanbul….In other words, she’s really a spy for Israel, just like Daniel “The Kike” Pearl was.

    21. Jim Says:

      The greatest mistake that the National Socialists made when they entered the Soviet Union in 1941 was to treat the Slavic population as “untermenschen”. The Russian Slavs detested jew bolshevism, and at first welcomed the advancing German armies as liberators. The Wermacht should have welcomed the anti-bolshevik Slavs into their ranks and marched with them to Moscow to oust Stalin and install a pan-Aryan Socialist Federation that would have included Russia and the other Eastern European countries along with Germany. The Socialism that would be instituted would be the opposite of marxism, of course. It would actually work.

    22. Blackshirt Says:

      “Well, it might not be much, but Eric Margolis stated in one (or two) of his columns that the commies killed more people than the Nazis ever did.”

      Hmm, “Margolis” is a Jewish name… did a Jew throw us a bone? LOL

    23. Stronza Says:

      Yes, Eric Margolis is an odd sort of person…he is pro Palestinian, for starters. He writes a column published in many newspapers everywhere. He wrote an entire column on the Ukrainian Starvation and if I remember right, that is where he mentioned the uncomfortable fact that the Bolshies were worse than the Nazis.


    24. Tim McGreen Says:

      I don’t know what to make of those Jews like Eric Margolis, Samuel Roth and Bobby Fisher, Jews who seem to have turned against their own tribe and have exposed the criminal machinations of Jewry. Such Jews must have gotten screwed over by their fellow tribesmen and wanted to get even.

    25. Carpenter Says:

      It is not just massacres. Communism completely ruined the Russian economy. They couldn’t afford anything. They spent enormous resources on producing the wrong things, while other things were not being produced in sufficient numbers. That is the result of a centrally-planned economy.

      In 1989, Soviet GDP was lower than the GDP of Belgium. The economy was gone.

      Store shelves would fill up with one size of boots and one size of coats, for a too-high price, while other sizes were sold out and not being produced. That is what happens with five-year plans. Compare that to a normal system of trade where decisions are made every day about changing prices and orders, which changes production, which leads to more or fewer producers in different fields. It is a constant adaptation process. But not so in the Soviet Union.

      Aside from ruining the economy the communists also ruined the environment. They poisoned the lakes by leading industrial waste straight into them. Chimneys had no filters. They dumped nuclear waste straight into Barents Sea!

      The forests died all across Eastern Europe. The lakes were poisoned. There are many lakes in Russia where you still run the risk of dying if you swallow some of the water.

      The Soviet economy crashed, and only when the Iron Curtain came down did we get to see the results, throughout the 1990s. Then the leftists in the media and universities rewrote history: holding up the economic failures now revealed as a result of “capitalism”! Typical leftist lying. A year after the fall of the Soviet Union, they were already saying the market economy had caused all the ruined industries – not the 70 years of communism!

      Brazenness, thy name is Jew.

    26. Tim McGreen Says:

      Carpenter, your right-wing Wall Street Jew capitalist “market economy” is causing far more damage to the world right now than “communism” ever did. The “free market” apparently cannot operate without huge taxpayer-funded bailouts and huge undeserved bonuses for Jew Wall Street executives. Fuck your capitalist system.

    27. bojangles gizzards Says:

      Yep, Philby, Mclean, Burgess, etc. were “HUNS” EH MOMO ??

    28. Jim Says:

      Jewish international capitalism is ten times more destructive to the White race than jewish communiism. In the communist countries of Eastern Europe there was much less race mixing going on than in the capitalist West. An Aryan form of Folkish Socialism adapted to twenty first century realities would be the ideal solution.

    29. Ein Says:

      Good post, Carpenter …. although this is not meant to absolve the greedy capitalists either. There are problems with both.

      When I was in Russia, shortly after the change, the grocery stores (very hard to find!… generally on the 3rd floor in an apartment building!) … were still like that. Pathetic. Some old wilted vegetables, turnips and cabbages, a few potaoes, 3 or 4 jars of coffee on otherwise bare shelves. I never saw a supermarket… maybe they have them now.

      The restaurants were even worse (excepting MacDonald’s). You could sit there forever and would be ignored. You had to get up and approach the waiters to request service; naturally you’d get a dirty look for interrupting their conversation. Then, they’d start out by telling you — not what they had today — but by telling you all the things they did NOT have. I saw many people walk out, and so did I. MacD., on the other hand, was PACKED! And I do mean packed, with a line going down the street and around the corner, waiting to get in. McD had instituted the revolutionary notion of “fast service with a smile”. An idea utterly unheard of idea in Russia!

      Socialism (and I’ve seen this in Canada too) causes surly, indifferent employees who don’t give a bleep whether you’re served or not. They couldn’t care less, as they get paid anyway and they can’t be fired. I went in a shoe store in Toronto, and the sullen clerk (when I found her!) immediately began telling what they did NOT have. I thought I was in Moscow again.

    30. N.B. Forrest Says:

      Naturally this jewess, uh, “fails” to point out that the reason the pinko establishment yawns over the mountains of corpses produced by history’s most murderous ideology is the fact that that establishment is mostly composed of shit-kikes like herself. Just as she naturally says “we” we’re right to “demand complete denazification”, and to “excoriate” today’s awakened Whites.

    31. Tim McGreen Says:

      But Ein, that shoe store in Canada was not a government-run agency, it was a commercial business! And that rude salesgirl was no clock-watching, pencil-pushing bureaucrat, she was an employee of the shoe store who, unlike a government employee, could be fired for poor job performance. So I’m afraid I don’t understand that particular anecdote of yours. The fact that Canada has a more socialist-oriented government than we do does not have any bearing on whether or not a salesgirl is going to be rude or cheerful on the job.

      And as far as Russia goes, I doubt they EVER had many cheerful, helpful employees or well-run businesses of any kind, not now, not in Soviet times and not in Czarist times. That’s just how Russia is and always has been.

      I’ve encountered many rude/incompetent jerks working behind the counter or the desk at various businesses I have patronized. Does that mean we too have a socialist government? I wish we did, if that’s what it takes to get a single-payer health care system in place and some a decent mass-transit. Our so-called capitalist or free market system stinks.