15 May, 2010

Thinking Out Loud: “Modernity” as an Actual Sickness

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As I read the comments section today, a thought suddenly occurred to me: I rarely hear liberalism/cultural Marxism/egalitarianism called a “sickness” in the real sense of that word [1]. But let’s think about it for a few minutes, ok? Shouldn’t we be publicly calling it a sickness? Isn’t it an actual mental illness – like “sir, you need serious professional help”? It sure seems to be. You can even “catch it” from too much TV, too many Hymiewood movies, from schools, from churches, and so forth. For simplicity, I’ll call this sickness “modernity” (that’s a word from John Murray Cuddihy’s book, which I’m borrowing here as a catch-all term, because I think it has a ring to it).

Modernity is completely abnormal – for examples, race-mixing and feminism. Without modernity, women would stay at home to raise kids, instead of abandoning their husbands for their “careers.” Without modernity, Whites wouldn’t marry negroes. Modernity goes against human nature. Therefore, it’s a sickness, an illness, and the West must be cured of it. Right? Maybe looking at modernity in this way (instead of looking at it as an ideology/belief that we don’t agree with) can eventually change some minds? [2]. Perhaps we in the WN community could update our language and our terminology to reflect this “new” way of thinking – or is it really new? Would such an updating be, in reality, just pointless repackaging of older propaganda? What do you think, readers? Is this a topic that could be fleshed out, or is it just nonsense that’s not worth discussing?

[1] imagine a public school teacher being prohibited by the state from teaching due to his “illness,” i.e., a liberal/egalitarian mindset

[2] granted, liberalism may be “hard-wired” into some people

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  7. 21 Responses to “Thinking Out Loud: “Modernity” as an Actual Sickness”

    1. Jürgen Says:


      And what is more, these sick Marxists look at you,
      a normal American, and think that YOU’RE the problem.

      De-jew your life in every way possible – live apart from this
      sickened, ill, and dying system all you can. Seriously, I don’t
      even want to breathe the same air as these sick fuckstains.
      Dammit do we ever need a one good, cleansing war.

    2. A. Says:

      The communist jews did that. Remember Izra Pound being locked up in an insane asylum because he spoke against jewish usury. Only a mad person would do that right?

      It isn’t insanity, it is just middle-class vacuity.

      liberalism/cultural Marxism/egalitarianism is just a middle class defense for their imagined ruling power. I mean, why should a good middle-class dude be denied a post because he wasn’t born to it? He has money, why should he be denied position? All blacks need is a hand up and the right leadership, a big brother, to become nice middle class uncle tom nigs. Some nigs earn a lot of money these days and are very sucessful. Look at Oprah! Jews? Jews? They are just successful business men. I bet you don’t have a good middle class life, that is why you are jealous. Besides we are all human (except those who deny the ability of others to live as good middle class people if the have ambition). You’re just being negative. You have to think positively. You have to have ambition and a good work ethic. And that right there is your problem. You just want to blame others because you can’t be bothered to make the effort to meet and greet, put yourself out there and compete in the market place. Now I drive behind the wheel of my large automobile, to my beautiful house, greet my beautiful wife, and I ask myself: Well, how did I get here…

    3. Howdy Doody Says:

      The Corpulent Female Congoid on the TV was wholly created by ONE enemy alien in the media. He made his money doing movie’s and selling her and controlled almost every guest, and IMO no one got he did not like.

      The good news is that every day less Whites pay for Cable TV.

      Can a White really be awake who has cable ?

      Every check out counter in the regime has her fugly face magazine as you un load your merchandise on the counter.

    4. Tim McGreen Says:

      The Jews are pushing to make “anti Semitism” classified as a mental illness. The USSR and Red China used psychiatric hospitals to punish political dissidents. Not far from where I live, the Ladd School, an abandoned mental institution, was a facilty where the indigent and troubled teenagers were sexually and physically abused in the name of “mental health”.

      No, I don’t like the idea of classifying people with whom we might disagree as being “sick”. Throwing that term around so loosely trivializes those who truly are sick and in need of help.

      This society as awhole is sick, all right. The creepy liberals, the mudsharks, the Christian Zionists, the materialistic yuppie scum, the brainless sports fans….But they don’t treatment for any illness…THEY NEED TO DIE.

    5. Howdy Doody Says:

      Media, school, and the central regime has brain washed the majority of White’s.

      The Media has fostered non-Whites/leftist misfits to harm Whites and to hate US IMO.

      Any White who does not go with the state religion of P.C. is a Nazi.

      No amount of articles, book, news, or what have you will change to the mind of a PBS disciple per their World view IMO.

    6. Mark Midgard Says:

      Modernism and then especially what we’ve come to know as “post-modernism”, as world-views, are mostly if not entirely the product of the Jews.

      The women’s liberation movement, gay rights movement, abortion, “the pill”, the porn industry, modern psychiatry — etc.; ALL were and still are Jew created and Jew driven.

      YES: we have been indoctrinated and brain-washed — for generations — to accept these things; even when deep inside (and as little children) we knew something was wrong.

      We’ve been such sheeple; may our ancient White Gods help us. May they help us awaken from this sleep so that we fully come to realize this slow death we’ve been dying.

      May we awaken, and unite, and then rise up and become one people again — and become free again.

      We need to return to our folk (our kindred) and to the land (blood and soil); we need to reclaim our values, beliefs; our WAYS of old — and then move forward toward a bright and shining White future.

      I’m 54 and am hoping to see much progress for our race before I die.

    7. Jim Says:

      You are absolutely correct, Mark. The question is how to motivate the portion of our Race that would be in the position to effect real change. The ‘Kwa has sunk so deep into the jewish hypnotic spell of White racial suicide that any hope for an internal White uprising seems almost impossible at this point. This leaves only Western or Eastern Europe as possible points of Light. Today, Western Europe, and especially Germany; the once great Beacon of Light of the White world, has long ceased to function in our interests and has become another appendage of the Jew World Order. This leaves only Eastern Europe, particularly Russia as the best candidate for a White renewal. The ruling elite of Russia is still largely under jewish control, but the degree of power the jews exercise in Russia today seems somewhat less than that of the rest of the White world.

    8. OR Says:

      “[1] imagine a public school teacher being prohibited by the state from teaching due to his “illness,” i.e., a liberal/egalitarian mindset”

      While I don’t think the AZ Governor had exactly this in mind, she is headed in that direction by her recent directive to financially punish schools which teach “ethnic solidarity” studies.

      She is delegitimizing the idea of using “education” to promote racial solidarity among Mexi-Orcs. This is a GOOD thing.

      But this still leaves the problem: this individualistic libertarian-like mentality removes the possibility of pro-White propaganda that teaches White kids what it means to be White.

      That will be phase 2, after the Orcs are removed.

    9. Jim Says:

      Socrates, could you please explain why my comments sometimes disappear in cyber-space only to reappear a day or so later with the words, “Your comment is awaiting moderation”?

    10. George Lenz Says:

      Modernity is about replacing what works with what feels good, that is replacing hard reality with pipe dreams.

      Is it an illness? I don’t think so. Rather it is the sign of immaturity, the product of progressive disappearance of natural eugenic factors from the process of rearing children.

    11. ty grant Says:

      It is very important to continually update and change… “They” in the media and politics, and in general society continually update issues that are in fact non issues. As the circle continues to go around and around, this will be the ultimate end as people get tired of the propaganda. When it comes to outside thinking and taking the core of liberalism and feminism to the everyday person the rebuttle is structured on weather or not the individual will be able to have his beer in the evening or not. Yet to begin by having this mentality, to change and bring into light “Modernity” is just many avenues to begin exploring…

    12. Bumblefish Says:

      Is there a currently working link to Cuddihy’s book? Not sure how I missed the earlier link that was posted, but it’s now dead.

    13. Socrates Says:

      Jim Says:

      Socrates, could you please explain why my comments sometimes disappear in cyber-space only to reappear a day or so later with the words, “Your comment is awaiting moderation”?

      Not sure. Spam filter, probably.

    14. Zoroastro Says:

      In any of its guises, modernism/liberalism/Marxism/democracy etc, is definitely a sign of severe mental impairment. In daily life I try to approach the ‘infected’ either as savagely unpredictable ‘children’ (negro majority) or truly mentally ill (rabid PC idiots, queers, Sex & the City neurotic whores like “madonna” etc etc.). It is great to know you are sane in the age of prevailing Sickness. Feels like an early 20th century anthropologist exploring the modern-day cannibal ‘culture’….

    15. Virgil Says:

      “A good education is grounded in the classics.” wrote Edmund Burke. Modernity is anticlassical.

    16. Sri Sreggin Das, Mystic Yogi of the Kali Yuga Says:

      Virgil, excellent quote, but I would add, “Classical is connected to tradition, and tradition is connected to the earth.” Those things connected to the earth partake, as George Lenz says, of “hard reality.”

      While classical seeks to preserve that which is always vital in tradition, modernism seeks to destroy it.

      They seek to break the stone, but the stone will break them.

    17. Ein Says:

      Well, this abstruse discussion is losing me.
      I have nothing against either classical or modern, per se, so long as they are of quality.

    18. Socrates Says:

      Bumblefish Says:

      Is there a currently working link to Cuddihy’s book? Not sure how I missed the earlier link that was posted, but it’s now dead.

      To my knowledge, there is no working link to Cuddihy’s book. Readers, if you have a link, please post it.

    19. CW-2 Says:

      The aetiology of the disease condition modernism/liberalism had for many years baffled the best in medical science, but most experts in the field are in agreement that exposure to jew infected television and other popular media is a major, if not the whole cause, of this distressing and often fatal condition.
      Fortunately since the advent of the internet the patient prognosis has improved greatly. I prescribe my patients vnn twice a day, morning and evening. After 6 months of this rigorous regimen the patient is so improved that he/she is keen to help other sufferers.
      Relapse is never observed, but the occasional talk by Dr W L Pierce helps patients maintain a clear moral attitude.
      I intend to submit an article with detailed patient histories to the ‘New England Journal of Medicine”.

    20. leukocyte Says:

      Liberalism is a mental illness. Liberalism is a refusal to see the world as it is. Liberals live in a fantasy world where women and men are exactly the same, race does not exist, and Jewish usury is what made America great (at one time).

      They live in a fantasy world every bit as much as someone who thinks he is Napoleon does. They are textbook definitions of madness… they can not distinguish reality from fantasy.

      Dr Lyle Rossiter MD wrote a book, “The Liberal Mind” about the objectively diseased minds common to most Liberals. Their condition is not merely a convenient label for an alternative ideology, but rather it is a symptom of verifiable, organic brain disease.

    21. bananito3 Says:

      By personal experience i have seen that kikes have some sort of schizophrenia.
      They look like personal people, until something goes nuts in their heads and boom: they perform the crazy.

      Also they have an obsession of their crazyness, they often ask:
      am i crazy? , am i acting crazy?, what are the chances of me turning crazy?… no kidding.

      The fact that here you are talking about mental illness is not at all wrong.

      Besides my empirical conclussions, kikes, specially ashkenazi kikes; have some sort of genetic disease called: Tay-Sachs disease

      You can go search about this genetic disease
      plz do it

      the link is from an official organization where kikes can have their genes analyzed to see if their spawn will be crazy as them.

      According to the site 1 out of 25 ashkenazi jews have the disease and the gen….
      in sephardic is 1 out of 250

      “Tay-Sachs disease is a progressive neurological genetic disorder” it is a brain degeneration as schizophrenia.

      so, it seems that nature is also antisemitic
      but it is a fact that we are dealing here with full time weirdos.

      If you are in Jewtube stuff meet me at my channel bananito3 if u want.
      No kikes plz just right XD