20 June, 2010

Jews Support, Then Abuse, Turkey

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Another day, another country betrayed by the yids:


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  7. 29 Responses to “Jews Support, Then Abuse, Turkey”

    1. Jürgen Says:

      When a jew has used you and is through with you,
      a jew has used you,….and is THROUGH with you!

    2. CW-2 Says:

      A good article. Now, if Turkey had a mind for ‘real politik’ they would admit their guilt in the Armenian massacres of 1895 – 1915 but plead extenuating circumstances, namely the Ottoman state had been hijacked by crypto-jews Taalat, Enver Pasha & Co.

    3. George Wallace Says:

      I’m doing some research and wondering if, like a farmer deploys a knowledge base to crop growth, Hitler was applying intelligence and rationality to the population growth and maintenance. I wonder if research will show that Hitler was actually attempting to improve the “population yield” as a farmer works to increase the amount and quality of his crops. The farmer is correct in manipulating his plants for better crops. The farmer doesn’t simply let all plant life grow randomly however it will on his land. Was Hitler correct in manipulating the population for superior and more effective human beings? Who judges the farmer for controlling and engineering his plants for the highest and best crop yield? There is NO god or power or controlling universal entity. Mao said power comes from the barrel of a gun. Will the continuing random population increase of even the most intellectually inferior human beings lead to future conflict? Is “Democracy” mob rule? Would the efforts of Hitler have led to a more intelligent and effective world population that would have enhanced the existence of human beings on earth or do random unlimited increases in population levels of all, even the most incapable and parasitic, categories of homo sapiens improve the prospects for the future of life on earth? Is it possible that life on earth spontaneously generated and grew and that we are now at the point where our intelligence tells us that population control and direction should replace random spontaneity? It has been said for generations by certain population groups that Hitler was wrong. It has been said that culling Jews was wrong. It has been said that Jews engage in futile and, ultimately, pointless schemes. Was Bernie Madoff accretive, contributing a benefit to mankind? Have the Jews at the IMF, the World Bank, the Federal Reserve Board, etc. produced tangible results or have their activities been fruitless circular exercises in futility? Will my research show that Hitler was actually correct and applying intelligence to the human population?

    4. William Says:

      CW-2 knows the truth. The Donemeh (crypto Jews) have long had the real power in Turkey. Ataturk was a crypto Jew. The Turkish military has been under the control of the Doenmeh. But, it seems that Erdogan has been able to stop the crypto Jew
      plots…….at least for now. I wonder how long before Erdogan is assassinated by these Doenmeh allies of Israel???

    5. Tim McGreen Says:

      Turkey should just accept the fact that it is an Oriental country and look eastward, not towards Europe, for its identity and its allies. They should also abandon their use of the western alphabet and go back to using Arabic or whatever alphabet they had in Ottoman times. And bring back the fez, too!

    6. Duke Mantee Says:


      Constantinople was part of Europe (Eastern Roman Empire) up until 1453 when it finally fell to the Ottomans. Turkey in biblical times was part of the Mediteranean sphere, e.g., Cappadocia, etc., so it’s not correct to simply relegate it to the east.

    7. Duke Mantee Says:

      @George Wallace:

      Eugenics has been around for a long time and Hitler wasn’t on to anything new in that regard. If you consider human beings to be nothing but a higher form of animal then it makes sense to manipulate reproduction as with plants and livestock.

      But there’s the rub. Mankind is set apart from the rest of the animal and plant kingdoms and cannot be considered in the same light. An afternoon in a museum or art gallery would be enough to convince many of this. You assume there is no God but there is no basis for that except your own bias. If you treat human beings like mere beasts, then you are not really man yourself because you’ve removed what it means to be a man. The most brutal regimes have always been godless, witness the soviet union, the zionists, and the red chinese.

      Yet I agree there is the problem of so many ignorant “worthless”, inferior people reproducing and overcrowding the planet. Technology is to blame for a lot of this, not the lack thereof. E.g., the “green revolution” enabled more food to be grown so even more mouths to feed is the result. More industrialism means more idiots having even more crap and surviving to cause more problems. We screwed up when we went to the undeveloped areas to “help” them. Nature had its own eugenic program.

      I’m not for multiculturalism or miscegenation, or integration. Our biggest problem is having “them” among us, embedded in our culture. I believe that “progressive” ideals and trying to make the whole world like us is destroying everything. In summary, I don’t disagree with your assessment in general, yet I can’t quite go along with the state planning and managing reproduction either. Admittedly I don’t have all the answers.

    8. CW-2 Says:

      Re Tim, ‘bring back the fez’. Whenever I see a muslim in the street wearing baggy trousers and a curry stained rag wrapped around his greasy head, I’m pleased. Even better if the women he has in tow are wearing head to ankle bin liners. The more alien they appear the better it is for us, at least the sheeple are constantly remined that these people have no business being in our countries.

    9. Tim McGreen Says:

      Well said, CW-2. Muslims in the West should look as foreign and Oriental as possible, as should the Jews. I’d like to see all the Jews required to wear those big fur hats with the long black coats and the sidelocks, or “pais”. There won’t be any more mistaking them for “Whites” after that!

      As far as Turkey goes, in Classical times it used to be a White, Greco-Aryan region known as Asia Minor. But then the Turks from Central Asia migrated there around 600 or 700 CE and it has been completely Oriental ever since.

    10. Richard Says:

      It seems like you all think the Armenian massacre was so terrible even when Hitler killed more people many of them that were not Jews, just enemies to his regime. From the Jew’s standpoint, the Armenians were enemies to their regime in Turkey.

      Also, the respect I see on this website for the fellow human being is absent. I am sure you do not believe in morals because if you did you would not post things like the above. Continue racial profiling? Is that what you want to happen when THE GOD AWFUL IMMIGRANTS take your jobs and positions in society and YOU become the minority?

      You all need to realize that discrimination is wrong.

      Also, how the fuck are Zionists godless? This shit is full of mindfuck.

    11. J.J Says:

      Turkey was meant to be a strong counter balance in the region to the anti jew Arab states which hate Israel. That is why Amerikwa was always supporting it both militarily and politically.

    12. Karen Says:

      The regime in the Soviet jewnion was not “godless”. Aux contraire, the jewish menace was simply following what their god Ya has always dictacted. Kill the best of the Gentiles.

    13. Yahoody Doody Says:

      I like that picture. Its very good!

    14. torrence Says:

      A very instructive illustration to this topic. It about says it all. If only the victims have lived to tell about it. Most everything involving our contact with Juden or their influence will, in time, be a knife in our back. This is true of their media as well. Those who immerse themselves in it are suffering a corruption they are not aware of. Let’s distance ourselves from the Jew where it is now possible. One very easy way is to shun the destructive popular media. It starts here, with us.

    15. Tim McGreen Says:

      “Most everything involving our contact with Juden or their influence will, in time, be a knife in our back. This is true of their media as well. Those who immerse themselves in it are suffering a corruption they are not aware of. Let’s distance ourselves from the Jew where it is now possible. One very easy way is to shun the destructive popular media. It starts here, with us. ”


      Excellent advice sir!!! A few minutes ago, I flicked through the various TV channels (my TV is seldom on at any time of the day or night, but especially not in the so-called Prime Time slot) just to see what kind of slop the Jews are serving up to our still-unenlightened bretheren…..Wheel of Fortune, Entertainment Tonight, Inside Edition, Two and a Half Men and Seinfeld reruns………All noisy, mindless, brain-sucking garbage designed to keep you tranquilized and docile. Find a few good books to read this summer instead.

    16. Tim McGreen Says:

      HIGHLY RECOMMENDED: The Polish movie “Katyn”. It’s 2 1/2 hours long but there is not one, NOT ONE, mention anywhere in that great film about the imaginary suffering of Polish Jews or equally imaginary gas chambers. It’s all about the Poles and what Stalin’s goons did to them in WWII. The Germans are not portrayed in a much better light, but at least they don’t come accross as the main bad guys, like they always do in Hymiewood movies.

    17. Sean Gruber Says:

      Richard, you sound like you want us but haven’t admitted it to yourself yet. Keep reading – as we know you plan to do. In a year or two, you will be with us… We are where this planet is headed.

    18. Howdy Doody Says:

      The Light Of Truth has always been a foundation shaking bitch.

    19. Virgil Says:

      Constantinople will be liberated!

    20. George Wallace Says:

      Duke Mantee, you, are an idiot. I say that imagining that your defect can be corrected, with some effort. Mao and Stalin killed 50 million people and nobody or no god ever did anything to them. Period. 60 million years ago an asteroid killed all life on the planet; was that an “evil” asteroid; a devil asteroid? No it was freaking science colliding with earth. I, Einstein and all of science for all of time say, now listen closely, THERE IS NO GOD. Because YOU WANT a god, does not prove there is a god. It proves you are afraid to act and have mental and emotional issues. I KNOW that you have stone and paper writings from history that provide fictional accounts with references to god. Those are proof of stones, paper and jews writing schemes to manipulate people, and you’ve been manipulated. Your fictional paperback hero Jesus H. Christ has been gone for 2000 years and he ain’t NEVER coming back because he is DEAD and he was a Homo Sapiens and DEAD Homo Sapiens DON’T come back, OK? Duke, you’ve been fooled. Sorry for you! To return to my sole point, if a asteroid doesn’t destroy the world first, mankind is going to destroy itself through overpopulation. The reason there’s an oil leak in the Gulf now is that more people need more oil – more people need more everything – and more people are going to destroy the human habitat on this planet. The planet will go on without us. Thus, my question, should the intelligent people on this planet allow the idiots to cause humanity to commit suicide by overpopulation or should intelligent people apply intelligence like the farmer does to his land and crop yield and direct and shape the future population? Sounds like you’re all for planetary suicide by massively overpopulated stupid people.

    21. Duke Mantee Says:

      You start out name calling because somebody has a different opinion, just like any 14 year old would. Your ideas, if one can call them that, are nothing new. Your way of expressing your disagreement is infantile. Maybe you should check out “Brave New World” and “Brave New World Revisited”. I’m probably far more intelligent than you are actually.

      You haven’t proven anything except that you’ve not gotten beyond a shallow level of thinking about this. I don’t care whether you believe in God or not and I won’t waste time arguing over it with you. Belief or not has absolutely nothing to do with intelligence or knowledge. Your statement “there is no God” is simply your opinion and nothing more. That’s your religion. You don’t KNOW. Everybody is predisposed to see the world in a certain way and based upon experience we test and modify our world view. Someday when you mature a bit you may be discover that. Before I grew up, I held some of your ideas. They make good science fiction. You don’t know there was a “killer asteroid”, you are believing in something you’ve been told by experts who don’t know themselves. Your comment on Mao and Stalin is completely off base except in that they had beliefs similar to yours. By the way, I have a scientific education and work in a technical field. If you ever get around to studying real science you’ll see that Einstein is overrated and many scientists don’t agree with him on any number of issues. Einstein was made into a superstar by the very jews and elite who are in charge today. Check that out. You have been well conditioned and you’re intolerant of others’ ideas, if anything. You need to get out more.

      As for your idea of culling people like a farmer would, what makes you think you wouldn’t be one of the ones weeded out?

    22. Tim McGreen Says:

      Believing that some kind of god is going to come down to Earth someday on a bright, shiny cloud and fix all our problems is foolish in the extreme. Only somebody with an Oriental slave-mentality would believe such pathetic nonsense.

      And yes, dummy, many asteroids have hit the Earth over the aeons, causing widespread destruction and mass-extinctions. If you were really trained in science like you claim then you would know that, you fraud.

    23. Igor Alexander Says:

      “Was Hitler correct in manipulating the population for superior and more effective human beings?”

      Eugenics was less important to the Third Reich than court historians and Hollywood Nazis make it out to be. I read in a book called Toxic Psychiatry that Hitler personally had little interest in it.

      Besides, the U.S. was doing it first.

      “There is NO god or power or controlling universal entity.”

      How do you know?

    24. Igor Alexander Says:

      I, Einstein and all of science for all of time say, now listen closely, THERE IS NO GOD.

      I believe Einstein said, “God does not play dice with the Universe,” or words to that effect.

      Not that I give a shit what that loxist sonavabitch had to say.

    25. Igor Alexander Says:

      To return to my sole point, if a asteroid doesn’t destroy the world first, mankind is going to destroy itself through overpopulation.

      Alarmists have been predicting that for the last century. It hasn’t happened yet.

    26. Igor Alexander Says:

      Sounds like you’re all for planetary suicide by massively overpopulated stupid people.

      The two biggest offenders population-wise are China and India. So what do you want to do about it?

    27. Curious Says:

      A YEAR AGO I pointed out Turks would become useful.

    28. torrence Says:

      Just to let you know, it is becoming increasingly difficult for me to post here and elsewhere. I am being censored more than before. Am i posting too honestly?

    29. Henry Says:

      You’re being “censored”? How are you having difficulty? Does it refuse to go through? If so, you are not being singled out. Others have had that problem. I don’t think it has anything to do with censorship.