25 June, 2010

Edgar Steele Denied Bail, Will Remain Behind Bars

Posted by Socrates in double standards, Edgar Steele, Socrates, White Nationalists at 7:34 pm | Permanent Link

Meanwhile, violent negroes and Mexicans roam the streets, free on bail:


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  7. 17 Responses to “Edgar Steele Denied Bail, Will Remain Behind Bars”

    1. old dutch Says:

      Yeah right. A 64 or 65 year old attorney in good standing with no criminal record, who is recovering from heart surgery & other serious medical conditions, is going to go out, and hire a ditch digger to murder his wife, and her octogenarian mother-in-law. Real plausible.

      Let’s not forget that Steele is a trial lawyer, and a 4 year veteran of the US military too. We are talking about a well educated guy who has been around, and not one to do something stupid.

      From what I’ve read in the newspapers, Fairfax was paid by the FBI, and the FBI admits they paid Fairfax. Did the FBI, intentionally or unintentionally, pay Fairfax to murder Steele and his wife?

      That’s why Steele may be sitting in jail right now—while the FBI, and, the DOJ play cover your ass.

      Tards are tards.

    2. Jim Says:

      You are absolutely right, old dutch. It just doesn’t add up. I smell a rat somewhere, and I think that the rat is wearing a yamaka.

    3. Duke Mantee Says:

      This story is not being reported in the MSM. The reason is because it is so obviously a frame-up. If there was reliable evidence that he was guilty, the jews would be plastering it on the front page every day and using Steele as a poster boy for “hate”. They still regularly recall the story about the asshole who was dragged behind the truck in Texas, and the faggot who was tied to the post in Wyoming, as if these are important things to remember.

      Edgar is being screwed on a greased rail. Having had more time to reflect on it there’s no way in hell he would do this. If he were going to kill somebody at all he certainly wouldn’t have gone about it in such a stupidly transparent way. Indeed this reeks of hymie.

    4. festerbestertester Says:

      Yesterday Matt Hale, today Edgar Steele, tomorrow Brother Nathanel Kappner?

    5. eduardo Says:

      The persecution of Edgar Steele begins and Haman cookies are already being prepared.

      The absurdity of Edgar Steele being denied bail because he is a threat is a tad over the top, don’t you think? The following says it all.

      “Dale heard ‘if not direct threats, then indirect threats”’in some of Steele’s statements to his wife and son.

      Steele told his son, ‘She holds my life in her hands.’”

      There you have it, His wife ‘holds his life in her hands’ is interpreted as a threat. Yet, this happens to be the very phrase tens of thousands of criminal attorneys use before a jury in their closing arguments!

      There’s no question Edgar Steele has been targeted a threat by the jewish power elite. Edgar Steele has been framed by the ADL-run FBI.

    6. Virgil Says:

      The FBI is unconstitutional.

    7. Tim McGreen Says:

      Steele was denied bail because he’s a potential threat to witnesses and to the community? Like OD says, the guy is in his 60s and is recovering from heart surgery. WTF?

      No doubt Steele will be placed in a jail with violent prisoners who are mostly Black or Mestizo. ZOG’s plan is probably to either make sure Steele is assaulted in jail by those violent non-White prisoners or that he will become so upset by his ordeal that he dies of a heart attack. The judges and prison officials are the ones who should be locked up, not Mr. Steele.

    8. Tim Harris Says:

      All the details of this case sound as ridiculous as the most cheesy episode of a Law and Order type evening drama. At this point, I wouldn’t believe the charge even if Steele confessed. Not until we can have him tested for drugs and torture, and surround him with a 24-hour bodyguard. Only then would I even believe his confession.

    9. Ein Says:

      “I smell a rat somewhere, and I think that the rat is wearing a yamaka.”— Jim

      I guess you don’t live around many Jews, Jim. LOL .
      I think you’re trying to say, “yarmulka”!

    10. Tim McGreen Says:

      “I think you’re trying to say, “yarmulka”!”

      It’s yarmulke, Herr Ein.

      Maybe Jim was talking about a rat riding a Yamaha?

    11. Sgt. Skull Says:

      I’m so mad I could rip a yamaka (sic) off a kike’s head! LOL

      Anyway, as long as violent coons and spics don’t criticize jews they are free to terrorize white people. The Steele case is a study in talmudic vengeance. The shabbos goy feds playing along with this charade will probably see a big boost to their career prospects if they successfully prosecute Steele.

      Is every white person in the federal establishment just an amoral opportunist and race traitor? It seems most white people are willing to “play along” to get ahead even if that involves destroying the life of an innocent white man.

      Soviet style “justice” for anti-semites is finally upon us.

    12. Jim Says:

      Yamika, yarmulka. Its that silly little cap that kikes wear on their head. I confess I don’t know a hell of a lot about the religious proclivities of the jews. If I ever stepped inside a synagogue I suppose the whole damn place would cave in.

    13. Blackshirt Says:

      It would be nice if every Jew was forced to wear a “yarmulke”. I would combine it with a yellow star on the coat or shirt, just to make sure they wouldn’t be able to hide amongst our people. NS Germany had the right idea with that one.

    14. Tim McGreen Says:

      In the middle ages, Jews were required to wear tall pointy witch-hats. And over the entrance to one medieval Jewish ghetto in Germany was a carving of a Jew kissing a pig’s ass. You’d think after all the well-deserved hostility the Jews have been subjected to over the centuuries they would take a friggin’ hint and leave the Europeans alone. But they will never leave us alone because they are the very personification of an obnoxious parasite.

    15. Henry Says:

      It’s unrealistic to ask a flea to stop biting a dog.
      The flea can’t stop bothering the dog, because that’s what a flea does. He’s just being a flea.
      It’s his livlihood.

    16. New America Says:

      Steele’s remarkably prescient mp3, “Let’s Get Small,” was done around march ’06. He accurately describes, to a remarkable degree, his present circumstances.

      I have referred to this excellent recording on several occasions, and you now see why.

      Listen and learn.

      The Purpose Of Judaism is The Genocide of the White Race.

      We Have A Duty To Our Racial Destiny.

      Covington’s Call – a White Homeland, for OUR Posterity, in a
      Northwest Republic – remains the Highest and Best Hope for OUR Posterity.

      Take Control Of The Destiny That Is Rightfully Yours.

    17. Jimmy Smith Says:

      Let this be the event to wake up America to the realties of the Jew! They will soon be coming for you too.