19 May, 2010

New Book About 1967 USS Liberty Attack

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It’s called “What I Saw That Day” and it’s co-authored by Mark Glenn:


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  7. 14 Responses to “New Book About 1967 USS Liberty Attack”

    1. William Says:

      In 1979 a crewmember of the USS Liberty named Ennes (cryptologist)wrote a factual account of the deliberate Israeli attack on the Liberty titled ASSAULT on the LIBERTY. It was largely ignored. One could not even buy this book in Jew York City. I hope this new book gets more attention. Both the CNO and DCIA at the time of the attack said the attack was deliberate. ADM Moorer went to his grave without seeing this huge crime against America punished. The evil Israelis even machine gunned men in life rafts….a war crime even if one believes the Israeli LIE that the attack was an accident.

    2. Tim McGreen Says:

      Up until Admiral Mike “I love faggots, can’t get enough of ’em” Mullen took over as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the US Navy was an honorable institution worthy of respect. That’s why it really upsets me that those Zionist Jew criminals launched an unprovoked attack on the Liberty. Those sailors were good guys…Good White guys. If Iran launched an attack like that on a Navy ship in the Persian Gulf, you can imagine how Jerusalem on the Potamac would react.

      LBJ, you were a real asshole. And deep down, I think you knew that.

    3. Tim McGreen Says:

      The controlled Jewsmedia almost never mentions that infamous act of war against the US perpetrated by Israel. Maybe that’s because the Monterrey Pop Festival was going on around the same time and that event caught most people’s attention instead? No, that’s not the reason.

    4. Jim Says:

      LBJ was one of the biggest assholes that ever lived. He not only betrayed the brave men of the USS Liberty but every American soldier that served in Vietnam by his phony “Gulf of Tonkin” deception. It was during his administration that the 1965 Immigration Act was passed that ended forever the possibility of the White race remainiing the majority race on American soil, as well as the so called “Civil Rights Act” that drove the final nail into the coffin of White self determination.

    5. CW-2 Says:

      Posts some months ago pointed to more than a sniff of jew ancestry in LBJ’s distinctly suspicious background, certaintly his wife was a jew.

    6. Tim McGreen Says:

      Funny thing CW-2, LBJ was from Texas and he had a ranch, yet I never saw him riding a horse! Could it be that’s because Jews don’t ride horses? Same thing goes for Lil’ G.W. Bush Jr.

    7. Ein Says:

      Yes, CW. I remember those posts about LBJ, though I don’t remember them in detail. Yes, there was more than a sniff. And his wife too.

    8. Jim Says:

      LBJ probably did have some jew ancestory. His so called “Great Society” was great only for the parasitical niggers and jews and a total disaster for the White people in this country who had to pick up the tab.

    9. Howdy Doody Says:


    10. festerbestertester Says:

      Mark Glenn is a genius and pulls no punches

    11. Tim McGreen Says:

      Mark Glenn is an Arab Christard Lebonese with a White wife, so I wouldn’t get too worked up about him.

    12. Truthteller Says:

      Strangely a good video from the BBC of all places sits on Google video. It’s called “Dead in the Water.”

      Check it out !

    13. Ein Says:


      Agreed. But what Democratic president hasn’t been?
      No, correction: What RECENT president hasn’t been?

      I’m going back here at least to FDR, well over 2/3 of a century!

      My god! It’s amazing that the USA still exists, after all the mismanagement and subversion we’ve had.

    14. Howdy Doody Says:


      Some other quote below. The out law’s burden US with a thousand laws that in reality ANY one can be gotten for no real reason other than their thoughts or opinions.

      From odious Louis Howe, FDR’s right-hand man, to the vile Robert Jackson, FDR’s political attack dog at the Bureau of Internal Revenue, to the bureaucrats and inspectors FDR hung as millstones about the necks of the working masses, the Roosevelt administration made its mark.


      With the possible exception of Al Capone’s Chicago gang, 1930s America saw no greater pile of buccaneering stickup men and rogues than those with whom FDR surrounded himself.