23 May, 2010

The Nearly-Unnoticed WNs of S.A.

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There are thousands of racially-aware White people in South America who we could be networking with, but unfortunately, many of them don’t speak English and most of us don’t speak Spanish. Perhaps more WN websites could feature language-translation engines on their front pages?


  • 2 Responses to “The Nearly-Unnoticed WNs of S.A.”

    1. Gerald E. P. Morris Says:

      Use Google’s Xlator. This sort of post is worth about 100x of the run-of-the-mill IH8-darkeez-and-kikes sort! Aryans are globally dispersed, as are our oppressors, the kikes, yet FAR too many amerikwan “WNs” are stuck on provincial hick amerikwanism, failing to grasp the FACT that the Jew S.A. and the very “discovery” of “America,” (named for italo-jew navigator Amerigo Vespucci, Cristobal Colon’s right-hand fellow kike) means when JEWS discovered the land masses which Aryans like St. Brendan the Navigator found ~ 1200 yrs ago!

      There are Aryan Patriots, and judeophile amerikwan PAY-triots. HAIL the former, HANG the latter!

    2. Captain Slappy Says:

      Ummm….just to point out, you can’t “discover” a continent full of people already here. SO much for your theory on Aryans discovering it. (“True History”…not so historical anymore).

      Unless that “Xlator” comes with a translator for hot, white-chick pr0n (because I am white obviously), I hate to say South America is WAY down on my list of, “I want to talk to more white people that don’t accomplish anything else either”.

      Trust me, America is already chock full of “Aryan Patriots” not doing anything, much less there. Talk is cheap. Go fix something instead.
      After all, the problems you are mad about are directly attributable to YOU not doing a single damned thing…….

      I hail and heil NO “Aryan”. This ain’t Europe, spud. And some of us actually served THIS country, unlike the so many “Come-Lately Aryans” demanding they be heard while they Rambo the Interwebs.

      Welcome to the Free Republic of America, and hang any bastard who says it ain’t so. Last I looked, we ain’t looking for a failed 3rd Reich to replace the failing Republic. Ours at least lasted longer.