13 June, 2010

Edgar Steele Arrested

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Another day, another well-known WN facing federal charges. Why is it that top WNs never face state/local charges?


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    1. Jim Says:

      “In all fairness though, ZOG hates and fears those Black Power-type groups just as much as it does the White Power ones” Not true Tim. The niggers can never pose a REAL threat to the jew power establishment. It is true that the jews would prefer nigger groups that they can control such as NAACP and Martin Luther Coon integrationalist groups rather than anti-semitic ones like Nation of Islam, In many ways niggers are more jew aware than Whites, but the nigger’s lack of intelligence and organizational skills, make it a certainty that when the shit hits the fan, ONLY the awakened consciousness of the racially aware White Man will be able to overthrow the jew’s long Reign of Terror.

    2. David Baker Says:

      Edgar Steele is a white racist, and in that light, he is subject to intense scrutiny by government agencies, Civil Rights groups, and especially Jewish groups of every stripe. I don’t agree with the type of racist policies advanced by Mr. Steele, but I do agree his views are no different than those of blacks or Jews who crusade for specific legislative protections for their own race. What is always left out of media descriptions of people like Mr. Steele is that he has a Constitutional Right to be a racist. Why white people are singled out for exclusion from their rights is the question that begs an answer.

    3. Ein Says:

      ” What is always left out of media descriptions of people like Mr. Steele is that he has a Constitutional Right to be a racist.” –DB

      Yes, that’s a very good point. His opinions are his own and he can think whatever he wants.

      The strategy of the Jews and Left is to place “racists” outside the pale, not subject to protection of the law or even to decent treatment by society. They are regarded as outlaws, they get no consideration, and it is open season on them.

    4. Jim Says:

      A White Nationalist who commits a crime should be punished in a court of law just the same as anyone else. The problem is that in our current jew-dicial system of the ZOG, virtually NO White man who espouses a White Nationalist viewpoint can receive anywhere near a fair trail, and if anyone does’t understand why White people are singled out for exclusion from their rights, I’ve got a bridge in Brooklyn I want to sell him.

    5. Ein Says:

      “What is always left out of media descriptions of people like Mr. Steele is that he has a Constitutional Right to be a racist.” –DB

      Yes, that’s a very good point. His opinions are his own and he can think whatever he wants. It’s his right, and it’s nobody else’s business. He can be as “racist” as he likes.

      Where in the constitution does it say that its rights are for everyone but racists? By that standard, the writers of the Constituion would have been excluded from its rights.

    6. David Baker Says:

      Howdy, Jews don’t forgive goyim. Gentiles are animals to Talmudic Jews, and are subject to strict rules of etiquette when dealing with or discussing the “Chosen” race. People like myself will always be on their voluminous Watch List. What truly distinguishes Jewish ire from that of every other race is that our government is employed to monitor so-called “Anti-Semitism”, and to report to the ADL all data on the activities of dissidents against Israel, and Jewish power. Everyone who has been on the wrong side of Jews knows what happens if they become ‘noticed’, Mr. Steele being one of many examples. Americans are now pliant sheep, who either fear the awesome power of Jews, or they are convinced of their little fairytale called the “Holocaust” and shower those liars with sympathy and deference while they watch their society dissolve into a cauldron of vice, vulgarity, greed and sloth. Jews have been thrown out of EVERY COUNTRY in which they’ve gained political and monetary power. I see no difference in their behavior in our country, and I will expect Jewish history will be repeated, despite their measures to prevent a gentile revolt.

    7. eduardo Says:

      There are a lot of interesting topics mentioned in the post. Most important to remember is that multiculturalism is one of the “pillars” to jewish hegemony (except Isreal of course). It is not a new concept by any means. The money powers pour literally billions of dollars each year to maintain this system. That’s how important it is. The “why” is another topic. With the organs of the press under complete jewish domination, who is able to stand with a contrary view? I need not list the fallen. I think it is pretty obvious. Those who are willing to stand in opposition to it run the risk of being arrested. Before I present my thoughts on Edgar Steele, allow me to identify an [ancient] logistic for controlling the conquered masses is by the tactic of decapitation. Any opposition leader posing a threat to the regime is simply arrested and deposed. Indeed, there is a threshold for decapitation, which is activated when a perceived leader of an opposition group becomes too much of a threat. It often manifests that the organizational strengths are an attractive means for infiltration (publicity in hierarchal unity, organization, etc.), which can be used against the leadership in court of law. Assassination was once a preferred method to get rid of a threat and used when assets were not available for infiltration or the opposition group was deemed a dire threat [to the regime]. It was the brute force method, but consequently had martyrdom as a negative backlash. Today, with the domination of the jewish elite, which dominates the FBI, CIA and now many parts of the military, they simply meet by committee and decide who will be targeted for a sting or false flag operation. The FBI can legally lie and deceive in the name of “justice”. On the other hand, if you lie to the FBI, it is a crime punishable by imprisonment. That being said, there is no legal limit to bringing someone down whom the FBI have targeted. Who sets the agenda? In Edgar Steele’s situation, it seems pretty obvious to me. For me to entertain ANYTHING written about his arrest and the so-called charges is to start believing there might be some merit to them. There is a war going on all around you. It is war, and with that fact known, there are no rules of engagement. War is a racket where ANYTHING goes. The object, of course, is total hegemony over the defeated (ergo, slavery). Charges of murder accomplish two things. It publicizes very negatively the accused. Did you see Edgar Steele’s photo in prison garb? Secondly, it discredits that individual as well. Edgar Steele has to carry both of those burdens with him for the rest of his life. There is not a chance that he will be redeemed and run for political office as he desired. The propaganda campaign has already run its desired course. Edgar Steele is now discredited. His exemplary career as a lawyer has been thrown down in a smoldering heap. The rest to come of his court proceedings, trial, and perhaps conviction is intended to implicate and smeer anyone else who shares common values. Indeed, the same tactic was used against David Duke, Matt Hale, and others. On these posts I read [from many] how successful the propaganda against these individuals has actually been. In Kevin Strom’s case, it appears he opted for what is known as an “Alford” plea. It is where you basically confess (from a stack of charges against you), which can otherwise add up to a very sizeable number of years of prison time, to a lesser charge. Better than 90 percent of all cases never go to trial, simply because of the weight of charges the prosecutor files against the accused. Indeed, it is an extremely daunting situation to anyone caught in this vise. Facing a jury runs the risk of all the charges going against you for a conviction. A simple nod of the head in jest to a rhetorical “Let me kill her” can mean a life sentence, especially if you have been publicly demonized as a “racist”, “Bigot”, “sexist”, “anti-semite”, etc. An impartial and informed jury? An unbiased judge? Don’t bet on it. So, even if you confess to a crime (Alford plea), or if you are convicted of a crime, it does not mean you are guilty. Afterall, in today’s justice system “truth is no longer a defense”. This is where we are at today. Nothing is as it appears.

    8. David Baker Says:

      Eduardo, a very coherent and applicable post. To your thoughts I will add this: The definition of ‘Tryanny’ is not limited to the imposition of onerous laws and policies, it also is defined by the selective enforcement of said laws and policies.

    9. festerbestertester Says:

      Why are White people being singled out? The White population did not replace themselves with the proper number of children and they are getting older. Thus, our buying power is not going to keep the economy going. What do the Jews love more than money? Bring in all the lower races to work for cheap and vote their agenda. The laughing, squint- eyed Kike laughs and points the way to the cemetary…….

    10. Tim McGreen Says:

      “David Baker Says:

      16 June, 2010 at 12:02 pm

      Eduardo, a very coherent and applicable post.”


      Are you serious? The guy didn’t even use any paragraphs! What good is posting information or opinions online when it’s just one gigantic run-on sentence?

      I hope Mr. Steele didn’t admit or confess to anything. He should exercise his constitutional right to remain silent. Last time I checked, we still have a few rights as citizens. Of course, by this time next year there will be even fewer of them.

    11. eduardo Says:

      That’s rather funny. Nevertheless, true.

      Tim, I’ll wear on the back of my hands the honorable marks left by your pedantic ruler. Vis-a-vis, I’ll use paragraphs in future posts.

      As an update, it appears Edgar Steele’s wife is not permitted to speak with her husband. I don’t have confirmation on this, but to me, it makes the whole issue smell even more if true.

      In criminal law, the State charges the victim it wants prosecuted, not the victim. This happens regardless whether the alleged victim wishes to press charges. It amounts to gagging the victim of her rights or is accomplished through reverse duress.

      As Edgar Steele’s case unfolds, watch for it to morph into something else. Being caught in the snare of “justice” opens a can of worms for the defendant. Steele might be charged initially with attempted murder. But, new charges may be added depending on the “willingness” of the alleged victim. If she makes too much of a fuss, they may try to get an order against her declaring her mentally incompetent. After all, she is living with vile “racist” and “anti-semite” according to that all seeing eye of the ADL and SPLC, who incidentally train local, state, and Federal police agency about “haters” like Edgar Steele. Therefore, there must be something psychologically wrong with her. Do you see where this is heading? In likelihood, the FBI is threatening and coercing her in some way or another. How about taking her children away? Or charging her with some tax issues or crime? There are literally hundreds, if not thousands of snares that can be conjured up to scare her in playing along. If this doesn’t work, then the attempted murder charges are dropped, but new and different charges will ensue.

      When you have fallen in a brood of vipors, expect all sorts of toxins to be spewed. His persecution has only begun. They want his blood smeared on their Talmudic altar.

    12. Henry Says:

      “there must be something psychologically wrong with her. How about taking her children away? Or charging her with some tax issues or crime? There are literally hundreds, if not thousands of snares that can be conjured up to scare her in playing along.”

      You’re right, Eduardo. Who knows what “dirt” they might have that they can use for psycholocical arm-twisting? If they put anyone’s life under a microscope, they’ll find all sorts of little flaws that they can use against you. There’s no one who’s such a perfect saint that they could withstand such scrutiny.

      It’s harassment, of course. But the government can do it. And they do.

    13. PorkSausage88 Says:

      Yeah, shoot, why assume ANYONE’S innocent until “facts” are out??? The joosmedia and their useful idiots don’t abide by “innocent until proven guilty”, either.

      WE are our OWN worst enemy.


    14. David Baker Says:

      On so-called “Multi-culturalism”,

      I see no problem with people of different cultures. Where we start to have problems is when the government steps in to ‘normalize’ the divisions between said cultures. The government has not been carefully constructed to be contained within Constitutional parameters just so they can institute favorable legislation for specific races. That isn’t a tenet of government. If a person murders or injures someone, it’s murder, assault, or battery. The motivation has no bearing upon the charge. This is how government grows beyond the scope of it’s limited functions. This is how liberals gain power: By creating rifts between genders and races, then empowering themselves to protect the weaker, less intelligent group. As we have seen, the spectre of “Big Brother” intervening in our social structure has so overwhelmed modern society, we have lost sight of the fact that they are neither authorized to intervene, nor do they have the power to erect separate penal codes for ‘violators’ of their special laws. Liberals are nothing more than whining, lying, parasitic control freaks. Unfortunately, when such people insinuate themselves into a position of governing authority, they fully display those characteristics on our dime.

    15. Howdy Doody Says:

      What made a rather uneducated failed artist who lived in a hostel who never had a real job who associated with lower levels of society who had “one testicle” who was a “fag” who had an “incestuous relationship with his niece” who lived in central Europe in the first half of the 20th century who happened to write one book that detailed the nature of the the jew a threat?

      Un-Quote by a VNNF poster TIN TIN

      Calling him a REAR ENDER ?

      The net is with out a doubt chocked full of NKVD and assorted Sophist with defective’s aplenty IMO.

    16. Howdy Doody Says:

      That qoute is from the Ed Steel thread on VNNF

    17. Curious Says:

      Two questions,

      Who the hell would hire an employee to murder for him? And if you were really serious about wanting to kill TWO people, would you count on someone who only wanted $500 to do it?
      Laugh. Joke. Give me a break. Gov. setups are always so sloppy and obvious. The message is: We don’t care, (and actually WANT you to know what we are doing so you’ll learn from this lesson) if you can see right through us, we are going to destroy you anyway. Bet on it.