26 June, 2010

Arizona: Border Patrol Cancels Meeting Over Immigration Law

Posted by Socrates in illegal immigration, immigration, immigration bills/laws, liberalism, New World Order, political correctness, Socrates at 1:21 pm | Permanent Link

I said the other day that a whole book could be written about the reaction to Arizona’s SB1070 immigration law. Correction: several books could be written about it:


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  7. 5 Responses to “Arizona: Border Patrol Cancels Meeting Over Immigration Law”

    1. Virgil Says:

      Arizona should secede a.s.a.p and then seal the borders. They could then deputize thousands of willing men in order to round up all the illegals. They could mine the border with Mexico and position guard-towers manned with trigger-happy snipers. All trade with Mexico should also be cut off. Mexico will eventually have to be taught a most serious lesson!

    2. Coup d'Etat Says:

      Racial profiling, racial profiling, blah, blah, blah. Aren’t they so full of shit!

      After 30 plus years of laziness in enforcing the laws and our facade federal government doing nothing but charging us taxes and the Homeland Security doing nothing but create an important name for itself, more people are starting to realize that we may not have a federal government afterall. What we have is a facade entity or entities that parades itself pretending to protect our borders when in fact we have individuals in these entities who have foreign interests or interests of their own instead. Entities that are are a mixture of corporate elitists, 3rd world invading, no border type bunch of garbage.

      Should I make this more clearer? We don’t have a federal government. Our government has been taken over by a foreign entity.

    3. Virgil Says:

      Time for a coup d’etat!

    4. James Says:

      Bravo to the Governor of Arizona for emphasizing that the sovereign states have the right to enforce their borders and to protect their citizens from foreign invaders.

    5. Sean Gruber Says:

      Time to get rid of the jews.