15 May, 2010

“The Christian Question in White Nationalism”

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Suggestion: when you’re confused and you don’t know what to think about a certain issue (like this one), just ask yourself: “WWPT?” (What Would Pierce Think?) [1]. (By the way: speaking of Christianity, do you like Mexicans? You can thank Catholic priests for them – i.e., they’re the result of church-sanctioned unions of White Spaniards + Mexican Indians):


[1] see footnote #2 [Here].

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  7. 44 Responses to ““The Christian Question in White Nationalism””

    1. Blackshirt Says:

      The author of the article states that we should make room amongst our ranks to White Nationalists who happen to be Christian. I can see his point, although I don’t think it is necessarily the right one.

      The problem is “Jew Think” (I didn’t come up with that, I believe Tom Metzger did) and it is a problem of the mind. Christianity IS Jew think. Herein lies the problem- when we make room amongst us for people who have Jew think, there will always be divided loyalties amongst those who have it. Christianity opens the door for more Jew think, so when you have a self-proclaimed White racial comrade amongst you who says he is for the survival of the White Race, will you ever be able to trust whether that individual puts that as priority #1 in their lives, or will that person put getting into Jewsus’s exclusive afterlife club as #1 priority?

      Christianity is a weak link in the White Nationalist/racialist mindset. It’s doctrines are so directly opposed to racism, I cannot see who someone can be a true Christian and a White racist, it is like serving two masters.

    2. Blackshirt Says:

      The author of the article states that we should make room amongst our ranks to White Nationalists who happen to be Christian. I can see his point, although I don’t think it is necessarily the right one.

      The problem is “Jew Think” (I didn’t come up with that, I believe Tom Metzger did) and it is a problem of the mind. Christianity IS Jew think. Herein lies the problem- when we make room amongst us for people who have Jew think, there will always be divided loyalties amongst those who have it. Christianity opens the door for more Jew think, so when you have a self-proclaimed White racial comrade amongst you who says he is for the survival of the White Race, will you ever be able to trust whether that individual puts that as priority #1 in their lives, or will that person put getting into Jewsus’s exclusive afterlife club as #1 priority?

    3. Coup D'Etat Says:

      Are Indians good for White people? What do they really contribute except squatting on lands, raking in royalty monies off of oil wells?Why did the Federal Goverment give lands to Indians? Did they have to? What made them think they were under such obligations to do so?

      POW WOW WOW POW WOW WOW “We come to rape, kill, and pillage your towns and steal your money.” Sounds like the jews.


      “By the late 1860s, President Ulysses S. Grant pursued a stated “Peace Policy” as a possible solution to the conflict. The policy included a reorganization of the Indian Service, with the goal of relocating various tribes from their ancestral homes to parcels of lands established specifically for their inhabitation. The policy called for the replacement of government officials by religious men, nominated by churches, to oversee the Indian agencies on reservations in order to teach Christianity to the native tribes. The Quakers were especially active in this policy on reservations. The “civilization” policy was aimed at eventually preparing the tribes for citizenship” (and to become civilized). (from good’ole Wikipedia).

      Hey you out there. Ever hear of a last name, “Maryboy?” Looks like the jews are not the only slobs with screwy names.

      Attorneys want $7 million in Navajo trust fund case
      Courts » Those fees would consume 21 percent of the settlement.
      By Christopher Smart

      The other shoe has dropped in the proposed settlement alleging state mismanagement of the Utah Navajo Trust Fund: Attorneys for the plaintiffs want $7 million in legal fees and court costs.

      The bill has caught some in San Juan County by surprise.

      The trust was established in 1933 by the federal government to manage 37½ percent of royalties from oil wells on Utah’s portion of the Navajo Nation for San Juan County Navajos. Allegations of mismanagement have dogged the trust since the 1950s, leading to lawsuits.

      Plaintiffs in Pelt, et. al., v. Utah, a class action initiated in 1991, originally sought $150 million. But in January, the case was settled for $33 million. The settlement and legal fees must be approved by U.S. District Court Judge Tena Campbell. A hearing on the matter is scheduled for June 29.

      Now, attorneys for the Utah Navajos have submitted a bill equivalent to 21 percent of the proposed award.

      San Juan County Commissioner Lynn Stevens, who is not Navajo, said that’s too much.

      “I guess I’ve got some heartburn,” he said Friday about the legal bill. “I think that’s excessive.”

      Many believed the attorneys were working pro bono -(without pay) for the Utah Navajos, Stevens said.

      “The Navajos in Utah have been mistreated by the Navajo Nation as well as the Utah Legislature,” he said. “My main concern is that if you’re going after the state of Utah for mismanaging the Trust Fund, attorney fees should not come out of that award.”

      Brian Barnard of Salt Lake City is one of four attorneys seeking payment for work on the case over the past two decades.

      “We haven’t been paid for 18 years,” he said. “I, personally, have not heard any complaints.”

      The normal rate for such contingency cases is 33 percent, he noted.

      Further, Barnard said, the proposed bills are itemized, so that plaintiffs can see exactly all the time accrued and expenses incurred since 1991.

      Barnard, along with attorneys John Pace, Parker Nielson and Alan Taradash, mailed notices to 11,000 Navajo beneficiaries to explain the settlement and the legal bills. Various meetings will be held in and around the reservation in the coming weeks, Barnard said, to answer plaintiffs’ questions.

      Navajos can object to the settlement agreement or the attorney fees through the U.S. District Court for Utah.

      Mark Maryboy, a Navajo and former San Juan County commissioner, said Friday that his original understanding dating back to 1991 was that the legal work would be pro bono.

      But when the settlement agreement was reached in January, Utah Navajos were told legal fees and costs would equal $5 million.

      “I was OK with the $5 million,” Maryboy said. “As far as the $7 million, I really don’t understand. I would have to ask some questions.”



    4. Blackshirt Says:

      Christinsanity is a weak link in the White Nationalist/racialist mindset. It’s doctrines are so directly opposed to racism, I cannot see who someone can be a true Christian and a White racist, it is like serving two masters.

    5. Jim Says:

      Well said, Blackshirt. In my opinion, you can either be a christian OR a White Nationalist. It is impossible to be both. Jew christianity dissolves the very foundation of the folkish community. It teaches a sickly feminine “love everybody” mindset, and rejects all pride of Race, honor, and all the manly Aryan virtues.

    6. Old Dutch Says:

      “In contrast to the English settlers to the north, who came seeking land and brought their own women with them from England, the Spanish came seeking gold and brought no women. Instead they mated with the Indian women — a practice encouraged by the priests accompanying them, who were eager to convert the Indians to Christianity. Thus began the growth of the mestizo element in Central America.

      This process of racial mixture did not bring about the peaceful amalgamation of the races that the priests claimed it would. Instead, the history of Mexico has been a series of bloody revolutions and racial warfare, mostly of mestizos and Indians against Whites, but also of Indians against mestizos, as in the case of the recent civil war in Mexico’s southernmost province of Chiapas.”


      According to Diaz who wrote the first, first person account of the Conquest of Mexico, the Roman Catholic church gave their approval to marriages between Spaniards & indians. What’s even more interesting is that this being the New World, the Roman Catholic church permitted already married Spaniards to marry indian women! New World, new wife. LOL.

    7. Kuda Bux Says:

      During segregation, did White christians in any sense believe that segregation went against scripture, but they elected to do it anyway?

    8. Jim Says:

      It appears that the universalistic equalitarian christian mindset effects the White race more than the mud races. The mongrelized Latin American countries are at least technically “christian”, but they seem more immune to the worst aspects of christianiity. Many countries in nigger Africa are “christian” in name, but it seems not to have altered greatly the nigger’s inate sense of “niggerness” and his hatred of everything White.

    9. Tim McGreen Says:

      Christians and their Christian churches are fucking useless. Just look at how passive the churches are in this country. They never speak out against government tyranny for fear of losing their tax-exempt status. The Russian Orthodox Church sure kept quiet during the brutal Lenin-Stalin years. Christian churches in Israel never speak out against the occupying Zionist Regime. The only two times that any Christian religious leaders ever opened their mouths against the governments they were living under were in Nazi Germany and in apartheid SA. What a shock, right?

    10. Ein Says:

      “they mated with the Indian women — a practice encouraged by the priests accompanying them, who were eager to convert the Indians to Christianity. Thus began the growth of the mestizo element in Central America. ”

      The correct term here is “mated”, yes. This was encouraged by the government, as part of the process of imperialism. I believe the Portuguese did it even before Spain. It was considered to create a class that would be loyal to Spain, as well as a bridge to the Indians. And they WERE loyal — at least for some generations, until the Age of Revolution, when those same high-ranking creoles revolted, following the example of France and the USA. (And egged on by Britain which wanted the trade of Latin America.) By 1800, revolution had become the fashionable thing among the trendy, educated crowd.

      “This process of racial mixture did not bring about the peaceful amalgamation of the races that the priests claimed it would. Instead, the history of Mexico has been a series of bloody revolutions and racial warfare”

      Mexico (unlike the other Hispanic countries) has installed the political myth that: “We are all mestizos”. This official creed has given them, for the past century, the basis for an uneasy peace. Without it, there would doubtless have been much worse strife and real racial warfare. Of course, it may yet come to that someday — the nightmare of the white ruling class who all pay lip service to the myth that they’re mestizos.

      This exaltation of the mestizo, unknown elsewhere, is unique to Mexico — a result of the Mexican revolution (1910-1920, which wiped out a tenth of the population). It is NOT considered admirable in South America to be a mestizo (though better than an Indian, which is better than a black), and mestizos are not glorified. Contrary to Mexico (where whites pretend to be mestizos), they all pretend to be white.

      “The Catholic church gave approval to marriages between Spaniards & indians. What’s even more interesting is that this being the New World, the Roman Catholic church permitted already married Spaniards to marry indian women! “

      I’m dubious about that. I mean the word “marriages”. Shacking up with an Indian woman on the side was another story. But marriage? Not likely. Except for the Conquistadors marrying Inca princesses … for obviously political ends. In that special case, it could be allowed.

      I had a very informative, scholarly tome on the sociology of Hispanic America, unfortunately now lost, in which it said that the laws in the Spanish colonies were extremely strict and meticulous, and that persons could not even legally marry outside their class, much less race. So I doubt that those matings were actual marriages. It would have been legally impossible. If you were a high-born white Spaniard, you only married another high-born white Spaniard. But having other women (and families) on the side was a very casual thing for the Latins, unlike the staid Protestant Anglo Saxons. As for the soldiers and sailors who were passing through, whatever they did was another story — but I doubt they bothered to get “married” before doing it.

    11. Ein Says:

      The Christian/European world, prior to about 1800 (and even well after) was extremely class-conscious. And in pre-revolutionary Hispanic society there was no notion of social mobility (unlike the bourgeois countries) — everyone knew his place, and you were what your grandfather was. You simply did not marry outside your class. Not only was it “not done”, socially, it wasn’t even possible legally.

      Hence, I doubt the church would have endorsed it. Frankly, we today say they “married” the natives as a polite euphemism for they “mated” with the natives. Even the leftists have in interest in tidying this up and making it look more legitimate than it was.

    12. Ein Says:

      These were monarchies that were based on a very rigid and formal social hierarchy. The American colonies would have been looser, in practice, being so far from the central authority, but still they aped the mother countries. Nobles didn’t marry peasants, and whites didn’t marry coloureds. It simply wasn’t done.

      They screwed them, yeah, but they didn’t marry them. (!)

    13. George Washington Says:

      There is no god. Once god is quantified he will cease being a deity. Religion is the “opiate of the masses.” Get off the opium. Jesus Christ was a rablerouser, seditionist and proficient jewish scheemer. Fish and lambs hated Jesus Christ because he killed them and ate them. Mary liked Jesus because he had sex with her. Jesus Christ died for breaking the law. Jesus Christ was beaten, nailed to a cross and speared like thousands and thousands of other criminals. Jesus Christ was a real man and now he is a dead man. The Jews wrote another monumental book of fiction based on this character just like a jewllywood screenplay. The fictional and dramatized story of Jesus is more insidious jewish melodrama. Jesus Christ means absolutely nothing to most of the 7 billion homonids on earth. Jesus Christ didn’t come back in 100, 200, 500, 1000, 1500, 1900, 2000 or 2010 years. He ain’t never comin’ back. OK. Now let’s get to the issues.

    14. Tim McGreen Says:

      As I’ve said before, the Church permitted marriage or at least tolerated sexual union between Spanish and Portugese colonists and the New World savages. Why? In order to make up for the Church’s loss of 20 million Catholics in Northern Europe thanks to the Reformation. And I’m sure there were many instances where the Spanish and Portugese colonists already had wives in Europe, but took new Indian wives in this hemisphere. The Church probably came up with some kind of bullshit exception to the rules in order to justify such actions. After all, the Lord needed millions of new Mestizoes in order to replenish the depleted ranks of His Church.

    15. Henry Says:

      To the Christian churches, a soul is a soul.
      They don’t care where it came from or what body it lives in.

    16. Tim McGreen Says:

      Christianity=Jewish egalitarian nonsense.

    17. ED! Says:

      “Once a White Nationalist regime emerges, White Nationalist Christians can use their ties with the churches to better bring them into compliance with the new order”

      In my mind the Christian Churches are nothing but Union Halls for the Jew Enforcers. Getting rich in this currant social political mess has more to do with church affiliations than it does education save family ties. The Jews control the purse-strings and as long as they are able to do that, the Rapture Bunnies are going to suck up to them. The Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John bunch think God wants them to kiss Jew ass, and the Jews reward getting their asses kissed by allowing the Christians to get in on their scam. Ever noticed that when the Jews do their stock market down-turn recession bit that it is always the unconnected working class that gets screwed? Have you also noticed that the big power-house Christians seem to come through the ordeal unscathed? Funny how that works!

      We now have a Supreme Court with 3 Jews on it! Let us see now, 3/9 = .3333 shift the decimal point two places right = 33.33% of the high court controlled by the Jews! THAT IS OUTRAGEOUS! At 3% of our population they should not even have one Jew on that court yet they have three? We know that they comprised half of the Clinton Cabinet because they had Bill Clinton!

      I believe we need to work on two points the first of which is that the Bible is a fraud, and that the Jews are filled with fraud! We must appeal to White Youth!

      What do you get when you combine these ingredients; fraud, larceny, stock market manipulation, slave running, gun running, drug running, money laundering, inciting wars, media control, communism, socialism, capitalism, nation wreaking, mind control, religion inventing, witchcraft, pornography, banking control, murder, espionage, egalitarianism, multiculturalism, pushing homosexuality, race mixing? JEWS, that’s what you get!

      Down with the Jew and the Rich Christian Chicken-SHIT Enforcer!


    18. Antagonistes Says:

      Christianity does not matter.

      What matters is “radical traditionalism” or “modernity” .

      Modernity is concerned with money-making, and continually changing the culture to keep power and make money.

      Traditionalism is in danger of attracting second-rate minds, un-creative people who drag everything down. Even if you are a creative traditionalist, the system will grind you down.

    19. ED! Says:

      As I have said along, Christianity is the poison of the White Race, plain and simple…


    20. Waldo Starr Says:

      I am not Catholic but I like Mexicans in Mexico, Haitians’ in Haiti, Chinese in China, Guatemalans’ in Guatemala, Cubans in Cuba, and blacks can go to hell.

    21. Krystian Says:

      At this point it isn’t a matter of opinion, saying Christianity and “save the white race” are not compatible is just being factual. Christianity has always been at odds with the healthy racial instincts of whites. Why should it be otherwise? It displaced our native religions and ideologies, and was conceived and imported by our eternal racial enemies, the Afroasiatics.

      The only two times that any Christian religious leaders ever opened their mouths against the governments they were living under were in Nazi Germany and in apartheid SA. – Tim McGreen

      True, not a shock at all, as Christianity is perfectly in sync with Judeo-Egalitarianism of all modern ‘Western’ regimes. “Liberty, equality and fraternity” are all Christian ideals as much as they are Liberal ones. The Church itself was furthermore always content to serve as a crutch for corrupt regimes.

      A racialist state like ZA or the German Empire, free (mostly) of poisonous Semitic ideals, is bound to offend the sensibilities of the Christian pests.

      Christianity IS Jew think. – Blackshirt

      It is, anyone who wishes to look into the Talmud can confirm this. Some of the doctrines are reproduced verbatim. And the only argument I’ve ever heard from Christians when this fact is raised is “nuh-uh!!!”.

    22. Sri Sreggin Das, Mystic Yogi of the Kali Yuga Says:

      Antagonistes, by “radical traditionalism,” I assume you to mean:

      The male as head of the household,
      A household consisting of a man and a woman, with children,
      The male as “self-employed,” as, in tradition, owning a farm, or being a member of a guild,
      Culture, faith, and relationships being more important than money

      I assume you to mean these things, among others.

      One can be a “radical traditionalist” in any religion, including Judaism, Islam or Eastern spirituality.

      Since all things are continually changing, the vehicle for expressing radical traditionalism changes over time.

      In the European Middle-Ages, it was Christianity.

      Today, we are searching for a means of expression, but that which is to be expressed, radical traditionalism, is always there.

      So, to the question, “Is Christianity a Hindrance to White Self-Realization?” the answer must be “It can be either a help or a hindrance.”

    23. George Washington Says:

      Christianity matters because we believe there is a universal omnipotency that compels our behavior. When we throw off the yoke of Judaism, we will behave as WE deem appropriate. At the point of Caucasian (i.e. American) emancipation, we will reconstitute our tribe, seal our national borders, repossess our wealth, end foreign trade and aid, end affirmative action and “civil rights,” stop invasion through immigration, begin deportation etc. When America is no longer run by Israel through the Christian church, America will be able to return to global hegemony and seriously begin environmental protection through the culling of the sub-form population.

    24. Will Williams Says:


      What set the National Alliance, under William L. Pierce, apart from the rest of the so-called “movement” was our policy proscribing Xianity as an ideology opposed to that of our Alliance. Xians were allowed to join NA but soon learned the Alliance’s position on its members worshipping the Jew’s tribal god YHWH or their spreading the Jew Word as an Alliance member.

      The following excerpt from the NA Membership Handbook was clumsily removed by those who hijacked the NA after Pierce’s death. The usurpers wanted to go “big tent” with an expedient Xian-friendly Alliance outreach, compromising the very policy that set Pierce’s strict biological movement above the Xian-friendly big tent compromisers.

      How has that worked out? Dr. Pierce was carefully building a true vanguard around the core of men and women who agreed with him and his no nonsense, hard line. The Alliance message didn’t appeal to the gullible and superstitious herd by soft-soaping them. Pierce’s stated vision was to build a movement of will and determination from those of us who agreed with him, not those who disagreed and opposed us.

      —begin from 2d. -OPPOSED IDEOLOGIES—

      2d.vii. Christianity
      The National Alliance is not a religious organization, in the ordinary sense of the term. It does, however, have to concern itself with religious matters, because religions influence the behavior of people, society, and governments. The doctrines of various religious groups—Christians, Muslims, Jews, Buddhists, et al.—deal with the temporal as well as spiritual matters and therefore often conflict with National Alliance doctrine.
      Christian doctrines are of much greater concern to the National Alliance than the doctrines of other large religious groups, because Christianity is the most influential religion in the United States, Europe, and the rest of the White world. Most members of the National Alliance come from families which are, or a generation ago were, at least nominally Christian, and very few come from families which practice or practiced, Islam, Buddhism, or other religions. Furthermore, the history of our race for the last thousand years has been inextricably bound up with Christianity. The National Alliance really cannot avoid taking positions regarding Christian beliefs and practices, despite the complications this causes our work.
      The immediate and inevitable fact which forces us to come to grips with Christianity is that the mainstream Christian churches are all, without exception, preaching a doctrine of White racial extinction. They preach racial egalitarianism and racial mixing. They preach non-resistance to the takeover of our society by non-Whites. It was the Christian churches, more than any other institution, which paralyzed the will of White South Africans to survive. It is the Christian establishment in the United States which is preeminent in sapping the will of White Americans to resist being submerged in the non-White tide sweeping across the land. Most Christian authorities collaborate openly with the Jews, despite the contempt and abuse they receive in return, and the rest at least follow Jewish policies on the all-important matter of race. The occasional anomaly—a Catholic bishop in Poland speaking out angrily against Jewish arrogance, a few Protestant groups in the United States expressing sympathy for oppressed Palestinians—does not invalidate the rule.
      We are obliged, therefore, to oppose the Christians churches and to speak out against their doctrines. But we do not, as some groups have done, accuse the Christian leaders of being false Christians. We do not say, “We are the real Christians, because we stand for the values which the mainstream churches stood for a century ago, before they were subverted.” We do not reach for our Bibles and point to verses which seem to be in accord with the policies of the National Alliance and contrary to the present policies of the Christian churches. A diligent Bible scholar can find in the Judeo-Christian scriptures support for—or ammunition against—virtually any policy whatsoever.
      Beyond the immediate conflict between us and the Christian churches on racial matters there is a long-standing and quite fundamental ideological problem with Christianity. It is not an Aryan religion; like Judaism and Islam it is Semitic in origin, and all its centuries of partial adaptation to Aryan ways have not changed its basic flavor. It was carried by a Jew, Saul of Tarsus (later known as Paul), from the Levant to the Greco-Roman world. Its doctrines that the meek shall inherit the earth and that the last shall be the first found fertile soil among the populous slave class in Rome. Centuries later, as Rome was succumbing to an internal rot in which Christianity played no small part, legions of Roman conscripts imposed the imported religion on the Celtic and Germanic tribes to the north.
      Eventually Christianity became a unifying factor for Europe, and in the name of Jesus Europeans resisted the onslaught of Islamic Moors and Turks and expelled the “Christ-killing” Jews from one country after another. But the religion retained its alien mind-set, no matter how much some aspects of it were Europeanized. Its otherworldliness is fundamentally out of tune with the Aryan quest for knowledge and for progress; its universalism conflicts directly with Aryan striving for beauty and strength; its delineation of the roles of man and god offends the Aryan sense of honor and self-sufficiency.
      Finally Christianity, like the other Semitic religions, is irredeemably primitive. Its deity is thoroughly anthropomorphic, and its “miracles”—raising the dead, walking on water, curing the lame and the blind with a word and a touch—are the crassest superstition.
      We may have fond memories of the time before the Second World War when pretty, little girls in white dresses attended all-White Sunday schools, and Christianity seemed a bulwark of family values and a foe to degeneracy and indiscipline. We may cherish the tales of medieval valor, when Christian knights fought for god and king—if we can overlook the Christian church’s bloodthirsty intolerance, which stifled science and philosophy for centuries and sent tens of thousands of Europeans to the stake for heresy.
      We may even find Christian ethics congenial, if we follow the standard Christian practice of interpreting many of its precepts—such as the one about turning the other cheek—in such a way that they do not interfere with our task. But we should remember that nothing essential in Christian ethics is specifically Christian. Any successful society must have rules of social conduct. Lying and stealing were shunned in every Aryan society long before Christianity appeared. Our pagan ancestors did not need Christian missionaries to tell them how to behave or to explain honor and decency to them—quite the contrary!
      Historians may argue the pros and cons of Christianity’s role in our race’s past: whether or not the unity it provided during a period of European consolidation outweighed the loss of good genes it caused in the Crusades and the bloody religious wars of the Middle Ages (and through the Church’s policy of priestly celibacy); whether the splendid Gothic cathedrals which rose in Europe during the four centuries and the magnificent religious music of the 18th century were essentially Christian or essentially Aryan in inspiration; whether Christianity’s stand against the evils of self-indulgence—against gluttony and drunkenness and greed—was worth its shackling of the human mind in superstition or not. One thing already is clear, however: Christianity is not a religion that we can wish on future generations of our race.
      We need ethics; we need values and standards; we need a world view. And if one wants to call all of these things together a religion, then we need a religion. One might choose instead, however, to call them a philosophy of life. Whatever we call it, it must come from our own race soul; it must be an expression of the innate Aryan nature. And it must be conducive to our mission of racial progress. Christianity, as the word is commonly understood, meets neither of these criteria.
      The fact is that, completely aside from the racial question, no person who wholeheartedly believes Christian doctrine can share our values and goals, because Christian doctrine holds that this world is of little importance, being only a proving ground for the spiritual world which one enters after death. Christian doctrine also holds that the condition of this world is not man’s responsibility, because an omnipotent and omniscient deity alone has that responsibility.
      Although some Christians do believe Christian doctrine wholeheartedly, however, most do not. Most instinctively feel what we explicitly believe, even if they have repressed those feelings in an effort to be “good” Christians. Because of this many nominal Christians, even those affiliated with mainstream churches, can, under the right circumstances, be persuaded to work for the interests of their race. Other nominal Christians—especially those who stand apart from any of the mainstream churches—have interpreted Christian doctrine in such an idiosyncratic way that the contradictions between their beliefs and ours have been minimized.
      For these reasons we want to avoid conflict with Christians to the extent that we can. We don’t want to give unnecessary offense, even when we speak out against the doctrines of these churches. We don’t want to ridicule their beliefs, which in some cases are sincerely held. Some of these people later will reject Christianity’s racial doctrines. Some will reject Christianity altogether. We want to help them in their quest for truth when we can, and we want to keep the door open to them.
      Members who want to study the subject of Christianity and its relationship to our task in depth should read Which Way Western Man? by our late member William Simpson. The book’s initial chapters describe the spiritual odyssey of a man of exceptional spiritual sensitivity, who was far more intensely a Christian than nearly any Christian living today and who eventually understood the racially destructive nature of Christianity and rejected it.
      A more concise study of the difference between the Christian world view and ours is given in Wulf Sörensen’s The Voice of Our Ancestors, which was reprinted in National Vanguard No.107.

    25. Tim McGreen Says:

      The more I think about it, the more I realize the critics were right. Pro-White groups like the National Alliance put too much emphasis on intellectualism and not enough on action. OK, they certainly are a well-read bunch. But to what end? For what purpose? Der Fuhrer himself said that people should only read stuff that is relevant and useful. But a WN who spends all his free time reading Kant, Carlisle, Nietschze, Spengler and Revilo Oliver? Do you think the Jews and the muds give a damn how well-read you are?

    26. Sgt. Skull Says:

      I should make it clear that I don’t hate Christianity, but feel it has has run its course in the Western hemisphere and is now a major obstacle in any forthcoming renaissance of the white race. Christian dogma is sharply at odds with the biological and racial worldview of most white nationalists and of the old Pierce led NA. Furthermore, it isn’t a bulwark against anything that threatens the survival of Europeans in their native lands and wherever they reside.

      I’ve lost count how many times I’ve had a debate with a Christian only for him/her to say “That’s not Christian”, or “That’s not what Jesus would want”. Jesus, you see, wants coffee colored mongrels and for all nations to resemble Brazil or India.

      No doubt there are exceptions among practicing Christians who could be useful, but in the main I don’t see the majority of adherents as potential allies.

    27. Antagonistes Says:

      Der Feuhrer said that? Well, he was right. A person can waste a lot of time using reading as an escape, and reading stuff that is not practical or useful. However, like the Feuhrer, I have an interest in the Occult.

      The excerpt from the NA Membership Handbook is right, also.

      I have read Christian books lately, including The Politically Incorrect Guide to Western Civilization. It is an interesting book, but it repeats the line that the Jews are (still!) “God’s people”. It conveniently leaves out the Arabs (also the children of Abraham by a concubine).

      I think an honest reading of the New Testament says that the Church is now “God’s people”, as totally absurd as that may sound to those of us who have been in churches.

      So, Conservative Christianity—forget it.

      The PIG guide to Western Civ. even admits that the Roman Pagans were not the corrupt folk of the cities. They were solid, decent country people who had no need for either the corruption of the aristocracy, the foolishness of the mob, or the promises of a soon-coming (or returning) Messiah.

    28. George Washington Says:

      WAKE UP!!! Jesus WANTED Mary. Jesus WANTED wine. Jesus WANTED supper. Jesus WANTED power. Jesus LUSTED for power. 90% of the hominids on this planet have NO knowledge of or concern for Jesus Christ. I’m here to tell you IT’S OVER. Jesus Christ is DEAD and he will not come back. We’re all alone in the universe. OK? Now let’s get to the issues. Let’s throw off the yoke of GUILT and MORALITY of Judaism. Think about it. Americans pay penitence on every corner on every Sunday to Judaism, while the discriminating, superior and chosen Jews run off with the world. Someone has to get the masses off the opiates. Reality is what we make.

    29. Justin Huber Says:

      I thoroughly enjoyed reading the excerpt that Will Williams posted above. Back, before I was racially aware, I also purchased one of the aforementioned PIG guides that Antagonistes mentioned. I’m embarrassed of it now.

    30. Tim McGreen Says:

      Christianity was forced on the masses, as Dr. Pierce said, “by fire and sword.” Few converted to that insane religion of their own free will, at least few White people. It was foisted on them by kings, popes and emperors who wanted to consolidate their power over the masses and used Christianity as a political expedient to get that done.

      Really, is the world any better off for two thousand years of Christianity? Is there any less war, suffering or cruelty? I think not. Deep down, I suspect most Christians feel they have been conned, but stick to their religion out of habit, knowing that’s it’s not really true.

    31. Will Williams Says:

      I’m pleased that you enjoyed that NA Handbook entry, Justin. You’ll also probably enjoy the following editorial by Dr. Pierce on this touchy subject of XQ in WN, written to Alliance members in the monthly internal NA BULLETIN in 1982, 28 years ago:

      I had first transcribed this “profile in courage” document for VNNers in February 2004:

      THE NATIONAL OFFICE has received a few complaints (fewer than expected) from members about what has been perceived as an anti-Christian bias in recent issues of NV [National Vanguard magazine]. One member has resigned.
      The complaints fall into two general categories: 1. “I am a Christian. Why are you attacking my religion?” and 2. “I am not a Christian, but many White people are. We must all stick together. To attack Christianity is divisive.”
      It should first be noted that the National Alliance is not primarily a religious organization –at least, not in the usual sense of the word, although most members are able to recognize the strong spiritual element in the Alliance’s message. Second, it should be noted that the National Office is fully aware of the sensitive nature of the Christian religion, and for that reason NV avoided the question for a long time.
      This avoidance, however, was in conflict with the Alliance’s fundamental obligation to deal forthrightly with ‘all’ issues of vital concern to the welfare and progress of our race. This obligation where Christianity is concerned has become especially difficult to ignore during the past few months, with the growing strength of the Moral Majority and other right-wing Christian groups and their active participation in political matters. The member who resigned said she was also a member of the Moral Majority. The leader of that organization, the Reverend Jerry Falwell, has been outspoken in his support of Zionism, and he was recently given a Zionist award by Jewish leaders. There exists a clear conflict of interests for any Alliance member who supports such an organization, and the Alliance member should not compromise in matters of this sort.
      This is not the place to deal at length with details of religious history and doctrine; NV will continue to have articles on these topics from time to time, and there will be such an article in the April issue. Here, however, a few things will be mentioned briefly for the guidance of Alliance members.
      The most important single fact concerning Christianity with which the Alliance must deal is that all the major Christian churches, Catholic and Protestant, liberal and fundamentalist, have openly aligned themselves with the enemies of the White race. The Catholics and the liberal Protestants are vigorously supporting racial mixing, while the fundamentalist Protestants are strong boosters of Zionism. These alignments will become increasingly important factors in our struggle in the years ahead, as the churches become more and more involved in social and political issues. The Jews have already announced their intention to mobilize fundamentalist Christians in their effort to maintain control of the U.S. government. The Alliance cannot remain silent in the face of such developments, for the sake of White unity or anything else.
      No honest, conscientious Alliance member can maintain his membership in the Alliance and also in an organization which is fundamentally opposed to the goals and principles of the Alliance. The former member who belongs to the moral majority acted correctly in resigning from the Alliance, and the same applies to others: Any Alliance member who is also a member of a church or other Christian organization which supports racial mixing or Zionism should decide now where he stands, and he should then resign either from his church or from the Alliance.
      In fact, the great majority of Alliance members who originally had some Christian church affiliation have already made their decisions and left the churches. Those members who continue to consider themselves Christians either have no church affiliation or belong to very small, independent churches which have pro-White doctrines. It is primarily these members who have objected to the recent treatment of Christianity in NV. “It’s all right to attack the big churches,” they say, “because those churches have been subverted by the Jews — but don’t attack Christianity itself. What the churches are preaching today isn’t really Christianity.”
      Well, far be it from the National Alliance to decide what is really Christianity. Christians have been fighting with one another over that question for the better part of the last 2,000 years without arriving at an answer acceptable to all parties concerned. From a strictly practical viewpoint, however, we must use the word “Christianity” in NV in the sense in which it is understood by the general public and by the great majority of readers. In that sense, “Christianity” means the lumped together doctrines of the major Christian churches, without regard for all the little quibbles which separate Catholics from Protestants, or ultra-liberal Presbyterians from Holy Rollers and teetotaling Baptists.
      Beyond this question of whether it is the race-mixers and Zionists or the pro-Whites who are the real Christians, there are the troubling issues of the non-European origin of Christianity: of the great body of Christian ethical doctrines which are accepted by nearly all the churches but which conflict with White spirituality and the needs for White survival, such as the Sermon on the Mount; and of the body of Old Testament. Jewish mythology — such as the creation myth of Genesis; the “chosen people” myth, and Isaiah’s ravings against all non-Jews, together with his prophesies that the Jews will eventually rule the world and all other races will serve them — which comes along with most versions of Christianity.
      All three of the aforementioned issues are relevant to the mission of the National Alliance, and they cannot be ignored: We must look to our racial roots, and we must rid ourselves of alien influences, including those from the Levant; we must govern ourselves by White values and ethical doctrines, and by no others; and we must concern ourselves with truth alone.
      A number of men and women who have understood the first two of these issues but who have, nevertheless, still considered themselves both Christian and pro-White have attempted to resolve the contradiction by denying the Jewish origins of Christianity and by choosing interpretations of Christian ethical doctrines which differ markedly from the commonly accepted ones. They have asserted that not only was Jesus not a Jew, but neither were the people living in Palestine during the Old Testament and the New Testament periods Jews. These people, they say, were actually the ancestors of the Anglo-Saxons and other peoples of Europe.
      One can argue either way about Jesus, because the historical evidence is insufficient to support a firm conclusion. But the assertion that the people of the Old Testament or the people of Palestine among whom the Christian movement began were Anglo-Saxons, or anything but Semites, for the most part, is demonstrably false. Such assertions can only be maintained by persons who close their eyes to the clear historical record, just as a belief in the creation myth of Genesis can only be maintained by persons who refuse to accept the clear scientific evidence to the contrary.
      If, despite everything above, there are Alliance members or prospective Alliance members who still consider themselves Christians, then it must be in the sense that they value the specifically White elements of Christianity which have been added since its origins — the great art, the great music, and the great architecture produced by White men during the centuries in which the Christian churches ruled Europe — and that they also share the White spiritual feelings which have been eloquently expressed by many men and women who were Christians and who applied the adjective “Christian” to feelings which, in fact, came from deep within the White race-soul and existed long before the advent of the Christian church.
      Such Christians we can call our comrades and be proud to have in our ranks.

      “During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.” -George Orwell

    32. George Washington Says:

      Recreational drugs are illegal. Opium is illegal. The government must provide rehab for the masses using the opiates. 70% of the American population is OFF the Christian opiate. Most of the balance will be DEPORTED on grounds of unconstitutional “status” such as that obtained through unconstitutional amnesty, asylum and “emancipation.” The opiate problem is minimal and will positively respond to treatment and rehab. A desireable OUTCOME will be effected through serious DISCIPLINE.

    33. Antagonistes Says:

      That Tuohy woman!

      Have you seen her on TV? She is the “Blind Side” “mother”.

      She says that, when you adopt, you should not even ask the race or ethnicity of the baby. Shades of the Italian Left!

      She says it is all “a matter of the heart.”

      She said it with such self-righteous, combative pride.

      My wife said, “I’ll bet she’s a real bitch.”

      Christian bitch-woman, did you look at race and ethnicity when you married your husband?

    34. nom de guerre Says:

      remember Stalin once asked “How many legions does the pope have”? Stalin wasn’t so stupid was he? How many xians would go to war these days to give jesus to the mudz? Much to the dismay of the flag waving yahoo kwans, the support of the troops is’nt a very heated topic with muds flocking in to feast on zogs carcass.
      One bumper sticker I saw the other day remind me of how the Soviets had to get behind their own troops in the Finnish war and shoot at them, it was “get behind
      ‘our’ troops or in front of them”, get the implication? When the zog does come apart it will be worse far worse than the Soviet Jewnion

    35. nom de guerre Says:

      In the first round of the coming Race war in the Kwa, Whites will get the worst of it, which they have been getting at a much smaller dosage from nigger and spic criminals. Some daylight will creep into their Xianized, consumerised, unexercised brains, that this shit be for real, and they can’t turn it off with the remote control, or whining “dis sheet only happenins over deh. The jews and their media are tryin’ to bargain with the Chinks and all the other creditors of the junk empire, to hold back that day

    36. nom de guerre Says:

      The cox sucker cables boys are out today, apparently the above average rains have been playing havoc with all the underground cables. Its a thing thread that holds the kwa together these days, I’m getting to suspect the water system is’nt getting the necessary treatment, take it all with a teaspoon of chlorox, and you know the State and Shitty are hurtin’ to keep all those retirees receiving the porkn’beans from depleted revenues.. The Gubernor has been fingered for having encouraged the Highway dept. to lay down an interchange along the interstate….Oh yeah, he owns some property in that area… You know how jaysus favors the politicians, give unto them and yer doin’ the Lawds work.

    37. nom de guerre Says:

      you know why kwans support the jeboo religion? It gives them a sense of superiority, believe it or not, the Whites really believe they got the strings pullin jeboo along, to take care of Yvhs chosen

    38. Jim Says:

      Walt Williams, Thank you for the outstanding articles on christianity from the National Alliance. They just about say all there is to say on the subject. Dr. Pierce’s untimely death was a tragedy of immense proportions to our people.

    39. nom de guerre Says:

      Funny how xianity always has played that game of counting splinters in eyes… I mean just look at ole Anne Morrow Lindbergh who would have preferred America lose 1/2 million G.I.s in a jew war rather than become anti-shitmite.. Did you ever hear of a Pagan crusade? Or of a pre-xian female turnin’ against her own man, and her own kind for the sake of the chosen? Did the jews pull one over with a religion like that!

    40. Tim McGreen Says:

      You’re right, NdG, Xianity does give its followers a (false) sense of superiority. It’s just a lot of childish “my god is better than your god/my dad is bigger than your dad” baloney. Christianity is for immature and insecure people.

      And like you say, there were no pre-Christian crusades to convert anyone. When the Pagans conquered a people, they would ask “Who are your gods?” But they wouldn’t force the subjected people to give up their gods and embrace those of the victor. That would have been considered un-Aryan behavior.

      Christianity is on the wane in the West, but the vestiges of poisonous Christian thinking may linger among many Whites for a long time to come.

    41. nom de guerre Says:

      The reverence the ancients had for their gods, was far superior than Xianity force fed preachin’ to the flock nonsense. In ancient Rome religion was everywhere, in fact the custom was that in wartime the temple doors were open, in times of peace they were closed, xianity never produced such a prolonged period of peace in the Western world, it brought a division among White people, weakened the ancient world and opened up the gates for mud hordes like the Huns and the mudslims.

    42. Captain Slappy Says:

      Granted, I don’t go to my Enemy to get my religion, history, or God.
      So….no old testament Jew God for me.

      But Christ? Not so much a Jew God…..but not MY god either.
      (Damn good teacher of basic, common sense though!)

      Then again, I don’t consider Hitler to be much either, other than a good speaker….and possibly teacher. For those of you who don’t know, he died just the same as Christ. Sums that up fairly quick and simple.

      So, we are left with doing it your way, or MY way.
      In my Republic of America…we do it MY way. With a big old God somewhere doing something. One that doesn’t bother me much.

      I don’t support any religion that wants me to pay for it.
      If their God isn’t powerful enough to coin money to keep them afloat, he ain’t much of a God now is he?

      In the end, Christianity has ruled the world for many years.
      Jews soon followed with their hack God.
      Now it’s the Muzzies turn. That is the way of things, old Gods fade, new ones appear. They all do the same things: Nothing.
      So much for the power of God…..created and maintained by Man.
      Let’s go ask these powerful “Pagans” how it turned out for them…..hmmm….methinks they didn’t survive. SO much for their God(s) too.

      Whatever built and designed us, and put us into motion, is one helluva God.

      That powerful a God isn’t worried what anyone, including you, think about anything he created. However, if you fuck it up, you might find him to be not a nice God. So don’t break his toys.

      Remember kids, God is never the problem. Never was the problem. Never will be either.

      Retarded Humans are the problem. Always were, are, and will be.
      As Uncle Joe the Commie Stalin once said:

      “No man….No Problem”.

      There is your answer to everything above.

    43. Tim McGreen Says:

      Were there dinosaurs on Noah’s Ark? The Bible crowd never answered that question for me. So I became an anarchist.

    44. Christian Identity Says:

      Is Christian Identity the answer for white people? Any Christian Identity people here from Ontario, Canada?