11 June, 2010

Serbs Defend Themselves from Muslim Violence, Get Life in Prison

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Even though the Muslims have far more blood on their hands than the Serbs, look at who the UN tribunal prosecutes. And “genocide” – that’s a Jewish word, and Jews have been practicing genocide for centuries:


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  7. 22 Responses to “Serbs Defend Themselves from Muslim Violence, Get Life in Prison”

    1. Emily Says:

      Where are you getting your info from??? It was the Serbs carrying out the murders, not the Muslims. Who do you think were backing the Serbs? Russian Christians? Get your facts straight!

    2. mrcrouton Says:

      The mains sponsors in the Clinton administration kosher cabinet in 1999 when the US bombed Belgrade were Berger, Albright, Cohen,Holbrooke, Deutche. Hymie pundits like Safire, Rosenthal and Lewis at the times, and that gimp Krauthammer also chimed in with the agenda in the media.

      Either way, Serbia was diminished and an Islamic (semitic?) nation was born.

    3. J.J Says:

      Don’t forget the kikes Thomas Friedman of the NY times, Tom Lantos, Arlen Specter {who authorized the resolution to begin bombing} and all the other political/media yids.

    4. J.J Says:

      And when is someone going to prosecute these murdering kikes for all their crimes in the Middle East and the world?

    5. Tim McGreen Says:

      If anyone is guilty of commiting “genocide” against moslems it’s the US and Israel. The Serbs’ only real “crime” was standing in the way of the creation of a Jew-controlled European Superstate.

    6. Coup D'Etat Says:

      I remember reading the information on the internet around 1995, and it was the Serbs who were being invaded. They fought back, protecting their soveriengty. Afterwards, the UN stormed in and killed a bunch of Serbs, decimating their country.

      The UN is certainly biased when it comes to convicting a country and its people of war crimes. Israel has committed countless of war crimes and the UN has been silent on every one of them.

      The recent flotilla incident is another perfect example. The UN warned the people on the flotilla of possible hostile reaction from Israel and to don lifejackets. The UN knew exactly what was going to happen and yet not one of them acted as a representative in order to prevent the possible from happening. Not one.

      At this point, I seriously doubt these were Muslims as the UN calls them. Muslims are not a protected class in any shape or form unless they have been programmed to zionist ways. Other than that, they were more than likely jews.

    7. Sgt. Skull Says:

      The U.S. war against the Serbs under Clinton was a Juden production. From Tom Lantos to Wesley Clark, yids were pulling the levers and influencing policy in an effort to weaken the Serbs and place them at the mercy of murderous Muslims.

      Ya gotta love the irony though. When Muslims attack Jews, Jews overreact and kill at a ratio of at least 25:1 (kill 25 muslims for every dead jew). The press treats Israeli mass murder as self defense and FOX news lauds Israel for its “restraint” in the face of moooslim extremism.

      Serbs fight Muslim aggression and retaliate for unprovoked atrocities committed against them and their leaders get hauled before a war crimes tribunal. The press labels Serbs as Nazis and any strong Serbian leader as the new Hitler.

      Moral of the story; Whites have no right to defend themselves against aggression or to exist on planet earth.

    8. George Wallace Says:

      Check out YouTube. Michele Obama clearly states that Barrack Obama is from Kenya. Mrs. Obama says to homosexuals that they and freed slaves are Americans. This is false and Barrack Obama is not an American, according to Michele Obama. From a legal perspective, slaves were PROPERTY. Lincoln confiscated that PROPERTY. Lincoln’s act of confiscating property was clearly illegal and unconstitutional. Private property was recognized by African chiefs, colonial governments and the British Crown. African chiefs made profit by selling Africans. Further, freed slaves/Africans DID NOT immigrate LEGALLY, following the immigration procedures according to the law, making them DEPORTABLE illegal aliens. The proper course would have been for all freed slaves to return to their country of origin to begin the immigration process – this was NOT done. Lincoln had a plan to politely return freed slaves to Africa. The later, homosexuality, IS NOT addressed by the U.S. Constitution and the homosexual community has NO STANDING as a LEGAL PARTY. To summarize, the law states that freed slaves MUST go back to Africa and the homosexuals MUST go back to the “closet.”

    9. Tim McGreen Says:

      No, I don’t want the homos to go tip-toeing back into the closet. We need to know who they are so that we can keep an eye on them. But yes, freed slaves should have been sent back to Africa immediately. Just another example of how the US government has ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS been hostile to the White working man, even before the Jews showed up and took over.

    10. Jim Says:

      Tim, I agree with you up to a point. Before the jews took complete control in the 1960’s, the WASP capitalist ruling class at least gave the White working man a chance to make a decent living, own a nice house in the suburbs, and support his wife and children on a White man’s paycheck. The US government has never been a friend of the White working man, but at least when it was partially controlled by White men, they threw the White workingmen a few bones once in a while. Now, the jews that control the government throw us only dog doo doo.

    11. Tim McGreen Says:

      The examples of decency shown on behalf of the US govt towards White working-class Americans are far and few between. Two of the best examples were the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882 and the Immigration Restriction Act of 1921. President Jackson’s refusal to renew the Charter for the Second Bank of the United States in 1836 is also worthy of tremendous praise, as was his decision not to comply with the Supreme Court ruling that allowed the so-called Cherokee Nation to exist in Georgia.

      How far we have fallen as a country….And how quickly.

    12. O*R*I*O*N Says:

      Remember during 1999, how every damn gypsy being able to put on a uniform and mumble “kosovA” was hyped in MSM as illustrious freedom fighters?
      Oddly enough the same cheering media never mentioned the CIA and saudi connections to many of the leading albanians.
      It didn’t bother to allude, either, to the systematic destruction of historic Serbian orthodox churches, monasteries and other cultural heritage sites by the “freedom-fighting” mujahideen swarming into KosoVO from all over the islamic “ummah”.

      The photo of the thin man behind barbed wire, reproduced all over western media, (later revealed to be a hoax. Just like Srbrenica was, and still is, blown out of all proportion. Now it’s ALWAYS “more than 8000 muslim men”; “being executed”) was all the justification the western populace needed to enthusiastically support 70+ days of indiscriminate US terrorbombing from F-117 nighthawks and B-1s.

      Yeah the western peoples really came together on that occasion to sanction the swift and deadly punishment and retribution dealt out to the impudent Serbs, who had the insubordinate boldness to defend themselves against the poor downtrodden albanian freedomfighters in the charming rainbow cadres of the glorious “KLA”, who only demanded a modest chunk of ancient Serbian territory, and who only had knife- and gun-wielding pimps and drugdealers in apprx. 90% of western capitals.

    13. Klassikality Says:

      I remember Israel and the Western jew establishment supporting Croatia in spite of the “troubling history” of the Nazi Allied Ustasa in WW2. The jews really must have been worried about Serbia and the idea of European Nationalism if they were willing to overlook Croatias past.

      Eastern Europe does seem like a bit of a problem for the Western ZOG. Those people are not as easily subjugated as the Western Europeans, Brits, Americans, Canadians, etc. Maybe there is hope in Russia, maybe something will get going and it will spread westward….

    14. William Says:

      Jew Richard Holbrook (real name Moos) coordinated the Croat ethnic cleaning of many Serbs from the Kraijina region of Croatia during the Balkan war. Holbrook has a prominent position in the Obama administration. But, Americans do NOT want to know FACTS. They cringe in fear when some rich Khazar cracks the Israel First whip on their cowardly rear end. Did you ever wonder WHY ADL and JEW Foxman so resisted the US Congress in recognizing the genocide of 1.6 Million Christian Armenians?? Answer: The Young Turks (donmeh JEWS) pushed the Ottoman Cailphate into slaughtering these Christians.
      There are few REAL Christians in America, a country that self identifies as about 70% Christian.

    15. Tim McGreen Says:

      Thanks, William, I always suspected that elitist, globalist prick Richard Holbrook of being a Jew. I should have known, what with his frequent appearances on fellow Jew Charlie Rose’s prgram. Holbrook always seems to be interviewed by Rose, along with that prune-faced Jewess Madeline Albrecht/Albright.


      “There are few REAL Christians in America, a country that self identifies as about 70% Christian.”

      Well, thank god for that!

    16. tc Says:

      …and though the noon bell tells every day of the victory of the christian forces led by the Hungarian Hunyadi(white) over the muslime hordes of Mehmed II around Nándorfehérvár(a then Hungarian fort/city You may have heard of as Belgrade)…there are not many ears/brains to listen…as the cycles repeat themselves – as you let in the Trojan horse, he opens the gates.

      A Hungarian in defense of the Serbs, whatever may have happened between us lately – ‘cos in what is coming, we’ll have to rely on each other – against all popular national(chauvinistic) sentiments.

    17. George Wallace Says:

      MISSION VIEJO — The rabbit population has gotten so out of control in Mission Viejo that the city is allowing residents to shoot the animals with pellet guns.

    18. Jim Says:

      George Wallace, What is all this shit about the rabbit population in Mission Viejo? If you are referring to mestizo rabbits I’m all for it.

    19. Virgil Says:

      Nuke Mecca now!

    20. Virgil Says:

      Why would any w.n. want to protect islam?

    21. war is a racket Says:


      Jews will be Jews and white trash, anglo americunts will always be shit.

    22. war is a racket Says:

      Hitler and the Nazis actually loved the Serbian people, it’s just silly jewish lies that Hitler wanted liebensraum for Germans, or it was just a typographical error in Mein Kampf, and his invasion of the Slavic countries was just the talk of some drunken Serbs, Russians, Czechs, Slovaks and Poles who have poor recollections of their experiences during WW2.